Non-Nuclear Scientists Hijack Atomic Clock To Warn Us We Will Roast To Death Unless We Get Rid of Our Little Dogs, Too

Owner of Huffington Post warns us we must get rid of our pets or we will roast to death.

Scientists Warn We’re Ever-Closer To The Apocalypse: When I saw the  news about this event, I thought, ‘They are understandably concerned about how close the US and EU is getting to WWIII with Russia and perhaps China, not to mention, Muslims in general.’  But no.  It was something really stupid.  As I sit here freezing cold this winter, they are warning us we are literally a second away from roasting to death.  Asses!  Temperatures here have to climb out of the below zero cellar to get anywhere ‘warm’.


The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists created the clock in 1947 to use “the imagery of apocalypse (midnight) and the contemporary idiom of nuclear explosion (countdown to zero) to convey threats to humanity and the planet.”


But since a gang of thieving hysterics have taken over everything, they are not worried about WWIII nor are these worry worts screaming about nonexisting global warming, they are NOT nuclear scientists or my dead dad:


Decisions on the Doomsday Clock are made by the Bulletin’s Science and Security Board. Richard Somerville, a member of the board and a research professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, ticked off a list of climate-related reasons for pessimism this year. He cited the latest National Climate Assessment, released in May, the latest assessment from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and the fact that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced last week that 2014 was the world’s hottest year on record. While those indicators all are grim, world leaders have moved slowly on enacting meaningful limits on emissions.


This clown gets much of his funding from the global warming scam.  If he tells the truth, that oceans cool slower than land and land cools slower than air and that the air is colder and colder and ice is expanding and winters are longer, he would lose all his funding since this comes from the CO2 derivatives tax scam.


They are hammering away at the ‘hottest year EVAH’ even as other even more concerned scientists yell that this is totally false.  Heck, 1998 which was a very hot year and a big el Nino event, was much, much hotter even here on my mountain it was very hot that year, I was outdoors all year, building a house frantically.


The 0.02 temperature ‘rise’ isn’t a sudden surge in temperature at all on any sane scale in the first place and since it was based on poorly designed temperature systems which misread information since there is none for most of the planet, since the proclamation about super hot ignores a huge amount of important data such as growing ice at both poles, we have this insane moment.


The Huffington Post also has tips for how the kooks who read it can save the planet.  ‘Don’t drive big cars by yourself’ for example.  Yes, you have your chauffeur drive you!  Then you are saving the planet!  This tip is illustrated showing a white cowboy male driving a cheap pick up truck, not the owner of the Huff and Puff driving a fast car in California where she lives.


The Huff and Puff also tells its kooks to not reproduce which would be good advice for them all.  Don’t eat meat and don’t vote for Republicans is the next suggestions.  HAHAHA…DO NOT TAKE LONG SHOWERS…be a dirty hippie! Good point.


Don’t fly.  HAHAHA.  The owner of the Huff and Puff flies her private jet as do all her buddies.  Don’t eat out of season foods which means, most of us in the snow belt should eat what?  Only potatoes?  You bet!


Don’t light up your house, you dirty (short/no showers) peasants!  I like this one: no air conditioners!  HAHAHA.  Roast an LA peasant!  But of course Ms. Huff and Puff doesn’t worry about paying for air conditioning her mansion.


My animals hate the Huffington Post now: Ms. Rich California Lady with Pets is ordering me to have no pets.  Peasants are not allowed pets.  We should look clearly at how our rulers plan to live on this planet while we don’t.


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12 responses to “Non-Nuclear Scientists Hijack Atomic Clock To Warn Us We Will Roast To Death Unless We Get Rid of Our Little Dogs, Too

  1. Ch

    It is definitely time for these rich creeps to start to lead by example. I just may start to listen to them if they donate all their riches to genuine charity (not one of their scams), abandon their affluent life styles, start to dress in rags (home made clothing) and eat self produced vegetarian food.

  2. melponeme_k

    The fact is we’ve passed peak oil and in just a short time industrialization will come to a halt unless we find alternative fuel. China is at least attempting to face this crisis.

    Our Elites are not thinking hundreds of years into the future. They are just looking at now and, maybe, a few years from now. They want to make as much money from dead oil as they can, keep it away from the growing Chinese empire, and destroy Russia’s ability to provide oil. But mostly they see the coming lack and want to hoard. All the rest of us are useless eaters and energy wasters that they must share with and they don’t want to share. Frankly, they are hoping some disease or bomb will shuffle us off the mortal coil.

    That is how hateful these people are…we can’t even eat cake now.

    But while we starve and freeze, they will greatly enjoy showing off their huge cars in front of our cold, emaciated selves.

  3. Jim R

    The moral of the story:

    Always spay and neuter your stray Puffingtons.

    … And Dittoheads too!

  4. emsnews

    They believe that if they rig up a war with 1.5 billion Muslims, it will get rid of excess males here and tons of dead Muslims over there.

  5. Jim R

    Wars are a lousy way to reduce the population. The reason is human behavior: the survivors always breed like rabbits. You end up with a ‘baby boom’ as soon as the shooting is over, or really before it stops.

    Just like us baby boomers from WWII. 🙂

  6. vengeur

    Talking about WWIII, here is a very good article on Israel’s wholesale control of US middle east policy:

  7. mike


  8. Shawntoh

    Hi Elaine,

    Sorry to be off topic but I’d like to get your response to this–

    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died yesterday. Now what? This will be interesting now that he’s gone. Anything thoughts on the post-Abdullah era now starting in Saudi Arabia? Peace.

  9. melponeme_k

    Another example of your argument that gangsta culture is destroying the tattered remains of black families.

    A younger sibling stabs his older brother to death at home.

  10. Prince Andrews gets up and tells the folks at Davos. ” I did not have sex with that girl.” Where have I heard that line before?

  11. emsnews

    In today’s news is that Clinton flew the sex slave private jet a number of times.

    The King of Saudi Arabia is a jerk. My mom left that country years ago in an extreme huff when the Religious police murdered a woman she knew because the poor woman let her veil fall briefly. This was way back in 1975.

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