Bilderberg Commission To Fix Falling Worker Wages Via Telling Lots Of Lies About Free Trade

Trying to Solve the Great Wage Slowdown: mainstream media notices that across the globe, workers inside the free trade construct are being ripped off, their labor marginalized and capital flows to wherever workers can be brutally exploited:


An international commission, describing income stagnation as a defining challenge, offers proposals meant to influence the political debate.


This is so disgusting.  The politics of ‘free trade’ were cooked up by a series of top secret society meetings: the Bilderberg gang.  Formulated after WWII by the rich victors in the ‘West’ they set up NATO, the European Union and of course, free trade.


They demonize tariff protections.  They told workers, they could buy cheaper foreign goods and thus be ‘richer’ and this would not backfire.  I am a PROTECTIONIST.  I have been dead set against free trade my entire life.  The minute trade barriers fell, the US trade deficit shot upwards and workers have seen wages collapse and entire industries were killed.


Now, electronics or cars are ‘cheaper’ but wages are lower and lower so it does no good, as I predicted way back in 1980.  Now these same Bilderberg gangsters are setting up a stupid commission of people who support free trade to explain that all this benefits workers…in distant lands!  So shut the hell up.


Swiss Move to Drop Rate Limit Against Euro Stuns Markets: Switzerland is NOT part of the European Union.  They are protectionists which is why, unlike England, they still have industries.  England, like Norway or Netherlands, was an energy export power until very recently so the destruction of EU free trade was hidden for 30 years but now that is ended and working conditions in England is collapsing along with the social safety net.


This is why right wing national socialists are rising in power there as they are in Germany and France.


Swiss Central Bank Unexpectedly Abandons Exchange Rate Cap on Franc which has caused Swiss Stocks Tumble, European Equities Rise After SNB and all free trade depends deeply on keeping one’s currency weak so these Swiss changes have the usual impact as Currency Shock Hits Exporters; Swatch’s Hayek Says ‘Words Fail Me.’  Polish Banks, Zloty Dragged Down by More Expensive Swiss Franc Mortgages as the EU struggles to strangle Russia and kill off Putin by slitting their own wrists.


I predicted this.  No surprise here.  Just as the oil price collapse is hammering Texas as hard as Russia!  Slit the wrists of the rich…to bleed Russia!  Eventually China, a major export nation, will impose import rules and cut off free trade.  When they reach the top of the heap and they are very, very close to this, they will destroy the value of the dollar and close trade with the West in order to protect themselves.  The huge oil and gas deals with Russia now makes this much more likely to happen.


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17 responses to “Bilderberg Commission To Fix Falling Worker Wages Via Telling Lots Of Lies About Free Trade

  1. vengeur

    I think this entire SNB depegging manoeuver was just a way for the ECB to weaken the Euro with out pissing off the Germans (because the Swiss take the blame). As if the Swiss would do this without consulting the IMF and the ECB and getting their approval first. C’mon now.

  2. vengeur

    Elaine has written ad infinitum about Japan and China (and now the Europeans ) playing the currency devaluation game (stockpiling massive Dollar or euro surpluses) to weaken their own currencies and strengthen those of the CONSUMER nations like the US in order to keep their massive export surpluses intact . This all very simple and trying to make more of it than that is silly.

  3. Colt Browning

    “This is why right wing national socialists are rising in power there as they are in Germany and France.”

    Socialism is only right wing to communism. It is far left extremism relative to the US Constitution.

    “Eventually China, a major export nation, will impose import rules and cut off free trade.”

    Import rules work both ways.

    China cannot afford import rules that could cause a backlash on their exports without destroying their own economy.

    They rely solely on exporting their communist salve labor goods to other nations that actually have money.

    Russia’s puny economy is not enough to put oat meal on 1 billion people’s table.

    You are aware that Texas has a larger economy than Russia, right ?

    Free trade has advantages and disadvantages.

    It is the Unions that drive jobs over seas not free trade.

    Without the cheap communist slave labor of Chinese goods, the US economy would collapse, taking every nation’s economy down with it.

    So a true “Protectionist” would address the inflation that Unions cause and their part in being a part of the liberal elite.

    Libertarians address the free trade issue and the union issue, providing actual solutions to both.

    Libertarians are the only true protectionists.

    Libertarians do not embrace excuses, we embrace solutions.

  4. Colt Browning

    That data is 3 years old.

  5. emsnews

    The US ‘economy’ is mainly DEBT. Government debt, personal debt, trade deficit debt. This is a pure ‘red’ economy deep in the red zone.

    China understands that exporting JOBS is stupid. They will practice protectionism to prevent this. Right now, they are building up from a near-dead communist economy that was horrible.

    But their goal is national socialism not Darwinian dog eat dog libertarianism.

    The US gives it no press at all but the Chinese government has been prosecuting Chinese economic looting and warning everyone that getting up at the top doesn’t protect one from being prosecuted for lining one’s own pockets.

    The US is being systematically looted by our own rulers which is why everyone in Congress is a multi millionaire as worker wages collapse.

  6. joseppi

    Ideological Know-it-allism is difficult to stomach especially when attacking the near extinct unions, of which today the only strong union force is the public unions, and that’s one of the main reason taxes keep rising.
    From my big picture window – Chinese slave labor appears to resemble corporate debt slave labor.

  7. joseppi

    Macro Rapper makes it past the Chinese censors

    American rapper taps into the flow of China’s economy

  8. vengeur

    It is a true mystery to me that some people could still believe that working class individuals with common interests banding together is be a bad thing. Now we all know the super rich have their Bilderberg groups etc to promote their own interests (making more money and amassing more power) . But when WORKING people get together to promote their own economic security, that is a BAD thing.Right? Well the wishes of the foolish Union haters have come to fruition. And ain’t it grand? Wages and standard of living for working people?

  9. Petruchio

    “It is the Unions that drive jobs over seas not free trade.” This is a bald faced lie. The easing of capital restrictions allowed for manufacturing to re-locate anywhere in the world. US-based multinationals took full advantage of re-locating to countries that paid its workers $4 per day. And: these “patriotic” US-based Multis received TAXPAYER subsidies to relocate! That’s some “free market”. Unions have been in sharp decline starting in the mid-1970’s and yet, these phony “free trade” advocates STILL blame the Unions. Colt, you are either ignorant or a bald faced LIAR. Which is it?

  10. e sutton

    “Colt, you are either ignorant or a bald faced LIAR. Which is it?”

    You aren’t being entirely fair. It may be that he is a troll. Jes say’n!

  11. emsnews

    We are told over and over that unions are bad but of course, the unions did have one major effect: they raised the income of the working class stiffs.

    Now that they are gone, we have a disaster brewing with labor increasingly going into crime and riots.

  12. Petruchio

    e Sutton: your point is well taken. Colt may be a troll. Then again, s/he might be a ‘flamer’. Somebody who says incendiary things just to get a reaction. Notice how the “free” trade disciples NEVER discuss Germany or South Korea? Both countries, powerhouse economies AND strong unions. And compare Germany and South Korea’s trade balance with that of the US of A. US: biggest debtor nation in history AND a country that posts record trade DEFICITS year after year after year. Germany, South Korea: trade surpluses year after year after year. BTW: in South Korea, an employer can receive the death penalty for exporting jobs. Unlikely to actually happen, but the penalty is there.

  13. emsnews

    Germany didn’t do so hot after joining the attack on the Russian Bear.

    But then with the euro cheaper, they will export more to someone else, maybe sell more fast Porches to Chinese. And no, this isn’t an attempt at a joke.

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