Global Warmists Want Us To Live Like Rats—Siberian Researchers See Permafrost Freezing More, Not Melting

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Global warmists need more money…note the paved over playground with manufactured equipment for the children behind the white picket fence.


We were very lucky here on my little mountain and got half the snow forecast but it is bitterly, bitterly cold.  3ºF as I sit indoors near the fireplace, wind blowing outside.  I read this disturbing yet extremely hilarious rant at a left wing site erroneously called ‘Truthout’: Dahr Jamail | Mourning Our Planet: Climate Scientists Share Their Grieving Process.  Boo hoo, they are all roasting to death and think we will all roast to death!  And this roasting won’t stop!  I have an easy solution: they can all leave California and other warm places and move to my neighborhood!


They won’t, of course.  Too much snow shoveling.  That means ‘hard labor’.  Here is Dahr Jamail tearing his hair out over the fact that we are supposedly roasting to death really fast:


I recently came across a blog titled, Is This How You Feel? It is an extraordinary compilation of handwritten letters from highly credentialed climate scientists and researchers sharing their myriad feelings about what they are seeing.


The blog is run and operated by Joe Duggan, a science communicator, who described his project like this: “All the scientists that have penned letters for this site have a sound understanding of climate change. Some have spent years designing models to predict changing climate, others, years investigating the implications for animal life. More still have been exploring a range of other topics concerning the causes and implications of a changing climate. As a minimum, they’ve all achieved a PhD in their area of expertise.”


Ah, the global warming computer models all of which fail to predict much of anything.  These maniacs are freaking out because it is really getting colder and colder.  The after effects of the previous warm cycle are vanishing faster and faster as the present solar cycle winds down, it being one of the weakest in the last 100 years.

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This present warm cycle ran from 1980 to a peak in 2003.  Since then, it plateaued and is now beginning its grand decline.  The left has only one solution to this global warming computer hysteria which shows warmth rising eternally to ONE WHOLE DEGREE higher than today by 2100.  I swoon with fear.  Not.  Here is one of the readers commiserating with the global warming faithful and pledging to fix this himself:


Danny Heim • 19 hours ago
I very much appreciate your work here Mr. Dahr Jamail very good stuff and much needed at this point in the game. In fact, emoting may be about all we have left. Personally, after 22 years involved with this subject, I finally in the last three really began to realize the toll it all has taken on my state of being. Depression? Frustration? ANGER!!? You bet. I took climate change and many other issues very serious starting in 1992. Right away I saw that is was economic growth that was the bottom line problem, all’s it needs is petroleum and its damage is on its way, in more ways than one.


So like I said, I took this very serious. Since 1995 I have been desperately trying to be as much a NON-participant in the economic system as I can be. Consequently I live more or less like a rat out in the wilds of New Mexico. I catch and haul water (average using 9 gallons per day), have an outdoor compost toilet, my house is only 135 sq ft, I drive only about 3500 miles per year, make less than 10K per year…you know, that stuff us nuts do. In any case, I just turned 60 and I can say I feel good that I am awake and have made a personal commitment to not be a part of the destruction of the biological life on planet Earth, but god damn, am I a pissed off and depressed old man because of it all? You bet I am.


Number one item: in NYC I didn’t drive anywhere for years.  This clown drives thousands of miles using fossil fuels he despises.  And he lives in a tiny (most likely dirty) little hovel.  Like a rat, he claims.  My, my, doesn’t he wonder for a minute why movie stars and Al Gore and the President all refuse to ‘live like rats’ or even normal people but rather, live in palaces, fly private jets and helicopters and sail in very expensive yachts and travel all over the planet, with servants???


TMI meltdown: Weatherman brought to tears over climate change, considers vasectomy | Twitchy

Screen shot 2015-01-27 at 7.15.41 PM

So, does he now plan to live like a rat?  I wait most anxiously.  At least he won’t reproduce.  Note how he is vacationing in the mountains. I wonder where he lives.  Right wingers are having a field day with these tweets, as anyone can guess.


‘Here, the dead are dead and the living are dead’ – Al Jazeera English: it is very bitterly cold with SNOW in Syria and Lebanon.  Refugees are dying from the BITTER COLD in the Middle East, of all places.  It is cold.  Like here on my mountain.


Russian Arctic Scientist: Permafrost Changes Due To Natural Factors…”It’s Going To Be Colder”!


 “It seems that the permafrost should be melting if the temperature is rising. However, many areas are witnessing the opposite. The average annual temperature is getting higher, but the permafrost remains and has even started to spread. Why? An important factor is the snow cover. Global warming reduces it, therefore making the heat insulator for the permafrost thinner. Then even weak frosts are enough to freeze the ground deeper below the surface.”


Nikolai Osokin is a glaciologist at the Institute of Geography, the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Well, the early ice core stuff is interesting, but the late stuff is wrong and completely unnecessary—and the authors know it. They got to the Lena delta from the Laptov sea port city of Tiksi, which is just southeast of the delta. Tiksi was founded in 1933 and there is a semi continuous station record from 1936. IPCC says AGW is only after 1950 or so. Tiksi is BEST station 169945. There has been essentially no meaningful change in mean temp. After QC, the mean anomaly change is 0.53C/century. After a single breakpoint alignment, 0.94C/century. No global warming, no arctic amplification, bad paper.


As the ice grows at both poles, as the permafrost has ceased to melt and is freezing up again, as it is ridiculously cold on my mountain and the Great Lakes are icing over faster than even last winter when it totally iced over, we have this thing going on after the Hottest Year EVAH: it is cold except in isolated parts of the planet, mostly the Northern Pacific/West Coast North America sector.  And parts of Australia.


These are the exception to the colder and colder rule.  The oceans are still warm due to 30 years of global warming but the land masses and the poles are rapidly cooling down as is the level of solar activity.  Study: Siberian permafrost has been warming for 7000 years | Watts Up With That? Yes, it has warmed during the second half of this interglacial but has had cooling cycles that are harder to detect.


 The new information represents the first well dated winter-temperature data from the Siberian permafrost regions and indicates a clear trend: “Over the past 7,000 years, the winters in the Lena River Delta have steadily warmed – a trend we haven’t seen in almost any other Arctic climate archive,” says Hanno Meyer. As the permafrost expert explains, the likely reason is: “To date, primarily fossilised pollen, diatoms and tree rings from the Arctic have been used to reconstruct the climate of the past. But they mostly record temperature information from the summer, when the plants grow and bloom. Ice wedges are among the few archives that can exclusively record winter data.”
Further, the new data will allow the researchers to fill an important gap: “Most climate models indicate a long-term cooling in the summer and long-term warming in the winter for the Arctic over the past 7,000 years. But until now, there has been no temperature data to support the second claim, essentially because the majority of climate archives record information from the summer. Now we can finally demonstrate that ice wedges contain similar winter-temperature information as predicted by climate models,” says AWI modeller and co-author Dr Thomas Laepple.


Warmer in winter means, instead of -40ºf it is -30ºF which is still bitterly cold.  The key here is summer: if summers get colder, we get an Ice Age.  No matter how cold winter is, if it gets warmer than 32º F in summer, the ice can melt.  But if it is colder and colder in summer, we get an Ice Age.  This is when summer is very, very short at the polar regions and snow doesn’t melt much all the way down to the Great Lakes in North America and the Alps/Northern France in Europe.


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10 responses to “Global Warmists Want Us To Live Like Rats—Siberian Researchers See Permafrost Freezing More, Not Melting

  1. melponeme_k

    This is the box all the crazed global warming people want us to move into to quietly expire inside. However this prototype is infinitely more glamorous than what we will get in reality…something that looks like a cell from a Siberian gulag.

  2. emsnews

    HAHAHA…ignore growing ice in the Arctic, ignore growing ice in Antarctica every winter which is more and more each winter cycle….focus on this one spot where ice is melting!

    I bet you can find another spot, too, while ignoring rapid icing of the Great Lakes (Lake Erie took less than a week to freeze over this bitter cold year!).

    Sheesh. I hope, Lou, you read my latest story explaining how Alaska and Siberia warming up is NOT global warming but a warning that we may be entering another Little (OR BIG) Ice Age.

    At no time has Siberia or half of Alaska and the West Coast glaciated. They stay much warmer than the rest of northern North America during Ice Ages.

    My NY mountain falls to below zero nearly every night this last month and this is way below normal cold. It goes under a mile of ice every ice age.

  3. LOU

    You are dangerous. You know too much. Yahoo News is a ‘carbon credits’ supporter.

  4. emsnews

    Sorry, I misunderstood you, Lou. Apologies!

    Yes, Yahoo’s owner is a global warmist believer. Who is extremely rich and wants us to live in hovels.

  5. Jim R

    As profligacies go, the Romneys are right up there:
    How big is Mitt Romney’s California house? Here, compare it to yours.

    Somebody needs to do one of these for the Democrats, as well.

  6. CK

    There exist three different measures that should be examined when calculating the effect of a notional change in the average local temperature.
    Degree days of heating, degree days of cooling and degree days of growing.
    If external average temp goes up permanently, the degree days of heating drops permanently. ( Your need for heating energy decreases .) However your need for cooling rises permanently ( Your need for internal air conditioning increases.) Cooling is almost entirely electrical energy based, heating is petrochemical [ oil, natgas, lpg] and wood or dung based for most with a few electrical home heating options. So for most of us, even if global warming were true, the effect on our budgets would be at most a shift in the payments. From winter for home heating oil, etc. to summer for a/c.
    However, growing degree days is a different matter. If the temp increases, the frost line moves north, the time for first planting moves earlier in the year, the time for first harvest and second planting moves earlier in the year.
    The tree line moves north as does the northward limit to food plant production and animal protein production. And so does the northern limit to human habitability.
    ( if you wish to consider the southern hemisphere effects, they are the same except that the southern limits in the southern hemisphere move further south.)
    In other words, if global warming were to happen it would be a good thing for human food supply, and a wash as far as combined global heating and cooling budgets would be concerned.
    Further food for thought, if the ocean level rises by a foot, a whole lot of new seafront property becomes viable, desirable, and available.
    While the data available does not support any suggestion of global warming for at least the last 20 years, there is reason to believe that without the increase in co2 in the atmosphere over that same time period, the average temperature world wide would be several degrees colder.
    Humans can adjust and thrive in hot climates as is shown by the equatorial nations with their failures to generate any lasting forms of civilization and yet maintain high and growing population levels.
    It is cold weather that kills lots of folks and selects for higher intelligence and higher group cohesiveness.

  7. emsnews

    NO civilization lasts more than 500-1000 years. They all go into growth/collapse cycles including utter annihilation. They are all very dependent on warm cycle climate. Cold cycles see the collapse of say, the Roman Empire, the Minoan Empire, etc. Several Egyptian empires collapsed into chaos due to these cold cycles, ditto, China.

    The Chinese philosophers came up with the ‘cycle’ theory about all things in creation because of these growth/collapse cycles of their empires.

  8. CK

    European civilization is approaching 3,000 years, Asia civilizations are nearing 4000 years of continuous civilization. The civilization of the MENA can be traced back continuously for 5000 years Political empires may grow and dwindle, civilization is harder to extinguish. The Plaque years failed to destroy civilization in Europe, The Hordes failed to extinguish Asian civilizations. It is a classic error to confound political creations with civilizations; the two are not the same.

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