US Sanctions On North Korea Illegal—Israel Fascists Attack US State Department Employees, Kerry Silent

North Korea blasts U.S. over sanctions, denies role in Sony attack | Toronto Star: It is now painfully obvious that the hacking of Sony was done by a disgruntled recently fired employee so this information is totally ignored by our President and Congress who use this as an excuse to hammer North Korea with more sanctions.


The use of false excuses is very old.  The US has resorted to this so many times, the few times there are good reasons to go to war or overthrow someone is wasted as people suspect lies all the time.  This is the harsh truth about using false narratives to launch wars: you have no credibility even if in the right.


And the US has been, historically, much more often in the wrong when it comes to attacking foreign governments.  Glaring examples abound: the Vietnam war excuse was totally based on lies, for example.  The Iraq war was a blatant war crime.  The invasion of Panama (remember that one?) was based on inflated lies about Americans being mistreated there.


The invasion of a tiny Caribbean island was based on lies about American students there.  The wars and coups in Cuba were all based on lies!  It is amusing to see Obama resume normal ties in a tiny way with Cuba suddenly after losing Congress to the GOP after a very lackluster election.


Then there is the tsunami of lies about the unfortunate Palestinian people trapped between a Zionist Rock and a US hard place:  US Consulate Staff Attacked by Israeli Settlers in West Bank — News from


Staff from the US Consulate at Jerusalem attempted to investigate reports of Israeli settlers uprooting olive trees at a Palestinian village, and found themselves attacked by armed settlers en route.


According to Awad Abu Samra, the Palestinian who filed the initial complaint and who accompanied the consular convoy, they fled the scene after a brief standoff, saying they were under strict orders not to engage Israeli settlers in any way. They never did investigate the olive tree vandalism.


US ‘deeply concerned’ by settler attack on consulate staff says the Times of Israel.  The Passion of the Olive Trees*: Settlers Pelt US Diplomatic Personnel in the West Bank says the Jewish Press.  Israel police say Jewish settlers stone US consular officials during West Bank visit says FOX NEWS!  Whoa!  An American news media reported this story???


Nearly all of the right wing leaning press covered this amazing story.  Not one ‘liberal’ press carried it.  It is well known that many Jews are ‘liberals’ but in reality, they are selective fascists.  Total Nazis in Israel, liberals in the US bemoaning racism and oppression of all people here in our country.


Kerry is a Zionist puppet as is Obama.  Both expect heaps of ‘speaking fee’ money and ‘board of director’ positions when leaving the government as repayment to the Zionists for doing their dirty work.  This last week the US and Australia both joined puppet power to prevent Palestine being recognized as a country, for example.


The US is working hard as hell to prevent the ICC from recognizing Jewish war crimes and this is, of course, attached very much to preventing the ICC from prosecuting US war crimes, too.  Both states commit vast war crimes against other religious groups, mostly Muslim but also Orthodox Russians.


​S. Arabia beheads over 80 people in 2014, highest level in five years — RT News reports.  The Jewish media in the US NEVER reports this news, it shows clearly that the Jewish allies ruling Saudi Arabia with an iron fist are worse than ISIS.  Saudi  Arabia, Israel and the US all conspired to create ISIS to destroy the much more liberal Assad government of Syria.  But then, Saddam was far more liberal than Saudi Arabia’s cruel rulers, too!  And the President of Egypt was overthrown by the same trio of conspirators who immediately recognized a vicious military dictatorship that is promoting Saudi-style beheadings and the looting of the people there who have zero right to demonstrate


Just the other day,Svoboda, the openly Nazi political party that is now running Kiev, had a torchlight paramilitary parade demanding the ethnic cleansing of Russian speaking people there.  No mention in the US about all this, of course.  The narrative told to the people here is all about how the US is this super-special power that protects helpless people and is a force of good and everyone targeted by the rich elites are evil and dangerous and must be destroyed.


Ukraine Leader Was Defeated Even Before He Was Ousted claims the New York Times this morning.


An investigation by The Times into the final hours of President Viktor F. Yanukovych’s rule shows that he was not so much overthrown last year as cast adrift by his own allies, and Western officials were just as surprised by the meltdown as anyone else.


HAHAHA.  The CIA engineered the coup!  The US warned the President of Ukraine that if he used force to stop the violent fascist ‘protestors’ he would be hauled into the ICC courts and put in prison!  So he backed down.  Hackers discovered that the US envoy, a Zionist, was plotting to overthrow the President of Ukraine and this made zero news in the US, of course.


Now, the NYT has to clean up this past mess to justify US crimes against the half of Ukraine the Svoboda fascists want to ethnically cleanse.  Like Lady Macbeth, this endless hand washing of blood is a constant ongoing effort for the NYT staff.


This mindless propaganda works.  Putin was chagrinned to see him portrayed in this manner when the Pussy Riot sex protestors attacked a Russian Church and performed Satanic rituals at the altar, the US attacked Russia for arresting them.  I was furious.  I explained that if any protestors did that here, they would probably be shot dead.


Everyone was entranced by these obviously planted women working to destroy Russia.  But then they forgot the rule: always ask the CIA/US media what to do next.  Instead, they really thought their Satanic rituals could be performed in the EU and US so suddenly they vanished after saying they were going to do the same thing to the ‘liberal West’.


It actually took me a few minutes to recall their name, they are now so invisible here.  Pussy Riot call for protest over Alexei Navalny sentencing four days ago but it didn’t make the news here.  Here is their latest video:

Note how cruel Putin is…letting them protest, letting them put up videos on You Tube.  Oh, how nasty he is!  We are told over and over again, Russia isn’t a democracy.  Probably the stupidest propaganda story on earth thanks to our ruling elites who use naked bribery to run our own nation into the ground.


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21 responses to “US Sanctions On North Korea Illegal—Israel Fascists Attack US State Department Employees, Kerry Silent

  1. Being There

    Happy New year, Elaine and readers and thanks for the article.
    This is disaster capitalism at work. It’s all about destroying sovereign states for the bankers and corporations. That’s our globalist Neoliberal system. In war and chaos you can steal. You can privatize all that was once public.
    It’s happening here too. Just wait and see the program the Republicans will roll out.
    They have all pledged to destroy food stamps.
    Gee, I wonder what will happen when they institute Christianist ideology mixed with Neoconservative/Neoliberal ideology.
    Let’s just say you’re not gonna like it.

  2. kenogami

    New Chernobyl in progress at the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, in
    Zaporozhiya, Ukraine. Already 1 month ago, F. Cunningham wrote a prescient article on the situation:

    Now it is getting worse, since the Kiev regime has decided to use american Westinghouse incompatible nuclear fuel instead of the russian fuel for which the nuclear reactor were designed; this in spite of the repeated warnings of the Russian experts

    Hacked private messages of the technicians at the plant show they are in a panic (this was on 2 december)

    Torbayevsky- What do we do with the personnel? We need to evacuate people, radiation is off the charts! And locals need to be warned. We already started dumping into the water supply from the cooling system. Very soon we will have a second Chernobyl.

    Tyshenko- Don’t panic! We were told to be quiet. We’ll be quiet!

    Torbayevsky- Vacheslav Alexaivich! Do you understand we can no longer keep silent? This is a catastrophe! Here in a 100 kilometer radius, nothing will be left alive! Fucking sky is already glowing! (inside joke about radiation)

    Tyshenko- Listen! I am flying to Kiev. Wait for a call. For now don’t answer any questions and don’t talk to anyone.

    They have started distributing iodine tablets to the neighborhood population; the Ukrainian neo-nazi groups have been given control of the plant by Poroshenko some time ago. Many Russian experts who worked at the plant have fled in fear of the neo-nazis.

    The moronic traitor Angela Merkel will be rewarded for her actions by the biggest nuclear disaster right on the border of Germany.

  3. Petruchio

    “…Kerry Silent” says the headline. You’ll notice the Satanic Bitch, Hillary Clinton is silent about it too. You’d think a presidential candidate like HC (I don’t like to even type her name) would weigh in on this issue, but no. Back to John Kerry. Now let’s see…John Kerry, a member of the secret Skull and Bones, more accurately known as Numbskulls and Boneheads. I wonder if it ever occurs to John Kerry that there is a deep inconsistency going on. On the one hand, we have John Kerry, a member of the US ruling class, destined to be a world ruler-his membership in things like Numbskulls and Boneheads prove it. On the other, we have John Kerry, sniveling, boot-licking lackey to Israel and Saudi Arabia, who doesn’t brush his teeth without first getting permission from his masters. And his owners sh#t all over him when they DOL deign to speak with him. You’d think somebody as delusional as people like John Kerry would at least once in a while have a revelation and realize, “Hey, I’m a bought and paid-for wh#re. There’s nothing special about me. I have to wear knee pads when I go to meet my boss, Netanyahoo.” Nope. I doubt Kerry and people like him EVER figure it out. I hope no one wonders why the US government is so corrupt.

  4. Christian W

    Pussy Riot were front page news on The Guardian UK website for some weeks before Christmas. Someone sponsored a PR visit for them to go to London and be paraded around the place. Nobody cares of course but as Pussy Riot (PR) is part of the anti-Putin and Russia propaganda they got millions worth of free publicity.

  5. JimmyJ

    @kenogami: This has been poking up out of the ooze that is world news propaganda more and more. It’s funny how the so-called Westernized Ukraine is more secretive than the USSR was over Chernobyl.

    Further light on the Zaporozhiya incident:

    This includes a discussion of radiometer calibration.

    As a commenter at Enenews put it, after Fukushima now silence regarding any radiological disaster is the new MSM status quo. I wonder if any Euro news sources will dare to speak up.

  6. Mewswithaview

    Speaking of Lady Macbeth are there any credible candidates likely to declare in the Democrat party that can stop her and break this war cycle?

  7. CK

    So much of the news today is just a rehash of the fictions of Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged. Giving the politicians control of the nuke reactor is lifted from the final chapters of Atlas Shrugged. I have oft wondered how Ayn got her Today’s information so exact way back 60 years ago.

  8. John


    I know, right?

  9. emsnews

    The Israeli rulers just announced they will PUNISH the Palestinians for daring to ask the ICC to rule about Jews running Palestine as a war crime! HAHAHA.

    Just like the US refuses to honor this court, too!

    And yes, there is this ongoing developing nuclear disaster in Ukraine due to it being run by a bunch of incompetent fascists.

  10. SilentScout

    The reason for the FBI’s painfully obvious lie about North Korea doing the Sony hacking definitely goes hand in hand with the usurper Obama’s North Korea sanctions.

    I consider the FBI an enemy of the American people, along with the CIA and the NSA. If there is anyone left within the FBI who cares about the Constitution and the American people, then they need to organize and arrest Obama and Holder or quit the agency.

    For an FBI member to remain silent and do nothing about the continuous tyranny and treason within the FBI and white house equals them consenting to it.

  11. Seraphim

    @Pussy Riot,

    You can see that sanctions bite. No more chickens to fill the protesting pussies!

  12. melponeme_k

    It will be the first full moon tomorrow after the solstice.

    Do you think the wackos practicing their delusional magic will perform another lie tomorrow?

    They all disgust me. Thinking their blood is magical conferring royalty upon them. As if we all didn’t come from the same tribe of apes that were pushed out of “Eden” by the other apes. We started our walk out of Africa because our cousins didn’t want us. Truth. There is no royalty in that. And I bet they threw their poo at us when we started that walk.

  13. melponeme_k

    What could this bode for the future?

  14. aashild

    The way LGBT people are being treated in Russia is deplorable, to put it mildly. They are being hunted, abused and sometimes even killed. What makes it even worse is the fact that the Russian authorities and the police does absolutely nothing to trace down these thugs, and punish them. I just can not remain silenced when such injustice occur in any country.

  15. emsnews

    Very true, Asshild.

    I remember JUST TWO DECADES AGO when this was true in the US and EU, too!

    Applying today’s standards to everyone is crazy. It was a long, hard fight for gay/tansgender civil rights and still is not equality at all…here in the ‘enlightened’ US.

    So throwing brick bracs at everyone else is pointless. We gain more liberal rights bit by bit, a long battle for this. Took women thousands of years after the fall of the Minoan Empire where women were equal to men, to regain this!

  16. Mewswithaview

    It gets worse from an agent of the soviet socialist republic of California a bill sponsored by Barbara Boxer (D-Israel) got signed into law by the president just before Christmas.

    Amends the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2005 to extend authority to transfer certain obsolete or surplus Department of Defense (DOD) items to Israel. Amends the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 to extend authority to make additions to foreign-based defense stockpiles for use as war reserve stocks through FY2015.

    Lots of munitions coming out of Afghanistan and Iraq to murder the Palestinians with.

  17. aashild


    Yes, it takes times. Russia decriminalized homosexuality 22 years ago, but as this documentary points out things have gotten worse there since the anti-lgbt propaganda law went into effect. So-called vigilante groups interpreted this law as a green light to persecute, harass, abuse and kill gay people.

    This situation is made worse by a police force who doesn’t care, and by courts who are refusing to prosecute and punish these gangs. To ban gay-prides is one thing, but to allow a climate of seething hatred towards a small vulnerable minority to evolve unchecked is despicable.

  18. Seraphim


    No, you won’t see any acceptance of sodomy in Russia (and other Est European countries) anytime soon. Trying to sway the opinion through “gay pride parades” and other buffoonery would only make matters worse.

  19. emsnews

    I remember in my own younger adulthood when gays were arrested for being gay!!!! And if a family learned one was gay, that person was shunned, kicked to the curb and left to LITERALLY die.

    Gays were beaten mercilessly. Gays were persecuted by the courts, by schools, by parents, by religious people.

    And their civil rights were fought for in the streets, the courts, politics.

    I remember when I had to personally threaten NYC Mayor Ed Koch with these words: ‘You support gay rights or I will tell the press the name of your lover’.

    He bellowed at me but then began to talk about how gays needed protections!

    Lots of gays were persecuting gays to gain power. I believe that Bush Jr. is gay. Gays can have marriages to women and children but still be very gay, but in the GOP they have to deny they are gay so they can get other power goodies.

    The Catholic Church has been notorious as home for gays while these same people torture and abuse non-priest gays! To this day!

    Anyone looking at the Inquisition tortures can see the gay masochistic sexual themes!

    It is very sad that Russia, all of Islamic nations, India, African countries, etc. persecuting gays. Especially since the top people doing this are often very gay. It is one of life’s most horrible themes…look at the anti gay Nazi leaders! Including Herr Hitler himself.

  20. Seraphim

    @It is very sad that Russia, all of Islamic nations, India, African countries, etc. persecuting gays

    What about the etc. (i.e. the Jews)?

  21. CK

    A little blackmail but for a grande and great and good cause? ehwot
    Which page of the NYT would the name have appeared on?

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