Scientists Admit Oceans Are Not Rising But Don’t Understand Why

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ENSO Page | Watts Up With That? Showing that the present el Nino is now el Morte.


The New York Times, to my great surprise, has published a truthful article but pitches it so that it is still all about global warming theories being ‘correct’ even if they are totally whacked-out wrong:  Research May Solve Puzzle in Ocean’s Rise:


A team of researchers reported that sea levels did not rise quite as much as previously believed in the 20th century, possibly explaining a discrepancy in climate research.


So…all the whining that the oceans were going to drown us and is rising fast is false?  This is funny!  This is yet another ‘discrepancy’ in climate models based on CO2 being the only driver of weather.  But of course, after first claiming oceans were rising faster and faster, they switch gears and explain that the oceans are not rising based on totally made up stories.

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Look that this sea temperature anomaly map.  Note that there is unusually cold water blocking the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean which is why Europe is seeing very cold temperatures right now.  What is really, really scary is summer in Antarctica.  The oceans are very, very cold there, all around the continent.  And of course, el Nino is dead.


Saying, ‘We were wrong about this, too, and therefore all our computer models and changes in the basic data were totally useless and must be dumped,’ is impossible.  They can’t do this.  The rising levels of ice in both the north and south poles is explained away via equally vapid hand waving that doesn’t mention ‘global cooling’.


It is a fact that the East Coast of North America is falling relative to the West Coast which is rising.  This, in turn, is caused by plate tectonic movements.  Of course, the oceans rise and fall with Ice Ages and all the ups and downs in temperature during this Interglacial.  Ocean coasts are the very definition of ‘unstable’ but we humans love to build right next to the shoreline, on the sand.


The NYT finally admits there is no oceans rising but the Washington Post claims that a Study: Sea level rise accelerating more than once thought is the true story!  So we have both papers taking opposite positions.


Then there is today’s story at CNN:  The climate is ruined. So can civilization even survive? – is illustrated with polar bears, penguins and California’s former short drought.


Informed journalists share this concern. The climate crisis “threatens the survival of our civilization,” said Pulitzer Prize-winner Ross Gelbspan. Mark Hertsgaard agrees, saying that the continuation of global warming “would create planetary conditions all but certain to end civilization as we know it.”


The CNN story by the warmist writer there claims that due to warming the planet, only about 10% of the human population will survive which happens to be the goal of many of the environmentalists who think there are way too many humans.


The reason I suspect, the Bilderberg gang is clinging to global warming is for the precious CO2 tax on the peasants. While freezing the peasant population of the earth and ordering them to walk everywhere and live in Tiny Houses (aka: huts) the super rich in their palaces and this includes the Pope, stand on their balconies lecturing us about how we are ruining the planet and need to live poorer, colder lives to save the very rich from the slightest discomfort like, say, moving their many mansions from right off the beaches of tropical climate locales.


UK – Ice and snow warnings across most of the country as Europe shivers like North America.  Just 14 years ago, Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – Environment – The Independent claimed.


Cold-related diseased break out in Barisal (Bangladesh) and Tropical snowfall causes congestion in Sa Pa (Vietnam) while Japanese elderly die when snow engulfs them as they desperately try to pull it off of their roofs.


And it is cold here at my home!  Been below zero many times this month so far including last night.  Some global warming indeed.  Not only can’t one sail across the Arctic Ocean, you can’t even sail up the Hudson River!  It is frozen solid except for a very narrow isle chopped out by an ice breaker and even then, it freezes up quickly after the boat churns through the increasingly thick ice.


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6 responses to “Scientists Admit Oceans Are Not Rising But Don’t Understand Why

  1. Sunger

    Climate research and conclusions come from accredited scientific institutions and researchers- they don’t come from debates among “journalists” from Foxnews, CNN, New York Times, Wash post etc.

  2. ziff

    i always wonder how can they possibly measure sea levels what with tides wind waves etc then they claim .5 mm or some such.

  3. melponeme_k


    Lagarde is surprised by the Swiss unpegging from the Euro

    LOL. What the great the great numerology number 7 didn’t forecast this event for this dimwit?

  4. JimmyJ

    So the SNB pulled the Euro peg ahead of the ECB QE, will this be the pin that pricks the big fat speculative bubble?

  5. Colt Browning

    Global warming is bunk.
    Anyone over the age of 50 has witnessed enough weather to know this. The problem here is that the the Green Party, which is primarily Black Communists, are “all in” on this thing.
    If Climate Change actually fit the narrative of the spin here then I suspect that the overwhelming opinion would be in favor of it.
    The actuality is that the far left wants communism, this group of it just does not want black-led communism.
    Blacks are just a tool to achieve the ends because the ends justify the means.
    The communists here know that they are being left out of the “ends” when it comes to climate change.

    Climate change = white tax.

    Poverty is scary is it not.

    You know that your communist agenda is all messed up if the blacks control it.

    No one race controls anything under libertarian principles.

  6. emsnews

    Climate change taxes are on the POOR as well as middle class.

    It is what we call a ‘regressive tax’ which is based on people using things rather than higher incomes.

    It hammers the poor who suddenly find they can’t heat their hovels thanks to high energy costs. And they die! Which seems to be the plan. To coddle them socially while freezing them to death, I guess.

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