0.002º Warmer=Warmest Year Evah

It’s Official: 2014 Was the Hottest Year on Earth Ever Recorded

The Bilderberg gang is going bonkers over their funky claim this last cold year was hottest year, ever.  Their proof is such a tiny ‘climb’ that it is far, far smaller than the margin of error, thus, is really NULL.  They are now claiming the last 4 years have been warmest, ever, too.  Which is rank insanity.  As it gets colder and colder, these lies rely on our media refusing to report weather news if it is cold news.  All blizzards and extreme cold and ice build up events are totally censored.


I had a delightful conversation this evening with a Vermont liberal female which reveals how this ‘report only hot weather, ignore or belittle cold weather’ process works to make people really stupid.


Liberal Female in the sauna at the pool (this entire debate was done naked, guys!):  ‘It sure is cold.  Colder than NORMAL.’


Me: ‘It has been below zero every night this last two weeks!  This is definitely colder than normal’.


Liberal Female: ‘I hope it doesn’t get colder.’


Me: ‘It will.  Sunspot activity is now declining this solar cycle and the next cycle will most likely be even weaker.  We are going into a possible Maunder Minimum.  There is no future global warming.’


Liberal Female: ‘It is hot in AUSTRALIA.’


Me: ‘Heavy snow in Europe, in Asia, in Japan, in the Mediterranean and of course, much of North America and Canada.’  I made a small circle with my hands, ‘Australia is much smaller than Eurasia and North America.’


Liberal Female makes a nasty face, sneering, ‘What about California?  It was hot there.’


Me: ‘Set no heat records.  The drought there is ended.  It is now cooler there, too.  Besides, California is a tiny sliver even smaller than Australia.’


Liberal Female, now enraged:  ‘Well NEW MEXICO was hot!’  That was a damn lie, of course.  I’m sad she didn’t mention Louisiana where those poor monkeys literally froze to death this week.


She stormed out at that point, pouting.  I’m certain she was thinking, ‘That nasty denialist!  What a pig!’


Well, time is on my side.  She lives in a place that will be very, very cold this next decade.

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21 responses to “0.002º Warmer=Warmest Year Evah

  1. Anonymous

    You should’ve just retorted to that silly girl that it’s summer in Australia. She was obviously utterly clueless.

  2. vengeur

    The naked truth…

  3. Jim R

    We visited New Mexico (from Texas) back in 1998, and were shocked to find that it is NOT hot. It is dry, but up there near the continental divide, it gets COLD at night.

    Since there’s a little more carbon in the air now (it’s measured in PPM, you know), … it would probably be warmer there now. You could measure it with an infrared spectrometer, and they can certainly see it with the gear they have over at Kitt Peak.

    But if you were to camp out at the continental divide again now, you would still think it cold.

  4. Jim R

    One of the tourist attractions out there was an old extinct volcano peak that has ice in it year-round. There’s a deep depression right at the peak, and the part of it that faces north never gets any sunlight. It stays frozen for the same reason that the Moon has ice deposits at its polar regions. No sunlight, cold Cosmos.

    I just thought of that, and wonder if maybe the peak has 2% less ice now, or something …

    One of the other interesting features of New Mexico were these big black boulders scattered along the Interstate out there. It took me a while to figure out, these house-sized rocks had been coughed up by one of the nearby mountains. There was not much moss on them, and not much erosion, so the eruption was obviously quite recent, maybe in the last thousand years or so.


    ELAINE: It was from a rift eruption in the last 10,000 years. There are active volcanic vents all over the place. I have played in them in winter, they are HOT. I bet the thermometers used by NOAA are there! 🙂

  5. Sunger

    Elaine- smear jobs don’t constitute valid arguments on such a complex topic.

    Oh, it is chilly here. Guess this liberal, warmist, Bilderberger elitist must leave his chilly cabin and carry in some more wood for the wood stove.

    Again, climate science does NOT predict a situation where everyplace on the planet is uniformly warming at just the same rate- the science generally predicts climate chaos with plenty of cold weather involved at times.

    Elaine, you are a smart person. It’s hard to see why you would do smear jobs on anyone who disagrees with you- like smearing other Americans in the Foxnews- style just for arriving at different conclusions than yours. This type of smear job does not strengthen a free society(which we were at one time).

    ELAINE: You got to be joking!!!

    They said ALL THE DAMN ICE WOULD MELT…EVERYWHERE. Got that? At no point did they say, ‘half of the planet will have Ice Age conditions’. NEVER. EVER.

  6. Sunger

    JimR- the dry climate does not support much erosion or growth of moss. There are many good geology primers that help explain some of these phenomena for you.

  7. Jim R

    Sunger, there was only so much geology I could do, whizzing by the stones at 60 MPH. They looked like they had just been placed there yesterday, and my first thought was that the state had put them there to decorate the highway. Texas has some highway decorations here and there. Then I saw some rocks that would have been impractical to move, and it occurred that they are a natural feature.

    So, which volcano did they come from, and when?

  8. ziff

    cold at night , thats the key arguement, Its odd how the debate rages ”around its warmer;; no its not” , well yes its warmer where did all those glaciers go? , but how does it still get cold with that warm blanket n’ all.

  9. Lou

    If it was hotter in California last year I did not know it.

  10. Jim R

    ziff, the one reliable place you can measure the effect of permanent gases is in a dry climate at night. In most places on the surface of the Earth, the effect is swamped by H2O (sometimes a liquid or solid, so not a ‘permanent’ gas). Water vapor scatters infrared energy much more effectively.

    That campsite on the continental divide, at about 7000′, would be warmer, measurable by a simple instrument such as a thermometer. I’m not sure by how much, probably not more than a degree or two (averaged over all seasons for several years). But as a camper, you will still consider it cold if it is 25° instead of 23° at midnight.

  11. emsnews

    The fact here is, ALL the dumb ‘global warming’ models and computers said the same thing: NO ICE ANYWHERE ON EARTH with CO2 warming.

    None. Gone forever and the oceans would rise and drown Wall Street and London! Oh my!

    We were supposed to roast to death. Death spiral!

    At no point in time did any global warmist, not one, predict growing glaciers, more ice in Antarctica, Great Lakes frozen, longer winters, more snow, colder temperatures for half of the planet…etc.


    This stupid game of theirs has fooled many people due to the relentless lies and omissions of information. Did any US news papers issue the story that many Brits will die this week from severe, severe below 0ºF temperatures?

    NONE! Dead silence after publishing the stupid global warming lies that last year was the warmest, ever, warmer than 1998, for crying out loud. Which was a very warm year!

  12. ziff

    jim , yes DTR, hard to get data cause no one thought about it , clouds mask , deserts would be ideal

  13. Jim R

    Yeah, ziff, DTR. And the effect is clearly observable in deserts and at high elevations. Less H2O to interfere.

    And apart from Elaine’s rants, I don’t know of any serious scientist who predicted near-term roasting (Carl Sagan was not a serious scientist, he was a publicist). Of course, CO2 has other effects: at about ten times the current level, its toxicity starts to show up…

  14. emsnews

    Jim, that has to be the biggest lie, ever.

    Good lord. Every article about ‘climate change’ features a burning planet or drought pictures, NEVER cold except when they are showing polar bears, with script explaining they need more ice.

    All of the ‘scientists’ yelling about ‘climate change’ yell that we are on a death spiral. All of them.

    ‘Time is running out!’ they all say in unison. And they don’t mean ‘We will have very cold weather a lot!’

    And CO2 is plant food. My forest and fields love it. Trees are definitely growing faster thanks to it.

  15. LOU

    I agree w Elaine. I am a convert from AGW hysteria. Its sold as a ‘now or never’, last chance, Ice Caps melting nonsense. I do not watch TV much but I saw a PBS type show on the melting of the Ice Cap and how the penguins will die. Well if it warms at the poles many species can live there.

  16. emsnews

    History is clear: the chances of it being warmer and warmer is near zero. We are at the end of the Interglacial and it is all downhill after this with the occasional warm cycle.

    The last three warm cycles were much colder than the Minoan Warm Period cycle.

    This warm cycle is colder than the Roman cycle which was cooler than the Minoan cycle and the Medieval cycle was warmer than today’s ‘hottest year EVAH’ cycle.

    I am horrified at how stupid our ‘climatologists’ became once they got billions of dollars of ‘research’ money to prove that we are roasting to death when we aren’t.

  17. LOU

    When you understand HUMAN nature as well as you do some other parts of nature then you will not be soooo horrified. They followed the money.

  18. Jim R

    Elaine, articles published in Popular Mechanix or HuffPuffPo do not count as ‘science’.

    Neither does Scientific American any longer, having slid so far down the slippery slope of speculation and popular notions that it is more sort-of Science Fiction American these days. In fact, most real science is done in other parts of the world by now.

  19. emsnews

    Nature magazine which used to publish my dad is no longer a scientific publication, either. National Geographic which is all global warming all the time is also not scientific, either.

    The list is long. Sadly long.

  20. LOU

    Elaine has always ‘called a spade a spade’. Never held back on AIPAC, Israel, Jews running US gov.

    And who owns the media? And what is the agenda of those moguls?

    One guy posted online, ‘I wont read ‘Sports Illustrated’ anymore. It is PC and pushes gay marriage.

  21. LOU

    Related but off topic, [I want to share as to who owns Discovery] from TOO,

    the title of my essay in Radix is “Hollywood and the Erasure of Whiteness in American Film and Television,” following a theme I have explored for two decades. Just to review, I’ve written a series of essays on this topic in the print journal The Occidental Quarterly, where my third essay addresses the topic I will discuss today. The essay is Understanding Hollywood III: Racial Role Reversals, and I unpack the meaning of the phrase “Numinous Negro,” which we can define in shorthand as “Brilliant, Do-No-Wrong African American.” The two leading examples of such Negroes, I argue, are Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington.
    By the way, Freeman’s authority is now so overwhelming in America that even when I happened last night to watch the new George Clooney film The Descendants, the voice narrating a documentary the family was watching (March of the Penguins) was that of elder Numinous Negro Morgan Freeman. How can something be very serious if it isn’t narrated by him? No wonder he has already narrated three seasons of the science documentary Through the Wormhole, a Discovery Channel program.

    (The Jewish Newhouse family controls the Discovery Channel through ownership of 31% of the channel’s parent company, Discovery Communications.)

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