Greece Says Nyet To EU Bribes While China Expands Trade Routes To EU, Russia

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New Silk Roads to energize Asia’s vast economic potential – CCTV News – English: The Chinese are focused like a laser on expanding trade and gaining profits.  Since Japan has turned away from cooperation with China, they are looking towards Africa, India, Russia, Turkey and the EU for more customers.  The US is concentrating on continuing trade deficits, trying to isolate Russia even though China won’t do this and isolating Iran which China is also going to service with this new Silk Road rail system they intend to build.


China, U.S. vow to deepen military relations actually, they want to have parity with the US and more negotiations recognizing China’s rising role.


TV: Only ‘some’ of Fukushima melted fuel is now solid — Nuclear Expert: Molten core ‘re-melts’, even with enough cooling water — Japan Engineer: “The Fukushima accident was the first of its kind” (VIDEO): The US media nearly totally ignores Fukushima.  But it still is roaring onwards polluting the Pacific.  This affects the US, of course, which is why it is being ignored while we are told the Japanese are our best buddies in Asia.


The EU media keeps saying things are OK and the sanctions against Russia aren’t biting hard but Eurozone deflation deepens in January which they hope to fix the French way by printing a trillion euros and spreading this all over the place except…Greece won’t cooperate with ‘troika,’ rejects aid extension.  This is actually getting rather amusing in a horrible way:


Without the aid, Greek banks could face being shut off from European Central Bank funding.


“This position enabled us to win the trust of the Greek people,” Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said Friday during a joint press conference with Jeroen Dijsselbloem, head of the eurozone finance ministers’ group.


“Our first action as a government will not be to reject the rationale of questioning this program through a request to extend it,” Varoufakis said. “We respect institutions but we don’t plan to cooperate with that committee.”


As the EU implodes after sucking into its maw all of Eastern Europe, the last nation to be sucked in is in serious trouble and won’t be a country much longer but like Yugoslavia, will be cut into pieces:  Thousands of Ukrainian troops thought to be trapped in Donbass:


At least 7,000 Ukrainian troops are believed to be surrounded near the village of Debaltsevo in Donbass, as militia units cut off the only road linking the pocket to Kiev-held territory. The servicemen have been offered the chance to surrender.


But money can be made if Germany and the US hand out euros and dollars to the coup in Kiev.  ‘It’s business’: Poland ready to sell weapons to Ukraine if Kiev has money.  So, we lost the war for Afghanistan, two US ‘advisors’ were assassinated in Kabul, right in the heart of our last hold out.  Iraq has been utterly destroyed and a trillion US dollars lost there, we don’t control the oil, either.


Our trade routes bring only woes to US citizens and workers as they are thrown out of work after buy ‘cheap’ goods thanks to the strong US dollar.  They have electronics and cars and no jobs.  What a fine deal this has been for us.  The Chinese laugh all the way to the bank while the US and EU frantically print money to pay for all this.


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12 responses to “Greece Says Nyet To EU Bribes While China Expands Trade Routes To EU, Russia

  1. Eric Blood Axe

    You forgot the train from china to spain.

  2. Jim R

    That Fukushima corium melt — it has been several years now, it should have lost enough decay heat to cool off and solidify. That it has not is an indication of continued, unwanted criticality.

    It doesn’t all explode at once like a weapon (it’s actually rather difficult to get it to do that), but when the arrangement of fissionables reaches a critical state, it sputters violently, and rearranges itself into a not-so-critical shape. Along with a burst of neutrons and a pulse of gamma rays and more fission products to keep the molten mass going.

    Pouring water on it is actually one of the stupidest things you can do. Worse than pouring water on a grease fire. They should have been trying to work sand and borax into the mess, like the Russians did at Chernobyl.

  3. emsnews

    But the Russians are supposed to be stupid and evil!

    Note we learn no lessons from them.

  4. Yep actually it was lead and borax that was dumped into the reactor.

    The Russians cleverly built their rectors with a sandwich of two layers of concrete with a thick layer of sand between them, underneath the reactors buildings.

    They also dug under the concrete sand sandwich of the damaged reactor so that they could fill the space with lead and borax should the corium breech the concrete sand sandwich.

    In the event the corium did not reach the concrete sand sandwich and is now the ‘elephants foot’ of highly radioactive glass in the cellars of the reactor building.

  5. aashild

    Value stability, treasure peace, and your country will get very far. That seems to be the mantra among China’s leaders.

  6. Christian W

    China’s leaders have a long, rich history to look back on and learn from. And today’s Chinese leaders are children of the cultural revolution so they know first hand the cost of insanity.

    I just saw a clip from Ukraine where the Kiev junta have fired artillery on an Orthodox church. This is exactly the template the US used in Iraq. Go for the cultural, historical and spiritual roots to ensure division and conflict, in other words prevent stability and peace. The Empire of Chaos at work.

  7. Christian W

    If you want to follow the fighting in Ukraine an interesting site is Igor Strelkov’s vk page (vk is the Russian equivalent to facebook): (without the www before the vk).

    Obviously the narrative is from the perspective of the Eastern freedom fighters as Strelkov used to be the commander in chief of their forces.

    I just use google translate for the text and the videos are pretty self explanatory in most cases.

  8. Jim R

    I looked at a few more of the social media posts of our old pal Brendan.

    Apparently he is teaching English to the Ukrainians. So when the American soldiers shout at them, they’ll have some idea what it is about.

    Are we still pretending it’s about “freedom and democracy”?

  9. Jim R

    Ahh, I am corrected. Lead and borax. The sand was from the plant’s construction. Lead is a flux, to make lead glass, as well as absorbing a lot of the radiation.

    In any case, the end result is glass, in a solid form, which (at least theoretically) could be cut up and removed from the site. Like black volcanic glass. Though it’s probably safer to simply leave it in place. Still highly radioactive, of course, but at least it is a solid.

    In Japan’s case, the angry molten fissioning mass is still spewing into the Pacific. And never gets mentioned in the “news”.

  10. emsnews

    It is NEVER mentioned AT ALL. Amazing, isn’t it??? Scary as hell. Shows how insane our rulers have become.

  11. CK

    The new inland silk road will be a great boon to the whole of Eurasia.
    There will be extensions from the main roads and railroads into the Koreas, into Thailand and Laos and Vietnam and Malaysia; basically into any place that is or might become economically important. There are already planned extensions as far as the southern Iberian peninsula. England will be a short channel tunnel hop from the roads.
    And the road will be mostly impervious to foreign assaults.
    Freight runs from Bremen and Rotterdam to Shanghai without the risk of the Indian ocean, Suez canal, red sea Somali businessmen, Diego Garcia bombers, Straits of Malacca pirates; that is game changing.
    I probably will not survive to see the completion but I have invested in the success.
    There is always a “why” to be answered isn’t there. Why spend the wealth to build 10s of thousands of miles of roadways and high speed rails when the ocean is free. Some ignored truths might supply a partial answer.
    Three invasions by various European and American empires into the heart of Russia in the last 150 years certainly gives a strong impetus for the Russians to contribute. Opium wars, Mongol invasions, Japanese attempts at genocide; history has shown the Chinese the base enviousness, covetousness and evil of their neighbours. The bombing of their Embassy in Belgrade by the USAF has shown them how the USA views civility or any rules of civilized behavior. So grow the transport route in ways that protect you from the invidious of the current hegemon.
    The American empire began in 1945, it will not last 100 years.

  12. Christian W

    You can see why the Empire of Chaos is desperate to put up a new Iron Curtain between Europe and Russia and restart the Cold War.

    The Kiev Army has started to use White Phosphorus now against the cities in the East knowing full well they will be kicked out of range soon by the Eastern militia. We recognize this tactic from the Israeli assaults on Gaza and Lebanon.

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