10,000 Japanese Fascists Sue Asahi Simbun Over Comfort Women Story

▶ History Clean: Japan deletes WWII ‘comfort women’ chapters from textbooks – YouTube

Japan government continues to deny responsibility for sex slavery as the fascist Abe regime terrorizes anyone who talks about past WWII aggressions.  This is the same week Europe is holding a celebration of the freeing the last survivors of Nazi extermination efforts in Poland…by not inviting Russia to the party even though Russian soldiers were the liberators.  Meanwhile, in Japan, denial of WWII crimes is climbing fast with the US snoozing over this, refusing to punish the Japanese leaders.


I was thoroughly disgusted when the Asahi Simbun news people retracted all mention of ‘comfort women’ WWII crimes.  This caused both China and both Koreas to issue formal complaints which Japan ignored totally.  Now, More than 8,700 people sue Asahi Shimbun over ‘comfort women’ stories ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion:


The group of plaintiffs, led by Sophia University professor emeritus Shoichi Watanabe, is demanding 10,000 yen in apparently symbolic compensation each, describing themselves as “Japanese citizens whose honor and credibility were damaged by the false reports made by the Asahi Shimbun”, according to court documents.


They argue that Asahi reports on the so-called “comfort women” system “have imposed indescribable humiliation not only on former soldiers but also on honorable Japanese citizens… who are labelled as descendents of gang rapists.”


History matters.  Rewriting it is criminal.  Everyone loves to excuse past crimes and this is very certainly true of all the remaining royal and aristocratic families in Europe, not to mention American ethnic cleansing/slavery crimes.  Humans do this sort of thing and we need to understand it and expose it so it won’t happen again.


Both Japan and Israel are insulated, isolated ethnic communities that have lots and lots of contempt for any other humans and both do very nasty things to ‘outsiders’ due to this and both have strong feelings of persecution.  And both have been persecuted in the past!


But this doesn’t excuse them both when they commit the same crimes.  And this is where looking in the mirror is so important.  If one refuses to do this, it ends violently if others gain enough power to impose reality and China has that power.  It gets stronger as Japan gets weaker and Japan depends on the US to protect them as they insult their neighbors and lie about reality.  Israel does this too with the  same total US protection.


At the end of December, the frightened editors of the Asahi Shimbun penned this disgusting EDITORIAL: 2015 should mark turning point in settling ‘comfort women’ issue – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun



One emotionally charged issue rooted in history continues to weigh heavily upon the relationship between Japan and South Korea.


It is the issue of so-called comfort women who were forced to provide sex services to officers and men during wartime. The women’s human rights and dignity were violated.


Note the word ‘so-called’.  This is an open insult suggesting there is any question about this issue.  The only people who have problems believing sex slavery happened are all Japanese.


A third-party panel that examined The Asahi Shimbun’s coverage of the comfort women issue harshly criticized the newspaper for failing for many years to respond to errors in articles based on fabricated testimony by the late Seiji Yoshida.


The committee, chaired by lawyer Hideki Nakagome, said the Asahi had been far too slow to retract these inaccurate articles, which were based on Yoshida’s testimony that he forcibly took away women on Jeju Island, South Korea, during the war.


This was no ‘third party’ this was a gang of criminals rewriting history so they could get away with war crimes!  The Japanese army enslaved EUROPEAN women, too!  But Europe, like the US, doesn’t raise a row about this due to the diplomatic needs to keep Japan a warmongering power which is why Japan is rearming so they can again, try to kill as many Chinese as possible in the future!


Remember Charlie in Paris?  How all the world’s biggest warmongers paraded around screaming that terrorists shouldn’t attack newspapers by gunning down people there?  Here in Tokyo this happened to the Asahi Shimbun people angry about the paper mentioning Japanese WWII crimes:  Tomohiro Kojiri – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Tomohiro Kojiri (小尻知博) was an Asahi Shimbun reporter shot on 3 May 1987 by a Japanese rightist with a shotgun.[1][2] Kojiri was 29 years old when he died the next morning.[1] One of his colleagues, Hyoe Inukai, then 42, was also shot and seriously injured.[1] A rightist group calling itself a special unit “Sekihōtai” (赤報隊) of the “Japanese Independent Volunteer Army” (日本民族独立義勇軍) sent typed letters to Japanese media, claiming it carried out the murder and threatening to kill other “anti-Japanese elements” in the media.[3][4][5] The murder was still unsolved when the 15-year statute of limitations expired in 2002,[6][7] yet the Japanese police told the press that it would continue the investigation.[8] Asahi Shimbun has held a memorial for him every year.[9] The attack is known in Japan as the Asahi Shimbun Hanshin Bureau Attack (朝日新聞阪神支局襲撃事件).


Abe condemned the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris but he also knows that he can scare the Asahi people in Tokyo with the unspoken threat they will be butchered by his own fascists.  This is why they issued the apology for their old story written more than 20 years ago.  Then came this news:  US Publisher Rebuffs Japan on ‘Comfort Women’ Revision.  This is a full frontal campaign to rewrite history.  Ms. Kennedy, our silly ambassador in Tokyo, remains silent.


The Comfort Women and Japan’s War on Truth – NYTimes.com was written a short while ago which is good news.  Too bad the Times rewrites history hiding Jewish crimes in Palestine.  The same fascist political beliefs drives both Japan and Israel rulers to commit these crimes and more crimes will happen in the future and they both set a very bad example to others.


Both will whine about violence and terror and crimes when these happen to THEM but not when they do it which is how the US also operates.  Republican or Democrats, both parties commit war crimes with no shame while demanding other leaders be put on trial for war crimes.  With all this blatant criminality, the truth is, even the Nazis after WWII could not be charged with any crimes due to the simple fact, they were tried only because they lost.


War crimes are perfectly fine if done by winners!


Something to read from the Koreans, an open letter to the Emperor of Japan who didn’t answer: 


Emperor and Empress of Japan,
You are recognized around the world as moral and spiritual leaders of the Japanese people, as well as for your efforts to advance world peace. This letter is a heartfelt appeal to you to exercise your moral and spiritual leadership to speak clearly to your people about one of the cruelest offenses perpetrated during World War II. This offense remains unresolved today.


The writers are being polite.  The Japanese emperors have nothing to do with ‘world peace’.  They are figureheads who never go against the military/fascists except once: when the nuclear bombs were dropping on Japanese cities.

As you are aware, during that conflict a very large number of women and girls in Asia were forced into the government sanctioned system of sexual slavery and rape operated for the Imperial Army and Navy. These women and girls are known by the euphemism ‘Comfort Women.’ Many thousands of them were killed during the war.The survivors were for decades treated with shame and contempt in Japan and in their home countries.


This offense remains a deep source of pain and anger throughout Asia and the world. That is because Japanese government leaders continue today to use tricks of language and double-talk to refuse to frankly acknowledge the wartime government’s direct, central role in this terrible crime. For example, past prime ministers have stated that they regret that women and girls had a bad experience during the war.


But these ministers specifically refuse to acknowledge the wartime government’s central responsibility for the crimes committed against these women. Some refuse to even admit a crime took place.
The failure to honestly apologize to Comfort Women by admitting the moral, spiritual, and legal responsibility of the wartime government is today a global human rights issue. This is reflected in US House of Representatives Resolution 121 in July, 2007 as well as in similar National Assembly resolutions of Canada, the Netherlands and the European Parliament in 2008.
We have the honor to bring to your attention the urgent need to encourage the Japanese people and government to resolve for good this long-standing issue and redress the pain and suffering of those Comfort Women who are still alive.


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7 responses to “10,000 Japanese Fascists Sue Asahi Simbun Over Comfort Women Story

  1. vengeur

    Meanwhile , the Germans are crying uncle: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/11365674/Ukraine-crisis-Angela-Merkel-offers-Russia-free-trade-deal-for-peace.html

    “German exports to Russia fell by 18 per cent in 2014, a drop of more than €6 billion (£4.5billion), the head of an influential business lobby told the Rheinische Post newspaper.

    “The decline in exports accelerated last month, so we have to fear an even worse development in 2015, if there’s no political solution to the crisis soon,” Eckhard Cordes, chairman of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, said.

  2. Henry

    Some of the worst Japanese atrocities during WWII has been documented in book called “The Rape of Nanking”


  3. emsnews

    I predicted that Germany would be hammered hard by the stupid sanctions. Well deserved punishment for Merkel.

  4. vengeur

    I mentioned this before , but the Chinese made a powerful feature film about the horrific Japanese invasion of Nanking. . Believe it or not the chinese director got death threats for his (sympathetic) portrayal of one of the Japanese characters. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_of_Life_and_Death

  5. emsnews

    Japan is foolish if they think no one cares much.

    In WWIII, Japan will cease to exist and probably won’t be habitable for generations. Why they want this is horrifying.

  6. CK

    “Why they want this is horrifying”?
    Aprés les la deluge. A disease that effects many in the USA as well.

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