British Royals Accused Of Raping, Enslaving Young Ladies With Powerful Jewish Buddies Helping Them

Some of the most despicable people on earth are ‘royals’.  Elevated to near-god status, they often are the most vile of humans.  Only humans turned literally into gods do worse.  One of the older ‘royal’ families in the world are the British rulers, the Germans who were brought over from Brunswick to run Britain for the richest families there when the previous attempts at dynasty collapsed mainly due to murderous bedroom behavior, killing each other over the right to sit on the throne and genetic mutations.  Within 100 years, the new family basically started WWI with cousins in each empire attacking each other and with genetic mutations wrecking everything in sight.


Now few of this last clan of deranged lunatics still rules Britain and should be dumped as a waste of time and space and to protect the remaining members from utter depravity.  But instead, they find new women outside the royal desmene to be the baby machines for this wretched lot and the whole thing rolls relentlessly onwards.  But now yet another sex scandal has reared its ugly head and the royals are scrambling to protect themselves from rape of young girls charges.


None of this is unexpected by me.  The desire to lure into and enslave young ladies runs strong in the British royals.  Prince Charles did this to a very naive, young Diana Spenser when he was told to go forth and, as if on a safari, run down and capture a baby machine.  He had zero love for her from day one but figured she would be so pleased at becoming a ‘princess’ she would overlook all the noxious behaviors of the royal family who treated her very badly and basically isolated her.


The new ‘princess’ Kate Middleton, is  Pregnant with Twins as she looks more and more unhappy with this push to push out babies.  Miss Spenser came from a long line of prominent British ruling elites and she lived in her own palace before marriage but Kate is a commoner whose parents became very rich and thus, could bring into the family some much-needed hard cash.


To avoid the problems Di created when pushed into the isolation chamber to produce children, the royals who are a bunch of very cold fish indeed, decided to let Kate’s mom and dad live in a palace with her and thus, give her some social life.  But like Di, she wants to be running around, having fun like all the princes who have zero restrictions on their sexual predatory adventures.


Which have been in the news all over the place for the last week in Britain but not in America.  Only today, has it begun to appear as mainly tiny side stories or in the New York Times, not at all.  The NYT has segregated the story because it is all about rich Jews working as procurers of young virgins to service royals in the bedchambers.  Virginia Roberts’ account of the explosive Prince Andrew ‘sex slave’ drama | Daily Mail Online


Prince accused of abusing ‘Jane Doe 3’ at orgy where she was ‘sex slave’
Jane Doe 3 is Virginia Roberts, whose story was first uncovered in 2007
She told extraordinary story of three years working for billionaire Epstein
Said that she was paid to give erotic massages to tycoon and associates
Claimed Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert, acted as his ‘madame’
Palace has emphatically denied Prince had relations with underage girls
Now the most complete story yet of this young woman can be published


‘Teen sex toy’ reveals Prince Andrew foot fetish | Page Six


‘If Prince Andrew had sex with my daughter he should be prosecuted’, says Virginia Roberts’ father | Daily Mail Online


Prince Andrew flies home amid growing crisis over under-age sex claims | Daily Mail Online


Princess Eugenie pictured with Cressida Bonas amid father Prince Andrew’s ‘sex slave’ claims | Daily Mail Online


Here is where the NYT and other US media freak out:  Harvard professor in ‘sex-slave’ case accuses ‘victim’ of ‘making up stories’ | Daily Mail Online


Jeffrey Epstein was jailed for soliciting girls for underage prostitution
Woman said she was ‘forced’ to have sex with Prince Andrew at parties
Her lawyers claim he lobbied US government against Epstein’s prosecution
Alan Dershowitz, also named in paper, claims they are ‘made-up stories’
The royal issued a strong denial of ALL the ‘categorically untrue’ claims
Alleged victim hit back by saying she would not be ‘bullied into silence’
‘She was told to give the prince whatever he demanded by Epstein’


Alan Dershowitz is very powerful here in the US.  All these allegations mirror nearly exactly the Bill Cosby sex allegations.  That guy is still running free.  The Playboy mansion was used to sexually enslave young women many of whom had to be paid off to keep their silence.


Here is another reason why the NYT owners didn’t want any of these stories in their paper:  Court papers say Robert Maxwell’s daughter ‘facilitated Prince Andrew’s acts of sexual abuse’ | Daily Mail Online.  Mr. Maxwell is actually Mr. Hoch, a Jewish immigrant family.  Like many at the top, he changed his name to look like he is a Saxon, not Eastern European Jew.


Ghislaine Maxwell stands accused of procuring young girls for Epstein
Court documents say she ‘facilitated Prince Andrew’s acts of sexual abuse’
Described in papers as ‘primary co-conspirator in sex trafficking sheme
She is the daughter of crooked tycoon Robert Maxwell, who died in 1991


All the victims were goyim girls.  One member of this group did get in legal trouble:  Did Jeffrey Epstein’s plea bargain protect Prince Andrew? | Daily Mail Online


Highly-paid lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein ‘secured controversial agreement’
It guaranteed ‘potential co-conspirators’ would not face criminal charges
Deal may have given Prince protection from prosecution, it is claimed
Aggressive tactics resulted in ‘non-prosecution agreement’ being struck
Halted any prospect of Andrew being asked to answer questions on oath
Many serious charges against Epstein and ‘co-conspirators’ were wiped
In return, billionaire plead guilty to soliciting under-age girl for prostitution


But most were paid off.  Silence of the Jeffrey Epstein women over Prince Andrew ‘sex slave’ allegations | Daily Mail Online


Now the whole business is very much like the Sony hacking business.  Suddenly, notice how that mess disappeared with our Zionist media mainly talking about how North Korea is at fault and must be punished!  Even though there is zero proof of any involvement in the hacking and the necessary clean up of Hollywood which exploits young people sexually while being run nearly entirely by Jewish mostly males who make dozens of movies a year, especially for children, filled with anal and sexual ‘jokes’…this cesspool of creativity continues onwards untouched.


It is like having feces smeared all over the place!  There is no discussion of the contents of the emails which clearly shows the underbelly of Hollywood.  The media moguls and Hollywood moguls have closed ranks on all these revelations just like they are falling silent about Cosby when it came uncomfortably close to them participating in his rapes at parties where I assume more than one powerful Hollywood male was doing the same.


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23 responses to “British Royals Accused Of Raping, Enslaving Young Ladies With Powerful Jewish Buddies Helping Them

  1. Henry

    I have to say that I find it very positive that the evil, odious, obnoxious Zionist Alan Dershowitz is finally going to face some justice. I hope he ends up doing prison time for his evil ways! Schadenfreude is the word!

  2. Jim R

    Think of the Aztecs, cutting the still-beating hearts out of their victims before throwing them down the side of the pyramid.

    It’s a human thing, not a black or white or English or American thing.

    Language gives us the ability to lie. Tools give us the ability to butcher. And the lying butchers always climb the pyramid.

    It just is.

    Starting to collapse now, though; I think it will make the French Revolution seem like a picnic in the park.

  3. melponeme_k

    I saw this story in the Daily Mail. I got wind of it on the IMDB pages for Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

    It seems the Daily Mail is hiding real news under its regular sleazy offerings. They write a lot of stories about the US finance (latest story Hedge Fund Manager was murdered by his son), race relations etc, even real weather (our oncoming deep freeze). I think they know that US Citizens are reading them for something akin to real news. How long before it is squashed?

  4. vengeur

    Meanwhile, cops still have to arrest unarmed criminals who violently resist arrest: Boo Hoo, poor criminal. Don’t you feel bad for him?

  5. melponeme_k

    No stooping is too low to tar Russia and start a war.

    The New Yorker is trying to guild the turd Khodorkovsky. One of the cretins who tried to steal Russian oil resources not too long ago. All of a sudden he is a freedom fighter. LOL

  6. Christian W

    The Brits have lots of problems with pedophilia. Recently a story broke of UK MP’s even murdering young boys. The British establishment is expert at covering such things up though. Just look at how Jimmy Saville was able to predate on young children for decades, he knew he was protected because he had so much dirt on fellow establishment figures.

    “Scotland Yard officers have said they believe allegations that a ring of prominent politicians and members of the establishment abused and terrorised children as young as seven more than 30 years ago and went on to kill three young boys.

    Detectives appealed for victims and witnesses to come forward and identified a flat in Dolphin Square, London, near the Houses of Parliament, as a scene of some of the alleged abuse, as well as military premises and other locations across London and the home counties.

    So far one victim, known by the pseudonym Nick, has come forward to tell of a decade of abuse he suffered at the hands of people including senior politicians and members of Britain’s establishment, and of three homicides. Police as yet have no bodies, full names of those abused or killed, or exact locations where the killings took place.


  7. emsnews

    Yes,, the land of Jack the Rippers attacking lower class children.

  8. Maddie's Mom


    Many of these people in positions of power or near that circle truly are psychopaths.

  9. emsnews

    And have been for the last 2,000 years!

  10. Jim R

    Only 2,000 years?

  11. Mewswithaview

    ‘…for the avoidance of doubt, any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue’.

    Such allegations as exist regarding the royal son and an attractive young woman are technical: the age of consent in Miami is 17. Myself and hundreds of millions of others around the world would not regard that as abuse of a minor, and definitely not paedophilia. But I do suspect the Palace may have dropped a clanger by issuing such a studiedly specific denial. Quite a lot of testimony (I’m led to believe) does allege that during the 2000-2003 period at least, Prince Andrew did have sex with underage girls, and that these were supplied by Jeffrey Epstein. Whether he knew their age or not is, sadly, immaterial: saying that this specific allegation is ‘categorically untrue’ could yet prove to be a hostage to fortune. For one thing, I understand that at least one prosecution witness will bring compelling evidence to light about Andrew’s personal role in trying to get Epstein a lenient sentence.

  12. Ken

    Unrelated to any of the sleaze coming out of the UK, the sun has apparently developed a solar “hole” in its southern pole. From the pictures, this appears to be the largest sun spot I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure why it is called a “hole” when it looks just like an enormous sun spot.

    Presuming Elaine’s father’s theories are correct, the formation of an enormous sun spot should help alleviate the extreme cold affecting the nation. Unless, of course, the location on the southern pole means that Earth will not receive the radiation from the spot.

  13. melponeme_k


    I don’t think warmer weather will come of that black spot. The stories state that it was seen before during the early 1970’s and that was when we experienced extreme cold weather.

  14. emsnews

    Coronal holes are different from sun spots. We still don’t fully understand them.

  15. Seraphim

    She doesn’t look like she had been forced. And she looked hardly like a minor. And why did (all) wait 13 years to “come out”? It looks like a classic extortion attempt jumping on the bandwagon.

  16. melponeme_k


    More hits from Salon. This man would rather support and believe Elite news story lies than his own mother.

  17. emsnews

    Two more police in NYC were shot last night.

    The guns are now out. The Bloomberg frisk program worked and now it is totally gone and all the thugs who kept their guns home are now roaming the streets with guns and they are nearly all stupid people who shoot anyone and anything and this totally reminds me of the 1970’s when I fought so very hard to get the police back into proactive, tough patrols again.

    It won’t be easy this time to fix this mess and the city which had this huge revival will begin dying again.

  18. melponeme_k

    “It won’t be easy this time to fix this mess and the city which had this huge revival will begin dying again.”

    But this is how the elites fix their nasty tax problems regarding property. They begrudge the piddling amount of property taxes that they pay. They will gladly live in filth and crime if they don’t have to pay taxes. Just take a look at Brazil or any other Latin American country.

  19. Lou

    Salon writer thinks -

  20. emsnews

    Salon has become one of the most racist rags on earth. Very racist against whites.

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