Huge Nor’easter Blizzard Aiming At Major Metro East Coast Cities And My Little Mountain!

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‘Historic’ Snowstorm Threatens New England With Likely Blizzard – NBC


Up to 2 feet of snow in NYC with 3 feet+ for Boston expected in huge storm and the people of NYC can thank the brave Global Warming marchers for this.  And then it will be near zero after the storm down there and well below zero up where I live, further north.  This is what the global warmists demanded: more blizzards.  Since they believe their CO2 savings is causing this, I feel free to blame them for this situation as I dig out from the blizzard in three days. This classic Nor’easter usually hammers me due to the fact the mountains where I live run east to west so they funnel Nor’easter winds quite violently up to and over 80 mph.



And there is lots and lots of ice at the North Pole.  Oh, another victory of the global warming gang and the ICPP.  I hope they give us some sort of nice surprise for this situation, California is saved and the northern pole of the entire planet is now busy beaming sunlight back into space because so much is now frozen:  State of the Sea Ice – January 2015

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As important as that is, you will find through the next few months just how much more important the Antarctic sea ice area actually is to the world’s heat balance: The much-hyped Arctic amplification is a very real effect. But it does NOT only occur in the limited area of the Arctic (where sea ice has been receding for several decades) but around the unlimited seas and ever-increasing sea ice surrounding the Antarctica. Down south, where the sun is always higher in the sky and the solar energy reflected back into space much greater, sea ice area really does matter. Up north? Not so much almost all of the year.


The south pole is at high summer and the vast ice sheets around it have melted as they should except during Ice Ages.  The red and purple in the above satellite photos of our planet show sea ice and the white is snow.  I suspect Ice Ages really get going whenever an ice dam forms linking Antarctica to the tip of South America.


Also, during Ice Ages, the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and the Scandinavian countries was also frozen over and this is why Europe saw much heaving glaciation than Siberia.  England and Ireland were often totally under vast glaciers just like New England.


Massive Tampering With Temperatures In South America has been discovered by scientists who are not making money off of global warming grants.  Climategate, the sequel: How we are STILL being tricked with flawed data on global warming – Telegraph: In England, there is a rising, increasingly loud debate about the huge data tampering going on with global warmists scientists, worried sick that their hockey stick broke, frantically cool down the past so that 2014 can be foolishly called ‘The Hottest Year EVAH.’


An Unexpected Admission from Dana Nuccitelli at SkepticalScience | Watts Up With That?

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The 60 year cycle is part of the solar/planetary cycle.  We are not stationary in space, we spin around the sun which is pulled this way and that especially by the gravity of the large gas giant planets and on top of this, our own planet wobbles on its axis in a 36,000 year cycle.  One thing is certain: climate climbs and falls like a beating heart.  It has tiny changes which irritates us, we want total stability, and then it has huge, gigantic, sudden changes both hot and cold and then there are the volcanoes and interstellar large objects that cause chaos.


The hazards of living in a galactic monster!



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7 responses to “Huge Nor’easter Blizzard Aiming At Major Metro East Coast Cities And My Little Mountain!

  1. Eric Blood Axe

    Nice here, 11C and sunny ,Snowdrops are flowering.

  2. Peter C.

    i have had people think 30 years is enough time to prove global warming.I try and tell them there are longer cycles than our own puny lives.

  3. Gurrker

    Elaine, I share much of your skepticism regarding the climate change/global warming debate. Sadly, I have friends that are so offended that I don’t buy in to the alarmism that they currently won’t speak to me! That said, the western drought IS NOT OVER, not even close as dry day after dry day march past when the wettest part of the winter should be at hand. (I live in Reno, Nevada). You may not know that within the last 1000 years there have been western droughts that were locally so severe that lakes dried up, pine trees sprouted and grew to 100′ or more and then the drought ended, the water returned and today they remain preserved underneath the surface of the lake. Here is one link:

    I believe that this drought was contemporaneous with the failure of the Southwest Native American civilizations. There were other similar droughts before that. No anthropogenic human causality either. So I find you “right” on a host of issues and hold your opinion in high esteem, however, your claim that the California (western) drought is over does not stand up to the facts. Believe me I WANT IT TO BE OVER!!! Maybe a wet finish to the winter storm season will materialize and bail us out. You should know (I believe you do) that western water law over allocates water and is based on historical precipitation totals that are distinctly on the wet side. If it doesn’t turn around and get wet again (and soon) we here in the West are Farked. If you still want to claim that our drought is over you need to make a better case. The chances of a protracted really bad drought out here are much greater than 99% of the folks living out here realize. Combine this with the potential for a really big San Andreas earthquake (likely in So Cal) and the triggers for the utter collapse of the USA seem in place.

  4. joseppi

    Something else in the sky besides snow…….

    US assassination drone blowback coming home……

    “(Reuters) – A U.S. Secret Service officer on duty at the White House early on Monday saw, and heard, a two-foot-wide commercial “quad copter” fly at a low altitude into the heavily guarded complex…”

  5. emsnews

    Gurker: Good lord, the Southwest had one drought that lasted 50 years!!!! Not 3 or 10. It is DESERT for the most part.

    My great great granddaddy could have warned you about this but no, millions and millions of people moved there because they thought all the water brought in from elsewhere would sustain our present happy lifestyle in a DESERT!!!!

    This is insanity. My grandfather used to move around the Southwest, laughing sardonically at ‘all them fools’ who were thinking no droughts would ever, ever happen.

    But I hate to say this, your drought is LOCAL, not planetary. You are NOT seeing ‘global warming’ you are seeing ‘local lack of rain due to normal cycles of wet decades followed by dry decades’.


    When we have severe cold and blizzards, the warmists living in the Western dry deserts sneer at us that we are seeing ‘local weather’ even when it is hammering 3/4ths of the North American continent and often, Europe, too.

    So this is reality: DESERTS TEND TO BE DRY. Sometimes drier than other times. Many of the ‘lakes’ you see are ARTIFICIAL. Not nature.

    How do you imagine cacti evolved in the first place????

    Way back during the last Ice Age, Arizona had forests and giant armadillos and horses, bears, camels, cattle, sloths, etc. Even giant MASTODONS! All were whittled down to far fewer large mammals by 5,000 years ago. Because it became much drier.

  6. CK

    Weather forecasting is akin to tea leaf reading, climatology on the other hand is an exact pseudo-science akin to astrology and alchemy.
    The weather and the stock market will fluctuate whether we wish it or not.
    So put an umbrella in your car, just in case, and put some gold in your wealth holdings, just in case.

  7. ziff

    MSM gets it wrong again, always , the more fuss , the less there is.

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