Penguins Thrive During Global Warming Periods: Super Rich At Davos Really Don’t Care About Global Warming

NASA’s warm-mongering : NASA’S Warm Mongering : Search SunNews Video Gallery: cold Canada is no longer buying the global warming story.  At Davos, we can clearly see How concerned are CEOs about climate change? Not at all | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian which is a global warming hysteria paper in England:

In a critical year for action to prevent runaway climate change, one would hope the issue would rank high on chief executives’ list of business risks to worry about.


So it comes as a shock to discover that climate change appears so low on their list of concerns that professional services group PricewaterhouseCoopers did not even bother to include it in its global survey of business leaders.


PwC’s 18th annual global CEO survey, released Tuesday to coincide with the opening of the World Economic Forum in Davos, failed to even ask 1,322 business leaders about their global warming concerns after only 10% registered concern the previous year.


It should shock no one.  1500 private jets flew to Davos to whine about CO2.  Half of the forests of Siberia would have to be planted to ‘offset’ this CO2 consumption by the biggest carbon foot stampers on earth.  No, they are talking about war with Russia and war against Muslims at this meeting.  And getting the Federal Reserve and the EU central bank to print up more ZIRP money bags for the super rich.


2014: Among the 3 percent Coldest Years in 10,000 years? This article has many graphs showing clearly that we are nearing the end of the present Interglacial.  And that the temperature measuring systems are all a fraud thanks to data tampering and not having many thermometers in key areas like 80% of Africa, 98% of Antarctica and 90% of the Arctic not to mention, 98% of the world’s oceans.


We have satellite information that shows this is not the hottest year EVAH.  Even NASA admits this isn’t really the warmest year EVAH, either, in the fine print.  But thanks to the global CO2 tax system, the derivatives market there is worth a trillion dollars to the very rich so they have to keep paying ‘scientists’ to pretend we are roasting to death.


All this next week it will be again, below zero F at night here on my mountain. This is one blasted cold winter for me.


▶ Global Warming Propaganda Explained – Lord Christopher Monckton 2014 NIPCC Convention – YouTube

Even though the global private jet/huge mansion people are demanding we live in Tiny Houses and walk everywhere, they don’t care about global warming and it is snowing at Davos, anyways, but we have this news:  Pharrell Williams and Al Gore announce global Live Earth climate concert and will play in Antarctica! The penguins will not like this.  And of course, these clowns won’t play all their concerts there or move there, they live in LA, of course.


These monsters will go to Antarctica and do this:  A virus amongst the penguins — Australian Antarctic Division.  Spread diseases to the penguins!  This science story that the global warming papers ignored totally is all about how humans SCIENTISTS who are worried that global warming is killing penguins are the ones really killing the penguins.  Any decline in population is mainly from diseases brought in by the researchers, it appears!


Click to access Ainley_etal_2010.pdf

DAVID AINLEY et al – 2010
Antarctic penguin response to habitat change as Earth’s troposphere reaches 28C above preindustrial levels


….Indeed, we may soon see the conditions that existed during the mid-Holocene ‘‘Penguin Optimum,’’ when ice diverged enough that Ade´ lie Penguins will reoccupy colonies, now ice bound, along the southern Victoria Land coast (Baroni and Orombelli 1994). ….


That is, there were a LOT more penguins all over South America and Antarctica during hot eras, not cold.  Abandoned penguin rookeries as Holocene paleoclimatic indicators in Antarctica


Whereas several colonies were occupied for very long periods, other sites were used for more or less extended periods and then abandoned. The greatest diffusion of rookeries occurred between 3 and 4 ka, a period of particularly favorable environmental conditions that has never been repeated.


It was followed by a sudden decrease in the number of penguin rookeries shortly after 3 ka. This event has been attributed to an increase of the sea-ice extension and may have been correlated to a worldwide phase of climate change near the Subboreal-Subatlantic boundary.


A minor phase of penguin reoccupation occurred locally in the eighth to fourteenth centuries (A.D.). Because the presence and number of penguins reflect the state of health of the Antarctic marine ecosystem, it is important to evaluate the variations in their distribution in the past, in the absence of human-induced changes.


This study openly says during the Minoan and Medieval Warm Periods, the penguins flourished.  But the scientists dare not say ‘warm is better for penguins’.  So the fact is, the warmer it is, the more penguins and the greater range they enjoy.  This stands all the howling and research on its head.  Hard facts are, penguins love warmer Antarctic temperatures.  The ice is growing there and they struggle to survive and this is blamed on CO2 making it ‘warmer’ which is a gigantic fraud that hurts the penguins who have no say in all this.


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One response to “Penguins Thrive During Global Warming Periods: Super Rich At Davos Really Don’t Care About Global Warming

  1. Jim R

    Penguins, and sea life generally, have been suffering from human activity. But not from CO2, they have been suffering from overfishing.

    I keep seeing these hysterical articles on ENE News about dying sea life. And, while it’s disgusting and infuriating to watch Japan dump its nuke waste into the Pacific, the levels just aren’t all that high on the US west coast yet. So far, Japan is mostly poisoning Japan with that stuff. But ENE will publish a picture of the seafloor littered with dead salps, for example.

    The question they should ask is not “Why are there dead salps on the seafloor?”, it is “Why are there so many salps in the Pacific in the first place?” Salps are these jelly-bodied creatures that do not live very long anyway. They’ll multiply like crazy and produce huge swarms very quickly. Why were there fewer of them a decade ago? Because there were fish and turtles and things that ATE them.

    So the question they should ask is, why isn’t that happening now? Why aren’t the fish keeping them in check?

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