More Black Thugs Shooting Each Other In NY Public Housing

CCTV footage shows hooded man walking into Brooklyn elevator and shooting a victim: another episode in ‘Black Lives Matter’.  Young black male thugs casually shooting each other in taxpayer-supported buildings where the idle poor live.


NYPD to overhaul stop and frisk in NYCHA houses—that is, they won’t bother doing that anymore.  This means a lot more black men will be killed by other black men which evidently, pleases liberals.  So conservatives should cheer this on, too.  Evolution at work!


Any and all attempts at controlling thugs is halted or hated by liberals.  I had to deal with this problem years ago.  Here is an editorial from yesterday about the good old days in NYC:  Harry Siegel: New York’s Fear City flashback – NY Daily News


The city ended 1975 with 1,645 murders and 177,032 burglaries, two crimes that, along with rape, The New York Times flatly declared “the police are virtually powerless to prevent.” That news article went on to assert that having so many cops made crime seem worse by making it too easy for citizens to report offenses, and gave officers an incentive to churn “garbage arrests” to justify their existence.


That was fear city, back when there was a lot to fear. Now, not so much.


We ended 2014 with 332 murders and 16,734 burglaries. Rape numbers, harder to compare, have also plummeted.


It turned out cops could do something about crime, thanks largely to the CompStat system Bill Bratton introduced here back in 1994. By putting cops on the dots, Deputy Commissioner Jack Maple’s crime map epitomized the principle that black lives matter. It was, as former Newser Michael Daly put it, a system that compelled cops “to treat crime in the city’s poorer neighborhoods as seriously as (they) would crime in a rich neighborhood.”


The police back then were doing ‘easy’ stuff while letting the slums literally burn to the ground.  The NYT back then lied about crime due to the fact that the Times owners were all living in protected neighborhoods.  I lived in the slums.


Crime was totally out of control by 1977.  Few crimes were reported because either the people just gave up or like myself, they formed vigilante committees to deal directly with thugs.  I decided to legalize things and force the city to recognize the true crime rate by reporting everything and making dozens of citizen’s arrests.


I fought with the police to start better record keeping.  The CompStat system Bratton is using was actually based on a system pioneered by ME.  Yes, me.  And Captain Hill of the 78th Precinct in Brooklyn.   Back in 1979, it wasn’t a computer system like the CompStat system today.  It was this huge detailed map we set up and I explained how using color coded pins, we could track on a daily basis where crimes were happening.


Then came the novel part: pins showing where criminals FLED after committing crimes.  That is, locating their home bases.  We then set up a regime patrolling their home stashes instead of scattering the police all over.  This was mainly for the undercover and detectives to do and it worked.  I called these sites ‘cockroach holes’.


Generally, they were burned out buildings because the thugs knew not to run home after a crime but to cool it off by hiding in the many buildings burned down by rioters and arsonists and there were thousands of these buildings back then.


Crime in NYC housing projects up 7% – NY Daily News


Fueled by a rise in felony assaults, murders and grand larceny complaints, crime in city housing projects jumped 7% in 2013 compared with the previous year, NYPD statistics reveal.


The new numbers, obtained exclusively by the Daily News, confirmed the growing sense of fear felt by many of the more than 400,000 residents of the city’s public housing developments.


Brooklyn projects had the most murders of any borough, climbing to 31, from 23 in 2012. In Manhattan projects, there were 10 slayings in 2013 versus six in 2012, and grand larceny complaints spiked there by 29%. In the Bronx, there were 14 murders in public housing, down from 18 in 2012, and shootings dipped to 56 from 87.


Despite the stubborn growth of overall housing crime, shootings in projects citywide were down by 27% — 196 compared with 267. The welcome dropoff suggested that the NYPD’s “Operation Crew Cut” — an effort to aggressively investigate street crews to curb shootings among people between the ages of 13 to 21 — had achieved promising results. NYPD sources said “Crew Cut” played a big role in the overall reduction in shootings.


Operation Crew Cut is dead.  The new mayor killed it.  The thugs hated it.  They won.  Note the killing age of 13-21.  A huge part of the killings are kids under the age of 18.  I saw this first hand years ago.  The mothers of these thugs would boast about how their kids would not go ‘up the river’ while committing crimes and it was viewed by the older males as a way around crime laws.


You send out the kiddies to do the crimes!  The oldsters would protect them and be look outs but would not be the actual criminal action person.  They used kiddies to break into houses, shoot people, heist stuff in stores.  This tradition has now become so bad, kiddies are killing each other and older people randomly and with a fair amount of disregard for life or limb.

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 11.22.27 AM

In related news, the tenants of taxpayer buildings are complaining about the cold:

Yonkers Apartment Complex Residents Forced Out Of Homes Due To Lack Of Heat – YouTube: another Hottest Year EVAH story…

The interview of the tenants is crazy.  The tenants are complaining that it is only 60º F.  Well…last night it was bitter cold and with my woodstove running all night, it still went well below 60ºF inside.  Which didn’t bother me in the slightest!


When I lived in a tent for ten years, it was never warm during the winter unless the sun came out.  The subsidized housing that the tenants are complaining about isn’t ‘uninhabitable’.  It may not feel like the Caribbean and I know from being a landlady in NYC in the past, many tenants like the ones in this news story want it around 80ºF in winter and will complain bitterly if it is colder.


My office right now is 62ºF.  I am not freezing to death but I am wearing a warm robe. Oh, the horror!  It isn’t just my NY mountain that is bitter cold, Breaking more low-temperature records in Hawaii with even Honolulu cold!  The mountain roads in Hawaii are closed due to snow.


Powerful winter storm dumps snow across Middle East  with Snow in Jerusalem, Damascus, Lebanon, Turkey, Athens, Algeria and Heavy Snowfall in Kyoto.  The cold is deepening.

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 11.25.26 AM

The Arctic is frozen.  The Great Lakes are freezing up again like last year.  The NOAA seasonal maps change constantly since they are very poor predictors.  Note how they admit this Hottest Year EVAH isn’t so hot for half the continent:  Climate Prediction Center – Seasonal Color Maps

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 11.27.48 AM

But their long range prediction is always…in three months it will be HOTTEST YEAR EVAH!  We promise you!  This childish attempt at making global warming happen is irritating at this point.  We had a colder than normal winter, spring, summer and except for one month, fall last year.  And I don’t see a warmer than usual winter this January, either.  Yet they have us set up for ‘much warmer than usual’.


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22 responses to “More Black Thugs Shooting Each Other In NY Public Housing

  1. melponeme_k

    Since the South/Central American illegal influx they don’t need black, low wage workers anymore.

    So now the elites will let Social Darwinism take care of the population since they obviously can’t kill them off Hitler style. This method is no less criminal or reprehensible than the Nazi method.

    And they don’t care if NY burns. That means their Mcmansion taxes fall and paying for private security is much cheaper than property taxes.

    HELLO Rio Favela time!

  2. Jim R

    It’s a lousy way to reduce the population, though. Doesn’t really make a dent in the overall numbers.

    Studies in India have proven that the best way to reduce overpopulation is to educate the girls. Takes a generation to start working, but it is reliable.

  3. e sutton

    How much easier it is to let the criminal class kill each other off than to have to pay them welfare for life. A never ending parade of slaves coming into the country with few if any expected civil rights makes owning them and managing them infinitely easier. The drug cartels of Central and South America will welcome the fact that cops look the other way when they want to do some dirty work. It’s a win/win for everyone, except the blacks, who still haven’t figured out that they’re slitting their own throats.

  4. e sutton

    @Jim R,

    The elite really don’t care about population numbers. The more slaves the better for them. Kindness and compassion don’t play into this. It’s all about utility, and an endless supply of low wage, no benefits slaves is the best Christmas present of all for the elites. As for “education”, it is now only a dog and pony show, designed to skim profits and hoodwink the increasingly clueless middle class into thinking there is a future for them in this country.

  5. Petruchio

    I wonder if the elites actually think they will be safe inside their gated, private security-managed homes? I’m guessing that the elites’ obvious signs of great wealth will shine like a HUGE neon sign to the criminal class that THIS is where they should direct their criminal pursuits. I’m sure the private security people will have considerable firepower at their disposal. But so will the criminal class, who will also greatly outnumber the private security people. I imagine that after every violent incident against the masses, the private security people will put the squeeze on their “bosses”. I can hear it now: “We are the ONLY thing standing between you and the criminals. We want a pay raise or we walk. You can fight the criminals all by yourselves.”. And then the “masters” become the slaves.

  6. melponeme_k


    This has already happened. The story is always history.

    Look at the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of Oligarchic Russia and the explosion of the Red Mafiya. The Vor y Zakone (Vors) before the fall were a bunch of street thieves. After the fall, they received an influx of former “middle class” cops, teachers, military, business men who “specialized” in more lucrative middle class businesses. One of them was private security. Think of all those jackpot home invasions and kidnappings!

    So the elites thinking themselves so clever in using social darwin control of American black citizens, will inadvertently cause the Mafia clans to rise again. This time with formerly legitimate people who need to eat and will fall into the criminal class.

    And they will all be “private security” to the gated communities.

  7. Jim R

    I’m not much of a student of history, but I did watch I, Claudius and read a few Wikipedia articles.

    You know, the Praetorian Guard ‘selected’ (deselected) an Emperor on more than one occasion. The Roman monarchs suffered from inbreeding and psychopathy much as we have done in recent history. Worse, really.

    But war and murder are still a lousy way to reduce the population, because people always breed like rabbits when stressed like that.

  8. It is a pretty neat trick to make the prisoners think that they are paying the guards.

    Like poor old Roman Emperor Claudius they are prisoners of the Praetorian guard.

    Do you not love the irony of it.

  9. Lou

    Jim R, last time I checked India may be the first country with 2 BILLION people.

    ‘The elite really don’t care about population numbers’.
    [oh yes they do. CFR openly has announced how many they want].
    The more slaves the better for them. Wrong again. With robotics the 1% needs many less than CFR plans for.

  10. Petruchio

    @melponeme_k: You can use Venezuela as an example of how this “we are safe inside our gated houses with private security.” folks. In Venezuela, the wealthy live behind 15ft cement walls-with barbed wire on top. Also: at around every 200ft, they have “security towers”. These are reinforced and armed guards inside this tower can shoot at people who might be bold enough to storm the walls. I haven’t got any information as to if or how often the “masses” decide to tee it up and assault the walls. I imagine it happens from time to time. I believe it is safe to say that these wealthy folks will be targeted for crime in this country. Why? Because just as the bank robber Willie Sutton said, “Because that’s where the money is.” It’s also likely that the wealthy folks’ private security will be outnumbered; they will push for ever higher and higher compensation. Then they will let the barbarians inside.

  11. Christian W

    Elaine, you should write something about the other side of the coin as well – the for profit prison system. Chris Hedges has some interesting articles about that eg: The Prison State of America

    A very illuminating article. For example slavery is still legal in the US under the 13th Amendment of the US constitution. The US has 25% of the world’s prison population.

    Add that to another statistic I saw the other day that US cops shoot and kill people 70 times more often than in so called other first world nations.

  12. aashild

    Gosh, that was creepy! The elevator door opens, a man calmly approaches, then pulls the gun and shoots a random guy. Well, maybe they were not unknown to each other,but still..

  13. Jim R

    Lou, I never said India was really trying to reduce its population.

    It was a study. A long time ago, I can’t recall who did it or when. But the key finding was that, in little rural villages where girls went to school, the overall fertility rate was significantly lower than in those villages where girls were kept at home. It’s just that simple. And it makes sense, really.

    Just one of those little sad facts of life. Darwin selects for intelligence only in the harshest times, when that intelligence is necessary to survive. In the easy times, Darwin selects for fecundity.

  14. melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    But the main purpose of the cell is to reproduce. I’ve read one study that hypothesized that intelligence, such that we have, was an almost unintended outcome. Nature is really happy with animals that find their niche and stick to it.

    We don’t stick to anything…our main goal is to colonize without limits.

  15. Christian W

    We don’t stick to anything…our main goal is to colonize without limits.

    That is also a niche. For as long as it can be upheld.

  16. Lou

    The US has 25% of the world’s prison population.
    I doubt that. If USA has 2? million in prison that means there are 8M in prison on a planet w 7? billion.

  17. emsnews

    ALL third world nations don’t do prisons. They simply execute everyone or chop hands off, or lash them brutally, etc.

    Prisons are money losers. Except where either taxes or debts can be piled on some sort of soft-hearted middle class. Then, the elites love prisons.

  18. Christian W

    George Zimmerman, the heroic pursuer of the thug Trevyon, has been arrested for domestic aggravated assault with a weapon.

  19. Lou

    George Zimmerman, the ‘White latino’? The guy the thug [aka no limits nigga] attacked because GM was thought to be a ‘creepy ass craka’?
    That George Zimmerman?

  20. emsnews

    Yes, the ‘liberals’ are like dogs chewing people’s legs like bones.

    They won’t give it up. Just like they cannot see how their ‘victims’ have been nearly uniformly breaking the law often violently, they view Zimmerman as this icon of Evil Crackers who must be tormented and killed off.

    Oh, he hits his GIRLFRIENDS!!!

    HAHAHAHA…I lived in the NYC slums for years and years and guess what?

    The guys there always slapped around their females! Good lord. The thug community does endless violent rap songs about doing this. They should admire Zimmerman.

  21. Lou

    The thug community does not write much for the joosmedia. The eskimos do the writing.

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