Severe Cold Hammers UK While Great Lakes Freeze Faster Than Last Winter: Warmest Year EVAH!

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Great Lakes ice cover 13 percent higher than last year because air temperatures are far, far below normal.


As more and more sections of the planet are hammered very hard by extreme cold, my mountain was finally above zero at night last night!  It rained and iced today, due to temperatures being a balmy 36ºF.  But it is going back to zero again after tomorrow.  Meanwhile, the severe cold that hammered me is now hammering Europe: UK weather gets an Arctic blast that ‘could kill one person every seven minutes’ | Daily Mail Online


Britain braced for deadly freeze: Arctic blast so severe it could kill one person every seven minutes, charity warns, with temperatures set to plummet to -15C and yet MORE snow on the way.

Britain’s big freeze is set to continue for the rest of the weekend with temperatures plummeting well below zero
Cold could kill one person every seven minutes with one million elderly people unable to heat homes, Age UK warns.

More snow is on the way tonight after as much as six inches fell in parts of Cumbria,while swathes of the south of England will be hit by ‘wintry showers’, with at least a dusting of snow. Temperatures will drop to -15C in Scotland and -10C in the Pennines on Sunday night, the Met Office says.



The global warmists keep hollering about melting ice even though it is still impossible to farm in Greenland like during the Medieval Warm Period.  Here is a 2006 scientific study about Greenland warming of 1920 was much warmer than today’s ‘warming’.


extracts from this paper: (from CCNet, Benny Peiser)


We provide an analysis of Greenland temperature records to compare the current (1995-2005) warming period with the previous (1920-1930) Greenland warming. We find that the current Greenland warming is not unprecedented in recent Greenland history. Temperature increases in the two warming periods are of a similar magnitude, however, the rate of warming in 1920-1930 was about 50% higher than that in 1995 – 2005.


5. Discussion and Conclusion

[14] We have analyzed temperature time series from available Greenland locations and we have found that:

[15] i) The years 1995 to 2005 have been characterized by generally increasing temperatures at the Greenland coastal stations. The year 2003 was extremely warm on the southeastern coast of Greenland. The average annual temperature and the average summer temperature for 2003 at Ammassalik was a record high since 1895. The years 2004 and 2005 were closer to normal being well below temperatures reached in 1930s and 1940s (Figure 2).


Although the annual average temperatures and the average summer temperatures at Godthab Nuuk, representing the southwestern coast, were also increasing during the 1995-2005 period, they stayed generally below the values typical for the 1920-1940 period.


[16] ii) The 1955 to 2005 averages of the summer temperatures and the temperatures of the warmest month at both Godthaab Nuuk and Ammassalik are significantly lower than the corresponding averages for the previous 50 years (1905-1955). The summers at both the southwestern and the southeastern coast of Greenland were significantly colder within the 1955-2005 period compared to the 1905-1955 years.


[17] iii) Although the last decade of 1995-2005 was relatively warm, almost all decades within 1915 to 1965 were even warmer at both the southwestern (Godthab Nuuk) and the southeastern (Ammassalik) coasts of Greenland.


[18] iv) The Greenland warming of the 1995-2005 period is similar to the warming of 1920-1930, although the rate of temperature increase was by about 50% higher during the 1920-1930 warming period.


Counterpunch is a lock step liberal publication and so, has had endless stories about how we are roasting to death and the horrors of global warming.  Now comes this story from Oakland, California where I lived once years ago:  Working Hard in America’s Twilight Economy » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


It’s dark not long after five o’clock these winter days and the temperature drops quickly. In downtown Oakland, I watch the office buildings disgorge their daily inhabitants and with their coats wrapped tightly around them, they scurry toward parking lots, bus stops and BART stations on their way home to residences in the city or out in the suburbs of Orinda and Danville.

What?  I was told that California is enjoying ‘record heat’ in the ‘hottest year evah!’  Instead, it is wet and cold!  Of course, heads will not explode at Counterpunch, they will soldier on and refuse to understand the implications of this paragraph.  They admit it is brutally cold over most of North America and Canada but claim it is hot in California and Australia, ergo: we are roasting to death and will all die of sun stroke soon.


Now, they are cold in California!  Hilarious.


Eastern U.S. Power Jumps as Shut Plants Cut Supply in Cold Snap – Bloomberg: yes, they are squeezing energy now where the super record cold is happening because we are roasting to death no where in North America, not even in California.  This news won’t penetrate liberal minds, of course, they are in full delusional thinking.  Very sad to watch.


Lord Monckton of Brenchley has a final scientific say about the ludicrous claim that last year was the hottest in the ‘history of humanity since 1880’: 2014 Was NOT the Warmest Year on Record | Heartlander Magazine

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16 responses to “Severe Cold Hammers UK While Great Lakes Freeze Faster Than Last Winter: Warmest Year EVAH!

  1. Peter C.

    The Vikings were growing hay and grain and raising milk cows on Greenland,for a few generations anyway,try doing that now!

  2. LOU

    The Winter of 2015 is young. Lets see how it shapes up.

  3. emsnews

    Super cold for me all next week, too.

  4. Rob

    Well Oakland is up near SF which can get wet and raw. At age 6 I was in LA area and can recall never ever needing anything more than a sweater in the winter … and today LA is a high of 73 and low of 51 — and tomorrow in the high 60’s. Seems like the usual to me.

  5. LOU

    At nite LA can get cold [like 30-40 degrees]. December was cold. Today is warm because the sun is out.

  6. LOU

    Elaine, you study the 1%, Bilderbergers, ‘Davos’, yes?


    ELAINE: Davos is absolutely buried in deep snow so I hope an avalanche will fall on their heads.

  7. nclaughlin

    I lived in Covina east of LA for a couple of years. It was almost like the desert — hot in the daytime cold at night. Maybe it was the desert!

  8. melponeme_k

    Soros must be starting up a race war bid with his money again.

    Or why else would Salon reopen this inflammatory line of story.

    Nowhere in this story does this woman acknowledge in her rage that the majority of USA crime is caused by Black men. So I say, let her go and hug one of them. Its a toss of the coin on whether she finds a good guy or a criminal to hug. Most likely he will be criminal and since “hands up” there won’t be a Cop of any color or sex to help her.

  9. DM

    Thanks LOU – USAToday in Davos – “Tales of the Bizarro World”

  10. LOU

    So Elaine, the elite do not only meet in tropical places. I was thinking Davos was in Africa.

  11. Jim R

    If Elaine had her way, they’d be meeting outdoors in Davos.

  12. LOU

    You can read her writings about goats. She sure knows a lot.

  13. Jim R

    I don’t think Elaine’s Davos concept included skis or goat wool for the participants. More like sitting around a picnic table in T shirts, shorts and flipflops.


  14. emsnews

    No, NAKED. 🙂

  15. Jim R

    … the most popular Davos social director since Robespierre … 🙂

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