Oil Prices Drop, EU Leaders Want End To War On Russia, Texas Reels

Francois Hollande suggests sanctions on Russia should be lifted | Daily Mail Online: Germany is eager to stop the charade, too.  The demonization of Putin and then replacing him with an oligarch who would dismember and sell off Russia, has failed miserably.  Putin is now coping with a global sudden oil futures ‘glut’.  That is, the futures bidders thought Russia would be knocked out of world markets last fall, bid up future prices which now are nosediving, driving many speculators into bankruptcy.


This happens ALL THE TIME with futures speculations.  The oil industry is infamous for this.  And a lot of the futures games are played via very nasty real warfare.  In the last three decades, one Muslim oil export nation after another has been hammered this way, keeping Saudi oil prices high in general.


This is falling apart in odd ways. Saudi Arabia suicide bombing puts country on alert for jihadi attacks as ISIS now turns on its originator and is seeking to overthrow the fat, corrupt king and his kin.  Gunmen Kill 3 Saudi Guards Along Border With Iraq as the Shi’ites are also increasingly in revolt, too.


Back in October, Iran Matches Saudi Oil Discounts in Bear Market for Crude.  Russia, Iran Collaborating to Bypass Western Sanctions last fall and this worked, obviously, to the hysteria of the oil futures speculators who imagined super high oil prices.


Skull and Bones lunatic, Kerry Warns of High Cost of Low Oil Prices.  He claims we will all roast to death once it is above 0ºF (wow, it is 17º here right now!) and we should be demanding high prices for energy or we will have storms, earthquakes, alien invasions and other terrors.  The world will come to an end.


Normally, before all the weirding going on with the Bilderberg gang, we knew that low energy costs=happy times for anyone outside of Texas and Saudi Arabia.  Plunging Oil Prices Test Texas’ Economic Boom – WSJ


Mr. Kelleher is among the Texans predicting this won’t be a replay of the 1980s oil bust and banking crisis, which drove the state unemployment rate to 9.3%. As evidence, he and others cite a more cautious banking sector, a tax and regulatory environment favorable to business, and a state economy less dependent on energy and other resources.


“Texas has become a well-rounded state,” Mr. Kelleher said. “People did remember not to overextend themselves.”


The key here is the news that Texas has all sorts of jobs…but the core basis of all this remains oil. All the neat new jobs like the huge hospital complexes, depend on oil profits to fund their activities.  It isn’t ‘how big is the oil industry’ than ‘how much does profits from this bring in tax and spending revenues?’


And like with all the energy selling nations and states, it is a considerable profit generator when prices were artificially hiked upwards.  How?


Via the US and Saudi Arabia selectively attacking various oil competitors and putting them all under sanctions and thus enforcing a quasi-monopoly on sales.  Russia was recently put under this same regime only Putin signed a huge contract with China which totally circumvents this.


The average American is happy that heating homes this cold winter is going to be a lot cheaper.  And driving around will be much, much cheaper.  And then money can be spent on other things!  Imagine that.  But our leaders are morose and angry and scolding us for being naughty peasants because we will now heat our homes and drive all over like the rich do with impunity.  Dirty peasants!


And our oil wars against Muslims is backfiring in other ways:  Moment terrorists shot wounded French policeman dead in cold blood as he begged for his life. TWELVE DEAD in revenge attack on Paris satirical newspaper for publishing Mohammed cartoons which doesn’t surprise me, we are at war with all Muslims and they are at war with all of us.


Obama’s Lists A Dubious History of Targeted Killings in Afghanistan as the US used long distant guided assassin robots to terrorize Muslims.  The End of Tolerance? Anti-Muslim Movement Rattles Germany as German citizens complain about the flood of foreigners.  The EU has allowed this thinking that it is a great way to restart WWI, WWII and end it all with WWIII since this requires infuriating and militarily being aggressive with Russia.


Can’t have a world war without Russia!  Even as Obama Envoy John Allen No ‘Short-Term Solutions’ for Stopping Islamic State the US continues this war against Muslims who have oil or who the Jews want eliminated.  But US Air Force ‘doesn’t have enough pilots to man its drone fleet for raids on ISIS’ | Daily Mail Online


Memo from Air Force general says too few pilots can fly drone missions
USAF pilot school reportedly half full, current flight crews overstretched
General Herbert Carlisle told Pentagon it has crossed ‘red line’ staff levels
Air Force is supposed to have 10 pilots per four drones – is running on 8
Overall implies a shortfall of around 130 pilots across 65 missions per day
Experienced pilots said to be leaving because they are so overworked


The most cowardly form of warfare is no fun for the kids asked to kill.  They thought this would be a video game fun time.  Instead, the horror of being a mindless, brutal, evil assassin weighs heavily.  The ugly murk one works in isn’t like the cartoon video game fun with obvious bad guys leering back.


They are murdering PEASANTS in Muslim countries, peasants with a bad temper and a burning desire for revenge which wins out over time.  Historically, peasants are renown for their degree of stubbornness when provoked.  When left alone, they revert back to hand to mouth living and don’t bother anyone.


But rouse them and they fight hard.  Many an empire learned this the hard way.


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16 responses to “Oil Prices Drop, EU Leaders Want End To War On Russia, Texas Reels

  1. melponeme_k

    The folly in trying to set up that ingrate Khordorkovsky as a mini-dictator successor to the ever popular Putin was so stupid it reaches comedy level. Not to mention the fact that the man is Jewish, yeah, that would really go over well in a country that is mainly Russian Christian Orthodox.

    Will the elite’s stupidity ever end?

  2. Petruchio

    About the attack on the ‘satirical’ newspaper: anyone think this attack was “fueled” by CIA-Mossad? I mean, I’m sure the cartoons of Mohammed were offensive, but why put a small newspaper in Paris on your target list above more obvious choices? Such as: the politicians who are enabling in form or another the drone strikes that kill anonymously? Or some other militarily significant site/ personnel than some writers at a newspaper? I’m sure Muslims found these pictures in the newspaper offensive, but to a higher degree of anger than actual murdering of its people caused by Western warfare in Muslim countries? I suspect this attack may have been designed to stir up anti-Muslim feelings among the populace of France than it was a true Muslim inspred attack. Or I might be wrong……”They are murdering PEASANTS in Muslim countries, peasants with a bad temper and a burning desire for revenge which wins out over time.” This points, imho, to one of the REAL reasons the US moved out of Iraq and Afghanistan after 10+ years in the country. There were too many VERY dangerous people out looking for their troops while in country. You can’t go around kidnapping and waterboarding people and expect no consequences. It is safe to assume that getting revenge on the people doing torture to them was the NUMBER ONE priority while the “coalition of the willing” was in their country. which also explains the shift to drone strikes. You can have some video gamer in Virginia pulling the trigger. S/he’s pretty safe from a revenge attacks there..

  3. ziff

    ”This happens ALL THE TIME with futures speculations. The oil industry is infamous for this. And a lot of the futures games are played via very nasty real warfare. ”

    as i recall , saudis announced productuion hikes first, why else would markets react?

  4. vengeur

    I asked this question on another board: “If the Saudis knew they were about to collapse the price of oil, why wouldn’t they short oil in advance?” I got one response from a guy who himself owns oil wells :”They don’t need to borrow what they already own in order to sell it forward.
    A short contract is a promise to deliver in the future. A long contract is a promise to take delivery in the future. The Saudi’s don’t buy oil, they sell it. For a producer, selling forward is hedging and speculators are the opposite side of the hedge. The speculators that bought the hedges for the producers are the ones losing their asses right now, not the producers that were hedged, which is most of them.
    Other commercial hedgers buy long dated future contracts to lock in a future price for what they will use. They are also getting killed because they expected prices to rise. Say for instance all those airlines that loaded up for the next five years back when oil was at $80 in September according to CJ in his silly posts. “

  5. vengeur

    So the bottom line of my previous post is that the Saudis may not be getting hurt as much as people think, since they sold forward at still elevated prices. The buyers that hedged are the ones taking the hit.

  6. vengeur

    I asked the above question because I simply can not believe that Saudis would take the entire hit of a price collapse designed to brutalize Russia and Venezuela. And I firmly believe all of this was worked out in advance with the US government AND US firms such as Goldman Sachs.

  7. Seraphim


    Wouldn’t you think that the “elite” tries to set up Kho. as Russia’s dictator precisely because he is Jewish?
    Look what John Hagee has to say:

    “As Christians, it is our duty to minister to the Jewish people in material things…Together – let’s bless Israel and the Jewish people!”

  8. emsnews

    Saudi Arabia is hoping to bankrupt Iran and Russia before they go bankrupt. But Russia’s reserve funds are huge and has China as a backer while Saudis are backed by money printing US.

    This will eventually kill the dollar as the petro money.

  9. melponeme_k


    Disney parks now a vector for dangerous childhood diseases. All thanks to anti-vaccination crazies and open, un-quarantined borders.


  10. emsnews

    Yup. NYC has this problem, too, thanks mainly to Jewish fanatics who won’t vaccinate their kids and bop back and forth from the Middle East to NYC.

  11. Lou

    I know EMS is pro vaccines BUT how many vaccines? In 1960 how many vaccines were children given? And now?

  12. emsnews

    I love vaccinations. With a passion.

    Take it from a woman who nearly died of a ‘simple flu’ (Hong Kong flu) long ago.

    I was Patient #3 in San Francisco.

  13. John

    But our leaders are morose and angry and scolding us for being naughty peasants because we will now heat our homes and drive all over like the rich do with impunity. Dirty peasants!


  14. Jim R

    That’s going to leave a mark, Kenogami.

    Dmitry Orlov has written another great essay about the Russian character, which apparently no one in the State Dept. understands.

  15. emsnews

    Jim, anyone wishing to understand why it is dangerous to attack Russia simply has to read ‘War and Peace’ by Tolstoy. Or at least read some history.

    But since the NATO countries think they won WWII by themselves, this insanity will continue. Russia defeated Germany with some help from the US.

    Few Americans know that the Yalta meeting was when Stalin demanded the US and England produce some sort of attack on Germany rather than have Russia carry the entire burden alone.

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