Ukraine Fighting Increases, NATO Restarts Cold War: Why EU, Japan And US Can’t Afford This War

Pro-Russian Rebels Blitz Key Ukraine City as the NATO leaders who once promised Russia they would not take over all of Eastern Europe, screaming bloody murder.  As usual with these affairs, the US news loves to start the History Clock at convenient points so they can blame someone for things that happened due to NATO aggression.  It is rather odd they are seeking to restart the Cold War as Cold War II.  Of course, this can cause a real war, WWIII.  Since Russia can annihilate the US, this is a bad idea but threats of annihilation doesn’t stop anyone, does it?


The US blames Russia and North Korea as well as China for all sorts of internet bad deeds while pretending to be honest but of course, Snowden has proof to the contrary and here is this week’s proof:  Regin Malware Unmasked as NSA Tool after SPIEGEL Publishes Source Code.

Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 11.44.15 AM


This is the bug used to mess with foreign access to the internet.  How clever (not).  The State Department, the President and Congress all conspire with our major media to jerk everyone around with either baseless charges of ‘evil’ or pointing fingers at others when our government does the same.  Japan does this too:  China to hold military parade to ‘frighten Japan’.  In the comments section, right wing Japanese howl about how evil it is to show military power openly and then they turn around and praise Abe for rearming Japan and parading about with flags, denying all war crimes.  Here are two of the milder comments which shows how weird a historical view the average Japanese has:


harvey pekarJAN. 28, 2015 – 08:42AM JST
Oh, China. Just like a jealous Ex, you felt Japan was paying too much attention to a new enemy in IS and not giving you enough attention.
Newsflash, China, Japan is joining a nobler fight against Islamic extremists, maybe you could think about joining, too.


YIKES.  Our War on Almost All Muslims Except The Brutal Saudi Regime is going to have the Japanese join in?

scipantheistJAN. 28, 2015 – 09:18AM JST
A country which had no role in the defeat of Japan is going to celebrate their subjugation all year long. Interesting choice. Also “maintain(ing) the post-war world order”? That is what everyone wants: China not in the East and South China seas.


The second comment is blind to history, too.  Japan did take Manchuria.  And then was bogged down greatly the rest of the way despite attempts at murdering most of the Chinese they conquered exactly like the Nazis were doing in Europe.  This is why the Japanese resorted to bombing Pearl Harbor.  WW2 – Japanese Invasion of China | The Second Sino-Japanese War | 1937-45 | World War II Documentary – YouTube

While Abe sabre rattles at China, his Gov’t adopts new plan to deal with dementia patients which is basically…nothing.  There are going to be 7 million senile, feeble Japanese in 10 years.  Half of the population of Japan will be elderly by 2050.


The marriage rate has plummeted, and with it the birthrate, since out-of-wedlock births are rare in Japan. In 1975, just 21 percent of women and 49 percent of men under 30 had never been married; by 2005, the figures were 60 percent of women and 72 percent of men.


This is in stark contrast with the US which has a very  high out of wedlock birth rate which is rapidly approaching 100% for blacks and is increasingly high in all race/ethnic groups.


This fall, (Abe) renamed his economic plan from Abenomics to Womenomics. “Creating an environment in which women find it comfortable to work,” he told the U.N. General Assembly, “is no longer a matter of choice for Japan. It is instead a matter of the greatest urgency.”


50 hour work weeks for women won’t create a baby boom.


“In Japan, mothers and sons often have a symbiotic, codependent relationship,” says psychiatrist Tamaki Saito, who first identified the disorder in the 1990s.


Oddly enough, this mirrors the husbandless women who are the vast majority of black households.  The mothers cling to their sons, too.  Some blacks recognize this is a bad thing because it prevents young males from seeking out wives to have mature relationships with:  Ladies! Hes Your Son, Not Your Man!! Pt 1 – YouTube

Also in the news is the global warming jazz.  As our rulers make the Cold War return, they are also working to make it colder but not everyone is working with them.  India, unlike Japan, has an enormous birth rate and a very out of kilter male/female ratio as baby girls are terminated leading to a future ugly mess there.  Barack Obama leaves India without a global-warming deal which doesn’t surprise me because he is asking them to live like rats in huts and they already are doing this and are not happy about doing this forever.


The Davos creeps have flown home and Obama has flown all over kingdom come spewing CO2 constantly, too.  Now the Davos gang is flying to Arizona:  Super Bowl jet-setters get topflight travel treatment with a record number of private jets flying in to watch mainly (outside of quarter backs, kickers and a few others) 90% black sports teams maul each other and suffer brain damage and other major injuries in a coliseum more akin to Roman circuses.


The US can’t afford more wars. We can’t afford a WWII or even a WWI due to destroying our industrial base.  If we go to war with China, where will we get steel from?  Not Pittsburgh.  Japan can’t fight battles with an army of senile, fragile elderly, either.  India can fight, it is probably the only way to get rid of a couple dozen million excess males.  But their war would be against the old enemy, Muslims.  Any border spats with China would end quickly due to the Himalayan mountains being such a severe place to fight.


India has very little sea traffic compared to China and Japan has half or less compared to China:  Live Ships Map – AIS – Vessel Traffic and Positions – AIS Marine Traffic

Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 12.19.58 PM

Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 12.21.28 PM

China is the world’s #1 economic manufacturing powerhouse.  It is the biggest sea trader.  And like Russia, has nuclear bombs.  If Japan uses the US as a shield to hide behind while taunting China, this is a historic error.  The US cannot afford a war with China.  List of steel producers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: the vast majority of steel makers in the world are Chinese.  And they create lots of CO2 doing this which is why Obama’s deal with them will never happen in the future and is why India won’t even entertain global warming rules.


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6 responses to “Ukraine Fighting Increases, NATO Restarts Cold War: Why EU, Japan And US Can’t Afford This War

  1. Petruchio

    ” If we go to war with China, where will we get steel from? ” Where will US warmongers get the advanced avionics systems so many weapon systems need? Not China, where the US gets much of this equipment now. If there is a war–shooting war or otherwise–China could stop delivering at any time the electronics US warmongers must have. Hasn’t anybody in the Pentagon figured this out? No. Next. I have always found it strange that on TV, black families are almost always two parent families and that the emphasis in the show is making clear just how deeply committed BOTH parents are to giving their kids the best upbringing possible. This is propaganda in its purest form. I realize it’s TV and it’s fictional. That said, as Elaine mentions here the black family reality could not be further from the truth. Is the viewer supposed to be dumb enough to buy this family image of blacks? I guess so. I guess the agit-prop message here is: “Nothing to see here folks, move along.”

  2. Jim R

    The US can’t afford another war, period.

    Ukraine is a lot like Vietnam: try to find people who are willing to attack their neighbors and family members, to install a puppet government. And like Vietnam, they are running short of these malcontents. If they don’t go on to start WWIII, the US will be pushed out. All the time whining about Russia, of course.

  3. Christian W

    The US is definitely gearing up for more war. 2015 will see US combat in Syria and Yemen at the very least, never mind that the US is desperate to keep the pot in Ukraine simmering.

    I bet Israel and Saudi Arabia are scared witless that Iran will roll over ISIS in Syria and Iraq, which means the US will have to put troops on the ground to protect ISIS, obviously in the name of fighting them. Israel already acts as Al Qaeda/ISIS air force.

    Since the US cannot afford a full scale operation they will put Special Forces on the ground supported by air cover, simply to prevent Iran from defeating ISIS/Daesh/Al Qaeda decisively.

  4. CK

    In the USA, the EBT card is the substitute for a husband. That card brings home the bacon.

  5. Christian W

    Just heard about the EBT card today. Wow, the US really did morph into the Soviet Union.

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