British Cartoonists In Prison And Russian Fury No Ukraine Shooting Plane Information Release

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Stephen Whittle and Simon Sheppard in jail in Britain for distributing Tales of the Holohoax cartoons while British leaders march in Paris on behalf of cartoonists making fun of Mohammed.

They have found the two black boxes in the most recent Asian airline crash.  Results from these boxes will be in the public view very soon.  But there are two black boxes that were hauled off to Malaysia several months ago that are still kept super secret and no one in the Western elites mentions these boxes anymore.  Russia is increasingly pissed off about this.


West has forgotten MH17 Ukraine crash probe – Lavrov — RT News


“The West imposed sanctions [on Russia] under the pretext of the catastrophe of the Malaysian Boeing,” said Lavrov, after a meeting with his Latvian counterpart Edgars Rinkevics.


And now our Western colleagues “have completely forgotten this problem,” the Russian foreign minister added.


“Russia alone is saying that it would be good to release at least preliminary results of the investigation and explain why this probe was conducted with flagrant violations of the norms, which are applied specifically for such cases within the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).”


My position from day one has been, Russia has nothing to do with the jet being shot down in Ukraine.  Proof that Ukraine military shot it down is now total due to the fact, the jet shoot-down doesn’t make the news anymore and no ruling elite in Europe or the US, of any party affiliation, is calling for the tapes and data to be released in public.


After Belgium released their Malaysian Jet Over Ukraine Was Downed by ‘High-Energy Objects report …nothing happened.  Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Pictures Emerge Of Pilot Accused Of Shooting Down Jet made some brief news in Russian and other non-Bilderberg media…and was promptly ignored.


Moscow has repeatedly claimed that flight MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian aircraft, according to the Daily Mail, as pro-Russian media in the eastern part of the country have labeled Captain Vladislav Voloshin as the “executioner of MH17.” Believed to be in his late 20s, Voloshin was singled out by an unnamed witness from his Dnipropetrovsk air base, who claimed that the pilot left in an Su-17 combat jet on the day flight MH17 was downed, according to the Mirror, allegedly returning later without his plane’s air-to-air combat missiles.


Now we are in another propaganda howl-fest hosted by our Bilderberg rulers.  Array of world leaders joins 3.7 million in France to defy terrorism which is hilarious considering that many of these people leading demonstrations in Paris are terrorists.


Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Newspaper Edits Female World Leaders Out of Charlie Hebdo March which is even funnier.  Jews censor and put in prison many people who dare to challenge them in any public arena.  Calls for BBC’s Tim Willcox to resign over Paris interview because he was questioning a Jewish woman in Paris who was hot under the collar about Muslims and he dared to mention Palestine.


So he will probably lose his job.  He did the obligatory crawling on glass begging to be forgiven but they won’t forgive him.  Publishing vicious cartoons about Muslims and Mohammed is OK.  Questioning a Jew about Palestine is verboten.


On the Contrary: Unlike Muslims Zionist supremacists enjoy immunity from mockery: explaining how Europe censors everyone with impunity while at the same time, claiming ‘free speech’.


Egyptian student gets 3 years in jail for coming out as atheist on FB — RT News: Russia reports about people in Egypt who are being cruelly crushed by the junta that now rules with military power.  Supposedly, Morsi who won a popular election, was evil because he would put in prison anyone who violated religious restrictions.


Seems the new rulers do the same!  Not a peep in the Western press.  No one is demonstrating against this evil!  The rulers marching in the Paris parade certainly don’t care one bit this poor kid was put in prison.  No one cares!  Just like no one in the West mentions all the beheadings and stonings going on in Saudi Arabia.


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21 responses to “British Cartoonists In Prison And Russian Fury No Ukraine Shooting Plane Information Release

  1. ziff

    humans are nuts

  2. Henry

    If you want to see some politically unacceptable cartoons that are used to mock the blatant hypocrisy of “Je suis Charlie” go over to an article in the Intercept by Glenn Greenwald. He has to be applauded for his courage!

    This is being almost completely ignored by the MSM.

  3. melponeme_k


    Accused criminal procurer photographed at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

    I wish this would bring down this odious family and prevent them from establishing a dynasty.

  4. tio

    Jumping the shark.

    “Several authors have recently asked why Malaysia is not part of the MH17 joint investigation team and why is Ukraine, a suspect in this case, part of it?”

    Those crazy Dutch.

  5. tio

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.” – Voltaire

  6. melponeme_k

    Now its time for the faux media to bat their eyelashes, look all wide eyed with innocence and ask WHY is there an uprising of far right politics in Europe? WHY? Of course, they never address free trade and open borders.

  7. Christian W

    Now we are in another propaganda howl-fest hosted by our Bilderberg rulers. Array of world leaders joins 3.7 million in France to defy terrorism which is hilarious considering that many of these people leading demonstrations in Paris are terrorists.

    This is actually tragic. The elites know, based on psychological studies, that for a large part of the population it is impossible to hold two mutually conflicting notions in their head at the same time. When the brains of these people is faced with such a dilemma they default to the pre accepted notion to resolve the stress – this fact is then used as basis for brain washing techniques and psyop media drives, which is why we have the 24/7 propaganda such as Muslims = terrorists, Putin = Hitler, Saddam = Hitler, Ghaddafi = Hitler etc “The US is the best country in the world”, “Jews are always victims” etc.

    Never mind that this propaganda looks infantile and ridiculous to people capable of independent thought, the elites know it is efficient enough for the masses.

    This is true for “liberals” (see the “Global Warming that turned into Climate Change true believers”) as well as “conservatives” USA! USA! USA! “Support the troops”…. etc baloney.

    Thank you Elaine for continuously exposing the frauds at the top!

  8. JimmyJ

    A few days ago on Canada’s equivalent of Frontline, the Fifth Estate on CBC, and tonite on PBS Frontline both are doing exposes on Putin’s personal ambition and corruption.

    More media propaganda wouldn’t be noteworthy except for two completely different country’s tv productions covering the exact same message within days of each other illustrates that the drumbeat is quickening for some sort of overt confrontation.

  9. vengeur

    Great observation JimmyJ.

  10. Christian W

    The US (and Israel) is running out of time. The elites will have to attack before the house of cards collapses completely. They can’t keep propping up this house of cards forever with just bullshit, especially in the light that China, Russia et al will create a new trade base that will kick the feet from under the dollar even more, effective May 2015.

  11. Seraphim


    A huge step forward (Re: “On the Contrary: Unlike Muslims Zionist supremacists enjoy immunity from mockery”). Keep it on. Real, scientifically proven stuff. Don’t let you be distracted by your Mayflower-like “anti-Popish” genes.

    @Questioning a Jew about Palestine is verboten

    Please refer to my previous posts about Coulibaly killing Jewwwws “becose Palestin”. Lies upon lies! Nowhere was Palestine mentioned but in the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz and (N)Jew York Times. Where in the world (except Utopia, or rather Distopia) a killing is not obligatorily followed by a coronial investigation? Oh, yes, in “Pairis’s” kosher markets (CNN-BS). Has anyone seen the actual corpses?

    Is Coulibaly for real? Or Boumedienne?

  12. Ken

    Has anyone else seen the news that the Middle East is experiencing record breaking cold, and that thousands of Syrian refugees are in danger of freezing to death?

    I would think this would be big news.

  13. emsnews

    I keep mentioning the severe cold all over the planet including snow in Saudi Arabia, for example.

    We are in a cooling cycle during the supposed ‘hottest year EVAH’ as the warmists have proclaimed based on bizarre data gathering and ignoring the fact that Northern Hemisphere record cold on land masses and Antarctica ice at record levels.

    This is all cynically done to keep and raise higher the energy taxes.

  14. joseppi

    Thanks, Elaine, for the excellent post on the Axis of Hypocrisy and the smothering and sinister blanket of selective narration

  15. melponeme_k


    Children are still dying from the Flu this year. However not one word about it in our press.

    The poor girl in the story found it so hard to breath due to congestion, she fainted and fell through a glass door. This is so preventable. It requires quarantines at the borders and mass inoculations at schools and anyone dealing with child services.

    Even border guards should be given innoculation supplies for all preventable childhood diseases. All countries used to do that for polio. When NYCB ballerina, Tanaquil LeClerq, contracted polio in Copenhagen, Denmark forcibly innoculated the whole ballet company even the dancers who already had the innoculation. That right there is proactive medical thinking, not like today where individual rights can trump the safety of the populace.

    I believe I had a strain of this flu last year. I had the wheezing and the dizziness but never considered visiting the doctor for it.

  16. Maddie's Mom


    The flu vaccine was a poor match this year.

    Damn mutating viruses!!!

    I’d bet the folks who actually had to pay for their shot and still got the flu are really pissed!

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