Dead French Cartoonists Would NEVER Be Allowed To Publish In US

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Hebo cartoon making fun of Jews and Muslims both.


New York Times editorials calling for this sort of ‘humor’ in the world…except for the US, of course:  Kristof: Is Islam to Blame? and Douthat: We Need Blasphemy are particularly funny since both men are for ferocious censorship here when it comes to race and religion. French Humor, Turned Into Tragedy is another editorial today in that paper demanding that we have this sort of cartoons here in the US.



The Charlie Hebdo Massacre in Paris says the entire (virtually all Jewish) board at the NYT.  Just like the sexually disgusting assassination movie made in Hollywood making fun of North Korea, we are supposed to have harsh, violent, sexual ‘humor’ so long as it is aimed at Muslims and Asians.  Not Jews or blacks.  Whites in general are regular targets of racist/sexist ‘humor’ attacks here in the US, of course.


Blonde ‘shiska’ females in particular, naturally.  Bill Cosby has standing ovations from his few remaining fans at his ‘humor’ shows after a long long parade of outraged white women all told eerily similar rape stories about him.  Hollywood is closing ranks behind him just like that darling Jewish pedophile, Woody Allen.


Charlie Hebdo stands for free expression. The West must do no less. is the Washington Post editorial.  This is horribly disgusting.  Both the WP and NYT censor comments on the few occasions they allow comments if anyone writes the word ‘Bilderberg’ they are instantly banished forever.  Come to think of it, all media in the US censor anyone who dares write that magical word!


News not in the US but in Europe:  EXCLUSIVE: Was Bill Cosby caught on camera assaulting an 18-year-old at the Playboy Mansion? Lawyer claims Hugh Hefner had high tech cameras installed in the bedrooms of his Hollywood home which will put that ancient goat, Hefner, on the hot seat along with his good buddies who raped ‘bunnies’ in the past.


‘Religion deserves our fearless disrespect’: Salman Rushdie condemns Charlie Hebdo attack as a sign of the ‘deadly mutation in the heart of Islam’ and anti-Muslim cartoons are all over the place, making fun of them is a constant here in the US.  But make cartoons attacking Jews for committing racist crimes in Israel?  We don’t even get the news that this is even going on over there, much less, see savage sexual cartoons mocking the Jews for being Nazis.


Hell’s bells, most media in the US that is ‘liberal’…nay, ALL media that is ‘liberal’ bans anyone that doesn’t believe we are all roasting to death even if it is -16ºF like on my mountain this morning.  A number of ‘science’ magazines have totally ended ‘comments’ due to people writing that freezing isn’t roasting to death.  The pretense we have freedom of speech in the US is insane.


We have it online still but our rulers are moving hard to prevent anyone for accessing this which is why search engines are deteriorating in ability to seek key words.


Now on to European news which has tons more information compared to the US:


Saudi Arabian tourists are world’s biggest spenders… splashing out $25 BILLION on shopping trips abroad every year mostly in Europe.  All year long, a tiny crew of Congressmen have tried to reveal censored Saudi parts of the 9/11 report:  Congressmen Bob Graham renews attempt to have 9/11 inquiry declassified | Daily Mail Online.  Graham is one of the authors of this report!


What with the US government pushing mercilessly false accusations against North Korea and Russia blaming them for things they didn’t do and having zero proof of US accusations, we have this same crew protecting Saudi criminals who attacked America extremely violently.


New terror in Paris as female police officer is shot dead and street cleaner blasted in the face as he grappled with ‘North African wielding assault rifle and wearing bullet-proof vest’.  Police ‘locate two armed suspects’ in hunt for Charlie Hebdo gunmen as ‘killers’ are revealed to be brothers ‘trained in Yemen as assassins’ with links to terror groups going back TEN YEARS which coincides with ten years of US assassin drones attacking Yemenis.


Revenge attacks and retaliation begin: Mosques come under fire with guns and ‘grenades’ in France… and kebab shop near another Muslim temple is blown up which is no surprise.  The Catholics and Orthodox Christians are now at war with each other in Europe!  Why not bring in hundreds of thousands of Muslims to make it a three way war?


In the US we have this war raging, too.  At the NJ entrance to the Holland Tunnel where one of my relatives live, a black Penn. man with a long, long arrest record, attempts to run down officers  while high on illegal drugs, yelling’ I want to take out as many as I can’: police sources.  Most of the US media has censored the information that it was a black criminal thug driving an expensive car bought with drug dealing profits.


But then, 99% of the British royal sex scandal isn’t appearing in US news, either.  Like the Saudi royals, it is verboten territory.


Sarah, Duchess of York says marrying Prince Andrew was the finest moment in her life  but she doesn’t mention abuser friend helped pay off her debts. Sarah, Duchess of York took £15,000 from paedophile Jeffrey Epstein as more Pictured: Prince Andrew surrounded by topless women on Thai holiday with paedophile billionaire Epstein as friend says Duke ‘has always been a t**s and bums man’


Then there is this story:  Sharpton’s Viagra Rx found in Sandy Rubenstein home: source – NY Daily News which is where some women accuse the men of raping them.


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39 responses to “Dead French Cartoonists Would NEVER Be Allowed To Publish In US

  1. aashild

    I was deeply moved yesterday when thousands of people poured out into squares across Europe to show their solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, holding candlelights and raising their pens and pencils as a symbolic gesture against those barbaric acts that took place in Paris.

    No one should give in to such monsters.

  2. Lou

    On the ‘Muslim Issue’ EMS and I disagree. She sees most Muslims as peace loving.

    Look at what Muslims have done to Europe.
    Do a google search on “Muslim Rape Wave”, the results will amaze you.
    Look at the Muslim population growth of Canada:
    1961 1,000
    1971 33,000
    1981 98,000
    1991 253,265
    2001 579,640
    2011 1,053,945
    North America has enough Muslims, close the door now!

    The Muslims have a strategic plan to invade and take over non-Muslim countries systematically. Our government’s ‘plan’ is to stick their heads in the sand and pretend they are not accomplices to the invasion.

    The USA now has an acknowledged 42 million immigrants w tens of millions, or perhaps 100s of millions more on the way.


    ELAINE: 100% DEAD WRONG. I am a realist. There are very few realists in this world.

    You want endless religious wars with a billion Muslims???? This is insanity. We can’t pretend all the fighting is them doing it to us when we do it to them over and over again. There were ZERO Muslim ‘terrorists’ way back when Europe and the US decided to do one invasion after another for the last 200 years.

    Well, we asked for this war and we got it and it won’t end just because we don’t want it anymore. Every act by Muslims leads to wild retaliations by Europe and the US and this causes yet another Muslim act all to infinity.

    You don’t stop this ‘war’ via more war.

  3. Jim R


    Sure, just ask Julian Assange, or Occupy Wall Street.

    Or Aaron Swartz, ask him. … before that, Gary Webb. Michael Ruppert, an ex-cop, was so intimidated by them that he left the country for a while.

    Here’s a censored video: (don’t bother because you can’t watch it)

  4. As far as the Holland Tunnel incident is concerned: looks like we’re in for a Black / Latino urban insurgency against Whites and the US Government in this country. To be responded to by a White / Latino counter insurgency (against the Black / Latino one of course but also against the Gov’t!). Note the Latinos will be divided between those who vote Conservative and those who vote for Guilty Liberals. Now you know why the US Gov’t has been buying weapons and ammunition like mad. Military equipment, too! It’s not just for local PDs and the Armed Forces anymore, if they ever were.

  5. It is all about magic numbers. 07/01/2015 = 7+1+2+1+5 = 16 (1+6) = 7. As Lagarde likes to say, the 7 it’s amazing, isn’t it ?

  6. melponeme_k


    Not only was it number magic, it was also during the phase of the first full moon after the Winter Solstice. The elites received their blood sacrifice.

    The Farmer’s Almanac calls it the Full Wolf Moon or the Old Moon.

  7. vengeur

    I read in the French press that most of the American media (while condemning the murders) refuse to actually show ( obvious censorship) some of the magazine covers that outraged the radical islamists ( any caricature of the Prophet, etc. ). One thing the French know about is American hypocrisy.

  8. vengeur

    Anybody familiar with the history of France and Algeria know about the influx of Algerians in France after the independence of Algeria. Les Harkis etc. But here is where the French are today :

  9. e sutton

    When I was a teenager I was thumbing though a National Lampoon magazine. I came across a full page cartoon that had “BANNED BY THE B’NAI BRITH” scrawled across it. Naturally I was curious as to what the fuss was about. I could barely make out a caricature of a Jew, with obnoxious big nose, beady eyes, sinister smile, etc. Had no idea what the B’nai Brith was or what caused them to be so concerned about a comic. This was a very long time ago. I had no way of knowing then that censorship in America would make the Soviet Union tame by comparison. Sooner or later, push will come to shove, and the Jews will have to answer for the continuous slaughter they inflict on mankind in general and Muslims in particular. Not sure I want to be around when the backlash on that comes.

  10. emsnews

    There is tons of censorship in the US. Say or write the wrong thing and voila: you lose your job, go to jail or are murdered.

  11. vengeur

    OT; Elaine, have you seen this movie Unbroken? Well, I was reading the book the movie is based on, and it turns out that the sadistic maniac of a guard in the story lived to a ripe old age, never prosecuted. And I also learned from the book that all the imprisoned Japanese war criminals were given pardons in the late 50’s. ( the ones that weren’t executed)

  12. vengeur

    You have to read this to believe it. It confirms everything you have been saying :

  13. e sutton

    from your posted article:
    “Right-wing nationalist groups in the Asian country have slammed the upcoming biopic of Olympic runner Louis Zamperini over its depiction of the torture he endured during his time in a Japanese prison camp — and labeled Jolie, the film’s director, a racist.”

    Sure fire way to shut down any and all conversation today is to label someone or something “racist”. In much the same way that the United States boasts that such and such a stand is “non-negotiable” and the complete lack of diplomacy in foreign affairs spells doom for the world.

  14. Christian W

    The US is dropping arms for ISIS as well. Same old, same old, They just want to keep the death and carnage going at it’s slow burning maximum for as long as possible.

    If the US wanted they could end the war in three months by cutting off all aid to ISIS. They know perfectly well where it all comes from. Stop the support from and through Bulgaria, Romania (the two major weapons smuggling hubs in Europe), Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc and ISIS would dry up eventually. Nobody fights a war like ISIS does without major logistics to back it up.

  15. melponeme_k


    More evidence of school standards rot.

    Fourth Graders plan to poison their teacher in an Elba NY school because she screamed at them.

  16. John

    Islam does not mean peace but rather means submission to the commands of Allah alone.
    I am a human being, and I will not SUBMIT to any other human by force.

    Violent Islamists are rabid dogs; they’re in it to rape, to murder, to torture and abuse other humans. There is no redeeming them. They must be put down. And that’s a horrible thing to have to say about another human being. But if I saw someone about to saw my WORST ENEMY’S head off with a steak knife and I had a clear shot, I’d put three in their chest without a second thought.

    We’re going to do more than insult you and your paedophile prophet, Islamists. We’re locked and loaded, we’re not afraid of you knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, and we WILL defend ourselves.

  17. melponeme_k


    Please don’t bring Neanderthals into it, they were more peaceful compared to us and they are relatives.

    But you are being sucked into the propaganda about raving lunatic Muslims.

    The fact of the matter is ALL religious fundamentalists of the three major religions are dead set on starting a world religious war. There are Christian Fundamentalists and Jewish Fundamentalists that would happily watch you die because you are not a member of their religion.

    On a more hopeful note, it has been hypothesized that religion is dying out. And that the current fundamentalism is blow back as they religious see their influence contract. Religion needs uneducated cretins to propagate. Which is one of the main reasons why they like to destroy public education.

  18. melponeme_k


    The vigilant citizen site is prone to hysterics. But the guy who writes it has a good handle of visual symbolism and, unlike most conspiracy sites, he names Elites for who they are..Bilderberg group.

    He recently had an article regarding the bizarre 2015 prediction cover for The Economist.

    Before jumping to conclusions, I tried to do a search on this cover at The Economist but I couldn’t get any further information on it. They don’t list it under their 2014 Asia Pacific market. So the origin is questionable.

  19. vengeur

    News from the LOL Department: Washing ton Post article “A blast of cold jump-starts fat burning and generates body heat”,
    Well , the (liberal ) media HAS to finally admit it’s cold out, so what do they do? The tell you the cold is GOOD for you because it burns “bad fat” and stimulates “good fat”! LOL

  20. CK

    Cut back your carbs, HFCS, margarine, Crisco, and sugar and your body will burn stored fat when it needs energy and you will be healthier.
    Cut back your consumption of all food, try fasting one day a week. 24 hours with no food just black coffee or straight tea and vitamins.
    Never eat heavy just before you retire for the night.

    It is easy to put on weight, it is easy to binge diet and lose 20; it is very hard to lose a pound a week for weeks on end and keep it off. Not even sure it can be done successfully for the long term ( 10 years and more of keeping weight off ).
    I have a tendency to the portly, built like an 1800’s plutocrat satire drawing actually. When I was a kid on the farm, I could eat 3000 cals a day because I was burning off the same amount in work. It was easy to keep the 3000 cal input when the output dropped from 3000 to 1500.
    Cold weather does cause you to burn more calories if you allow your body to be exposed to the cold. Shivering takes energy, keeping the core equilibrated to the external takes energy when the external is cold. Wearing down jackets and layering and thick socks and hats defeats the cold and you burn less calories. The article you cited is substituting the word BAD for the word unaesthetic. Much the same as newspapers substitute “youths” for “monoculture thugs”.

  21. melponeme_k


    “Cold weather does cause you to burn more calories if you allow your body to be exposed to the cold.”

    That is just not rational behavior. Especially when it is as cold as it has been in most of the country.

    The other day in NYC, when it was about 6 degrees, I dressed for work knowing I had to cover up good. Because to not do so could mean serious injury or even death.

    That is serious living right there. Believe me, losing weight was the last thing on my mind.

  22. John

    The fact of the matter is ALL religious fundamentalists of the three major religions are dead set on starting a world religious war. There are Christian Fundamentalists and Jewish Fundamentalists that would happily watch you die because you are not a member of their religion.

    Correct. However, those last two religions are not cutting people’s heads off and posting the videos of it on YouTube. So there’s that.

    The fact of the matter is ALL religious fundamentalists of the three major religions are dead set on starting a world religious war. There are Christian Fundamentalists and Jewish Fundamentalists that would happily watch you die because you are not a member of their religion.

    Correct. However, those last two religions are not cutting people’s heads off and posting the videos of it on YouTube.

    So there’s that.

  23. Christian W

    Correct. However, those last two religions are not cutting people’s heads off and posting the videos of it on YouTube. So there’s that.

    It’s still not the ‘religion’ doing that. There are plenty of Muslims that are fighting these US/Israeli sponsored nutcases. The reason the US is supporting these obvious nutcases is because the US wants to murder Muslims in general and create chaos and ruin throughout large parts of the Middle East. Obama personally has ordered the murder of about as many Muslim civilians as people that perished in the 9/11 attack. How is that any better than what the rabid Wahabbist attack dogs are doing?

  24. hblinken

    Correct. However, those last two religions are not cutting people’s heads off and posting the videos of it on YouTube. So there’s that.

    The heroic Syrian Army, the Shia militia are all fighting these evil terrorists which your government and mine are supporting and supplying. the SA is predominately Muslim btw.

  25. CK

    I was not suggesting that you do the polar bear swim daily.
    In the winter time it is a good idea to go out in the cold during the day for 10 to 20 minutes a day just to absorb sunlight and let your body create necessary Vitamin D.
    While you are creating the vitamin D let your body enjoy the cool for those same minutes. Not a big deal, your body will thank you for the D and for the energy burned.
    Cold is invigorating in short doses.

  26. melponeme_k


    The sun is not bright enough or direct enough during the winter for people to absorb optimum amounts of Vitamin D. Not to mention the cold can kill you within MINUTES.

    Do you know how the Inuit get their Vitamin D? NOT the sun.

    They got most of it from animal fat (whale, walrus, seal and other fish).

    Your theory only holds up if you are in a more temperate environment rather than the North. That would have been sound advice in Virginia, the Carolinas etc. But now, presently, not even those places are safe from the deep freeze.

  27. emsnews

    I figure shoveling snow does that!

    And yes, the Inuit get or rather got their good vitamins from eating blubber and livers of seals, etc. Now, nearly all of them live in modern housing.

    By the way, a few minutes ago, it was 1ºF outside and I went out in only jeans and T shirt and sandals to fill the coal buckets and get more firewood.

    Yes, you can, if acclimated, go out barely dressed in severe cold for a limited time. 🙂

  28. melponeme_k

    “Yes, you can, if acclimated, go out barely dressed in severe cold for a limited time.”

    LOL, until your hands, nose and feet turn black and fall off.

    “And yes, the Inuit get or rather got their good vitamins from eating blubber and livers of seals, etc. Now, nearly all of them live in modern housing.”

    In the past, they only knew glacier living and the animals acclimated to that life. So much so, that if one place started to thaw, they followed their prey to colder, icier climes. All that knowledge is lost and now they are dupes to the global warming crowd. They think it will give them money just like the natives in central and south america.

    Recently archeologists found evidence that there was trade between the Norse and the Inuit. That is where all those “unicorn horns” in Europe originated (Narwhal tusks). In fact they think that the Norse could have survived in North America if they had gone Native when the weather turned colder and copied the Inuit diet. But I guess Erik the Red’s crowd weren’t big on whale blubber soup. XD

  29. Jim R

    turn black and fall off.

    She said “for a limited time”. In other words, get back to the fire before you assume the ambient temperature.

    I recall watching a biography of one of the cold-climate explorers (was it Amundsen?), where it mentioned that he took advice from the Inuit when he was north of Canada looking for a sea passage to the Pacific. They were brewing tea from an arctic juniper or something, which prevented scurvy. The other European explorers had to turn back when they ran out of limes, and their crews became ridden with the disease.

  30. emsnews

    Yes, isn’t that funny that Inuit didn’t have scurvy! But what killed them off in huge numbers is what killed all the other North American humans: Eurasian/African diseases that evolved since the Interglacial began.

  31. Lou

    Were the ‘Euro diseases’ bred in cities? Why did these diseases not exist in USA in 1500?

  32. Jim R

    Sugar is deadly to the Inuit.

  33. Name

    Religion is the most effective form of mass mind control ever devised. There is a war on for your mind, and if you are religious, you lost.

    All religions start as reform movements and end up corrupt. Atrocities committed in the name of the Arch Demon Christ Jesus continue unabated regardless of whether they are posted on YouTube.

    I recommend diligently avoiding any religion that has been around for longer than 10 minutes or has more than 2 followers.

  34. CK

    Refined Sugar is deadly to humans, quicker for some races slower for others, more addictive than cocaine and with a higher social cost than all the schedule one drugs combined.
    @Mel :
    It might not be optimal but the sunlight in NYC during January will create vitamin D if you let it get to your skin. I agree with you about the Inuit, they had a diet high in fat from animals that ate a diet of cold water fish. Nothing wrong with high doses of saturated fats and fish oils. Just the other day I fried up some sliced potatoes in duck fat. Marvelous taste. Rendered two pounds of leaf lard from a local farmer pure white and fluffy and has a wee bit of cracklins left in the pot … for munching of course.
    Unfortunately the Inuit are developing high rates of real obesity and type 2 diabetes to go along with their USDA food pyramid diet.

  35. melponeme_k

    “Unfortunately the Inuit are developing high rates of real obesity and type 2 diabetes to go along with their USDA food pyramid diet.”

    They have obesity and diabetes for the same reason the Pima tribe has it. They have moved away from the diet that they formed a way of life around and evolution is too slow for them to adapt to a high grain, high sugar diet. Not to mention the fact that Native Americans and Asians have a greater percentage of Neanderthal genes than Europeans do. Scientists think that the genetic defect for Diabetes comes from our Neanderthal ancestors. Does the higher Neanderthal gene influence make Native Americans and Asians more predisposed to Diabetes? Unknown at the time.

    I do not come from the Inuits but the Athabascans. Their diet consisted more grain foods than the Inuit. Simply because we developed in the more ice free, temperate areas of Alaska during the ice ages. But the much of the food still depended on salmon meat, bones and fat.

    Studies have stated that fish and seal fat seem to protect against Diabetes.

    However what studies haven’t taken into account yet is the greater rate of intermarriage between the Athabaskans and Europeans…mainly Russians. Many of the Natives from my tribe have Russian last names.


    ELAINE: So true.

    The Athabaskan Alaskans were attacked by the Inuit who came over 10,000 years later. Just like the Pima were attacked by the Apache and other tribes who invaded their farmlands. The battle between hunter tribes and farming tribes predates European invasion years.

  36. kenogami

    “Were the ‘Euro diseases’ bred in cities? Why did these diseases not exist in USA in 1500?”

    I believe most of these diseases passed from farm animals to humans and they evolved after the development of agriculture and animal farming; and the high concentration of humans in cities and the contacts between north Africa, Middle east, Europa, Asia allowed a very toxic brew of deadly diseases for which peoples of the old world were forced to develop antibodies for survival.

    The native Americans came to the Americas before 10000 years ago, before the development of cities and animal farming; so their antibody system was rather primitive. The effect of all the European diseases striking them at the same time was utterly devastating. I have read that 95% of native Americans died from the european-brought diseases.

  37. emsnews

    Any isolated population is vulnerable to diseases from higher population people. This is true in all animals, by the way.

    Originally, it was mainly when either Ice Ages or tectonic plate movements, isolated populations were suddenly exposed this way by floods of immigrant creatures.

    Humans spread rapidly after 300,000 years ago and became very isolated for a long time except for waves of new ‘humans’ over time ending with the final wave from Africa 25,000 years ago.

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