Subway Riders In DC Trapped By Smoky Fire, One Dies

Seconds From Disaster King’s Cross Fire – YouTube that killed nearly 40 people in London riding the subway, using faulty stairs.  The smoke killed most.

One commuter dead, two critical and 65 hospitalized in DC Metro fire: Thick smoke engulfs station as hundreds are evacuated.  The passengers were stranded in the tunnel with no electricity as the fire filled the carriages with deadly smoke.  People banged on the doors which were deliberately kept shut ‘to keep out the smoke’ even though it didn’t.


Fortunately for most, there was no flash fire in the tunnel or hundreds would have died.  Also lucky, it wasn’t rush hour.  Some people managed to force a door open to escape down the tunnel. This is a complete mishandling of a dangerous situation.  The staff on the train should have evacuated the passengers, not trapped them inside the smoke event.


What shocks me is I learned this news in London news, not US news.  Only the Washington Post has it as a front page story.  The NYT doesn’t have it at all.  CNN has it as a back page story, not front page!


I have noticed this for several years.  People in agony or dying due to ice, snow and cold barely make the news even if it is a recent 90 car multi-death pile up in Pennsylvania.  The events in Paris made huge news here but then, look at who was dying: it all led to the envitable demands to kill more Muslims so of course, it was front page news blasted all over the place here.


The Washington disaster today was most fortunate: rail or car tunnel fires are extremely deadly.  This is due to the nature of being a natural chimney for fires!  Repair work continues on East River Mountain Tunnel – SWVa Today: the Big Walker fire this last summer made little news, too.

This was filmed by a man who was about to drive into the tunnel. Note the very thick, black smoke.


Loaded down with about 40,000 pounds of cast stone wrapped in cardboard, the 2006 flatbed tractor-trailer the 55-year-old Akron, Ohio, resident was driving lost power and stopped in the tunnel’s northbound tube. That’s when Theiss noticed the fire – a fire that ended up consuming his rig, scorching the tunnel and shutting down a stretch of Interstate 77 on a busy summer weekend…


In June 1993, the northbound tube was also damaged when a motor home caught fire about 200 feet from the West Virginia tunnel entrance. The driver in that blaze was also able to get out safely.


A deadly tunnel fire in Switzerland in 2000:

Many fatalities at the top station/restaurant. No instructions to people trapped in the train, the only survivors were due to the fact that some of the passengers were fire fighters who broke out of the train.


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13 responses to “Subway Riders In DC Trapped By Smoky Fire, One Dies

  1. e sutton

    “The staff on the train should have evacuated the passengers, not trapped them inside the smoke event.”

    I’m not going to guess at the race of the “staff on the train”. Only, having grown up in suburban D.C., and watching the masterful handling of the city by none other than the recently departed Marion Barry, frankly I’m not too surprised at this latest episode of the newest comedy in Black Run America.

  2. Jim R

    That King’s Cross fire — some genius decided to make the steps out of wood. It’s been 20 years since I’ve seen the DC metro, but I don’t recall seeing any wood there.

    The escalators were impressively long, though.

  3. Christian W

    OT: Paris “attacks”

    It turns out the French had been warned by the Algerian intelligence services about the impending attack on Jan 6th, the day before the attack took place.

    Just wanted to post that fact because the way the western media and politicians (including Israel of course) are using this operation it looks as if they are planning something horrendous against Muslims in the ME.

  4. Colt Browning

    “The staff on the train should have evacuated the passengers, not trapped them inside the smoke event.”

    No doubt these are union workers so no one will lose their job.

  5. Petruchio

    @Colt; “No doubt these are union workers so no one will lose their job…” No doubt you are a brainwashed Fox viewer so facts mean nothing to you.

  6. emsnews

    As I took pains to point out, in ALL the tunnel fire disasters the staff did nothing right!!!

    They simply sit there. They don’t open the doors to let people escape. Watch the videos I included here. It shows how passengers have to fend for themselves.

  7. Petruchio

    I have to admit to being curious. How many–if any– of the Washington DC ruling class and/or their minions ride this subway system. Anyone know?

  8. emsnews

    NONE. Of course.

  9. Jim R

    After watching the video about the Austrian ski train fire, I find that the attendant _did_ open the doors to let the passengers out. He died in the fire himself, by the way. As did the attendant and passenger on the other train on the down-bound track.

    The fire killed so many because they attempted to flee the fire by going _up_ the tunnel on foot. The firefighter saved a few who followed him, by going _down_ the tunnel, which required them to briefly run through the flames. It simply wasn’t possible to climb a half kilometer of tunnel without being overcome by the smoke.

    And it was particularly nasty smoke, being brake fluid feeding the fire. It also killed a few people in the top terminal. Electric power was knocked out by the fire, so none of the doors would open anywhere on the mountain. They had all modern, automatic, electric doors everywhere.

  10. emsnews

    Correct. Going down is better than up since smoke rises. In the news today, it turns out the FIREMEN all stood around and waited for the trains to move for an HOUR. Insane.

    I am betting the city will be sued, big time.

  11. But what cause the dc fire. I have not heard or read anything.

  12. Jim R

    Carol, It usually takes a while to figure out what causes a fire. If it’s a big one, like the Austrian ski resort train, most of the evidence is destroyed. The train and tracks were a total loss, and what you see in that forty minute show took many months for investigators to piece together.

  13. emsnews

    It appears that there was an electrical fire on the tracks, they found point zero in the tunnel.

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