Pope Says No More Sex With Women Will Stop Global Warming

Recently the Pope came out and said we are roasting to death even as frigid cold kills thousands of people across the planet.  Now he says something even stupider:  Pope Francis: No Catholic need to breed like ‘rabbits’: so, the Catholic Church now will allow contraceptives? Or is he suggesting all men become gay and cease having sex with women?


Standing firm against artificial birth control, he said new life was “part of the sacrament of marriage”.

But he said population experts advised three children per family.


The pope is insane.  He is terrified that we will all roast to death if we fly all over the planet in private jets, live in gigantic palaces, eat exotic food, etc.  Of course, he, himself, isn’t going to stop doing all this anti-planetary stuff nor does he wish to change his ideology to stop runaway population explosions in third world countries.


A Carbon Offset Market for Trees – NYTimes.com


 These offsets typically are sold by utilities or other industrial companies that have reduced their emissions below a government-imposed cap. The offsets equal the emissions below the cap; their price is determined by supply and demand…There is also a voluntary market where companies and individuals buy offsets to reduce their carbon footprint. The revenue is used to finance energy efficiency and other projects to reduce emissions.


These markets are booming, with trades each year in the tens of billions of dollars…


Credible mechanisms for indemnifying offset credits (meaning, an acre of forest will always be protected even if the specific acre behind the credit is destroyed) and returning the proceeds from the sale of the offsets to local communities have also been devised.


Rainforest Standard has this ‘safeguard’ of jungles which is all fictional.  They post guards who do nearly nothing because guarding these jungles means physically killing humans who come into the jungles to do stuff.  The tricky thing being cooked up by global warmists who trade in these carbon offset markets is to either pretend they are saving the planet when this is a classic Potemkin Village front scam or they intend to use the CO2 market money to hire lots of thugs to kill natives trying to expand their communities as they give birth to more and more children faster and faster.


So the First World corporations and liberal bleeding hearts are declaring WAR on peasants across the equatorial regions.

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 3.59.34 PM

Four dead and dozens injured on I-476 in Philadelphia due to ice on the roads the other day.  All of lower NY state highways were shut down during this ice storm for the same reason and the NYT had NO headlines warning people about this, they did have stories about how hot it is in Australia which is the last bastion of ‘hot’.  The NY Post did carry a headline about this.


4 skiers dead in avalanches; 3 missing in Northern Alps is another missing  news story the NYT that caters to jet setting elites who fly all over the planet spewing CO2, the NYT should have warned them.  I did see a front page story early this winter at the NYT about how there was no snow in Switzerland which was roasting to death and worried they would lose their ski season.


Greenland ice sheet growing at fastest rate in four years – Video of professor Benny Peiser talking about how global sea ice is at a record high.  No news about that in any ‘liberal’ media.  Oops – NASA said 2014 was the warmest year on record – Now they’re only 38% sure – In fact, 2014 may not have set a record at all which the global cooling community has been chatting about for the last three days while the NYT and other ‘liberals’ have ignored this totally just like they ignored the 0.02 temperature ‘rise’ that was meaningless and not ‘we are getting hotter’ news.


Houston, Texas – Near Record Cool Start to 2015 because even the West US isn’t hot.


Even stranger, a top global warmist ‘climatologist’ at NASA, Gavin Says The Pause Which He Didn’t Predict And Doesn’t Exist, May Continue For 10 More Years!  These people repudiated my father before he died telling him, his predictions that we are going to see another Maunder minimum, are now claiming they predicted this event.


So, NASA announced we are heating faster and will all die of LA-type warmth which seems to be roasting the brains of the people there, I guess.  But then NASA also says, it is NOT heating up at all, hasn’t been for years and will continue to not heat up…and NO HEADLINES?


Not one major liberal news propaganda site mentions this news at all!  Not the President who is passively watching Americans freeze to death without saying a peep or lifting a finger.  Not one Bilderberg CO2 pig has told the peasants this news.  Only by going to anti-global warming sites do we get this real big news!


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12 responses to “Pope Says No More Sex With Women Will Stop Global Warming

  1. vengeur

    This story says it all:1,700 Private Jets Fly to Davos to Discuss Global Warming http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/01/20/1700-private-jets-fly-to-davos-to-discuss-global-warming/ These Elites are shameless.

  2. vengeur

    I would like to commend Elaine for constantly pointing out that the global warming hysteria-scam is a LIBERAL-PROGRESSIVE crusade of hypocrisy. The liberal super rich elite whose bidding is done by their useful idiot flock are every bit as deft as their phony conservative counterparts in getting the peon fools to do their bidding .

  3. Christian W

    There is absolutely nothing “liberal” or “progressive” about these elites. It is all about self promotion, greed and personal power. The fact that they wrap themselves in “liberal” and “progressive” cloaks is just that, cloaking devices. At least the “conservative” counterparts are more straight forward in their greed and delusions of grandeur.

    The problem is that the peons have been brainwashed. It doesn’t matter if it is under the “liberal” stamp or “conservative” stamp. Look at the Americans flocking to the movie “American Sniper” to get their dose of stale propaganda so they can feel good about themselves and their belief system. Same thing, different wrapping.


  4. Petruchio

    “Pope says no more sex with women…” Yeah, that’s easy for him to say. How about this headline: “Pope tells priests no more sex with boys…” That’s a headline I can believe only when I see it. I suspect a long wait. In local news, the Archdiocese for the area where I live has recently (as in the past week) asked for bankruptcy protection. Why? Bad investments? HAHA. Was the Archdiocese’s reason for declaring bankruptcy because od scandal? Now you’re getting warmer. Ok, Ok, I’ll cut the tension here: the Archdiocese is the result of sex abuse. Pedophile priests to be exact. The same pattern here as elsewhere. The Church receives complaints from parishioners. Church solution? Transfer the offending priest. Protect him. And if the Church has to declare bankruptcy, that’s a small price to pay to protect pedophile priests. Quite shocking really. The Catholic Church has CLEARLY shown a pattern of being willing to sacrifice everything to protect their pervert priests.

  5. e sutton

    I have to laugh when news commentators say, “This pope is so different! HE won’t stay in the papal palace! He stays in a large apartment with, ahem, 4 young priests.” As if this is such a huge sacrifice for him. He’s happier than a f*g in Boys Town.

  6. vengeur

    I would like to think the Elite .01 percenters are just nothing but insatiably greedy power hungry people, but then consider someone like George Soros who spends his money spreading hate and lies and inciting riots like he did recently in ferguson, and that’s just one we know about. God knows what else he is doing.

  7. Petruchio

    @#5 e Sutton: HaHa. It’s true. I doubt he’d have been elected Pope if he hadn’t been “vetted”. As I said in my earlier post, the local Archdiocese has declared bankruptcy. And there are numerous examples of this happening all over this country. Clearly, the Roman Catholic Church is willing to pay ANY price to keep and protect their pedophile priests. To me, this tells you just how many pedophile priests the Catholic Church has.

  8. Maddie's Mom

    I guess the Pope is advocating abstinence???

  9. emsnews

    Or sex with only children who can’t get pregnant due to being boys or too young girls….and the Church has a history of exactly this, it isn’t a joke.

  10. Maddie's Mom

    This is one of the sickest things ever.
    Do Catholics just accept this? Do they not have a voice?
    Obviously, i don’t understand how the Catholic Church works.

  11. Christian W

    The Catholic Church is all about the priests, they act as God’s intermediaries here on earth (supposedly) between the unworthy sinners and God. No priests, no Catholic Church. That is why the Catholic Church cannot admit culpability of it’s priests, it undermines the church itself.

  12. CK

    I have always found that sex with women increases local warming.
    The more women the warmer it can get.
    Why I remember one night … but that was back when I walked ten miles to school
    both ways
    every day
    hand me down

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