Mr. Hunkziker In Los Angeles Wants To Human Engineer Climate Change To Freeze Everyone Else

Greek islands buried under 6½ ft (2 m) of snow – Video | Ice Age Now

As severe cold and snow run rampant across much of the Northern Hemisphere, the global warmists have upped their screaming about Hottest Year EVAH and openly plot to bring on the next Ice Age which is already just around the proverbial corner.  Here is one example that openly desires to use climate engineering to make the planet much colder:  Refreeze the Artic? » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names (a ‘liberal’ publication!)

Robert Hunziker lives in Los Angeles and can be reached at


By the way, I did email him.  I challenge him to debate global warming with me while wearing a swim suit on my mountain.  It is now above zero so he won’t die very fast.


According to AMEG, an Arctic meltdown is nearly upon us, and the consequences will be brutal for everybody alive today. “In fact, the September sea ice volume is already down 75% with a trend to zero by September 2016, suggests that the Arctic is heading for complete meltdown, which would be a planetary catastrophe,” Ibid. Yes, a planetary catastrophe!..


Except there is no ‘melt down’ at all.  Here is a satellite map showing that the entire Arctic outside of the part facing Europe, is frozen solid.  Both Canada and Russia are totally covered with snow as are all the glacier-prone parts of the US all the way down to Arizona and New Mexico in places.

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 10.44.17 AM

For the last decade, the warmists have been bellowing that the Arctic would be ‘ice free’ by 2012 and onwards.  Each year, they push this ‘doomsday date’ back a year and now it is 2016.  This is childish.  Yet, all the warmists firmly believe this clap trap.


As it goes, AMEG says weather extremes threaten agriculture such that too much warming in the Arctic will result in crop failure, leading to social unrest and likely food wars all across the planet…


100% of the time, global warming=more crops, more healthy people, fewer migration wars as people flee the cold, in general, the heights of all civilizations in the past coincide with global warming trends, not cooling.


It is a red alert!


According to Nissen: “There is no sign of any natural process to break the cycle,” of the Arctic meltdown…But, seriously, refreeze the Artic?


This is utterly insane.  There is no natural process to break the warming cycle?  Of course, we are seeing exactly that right now!  The sun is at its maximum solar cycle right now but it is very weak and voila: it cools off compared to the very active and much, much stronger 1998 solar cycle which did cause global warming.


Yes, according to AMEG, it is possible: “Techniques exist for cooling on the necessary scale. Both the brightening of low-level clouds and the production of a reflective haze in the stratosphere are techniques based on natural phenomena, which have been studied extensively.


We have extensive clouds this winter: when the cold surges across North America and then the Atlantic Ocean, especially over the ocean it creates a huge cloud cover as the ocean is warmer than the air rushing over it.  This, in turn, reflects sun back into space and CO2 has no way of making it hotter.  LATEST_WV.gif 640×350 pixels

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 11.21.12 AM

It is obvious that the planet is swathed in heat-reflecting moisture.  The black spaces show the dry parts of the planet.  These are over India, and part of Australia and around Hawaii.  Almost all the landmasses are covered by cloud and moisture!  Even the Sahara Desert:

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 10.56.43 AM

Man makes a snow camel in Heavy snowfall in Saudi Arabia.  The Sahara has had a lot of rain and snow this winter.  What is most disturbing is the mass of storm/cloud cover around Antarctica which has had record ice this last two years.  The sun is shining nonstop there right now but a lot of it is being reflected back into space.


Where I used to live as a child and young adult, it has been very, very cold:  12 people die in Mexico due to cold in Sonora!  Record cold New Year’s Day in Tucson Broken heater, cold temps close Tucson library so right on schedule, a global warmist puts in yet another editorial in Arizona about how we are really roasting to death even though Arizona didn’t have a hot summer, either, on top of all this cold weather:  Cold comfort: US weather in 2014 not too hot, disastrous.  The title of the piece is disingenuous.


While 2014 was warmer than 2013 in the lower 48 states, it was still only the 34th warmest on record.


That contrasts with the experience of the world as a whole. Globally, it will likely go down as the warmest year on record…


“It was a strange year for the U.S.,” said University of Illinois climate scientist Donald Wuebbles. “The extreme warmth and droughts in the western U.S. and the extreme cold winter and cooler summer in the East and Midwest were largely driven by blocking patterns at high latitudes in the Arctic.”


It never went below zero in Anchorage…that is the big news!  Not the news that the Great Lakes froze all the way into April and the Arctic ice is thicker than ever and Antarctica’s ice is growing or all the news pouring out of the rest of the world about blizzards in hot places, etc.  All that is to be ignored because places that didn’t freeze up in the Ice Ages are…not freezing up and this emphatically includes Anchorage, Alaska which was part of the route used by humans during the last Ice Age to walk over to the New World!


A reminder of the cruel agenda of the global warmists:

This violent, vicious video was created by this group called 10:10 which still exists:

Here are some bios of these freaks:



Phoebe Cronk

Job title: Director of 10:10 Chile

Actual job: Working to set up 10:10 in Chile

10:10er since: May 2010, when I cut my teeth volunteering in London with the UK team

10:10 plan: Shopping for fresh seasonal produce at La Vega, the best fruit and veg market in Santiago (and saving lots of money in the process); changing the light bulbs in my house to energy-saving ones; not taking any short-haul flights – I use the great network of overnight buses to get around and explore Chile.

Favourite 10:10er: Everyone on the wonderful 1010 Chile team for putting up with me hosting all our meetings in Spanglish!

Guilty pleasure: Flying to Chile last year – two long, long flights to get here. Also, the odd plastic bottle of fizzy water – this year I’m buying a Soda Stream to carbonate my tap water (and save more money).


Job title: 10:10 Deutschland campaign director

Actual job: Building a successful 10:10 Campaign in Germany and leading a team of enthusiastic volunteers.

10:10er since: March 2010

10:10 plan: Cycling more, eating far less meat, wearing thermal underwear and turning the heating down!

Favourite 10:10er: My husband (see 10:10 wedding!)

Guilty pleasure: Latte machiatos

Best & worst 10:10 moment: Stepping out on stage as Key Note Speaker at the Utopia Conference

Background: In need of some real life action whilst at UEA studying politics I got a job at Virgin finance and spent the next few years setting up the Virgin bank as well as attending the occasional party with Sir Richard. Leaving Norwich for the big smoke (via a year in Australia) I worked in marketing at BskyB where I gained a certificate in marketing. With the freshly printed certificate in hand I set up own marketing agency in London with various clients including creative Genii What If innovation and then in Sept 2006 I moved to Berlin to experience the city my grandmother had grown up in. Scroll forward a few years when a nasty/comedy accident gave me some time on my hands (excuse the pun) to look in to the solutions to climate change. Stumbled upon 10:10 and the rest is history. Oh, should I mention I once worked for a home shopping channel too?

Both of them love traveling all over kingdom come. Most global warmists I have known over the years love doing this. This is why they storm into all those fun meetings about global warming. They have no idea how crazy they look to the rest of us as they work tirelessly to prevent us from living like them.


Just like the fascist Counterpunch guy at the top of this story, they love hanging out in neat places like the Virgin Islands or Los Angeles.


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13 responses to “Mr. Hunkziker In Los Angeles Wants To Human Engineer Climate Change To Freeze Everyone Else

  1. joseppi

    Along with the sun, volcanoes factor into the “warming hiatus” as you have repetitively pointed out……

    The “warming hiatus” that has occurred over the last 15 years has been caused in part by small volcanic eruptions. The warmest year on record is 1998. After that, the steep climb in global surface temperatures observed over the 20th century appeared to level off.


    ELAINE: How odd it is that this warm period in the 1990’s occurred when the sun spot activity was high and we had an el Nino.

  2. Jim R

    Well, then. Out with the old, in with the new.

    The new policy will be to raise your taxes to combat global COOLING. I don’t know just how they’ll propose to do it, but I can predict one thing: it will raise your taxes.

  3. vengeur

    I lived in Anchorage Ak. for many years and I do remember at least one year when temps didn’t get below zero. Anchorage is , by its name, partially surrounded by water, which moderates the temps in contrast to the interior and Fairbanks, which gets MUCH colder ( and hotter in the summer too). I also remember a year or two where we got very little snow and there was worry that the Iditarod sled dog race to Nome would not be able to be run. But to use the temp in Anchorage as basis for generalities about the temperature in all of Alaska is naïve.

  4. Lou

    off topic. I know Elaine and some of us enjoy ‘symbolism and hints from the 1%’. I found this at in the comments section.

    The influential magazine “The Economist”, that belongs to the Rothschild family, came out with a very cryptic cover making predictions for 2015. Here is URL of the cover in high resolution:
    Make what you want out of it. Here are just a few things:

    1. The image of The Pied Piper on the left – remember the guy who took away the Hamelin’s children (The Future) as punishment for not keeping the word and not paying his dues.

    2. The Panda in Chineese-flag shorts – ready to kick some sh*t

    3. Miniature figure of Japanese sumo-fighter holding oversize battery – Japan energy problems?

    Napoleon (Long and Hot European Wars) and Winston Churchill (symbol of Cold War) joined the crowd of modern head of states and prominent politicians.

    The Piggy bank flying out of David Cameron pocket – coming England’s financial troubles?

  5. vengeur

    Student emits greenhouse gas, and a female fellow student (by the name of “Joquasha”) beats him senseless with a stool and fists:
    Draw your own conclusions.

  6. Ridgel

    Here where I live in Canada, Mostly cloudy but dry, no snow on the ground, temperature 10C,ca 50 F.

  7. emsnews

    Obviously, on the west coast of Canada right off the ocean, no?

  8. Ken

    I hate to be Captain Obvious, but doesn’t anyone else see the business opportunity in the plan to cool the Artic? All we have to do is come up with some plausible sounding scheme, and then get the government to fund us. The Artic freezes (or at least doesn’t thaw), we’re heroes, and we make a ton of money to boot. We can probably go on a lecture circuit along with the Clintons and Obama.

  9. emsnews

    And when this causes ANOTHER ICE AGE, you will be burned at the stake and fed to polar bears.

  10. Ken

    I didn’t say the scheme has to work. It just has to sound good.

  11. Mewswithaview

    A book you may be interested to read. It’s written by scientist John L. Casey

    Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell

  12. emsnews

    A decade after my father was censored for discussing how the sun is generating less heat (more light) we now have other scientists coming forward to explain this to people.

    Thank goodness!

    The global warming ship has sailed. Even California isn’t hot anymore and the drought there has ended. A three year drought is short! California has had 50 year droughts in the past!

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