Democratic And Republican Traitors Turn On Obama And Invite Our Real Ruler, Netanyahu, To Answer State Of Union Speech

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Our nation is run by traitors.  Proof is painfully obvious.  We don’t have a ‘President’ we don’t have a ‘Congress’.  Tel Aviv rules us totally via AIPAC bribes.  Want to win an election?  Tell rich Jews that you will obey Tel Aviv in absolutely everything and they will give you your money.  US media is owned by Zionists in the greater part so they, too, are traitors and tell Americans, obeying Tel Aviv and despising both Congress and our President while thinking the Knesset and Netanyahu are great, we have a nation flying into a mega-disasterous dual front war against both Russia and 1.5 billion angry Muslims.  This is bankrupting our nation and is a crime and I say, ARREST ALL OF THEM.


Instead, we see school children in France arrested for doing what the hate mongers at Hebdo did with impunity.  We have hate mongering on a massive scale against Muslims and Russians (remember the horrors of the last Olympics with nonstop hate thrown at Russia?).  This is disgusting and both left and right are now doing it, both the Republicans AND the Democrats are doing this and they do this together and note that in today’s news, the DNC is throwing Obama under the bus, too.


Republicans thumb their noses at Obama over Iran and secretly invite Israeli PM Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress | Daily Mail Online: news from England since most of the US isn’t getting this story:


As far as the speaker’s office is aware, it is an unprecedented offer; normally the White House and State coordinate visits from foreign leaders.


Strike is the latest in a set of moves and countermoves being played out by the newly empowered Republican Congress and the Democratic president.  This bipartisan coalition of lawmakers trying to pressure Obama to levy new sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.

Obama has said he would veto any legislation that further punishes the country and last week begged Congress to give diplomacy a chance but Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee interrogated administration officials today over their talks with Iran.

‘The more I hear from the administration…the more it sounds like talking points that come straight out of Tehran,’ Democrat Bob Menendez said.

Rand Paul charged, ‘I want you to ask me for permission’ and told the officials ‘we’re your co-equal in this…not your subjugant’.


Last time Netanyahu came, Congress jumped up and down out of their chairs cheering him openly.  It was straight out of Hitler’s Nüremberg rallies.  This didn’t make hardly any US news but I noticed it.  NEVER has Congress been so united for a leader.  And he is our ruler because anything he demands, he gets.  Without exception.  Always.  No one else has this power.  No one else owns Congress and the Presidents as AIPAC owns them.  Obama so annoyed them last fall, all the Democrats were warned to stay away from him and they lost the election, big time.  Didn’t change the leaders of the Democrats all of whom are either Jews or Zionists.


As we see above, the Washington Post carried this story on the front page…but NOT online!  The NYT didn’t bother to say a thing about this and no editorials since all editorial writers are Zionists, talking about how criminal this is.  Instead, the Times had these editorials:  Obama’s Bad Economic Ideas and Blow: Inequality in the Air We Breathe?  ECB poised to inject billions to shore up eurozone economies.


The NYT and WP don’t mention Davos much, either.  But for once, the NYT did mention this story that has been roaring along in England for several weeks now:  Prince Andrew arrives in Davos to answer claims of ‘sex orgy with nine teenagers’.  Sex sells unless it is a Bilderberg gangster and he is one of these which is why this lazy, useless monster is at Davos to talk with others about how to rule the earth and conduct all these wars.  Arrest him!


Talking about corruption, AIPAC, Jews and arrests:  Sheldon Silver, Speaker of New York Assembly, Is Arrested in Corruption Case.  NY is corrupt.  Back when I was fighting corruption in NYC, I had one Congressman, the President of Queens and several lower level guys arrested.  The President of Queens committed suicide.  That wave of corruption clearing was 40 years ago so of course, things slide back into the slime over time.  But then, our entire political system is now corrupted beyond belief which is why Common Cause is dead as a doornail because it was taken over by AIPAC and I resigned years ago, back around 1992, in rage.


On another issue, the anti-vaxxers are doing stupid stuff endangering children everywhere as the Disneyland measles outbreak spreads to Bay Area which is ground zero for far left anti-vaxxers who are crazy.  Now it is spreading like wildfire!  Even with proof this is insane, More say they don’t want child vaccinated because these fools think that herd immunity works perfectly fine. Parents Who Shun Vaccines Tend To Cluster, Boosting Children’s Risk because who wants to be shunned for being sane?  Join the lunacy and find the luv.   Study: More East Sac, Roseville parents refuse to vaccinate kids because they are rich…which is rather funny, imagining that money is a shield to diseases.


These are often the same people who also hate quarantines which were normal way back when I was a child and there were only a very few vaccinations available.  My dad was head of the Yerkes Observatory back in the early 1950’s and this was run by the University of Chicago and this is where the very first polio vaccinations were tried out and I was one of the earliest ‘volunteers’ for the shots.


I remember this vividly: all the children of professors were in line and as each got the shot, they cried.  So I cried when I got the shot and then thought, ‘That was stupid, it hurt less than a bee sting.’  Since then, I never cry when getting shots.  There are delusional parents who imagine their kiddies are crying when getting shots because this hurts and is mean.  Nope. They are acting up, being silly because mommy will get all hysterical and kiss them and promise them goodies.


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3 responses to “Democratic And Republican Traitors Turn On Obama And Invite Our Real Ruler, Netanyahu, To Answer State Of Union Speech

  1. Henry

    I’m old enough to remember the polio epidemics that used to sweep through every summer. People were terrified. Every year there was a kid in the neighborhood that ended up in an iron lung. When they came out with the vaccine, people were so relieved and grateful. People don’t learn from previous generations. They have to learn by themselves, the hard way. It really is incredibly stupid.

  2. melponeme_k

    “because these fools think that herd immunity works perfectly fine.”

    These people are so stupid, they don’t even understand the concept of herd immunity. The vaccines lessen the chance for these diseases to take hold and develop. They don’t eradicate them outright unless EVERYONE has the vaccine.

    Once there is a whole in the ship, it doesn’t matter how strong the hull is in every othe part…that ship will take on water and sink. That is what is happening to herd immunity.

    And I’m angry. I recently had a DTAP booster that I hoped would protect me from Diphtheria and Pertussis. But thanks to selfish assholes not vaccinating their children or giving themselves boosters, we all have to fear these diseases again and the horrible deaths they cause.

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