Latest Insane Fad: Pit Bull/Bull Dog or Pit Bull/Boxer Mixes Which Kill People

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Bullypit Info, American Bulldog American Pit Bull Terrier Hybrid Dogs, Bullypits: I have owned and trained plenty of dogs of all different sizes and temperaments.  My first one was a collie, Lassie, of course.  When I was just a small child, the dog and I were close buddies as was Door Kitty (named by myself because she was a stray).  I am just horrified at what is happening to dogs these days.  Breeding them for violent, anti-social behaviors leads literally to deaths, often of the owner or the family where these killer dogs live.  People seem unable to understand how dogs and be bred to be vicious and dangerous and all the training in the world won’t make them safe to live at home.


The rage for pit bulls has gotten entirely out of hand thanks to Cesar Millan‘s tireless efforts at minimizing the dangers of associating with this breed of dog.  I have written to National Geographic years ago demanding they cancel his dog show because of his dangerous propaganda about how lovable these dogs arr.


Here is a website dedicated to lying about the latest fad breed, the Bullypit | Bullypits – Bulldog x Pit Bull cross is about as dangerous as one can get:


Personality: The Bullypit is a fun-loving dog who can also be protective.

Family Dog: The Bullypit makes a great family dog but may be reserved around other dogs and strangers.

Training: The Bullypit is a powerful dog who should begin training at a young age while they are still small.

Barking: The Bullypit typically does not bark very much.

Size: A fully grown Bullypit can weigh between 50 to 100 pounds.

Hindquarters: The Bullypit is narrower in the hips than they are in the front.


These are dogs that don’t give warning barks!  They attack silently!  And these dogs are now bigger, 100 lbs of killer dog lunging at someone is very highly dangerous.  Bull dogs were the original pit bull dogs which were bred by British dog fanciers to be this toad-like, warped creation with stubby legs so it couldn’t leap on someone’s throat and kill them.


But the cross breeds can!  Every bull dog I ever knew was short tempered.  I could handle them but I watched them terrorize others who are not used to controlling cattle and horses.  My experience handling huge animals meant dogs didn’t intimidate me much.  But then, if a dog attacks me, I will try to kill it and dogs seem to know this just looking at them.


People who have pit bulls protecting them don’t often understand that these dogs are not loyal at all, they either take over the house and everyone obeys them like walking on eggs around them, giving them whatever they want, obeying the dog’s commands or there is an alpha male who the dog fears and gives way to and then these pit bulls wait until the Master is either disabled (falls down, for example) or is out of the house and then the dog attacks the rest of the family to improve its wolf-position in the pyramid of power.


This is why they can’t be trusted.  They can bide their time for years if necessary until the dog figures it is time for a revolution in affection and control and launches an attack inside the ‘dog pack’.  Wolves do this, too.  It is a very powerful force in some dog breeds.


The reason why herding dogs don’t kill even remotely as many people as pit bulls is due to the fact that herders killed any dogs that killed livestock or anyone.  Whereas pit bulls are an English breed that was created precisely to fight and try to kill bulls.  The polar opposite.  A number of herding dogs are becoming more wolf-like and are increasingly irresponsible due to breeding for looks, not character and so are not killed off if they prove to be biters, not protectors.


Click here to see how a Dog protects it’s pregnant owner from boyfriend trying to touch her baby bump.  This dog is actually a boxer/pit bull mix.  The young lady pets the dog and laughs as it bites her boyfriend, he actually shakes his hand in surprise because the dog bit him rather hard.  Not only is this bad training, rewarding the dog for attacking someone in the home for no reason, the dog is #1, it controls what the woman does and who gets to touch her.  She is a doggie bone to it.


And it is a male dog which makes this more dangerous because male dogs kill babies of their bitches if they think the babies are not their own babies and they can tell by the smell which is why they have a terrifying record of killing and biting babies and small children of the women they are ‘protecting’.


Owners of a pitbull that attacked a boy refuse to give up the dog which means, I would suggest, they lose custody of their child.


He told ‘[My son] is by my side the whole time, within about a foot and I turn about 45 degrees to throw some paper plates in the trash, and I heard this ‘ruff ruff.’


‘The dog just came out of nowhere.’

From just 10 days ago, 2015 Dog Bite Fatality: 18-Month Old Boy Killed by Family Dogs in Brooksville, Florida –

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The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office released still images of both fatally attacking dogs to their Facebook page yesterday along with a message to so-called “animal lovers” who are upset that the sheriff’s office also allowed the media to capture video footage of the dogs. Max and Thumper, both male pit bull-mixes, attacked and killed 18-month old Declan Moss on Monday. Quickly afterward, his mother Sheila Moss defended the breed of the dog…
it is outrageous that a devastated young mother would ever say these things — rushing to defend the breed of dog and piling on pro-pit bull propaganda — in the immediate wake of her own child’s vicious dog mauling death. How will the veterinarian rule on the breed of the dogs? Perhaps an Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog or other known pit bull mislabel?


In a separate video, neighbor Charles Shorey breaks down on camera. “He was a beautiful kid. I feel sorry for the mother. She’s single. She’s fighting and struggling,” Shorey said. It is unclear if it was Shorey or another neighbor who told News Channel 8 the dogs were pit bulls and had killed smaller dogs in the past. The grandfather was babysitting when he saw his grandson was in trouble, the segment states, “but he couldn’t get the dogs off the baby and off of each other.”




A little over a year and a half ago, a Two-year-old boy killed by family dog in Fulton County – CBS46 News


“It was like a horror movie. It was like something I’ve never seen before,” said one woman who asked to remain anonymous. “We’re traumatized. The images are still in our minds. I can still see the baby.”

Fulton County police said the boy’s mother went to the bathroom and returned to find her child dead.

Police said the family had the dog for eight years.


The pit bull mix sites even admit these are dangerous dogs:  Bulldog Pit Bull Mix


The temperament is hard to predict, but it’s not uncommon to see the stubborn side of either breed come out; both Pit Bulls and all types of bulldogs tend to be quite stubborn. The Pit Bull bulldog hybrid will more than likely be quite intelligent, loyal, protective, and hard-working. You may see boredom and behavioral problems if you don’t exercise the dog properly.


The temperament is not hard to predict.  It is ridiculously easy to predict.  This ‘stubborn’ side is all about killing, power and domination. The dogs don’t give up.  Once they launch their attack to change the dynamics of the wolf pack in their own favor by killing or driving away unwanted family members, you can’t stop them easily, the best solution is to shoot them dead.


They are NOT ‘protective’ of YOU, they are protective of THEMSELVES.  If they figure you will obey their demands, they might spare you but then, if you annoy them by asking them to be #2, they bide their time like these dogs: Indiana man mauled to death by his pit bull on Christmas Day – NY Daily News


The family say that had given Fat Boy bones for Christmas and the death was a freak accident.


Rodriguez said the family had never before had problems with the dog but in a police report the responding officer wrote that Cahill had been told to euthanise the dog because it was violent and unpredictable.


I once had a dog that decided to move up the power pyramid by attacking me.  This led to the #1 member of the pack killing it.


Pit bull kills 87-year-old Frederick man as he takes down Christmas tree in his own home!


And as always, and this is also like the above stories, recent news, a Pit bull kills smaller dog, bites woman in Severna Park and they wanted to kill the lady but she was rescued by brave strangers.  Strangers are always in grave danger from these breeds.


Malaki Mildward, 7 was killed by 4 pit bulls at home:


For clarification, these children were Malaki, 7-years old whose mother is Amber Braymen and biological father is Xavier Mildward. Braymen is Hicks’ current relationship and brought the male pit bull, Shipper, into Hicks’ home. The mother of a teenager living at the home left a female pit bull, Road, at Hicks’ home last February. Road is the mother of the litter that produced two fatally attacking dogs. The third child is the 10-year old boy that was bitten by Road in mid September.


The 10-year old boy’s mother, Talana Auten, told the World-Herald that her son had bite marks and bruises on his left leg on his knee and thigh areas. Auten’s husband reported the bites to Afton Police Chief John Coulter. The chief then referred the couple to the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS). Auten said she then filed a report with DHS and took photos of her son’s injuries. Unfortunately, these cell phone images were lost when her phone stopped working.


Auten said that a Page County DHS representative subsequently told her that the bite report had been classified as unfounded. Thus, there was no follow through by any government agency afterward. On Monday, Sheriff Lyle Palmer told the World-Herald he was still conducting interviews about Malaki’s mauling death and was previously unaware of the September biting incident. The investigation into the biting incident is still ongoing and there could be future developments.


So, the child was attacked earlier and survived, little was done to remove the dogs so they renewed their assault and succeeded in eliminated the excess human since they had a litter, they wanted to expand their ownership of all the food and affection. Which is very much wolf-behavior.  Sadly, the ASPCA still is delusional about these dogs:  Position Statement on Pit Bulls | ASPCA claims that ‘socialization and training’ will fix this breed and make it safe for families with small children and elderly and neighbors and other people’s pets, etc.  This is false.  They still put up pit bulls for adoption.


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364 responses to “Latest Insane Fad: Pit Bull/Bull Dog or Pit Bull/Boxer Mixes Which Kill People

  1. Narciso

    Lol, pitbulls as cujo the killer dog.

    Pits are lazy dogs that are similarly dangerous to German Shephards, Chows, or Rotts. Pit bull is an abused term that includes every type of mutt that approximates a certain “look.”

    Pits have the unfortunate fate that they are the most popular breed for fighting, intimidation, and the general cool factor based on their reputation. They also happen to be dirt cheap since they are overwhelmingly mutts and not pure breeds that make them easy to acquire. These poor dogs make an easy target for those who want to blame a dog for what is obviously a human’s fault for being a shitty dog owner.

    Rottweilers and German Shephards are more prone to biting and require responsible owners to control them. Chows will bite family members when they think they can get away with it. I’ve owned 4 pitbull mixes over the years and none caused any problem other than destroying mop handles, Mesquite trees, etc (they like to chew pieces of wood for some odd reason).

    Large dogs are all dangerous if they have bad owners who abuse, neglect, or fail to properly socialize them to not be violent to random people.

    Why people think they can leave small children with dogs unsupervised never ceases to amaze me. Chihuahuas (in general all small dogs) are awful with babies and small children because they bite when they are being abused (babies and small children are terrible to animals they bit them, pull their hair, etc).

    The larger the breed the more likely that they will kill someone instead of just biting them. Rottweilers are ridiculously big and once they attack you they are hard to beat off if your not an adult man (they weigh in excess of 100+lbs). Pits tend to be much smaller (25-45lbs) and easier to control but if there are more than one it starts becoming dicier since they are pretty relentless once they get into a bloodlust.

    The most dangerous pit mixes are those that are mixed with large working/guard dogs. Mastiffs, Rotts, German Shepherds should not be mixed with pit bull since they can result in huge bastards. I’ve rarely seen very big pits and the few i’ve seen were monsters (mastiff mixes) but pretty affable to be around (those beast do make me feel like a t-bone especially when i first meet the dog).

    Its laughable to pretend that a “breed” is a killer when pits are overwhelmingly mutts that just happen to fit a certain definition of having a biggish head, muscular body, and being the unfortunate favorite of being tied to a backyard their entire lives.

    “…The term is often used loosely to describe dogs with similar physical characteristics, and the morphological (physical) variation amongst “bully breed” dogs makes it difficult for anyone, even experts, to visually identify them as distinct from “non-pit bulls”.[6][7][8] While mixed breed dogs are often labeled as “pit bulls” if they have certain physical characteristics such as a square shaped head or bulky body type,…”

  2. Henry

    I have owned dogs all my life and feel I know and understand them. Dogs are pack animals and in the pack there is an alpha male who is the BOSS. If you get a dog at a young age and establish that you are the boss and they are at the bottom of the family hierarchy (the pack) every thing is fine. If for any reason the dog thinks it should be the boss, you have a problem. The bigger the dog the bigger the problem!

  3. Petruchio

    Excellent commentary. I believe the source of the problem lies squarely on the shoulders of the humans who own/breed these types of dogs. Elaine mentions the pitbull/boxer mix as being dangerous. If you deliberately design a ‘frankenstein’ dog, that is what you will get! A 100lb dog whose fighting instinct has been purposely emphasized instead of breeding it out as much as possible will result in a vicious dog. It’s an ego thing with the owners/breeders. They want to create the most bada#s dog there is and to hell with the consequences for anybody else. Elaine doesn’t say it here, but I will. A lot of this ‘frankenstein’ dog breeding is centered in the black community, especially among black males, younger black males in particular. Remember the NFL QB Michael Vick? Dog fighting and related activities is what sent him to prison. Vick lost millions of dollars from penalties and loss of income from being in prison. He’d probably do it all over again if he could. BTW: I had a neighbor with one of these ‘frankenstein’ dogs. It attacked and killed a fellow neighbors Yorkie. Cops come and take her dog away and euthanize it. Her response? Immediately get another dog, very much like the dog the cops just disposed of. There it is: the biggest source of these ‘frankenstein’ dog problems-the owners.

  4. LOU

    Yahoo News is also to blame. YN regularly posts dumb dog and pit bull articles.
    Why are there so many pits? Because black and brown criminals breed them for dog fights [gambling] and as protection dogs.
    I guess 1 in 3 or 4 dogs killed at shelters is a pit. I recently found a site that defends pits. ‘they are safer than – blabla’.

    One million Pit Bulls a year are killed in shelters! › community › pets
    Craigslist Inc.
    Dec 15, 2014 – There are enough pit bulls already!!!! People need to STOP BREEDING THEM!!! A VAST majority of the THOUSANDS of dogs gassed every

  5. LOU

    If you want to see pit bulls attack people, go to You Tube.

    There is a site ‘fatal dog’ as well.

  6. melponeme_k

    These dogs need to be put down. They are exactly the reason why I would never adopt a dog from a shelter these days. The shelters are filled with pit bull and pit bull mixes they don’t know what to do with and are trying to foist them on innocent families.

    And they are exploding in population precisely because of FREE TRADE. The jobs are gone and the lower class becomes the criminal class. This is a criminal dog. And criminals love to walk them around neighborhoods and laugh when people scurry away in fear of them and their vile pits. I’m not sure in other parts of the US, but in NY it is always either black people who own these dogs or Hispanic.

    I’ll just stick with cats. Who have learned to get what they want by seduction rather than brute force. Although I would stay away from stray cats, they can be tough fighters and take on dogs if they have to.

  7. Guy Pilkington

    Best article I ever read on this blog. It’s awful when irresponsible dog owners allow their animals to terrorize human beings. It sickens me.

  8. It all boils down to greed and stupidity. In the UK pit bull like dogs are banned. So the scum moved on to Staffordshire bull terriers.

    Then get disappointed that the are not as vicious as billed. Thus the dogs homes are full of Staffies that no one wants.

    I’m told that you need to really cruel to fighting dogs to enhance that vicious tendency.

    I can’t see why anyone would want to cross breed a fighting dog with a Boxer. Yes Boxers are very strong, but I have never come across a vicious one. A pack on the other hand and its straight back to the wild.

  9. Mewswithaview

    One day one of those dogs is going to be in a bad mood, it will snap and go for the child, the others will follow the leader.


    ELAINE: That video is horrifying. That child is in greatest danger ESPECIALLY if any of these dogs are related. That is, dogs don’t just have a ‘human’ family, they have their pack, too. And pack battles can quickly turn into elimination of outside competition for the ‘human’ pack.

  10. Christian W

    I saw that video before. How crazy is that mother? I mean if she leaves the kid alone with the dogs and one of them decides it wants to go up in the flock hierarchy, or for whatever reason, the kids risks being torn to pieces. The mother is risking the life of her own child just to prove a point.

  11. Sorry I forgot to add: The Kennel clubs and the so called dog lovers through greed and stupidity have inflicted horrendous deformities on dog breed purely for vanity reasons.

    The Bull dog for instance cannot give birth naturally because the breed standard demands a massive head. That is breeding to extinction!!!

    But the stupid scum were not satisfied with that they had to shorten the nose to the point of that it has become a serious breathing problem.

    Disney’s 1001 dalmatians has done incalculable damage to the breed with the deafness problem and unscrupulous breeders.

    German Shephards have hip problems. The list goes on and on. These people claim to love dogs. But they are happy to line breeding crippling deformities. Madness total madness.

    All these breeds were breed for a purpose, working dogs. How many still can perform that purpose as well as they could 100 years ago?

  12. LOU

    I saw that clip. I believe it was featured at You tube or Drudge. Any ONE of those dogs could kill an adult. As a pack, they are so much more dangerous.


    I read a sorry tale where someone was attempting to save someone else who had been attacked by a PB.
    Besides their jaw [mistakenly called a ‘locking jaw’] which is so strong, PB have VERY high pain threshold.
    The guy who was trying to get the PB off someone was HITTING IT ON THE HEAD W A SHOVEL.
    The PB ignored the attacker for awhile.

  13. LOU

    And now, 150 pound Pits [I wonder what EMS will think of this]

  14. emsnews

    I grew up in Tucson, AZ and adopted a number of dogs there way back in the 1950s-1970’s. Dalmatians, shepherd dogs, labs, etc.

    All from the SPCA. All the dogs loved the ranch.

    Today, I looked at all the dogs up for adoption. 80% were pit bulls and pit bull mixes that had a very strong pit bull head configuration.

    The remainder were all little Mexican yippers. There was exactly 2 dogs that were possibly neither and these were mutts, not pure breeds.

    I used to get a variety of breeds way back, now it is just two, nearly all mixes that are extremely bad.

    About dangers: I once had a pair of oxen that weighed more than a ton EACH. They were HUGE.

    The biggest pull team in America at one point, they were even on TV!

    They were highly dangerous and I trained them to work via my voice and to be extremely gentle. No one had anything to fear from them.

    Then a bear attacked. They tried to kill it and drove it off. Chips snorted and stampeded up the pasture to the forest, his 6′ wide span of sharp horns, aimed at the bear’s rump. The bear never came back.

    Back then, a baby could crawl under his belly and he would not move a muscle. But then, he was bred to be a working cow, a puller, for the last 1,000 years. It showed. Patient, quiet animal.

  15. Petruchio

    I can echo what Elaine says about pitbulls and yippers being the main dogs at adoption shelters. But there was one more commonly found breed: BlackLabradors. Black Labs are hunting dogs and I think Lab breeders will start training Labrador puppies. After a short time, dogs who don’t seem to be cut out to be prime hunting dogs are abandoned. Maybe the “failed” Lab dogs are sent to the shelter, maybe they get ‘euthanized’ with a .22 or maybe they just get dumped somewhere to fend for themselves. Cruel. I hope breeders that do this get a taste of their own medicine some day.

  16. Jim R

    If you go to dog shows, there’s another breed to watch: the Cane Corso.

    They look like pits, but bigger.

    And, yeah, I can agree that most of the dogs up for adoption are pits. Sad, really, we are dog people but we have to adopt dogs that will get along with our pack. Which leaves them out.

    We do have some little Mexican yippers, though. If they’re naughty you can just pick them up. Latest is a Shih Tzu, she’s a tyrant, but only weighs 8 pounds.

  17. LOU

    Any dog is potentially dangerous. A Pomeranian killed a baby. But the most dangerous are the attack dogs, pits, rotts, cane, presa, mastiff, bullmastiff.

  18. Jim R

    Lou, that’s as ridiculous as a spoon being used for a murder weapon. The Shih Tzu breed standard calls for them to have an underbite, because they think it makes them look cute. A Shih will scream and lunge at the other dogs, but it CAN’T bite. And the parents of that child deserve some sort of Darwin award. Yes, poms are feisty little devils and need to be watched.

    I have a 100 pound hound sharing the sofa with me. He has good teeth, and can crunch up a beef rib and eat the whole thing. But he has a sweet hound personality, and I have no need to be afraid of him. He gets along just fine with the Shih, by the way.

    The difference with pits and related breeds is that they were selected for aggression. I didn’t even play the video up there, but that little girl is in mortal danger, like Elaine says.

  19. joseppi

    This will surely change the way you feel about dogs……

  20. Jim R

    About the German Shepherds, one of our dog-loving friends said, “They’ve bred their asses off! How do they sh*t?” …


    ELAINE: VERY true. I wrote about that in the past. It is sad because they started out as herd dogs, became police dogs in Germany and then became fur animals to breeders who exaggerate various quirks including increasing the fur levels.

    ALL breeds have become dangerously overbred so if they have long fur, it is ridiculously long, if they have little fur, they are now naked (ditto, cats). Cute Pekes are now waddling wads of thick fur with smashed faces totally unlike the ones stolen from the Chinese during the Boxer Rebellion by the Brits…etc.

  21. LOU

    Jim R, those GSD are the ‘American Show Line’ and hence do not have a solid ‘top line’.
    In the case of the ‘killer pom’, I read in the newspaper that the parents were visiting Philippines and the infant was left w a relative. The baby was left without supervision on a bed. The pom bit the baby on the neck. The baby died.

  22. tio

    Your banner photo looks a lot like my passport.

  23. graywolf

    Just more evidence.
    90% of America is stupid, lazy and worthless.

  24. nclaughlin

    LOU, reading your link
    the thought occurred to me that there might be a purpose to the madness, that is, to scare away the “gentrifiers”. It sure look like it worked!

  25. melponeme_k

    A man in CA suing his neighbors because their pack of pit bulls attacked him and his dog. They dug under the fence that connected the two yards. The terrified man stated that if the dogs are returned to his neighbors, he will kill them if they get into his yard again.

  26. LOU

    Mel, I believe the man has the right to kill dogs on his property. My neighbor has a pit. I consider the growling dog to be dangerous. I saw them y’day and avoided them. The dog could kill someone.

    EMS has pointed out 2 things. 1] male pits are more dangerous and
    2] they attack women and children more than they do men.
    What I do not get is why a dog ‘bites the hand that feeds them’.

  27. LOU

    The guy with the ‘pack of attack dogs next door’ should get an Electric fence.

  28. emsnews

    A sling shot with steel balls works, too. This is what I used when I was a child. Dogs attacked me in the desert all the time. I always carried my piece of rubber and steel balls. Worked on large predators, too. You yell loudly and then shoot the shot at them and they flee. Doesn’t work on bears, African buffalo, elephants, etc.

    Does work on dogs.

  29. melponeme_k

    It looks as thought the LA animal services crowd suffers from Cesar Millan psychosis. Dangerous Pit and Pit mixes will be allowed back onto the streets despite numerous attacks.

  30. emsnews

    ALL the shelters encourage the adoption of these dangerous dogs. Thanks to the internet, anyone wishing to put up their nice dogs for adoption do so online. This is how I got my last two dogs.

    The only dogs left are the yipper Chis and the pit bull mixes. This is all they have at the shelters now.

  31. melponeme_k

    I did a quick check on North Shore AL in NY. They get away with avoiding the pit bull term by labeling the dogs as Terriers. But it is obvious by the shape of their skulls that they are pit bulls. They should be sued for not labeling the dogs under their full designation Pit Bull Terrier.

    There were more “normal” looking dogs listed, one they claimed was a Lab mix. But it had a very broad skull. Which looks questionable to me. The others were one of those annoying chihuahua breeds (with terrier mix???) and one small mutt that doesn’t have the broad skull but has a very muscular build (again terrier mix).

    I would never trust a shelter enough to adopt a dog from them. I’ll stick to cats.

  32. emsnews

    I went all over the US online looking at shelter doggies.

    All identical, all were the yapper tiny doggies and the pit bull mixes. Uniformly. This is all they do. This is why the ‘Humane’ groups are pushing these dangerous dogs so hard. They would GO OUT OF BUSINESS if they didn’t do this.

    It is pure greed!

  33. melponeme_k

    Another wacko. His dog ripped apart another right in front of him and all he writes about is how sweet his pit bull is and all other shelter pit bulls like him.


    But he still gets a thrill of owning a dangerous dog. Why else name him Dexter? A name associated with a hit TV show about a serial killer.

  34. If you read Club Orlov, you’ll find that one of the dangers of post-Soviet collapse Russia were wild dogs on the loose. I predict that when the economy takes a turn for the worse in this country, we’ll have the same problem with just exactly these kind of dogs (pit bulls, pit bull mixes, etc.) as the local SPCA’s close down, one by one, for lack of funds as donations and government grants dry up.

  35. LOU

    ‘This is why the ‘Humane’ groups are pushing these dangerous dogs so hard. They would GO OUT OF BUSINESS if they didn’t do this.’

    Millions of dogs are killed at shelters each year, so I have to disagree.
    Some shelters wont take PBT or kill em if they are ‘surrendered’.

  36. emsnews

    Where are these ‘some shelters’? All the legal ones I looked up had exactly the same position: pit bulls are great dogs and we should adopt them and this is virtually all they had.

  37. Jim R

    Ridiculous again, LOU. Shelters are not “business” in the first place, they are virtually all charity efforts or civic infrastructure. And not among the most lucrative charities, either.

    They have too many pits, because the world has too many pits. It’s because pit owners are stupid and let them breed, to be un-PC about it. And responsible dog-adopters cannot take them home, because their behavior is abysmal. You can adopt a house-full of spaniels or collies or even chihuahuas. But you cannot adopt most pits, because even the best of them will squabble with each other. They will attack your other dogs. They will attack your neighbors’ dogs. The worst of them will attack YOU. There are stories in the news every day.

  38. melponeme_k

    I checked another New York Shelter.

    ALL their dogs were Pit Bull Terriers (at least they labeled them properly) or mixes.

    But most disturbingly they are mixed with other dominant breeds such as the Staffordshire Terrier, Chow Chow, German Shepard. Talk about nightmare dogs!

    However this shelter still took part in the most disturbing trend of deliberate mislabeling. If the mix is with a more benign breed, they always labeled them under that breed not PBT. Quite a few pit bulls were listed as Labrador Retrievers.

  39. Jim R

    I’m inclined to think that it is because of this fad, among shelters, of a ‘no-kill’ policy.

    They always end up with too many aggressive breeds, and then they need to try to find homes for them. Fifteen years ago when we adopted from the local shelter, they did not have a ‘no-kill’ policy, and in fact they had a ‘euthanize aggressive dogs’ policy. And there were a lot of different breeds in the shelter then. After they went ‘no-kill’, the place filled up with pits.

  40. LOU

    Jim R, what is ‘ridiculous’ about my post?

    Dog Breeding – Pit Bull Rescue Central

    For homeless pit bulls the death sentence is almost always automatic

    It is estimated that up to 200 Pit Bulls are killed EVERY DAY in Los Angeles County, CA, … Over 15 million of them are killed (euthanized is the nice term) in dog shelters. …

  41. Jim R

    Apologies, Lou. I see that you were quoting Elaine.

    Ridiculous, Elaine. Shelters are not businesses. They are merely ‘pushing’ excess pits because they have too many of them.

  42. emsnews

    Of course, they kill the pit dogs! But everyone is missing my point: these ‘adoption’ places NO LONGER WORK. Everyone including dog owners, are avoiding them!

    Nearly everyone with good dogs finds them new homes via the internet. I got my kittens two years ago this way. I got Cleo, my now deceased English Mastiff this way.

    I used to adopt at shelters. No more! Not for years and years now.

    And everyone else is doing the same since we don’t see the adoptions at shelters anymore.

    And yes, it is a business! Fund raisers have to show sad puppy faces to get money for this outrageous adoption business. Zero dogs for ADOPTION=no more jobs and no more fund raising for the charities palming these deadly canines.

  43. melponeme_k

    Millan being sued for pit bull attack by a dog “trained” by him.


    ELAINE: ABOUT TIME!!! I am so happy. Hope she rakes him over the coals and bankrupts him and National Geographic.

  44. Jim R

    The last couple of dogs we adopted were just running around outside, not cared for, and obviously headed for a cruel death on the street. No shelter was required.

    If they were pits we would have called the city to come pick them up. And the silly ‘no-kill’ policy just means the city ends up with kennels full of them.

  45. melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    The stray dogs that are not PBT mixes find homes immediately or in a short amount of time. Because shelters will not euthanize PBT and their mixes (many with other dangerous breeds) they are actually denying space to safe dog breeds that CAN be immediately placed with good homes.

    This insane need to push Pits as safe dogs is criminal. Something is going to give. Either the shelters will completely go out of business due to housing pit bulls and leaving it all to public health service to pick up the slack OR they must renew the policies that they used when dealing with aggressive dogs in the past. Either way strays will be euthanized (outright no matter what the breed if Public Health is involved – they don’t have the resources to deal with a glut of strays) but with Pit Bulls taken out of the equation, that will leave room for regular breeds who can get homes.

    The ownership of Pit Bulls must be banned and owners must face charges. It is obvious by now that most Pit Bull owners are grossly negligent and many allow their dogs to harass and menace everyone in their vicinity. A child should not be afraid in his/her own home. A neighbor should not be afraid to walk outside their home or fear for their own dogs. A public employee (such as a postal worker or sanitation worker) should not have to fear going to particular homes because of an unpredictable dog.

    This me, myself and I attitude that is pushed by mass media has completely destroyed civic duty and good manners of the public.

  46. Jim R

    The city shelter is not a business, it runs on my tax dollars. And unfortunately, I’m not able to influence its policy.

    Right now, as I have said, they have a ‘no-kill’ policy. It is a fad. Back in the ’00s, they would euthanize some of their animals, and of course many pits were euthanized.

    In our idiocracy, we have an excess of pits… responsible owners spay and neuter their pets so as not to clutter up the world with unwanted mutts, (though mutts from the gentle breeds make the best pets).


    ELAINE: Most mutts are genetically healthier than pure breed dogs.

  47. melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    The private shelters exist along with the city shelters. These private shelters exist on donations or so they claim.

    So, yes, Elaine is right. It is a business. It isn’t big business. Most of these outsource shelters are just compassionate people who want to help animals. However, the fact that they are wrongly labeling Pit Bulls and their mixes is also criminal and their compassion does not exonerate them of foisting dangerous animals on innocent families.

    In NY this is the group that oursource shelters join.

    The tout a successful NO-KILL policy.

    I would really like them to also list the rise in dog attacks (fatal and non-fatal) since their NO-KILL took effect.

  48. LOU

    I read the gang bangers ‘dump’ dogs on the street. females too old to produce, etc.
    There are already many stray pits in Detroit.
    So much for Black Power.

    50,000 stray dogs
    It’s the city of Detroit, where there are currently 70,000 abandoned buildings and 50,000 stray dogs (with only 23 Animal Control officers). I’d say that’s a problem. If you’d like to help fix the problem, you may donate to the Detroit Dog Rescue by clicking here.

  49. LOU

    Dogsbite dot org:

    Pictured are the two most deadly dog breeds in America: pit bull terriers and rottweilers. Research from shows that during the 9-year period from 2005 to 2013, these two breeds accounted for 74% of the total recorded fatal attacks.1 By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2014, a report by Animals 24-7 shows that pit bulls (307) and rottweilers (89) and their mixes contributed to 67% of the total recorded fatal attacks (593).

    2 It is important to point out that fatal dog attacks committed by pit bulls and their mixes more than doubles the attacks inflicted by rottweilers. It is well documented by experts

    3 and humane groups4 that pit bulls pose a substantial danger due to their selective breeding for dogfighting. Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls frequently fail to communicate intention prior to an attack (surprise attacks); possess a lethal bite style (hold and shake) and a ruinous manner of attack (gameness

  50. tio

    please adopt me?


    ELAINE: are you housebroken and respond to commands?

    A question all women ask potential mates… 🙂

  51. Jim R

    If you’re nice, you can join our pack, but you have to remember that Buttercup is alpha. She’s sort of capricious and not really a natural leader, but she really wanted to be alpha, and got promoted after our border collie died.

  52. tio

    “are you housebroken and respond to commands?”

    Almost and sometimes, it is a fair deal.

  53. tio

    I can play nice. does this qualify?

  54. tio

    by almost and sometimes i mean no.

  55. Stevie

    The comments about these dogs are primarily in the black and Hispanic communities, are meaningless. Majority of professional dog fighter are white. Especially in the rural south, blue collar workers, lawyers, doctors, even sheriffs attends these events. Several tens of thousand dollars exchange hands on these nights. A famous Irish soccer player was arrested in Ireland on dogfighting charges. Dogfighting knows no boundaries.

  56. emsnews

    Correct, Stevie.

  57. LOU

    One can see images of dead dogs in Detroit. The gangsters dump the dogs on the street and in the park.

  58. Greg

    I can’t believe the shortsightedness and naïve nature of this post. It’s written based on speculation and case study rather than hard science. I bet you’re racist too, Hitler made the same arguments concerning Jewish people and the KKK about black people. I own a bullboxer, which was not my first choice in dog. After studying more about the breed, pit bulls were once known as the “nanny dog” because mothers would leave these dogs alone to watch their children. Hemingway’s (our family is well-cultured too) most aggressive behavior is to nibble on my ears when we rough house. Pit bulls have one of the highest ratings in temperament tests compared to other breeds. Before spouting off rhetoric maybe you could try referencing someone with an IQ higher than a chimp you blundering ignoramus.

  59. emsnews

    If your dog kills a child, I hope you are willing to pay the full price=perhaps, death?

  60. Jim R

    pit bulls were once known as the “nanny dog” because

    Absolute pure horse shit. Pit bulls were always fighting dogs. Sometimes they have sweet personalities (to people at least — most of them are very aggressive to other dogs), and sometimes their owners have them well-trained, but by nature they are large aggressive terriers. The terrier breeds are used to kill things — Jack Russels are used to get rats, for example.

  61. Lou

    And even Jack Russels will attack children.

    I had a gal pal who said ‘my sis had to get rid of the little hunting dog. my niece pulled the dogs tail. The jack russell turned and bit the toddler.

    In LA, a few years ago, a pommie killed an infant. A 10? pound dog can kill someone. Pits are the strongest dog – per pound. Pits can climb up trees by gripping the trunk. TMK no other dog breed can.

  62. Lou

    Pits are 3% ? of USA dog population and do most of the maiming and killing.
    Far as racism goes, different Human Races have differnt DNA and different qualities, thats why Boas and the other JEWS want ‘race’ to be nullified.

    ‘These disparities contribute to Brazil’s high crime rate, particularly sparking violent crime in cities flanked by favelas.”
    It should be remembered that Brazil was given as the example of a “great republic [that] has a civilization which has been developed by the direct contributions of different races” in the “Statement on Race” which Jew Ashley Montagu a.k.a. Israel Ehrenberg, a pupil of Jew Franz Boas, published as Rapporteur of the UNESCO in 1950. The report demanded that we abandon the term “race” because of the alleged “injustices and crimes which give such tragic overtones to the word”, and although it did not go as far as claiming that race does not exist, it greatly shaped the way people nowadays think about this matter.’

    what a rude post, May 10, 2015 at 10:20 pm,

    I can’t believe the shortsightedness and naïve nature of this post. It’s written based on speculation and case study rather than hard science. I bet you’re racist too, Hitler made the same arguments concerning Jewish people and the KKK about black people. I own a bullboxer, which was not my first choice in dog. After studying more about the breed, pit bulls were once known as the “nanny dog” because mothers would leave these dogs alone to watch their children. Hemingway’s (our family is well-cultured too) most aggressive behavior is to nibble on my ears when we rough house. Pit bulls have one of the highest ratings in temperament tests compared to other breeds. Before spouting off rhetoric maybe you could try referencing someone with an IQ higher than a chimp you blundering ignoramus.

    / Actually EMS knows much about Pits. She has noted ‘male pits are more likely to attack people’ and ‘pits are more likely to attack women and children when they sense pack order is weak, as when the man of the house is away’. Significant insights.

  63. Amy Hernandez

    Many fatal dog attack stories in the media misidentify the dog breeds, I specifically recall a story where the dogs, shown in the shelter under quarantine, were clearly Rottweilers and the reporter called them pit bulls, in light of that kind of iresponsible reporting the statistics are questionable. Oh, and I learned something new, I had no idea that anti-pit sentiments and racism were linked until I read the comments here.

    After 20 years as a veterinary technician I can tell you for a fact that any dog can bite, and any dog can be dangerous. Pit bulls were often some of the most cooperative patients I ever dealt with, even in the “hood”.

  64. Elaine Supkis

    You can tell by looking at the jaws and eyes if they are pit bull types. The entire structure of this sort of dog shows breeding trending towards being killers.

  65. LOU

    After 20 years as a veterinary technician I can tell you for a fact that any dog can bite, and any dog can be dangerous. Pit bulls were often some of the most cooperative patients I ever dealt with, even in the “hood”.

    another apologist. most fatal or ‘bad’ attacks from dogs are from pits.
    yet pits and pit x are >5% of USA dog population.

  66. Elaine Supkis

    Never ever has someone had to kill a dog to get it to release its grip on a child EXCEPT when it is a pit bull.
    UPDATE 04/29/15: On the day this fatal pit bull attack was reported, we located … The father had stepped outside to turn on the sprinkler system. …. When I won’t let my kids around their dogs or when I ask questions or when I …

    A 5-year-old boy was killed by a dog on the city’s South Side Monday night. Several witnesses intervened, eventually killing the pit bull that just wouldn’t let go of the child.

    The Cook County medical examiner identified the victim as James W. Nevils III, of the 8000-block of South Escabana Avenue. James was visiting the Gresham home in the 8900-block of South Carpenter Street Monday when he was mauled. The dog lived at the home, neighbors said.

    “I can’t get past that thought. My grandson suffering. That hurts me more than anything else,” James Nevils, the boy’s grandfather, said.


    Just two recent stories. Once these monsters latch on, getting them off is near impossible.

  67. Lou

    Indeed, Elaine, indeed. Even hitting the dog on its head w a shovel does not work once the mutt is in ‘Kill Mode’.

    The dogs have a high pain threshold. To put it mildly. There are 1000s of these horror stories. Pits, Pit x, rotts, Bull mastiffs etc.

  68. Elaine Supkis

    Yup. Like my oxen.

    When Chips was pissed his 1.5 ton body would ram anything and everything, he could overturn trucks with his huge horns, run through electric fences, stomp anything into the ground, take down large trees, etc.

    He was very well behaved and trained and normally listened to me but if pissed off, he was total danger.

    Once, my husband decided to tease him with our son’s kite and flew it over Chip’s head in the field. The ox looked at it, followed the string to my husband’s hand and then charged at him. Chris high tailed it out of there while I called the cow back with a bucket of sweet mix.

    No one ever teased him again.

  69. simmie

    You’re all the most stupid close minded people I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading about… I’m honestly in shock at how terrible you all sound. I have two pitts and neither of them have ever bitten anyone or even attempted to. The worst thing they have done is peed on my floor. If you don’t know how to train a dog properly they will always misbehave, it’s an animal… not a humane, they don’t understand how they are supposed to act besides like a pack animals unless you train it other wise. It’s people like you who have led to the murder of thousands of owners innocent pets because you saw them as dangerous and were run by fear instead of knowledge. Yes pitts are a powerful breed, the same as rotts, shepherds, and any other big dog. If you can’t control and train your dog, don’t have one. Just because your scared of your neighbors dog doesn’t give you the right to condemn an animals life. Your all disgusting and I hope you realize how your lack of knowledge and your misplaced fear is affected not only the breed but the owners as well.

  70. Nick

    This article is completely ridiculous. I have a pitbull/boxer mix and he is the most loving dog I’ve ever had. hold the owners accountable not the dogs, any dog can be dangerous.

  71. SAM

    *misbehaved* child

  72. Ashley

    I didn’t read your whole article but that shows you how much I don’t care about your insane ideas of how bad pits are. I have one and he is the sweetest and I’m not scared to leave him alone with anyone.
    When I was a child I was attacked by a dog, guess what it was….. a beagle. The beagle ripped my face into pieces before he was able to be removed from me. That dog had lock jaw. Lol Also, people have been fighting dogs for years it’s not like it a new problem and pits have always been popular media has had no effect in the desensitization of pit or pit mixes. All breads are bad if the owner is bad.

  73. Lou

    All breads [breeds] are bad if the owner is bad.

    You do not know what a dog is. It is ‘nature + nurture’. You think a dog is all nurture. A pit bull is a pit bull because of generations of selective breeding to modify DNA.
    Pits are very dangerous. They have killed people.
    doesnt matter how sweet some are. others have killed.

  74. Samantha

    Seeing how my comment wasn’t posted I can see what kind of person you are.

  75. emsnews

    If you post a comment with too many links, it is eliminated by the filters here. I warn people all the time to cut down on links, one per comment.

  76. Jim R

    The only time I have had a comment filtered, it was a twitter link. I was linking to something controversial out of Russia or Ukraine, and wondered if the Ministry of Truth wanted to disappear the story because it basically contradicted the version of the story that was running in the NYT and other “mainstream” outlets here.

    But then, WordPress always expands a tweet and if you have a twitter account, it shows up just like in the twitter feed, with all the pictures and links and etc. so maybe it was filtered because of that.

    But in a regular comment, and I’ve been hanging around here for years, you can say just about anything and Elaine won’t delete it. Sometimes a really old thread gets attacked by a spambot … then she has to delete, maybe.

    As for the canine personality discussion, I’ve already said what I know. We have adopted a lot of dogs over the years, so I feel pretty sure of what I say, it’s in the comments above. So that’s that… If you have a sweet lovable pit, well good for you. Take good care of it, because the police will shoot it on sight if they ever come to your door. Pits have killed people EOS.

  77. emsnews

    Correct, I am very liberal with comments here. Sometimes I am emailed comments the bot snags but lately I have been VERY unhealthy and weak and have not kept it up like normal.

    Hope to be well soon! Still can’t eat proper food yet…!!!!!

  78. B

    This is the most ignorant, unintelligent garbage I have ever stumbled upon. My dog is a german shepherd/pit mix and she’s an absolute wonderful addition to my family and I can’t imagine not having her in my life. To hear people saying that dogs like her shouldn’t be bred and that they should be killed is sickening! It’s so sad that there has to be such awful judgmental people in this world. You should be ashamed.

  79. Lee

    yr pet is not a pit.

  80. C.

    I have a pit/boxer and he is the most loyal, amazing, smart, loving dog out there! Everyone who has anything remotely bad or negative to say about these dogs apparently never owned one. If you come across an aggressive dog regardless of size or breed it has to do with how they were raised. I have met some aggressive chihuahua’s in my life and they are only 6 pounds! Why aren’t they getting a bad rap?? Stop the ignorance and learn about the subject you are bashing. It is not the breed that is bad, it is the people behind the breed!!!! I will continue to be an advocate for these loving animals. It is a shame that all you closed minded people will miss out on such a great companion, but good that means you don’t deserve their love in the first place. Enjoy your little box of a world and carry on with your ignorance, just means more love for the rest of us…the pitbull lovers of the world.

  81. emsnews

    They are loyal until they kill one of the family children.

  82. Renee Gray

    You re an idiot. U don’t know what you are talking about and it’s obvious by what you ve posted. I have a a 60 lb boxer pit mix (they re not typically 100 pound dogs to start) and she LOVES everyone!!! We take her with us as we travel for work. We walk everyday at different truck stops. She kisses and loves on everyone she sees. Everyone comes to pet her because it’s easy to tell what a sweetheart she is just by looking at her. You can’t lump all dogs of one breed into a group. That s not any different than a person being racist. You re just ignorant.

  83. ems

    What a Pit is, is a, ‘charging Rhino wrapped up inside a snuggle buddy.’

    Once the changing Rhino emerges and is attacking someone even hitting the mutt over the head w a shovel wont stop its killing way.
    Some find out the hard way.

  84. ems

    ‘That s not any different than a person being racist.’ Race realism is based in knowing DNA as is knowing what a Pit bull is about [DNA].

  85. ems

    Most will not be able to relate [to that truth].

    And you have mentioned Pit bulls behaviors, like ‘when the man of the house is gone the dog will assert dominance and attack a woman or a child.’

    I knew PB are potential killers but I didnt know that.

  86. epr

    I agree that breed discrimination is racism and ignorance at its purest. Go on morons believe what you are told, there is way more proof of the good and loyalty in these dogs than there are people getting hurt. but the truth is there are to many stupid people in the world buying dogs because they think it looks cool, bad owner usually=bad dog, just like stupid parent =stupid kids =bad future for dog and human…I am the proud owner of a PIT BULL,I have had the privilege of his company for over 14 years.

  87. Dennis Haulk

    You people make me sick I own a bull boxer mix and she is a big baby the person who wrote this article needs to have there ass kicked do you know what’s an abomination niggers and spec’s mix breeding in any form when it comes to human beings every one that agrees with this stupid single minded article is retarded 😵

  88. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Violent owners of pit bulls telling me they will be…like their baby pooches.

    I am capable of stopping any pit bulls on my mountain not to mention any other violent creature including humans.

  89. Pontiff Holysh*t

    SHE very well could be a “big baby”. Problem dogs, whether a violent breed such as pit bulls or not, are almost always males.

  90. Dennis Haulk

    I bet most the people who pay attention to this stupid shit are liberal Obama supporters I only teach my pit bull that is ok to bite and terrorize liberals border jumpers and middle eastern terrorist she is a big baby unless you are one of those scum bags Vote Trump for 2016 so he can clean up that sub human mongrels mess that is in office now

  91. emsnews

    I suggest you get a muzzle for yourself as well as your doggie.

  92. Dennis Haulk

    im an American citizen ill say what i want when I want and how i want to who i want!!!!!!! it will be a cold day in hell when a judge mental single and one sided no good excuse for a human being like you tells me what to do!!!!! ill bye the muzzle’s you can pack your ass up here and try and put them on!!!! hows that sound miss fancy pants 😜 what did u think you were gonna wright a article based on stupidity and ignorance an no one was gonna call u on it smh people make dogs mean they are domestic animals and do what they are thought fact everything you wrote is just a big waste of any human beings life just reading it and don’t forget VOTE TRUMP FOR 2016 😊

  93. emsnews

    Haulk the pit bull person from hell. HAHAHA. Hung by his own leash.

  94. Dennis Haulk

    You are a ignorant sick nasty person!!!!! Bet you are a racist cunt to!!!! African Americans were bred by white Europeans for years to be slaves breeding strong male slaves with strong female slaves so does that make all African Americans forever slaves since they were bred that way hundreds of years ago I think not just like pit bulls were bred hundreds of years ago to fight they like every thing else in GOD’S WORLD can evolve and adapt but it takes a working functioning brain to be able to understand such things obviously you are lacking that I have grown up with freands and family that have owned full blooded pits and mixed pit how many turned on them 0 not one I have owned several pits and pit mixes how many have turned on me or my children 0 because I raise them to be a family dog not some viscous killing machine its all in how they are raised as with any other dog you get what you raise

  95. Lou

    2 pit X just killed and maimed in Riverside. and the dogs dont look that big or mean.

  96. Thomas Kane


    ALL of you!

    You. Are. All. Completely. Batshit. Insane.

  97. Elaine Supkis

    Unlike you, doubting Thomas? 🙂

  98. Lou

    295 people killed by pits, according to this.
    That people would allow children around them and /or have more than one pit [dog pack = 2 or more],

  99. Elaine Supkis

    And the ONLY dogs up for adoption by the bleeding heart groups are…pit bull and pit bull mixes!

  100. Lou

    #102, in the ‘no kill’ shelters.

  101. John

    The dog should have finished you off and been given a treat as a reward.

  102. Thus illustrates the insanity of pit bull owners. They are violent and stupid. 🙂

  103. I have had many pits in my life and I own a pit/boxer mix right now that is the best dog I have ever met. All my dogs have been great with people and easily controlled. The owner is entirely responsible for how their dog acts. It has very little to do with the breed. When will people get that you cant lump a bunch of dogs together as a breed and call them bad. Look at individuals not the group. Should we say all black people are criminals? then why should we say all pit bulls are dangerous? Try to apply some logic to the question and stop being racist against dog breeds.

  104. Melissa

    Wow. How did so many ignorant people land on this ridiculous page? People need to wake up and find their own reality and stop believing everything that the media pushes on you. Pitbulls are no different than any other dog. You have to give them love and train them just like any other breed. As long as you do that they are the most loyal and loving dogs you could find.

    I have had the honor of having several Pitbulls in my family along with ShihTzu’s, a Lab, a Chow, a Cocker Spaniel, a Toy Poodle, a Maltese, and a Maltese/ShihTzu mix. Out of all of the dogs we have had, our Pitbull has been the most loving out of all of them. I never have to worry about her around other people. She has been around my nieces and nephews since they were newborns and we’ve never had any issues with her being aggressive. The other Pitbulls that we’ve owned and loved to the end were the same way. We’ve never had them attack anyone and never lived in fear that they would.

    However, the most vicious dog we’ve owned is our Maltese/ShihTzu mix. He has to be locked in the bedroom when people come over because he barks and growls at everyone and bit one of my nieces. I also have a scar on my face from when I was a child and my ShihTzu bit my face because I came too close to his bone.

    So, for you to act like Pitbulls are all just vicious animals is complete ignorance. There are dogs that have aggressive tendencies in all breeds. The only reason that this breed has a bad reputation is because deplorable people that seek vicious dogs listen to the false information that people like you spread.

  105. Pit bulls are not scary just teach them to be kind and be nice and love them they will do the same to you

  106. Malcolms x

    this child was killed by pits that had attacked a child previously, yet the dogs owners let it around a child, who is now dead.

  107. emsnews

    Yes, such ‘nice’ dogs.

    Bred to fight to the death! English mastiffs, on the other hand and we had one for years and years, are gentle and caring especially around children if the mastiff is a female like the one we owned.

  108. Malcolms x

    Mastiffs have killed as well. And bull mastiffs are guard – dangerous, potentially.

  109. Jamie G

    most ignorant post ever. all of you are stupid (cuss words here which reveal really bad manners typical of bullies).

  110. emsnews

    Mastiff are easy to train and loyal. I have raised and owned mastiffs. But if they are males, they are dangerous indeed and should be never off leash, ever.

  111. April

    Its people like you that lead to dog banning. I have a boxer pita mix and he is lovable and playful. Is he protective? Yes. Does he walk around waiting to attact? Absolutely not. This mix, like any other is product of his environment. If you teachers a dog to attack or constantly abuse the dog then aggression can develop. By giving the dog consistant exercise, training and stability you will have a well trainer lovable and playful companion.

    As for your story about the death of a toddler, its more likely that the owners were intentionally raising violent dogs, than it is that the attack was caused by breeding.

  112. cynthia

    Train them properly give them love and care you wont have that problem, fucking idiot! so you as the owner obviously failed I have a pit mix and he is the greatest. It dont take much to train a pit and they are observed wrong! so get your damn facts straight you sound like any other useless dog owner! dog show my ass what were you really doing? fighting? oh by the way dogs are like children you teach them violence they will do violence simple as that a dog is not born hateful or a killer! so again shove it up your ass !

  113. You guys alls suck. So judgemental of a breed, it is practically the same as racism. I have never been bit or scared of Pitbull mix. But I have been bit by both a Dalmatian and German Shepard, not just nipped, aggressively bit. I adopted a Bullboxer Pit from the shelter and at the time he was the best trained and well behaved dog there. All of the trainers and staff loved him, when I bring him back they rave about how great he was at the shelter. He passed all of his aggression test with flying colors and was deemed an exceptional dog. I adopted him and spent nearly 2 years training him to be a service dog and now he is a wonderful service dog at 3 years old. I bring him everywhere and have never had a problem with him. He listens to all my commands, is very loyal, and even likes to cuddle with my 2 cats. All dogs are different and it depends on how they are raised. We don’t make assumptions about people because of their skin color; that is racist. Why do we do the same with dogs? Don’t turn yourself away from the love of a dog just because of their breed. I spend every day at the shelter for 2 weeks looking for the right dog to train as a service dog. Out of all the breeds I met the Bullboxer Pit was the most qualified. Not the Collie, not the Australian Shepard, the Bullboxer.

  114. Jessica

    This ad thing is so stupid. All I hear reading this is I hate Pitbulls. I really disagree what this person says about Cesar Milan. I use his training for my dogs and I actually have the same breed this guy is hating on. I have small children and farm animals. This is the best dog ever. Just wonderful family dogs. I hope Cesar keeps talking about how great Pitbulls are even mix Pitbulls. Stop hating on them an actually own one. You can’t compare every dog of that breed to what you are saying. So closed minded.

  115. Josh

    You are one misinformed person. The American pitbull terrier is not known for human Aggression at all. It is simply media propaganda. There are many breeds than can and will hurt people if not properly socialized and trained. Pitbulls were known as the nanny dog for a hundred years before all of this negative press became popular dogs like Great Danes and Rottweilers were the breeds that used to be feared so much. Wake up lady. I raise my kids with pit bulls and presa canarios. Never had a problem ever.

  116. Lou

    The American pitbull terrier is not known for human Aggression at all


  117. emsnews

    Way to keep a pit bull under control: a gun.

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  119. Lou


    ELAINE: That video is horrifying. That child is in greatest danger ESPECIALLY if any of these dogs are related. That is, dogs don’t just have a ‘human’ family, they have their pack, too. And pack battles can quickly turn into elimination of outside competition for the ‘human’ pack.–end quote.

    I thought dog packs form when dogs are together, Even for an hour in a dog park, dogs will form a pack, w an alpha.

    Why do they need to be litter mates, etc?

  120. Lou

    Elaine, in my question just above this post, you mentioned dogs being related.
    Mama pit and 2 pit offspring kill child.

    Boy, 9, killed by sister’s ‘wolfpack’ pit bulls in Calif …

    A 9-year-old Northern California boy was mauled to death by his sister’s pit bulls while she was at her job Sunday morning, police said. Investigators believe the …
    Criminal charges possible after boy is killed by his sister’s …

  121. emsnews

    Humans turned wolves into dogs mainly by encouraging beta wolves to form alliances with humans (during the last Ice Age). Now, we have people breeding alpha wolf-like dogs which…kill humans including their ‘masters’ or the ‘master’s’ children.

    Killing the child of an alpha rival in the pack is old stuff for wolf societies. That is, the alpha wolf is the one that can kill the rival alpha’s children which is why these pit bulls kill the children of their own ‘wolf pack’.

    The humans feeding and protecting these vicious dogs are insane. They have no idea how dogs and wolves think. I have tamed wild predator animals in the past (bob cat, for example) and keeping on top of the totem pole is life and death.

    I even had an alligator that I taught to respect me and further, my ‘own kin’ which was funny to watch. He was like a pit bull and finally died due to getting stuck, when he escaped from his cage, in the swimming pool overnight when it was very cold that night. Poor critter.

  122. Lou

    Yes, dummies dont know Pits have a ‘switch’ and go from friend to killer in an instant.
    Sad but interesting that a ‘family pack’ of pits were the killers in sacramento.

  123. BullBoxerOwner

    This is the most insane piece of anti-breed propaganda I’ve seen in a while. It’s just totally chock full of falsehoods, exaggerations, and outright lies in some cases.

    As the responsible owner of a “bullboxer” (she was just called a mutt when we got her – before this was a trendy mix that began commanding $$$) for the past 8 years, I’m disgusted and disappointed by this drivel. Lucy is the best dog we’ve ever owned BY FAR – none of the others has even been in the same universe as her in any category you can measure a dog by. She’s simply a pleasure to own…a fucking champ.

    There’s not an ounce of aggression in this dog. She’s a 75 lb lapdog, who thrives on giving and receiving affection. Her intelligence level is off the charts at this point. I will never own another dog that isn’t a pit/boxer mix – it’s just perfect for us. Everybody who knows or even just comes across her on a walk loves her…she’s just one of those dogs who gives off a friendly, loving vibe.

    She will not ‘turn on us’ at some point like the article suggests. She’s a properly socialized, well trained dog, that is what she is at this point – can’t teach a good old dog bad new tricks. She’s a natural born loverman, er woman. Either way, fuck the dumb-shit…

    …like the ‘reporting’ in the above ‘article’. Doesn’t get much dumber or shittier.

  124. Frances West

    Hmmm. I am not a vet, a dog trainer or an animal psychologist. I have 3 children, all grown now. Throughout their lives, and all of my adult life, I have had pits and pit mixes. Not one bite EVER to a human (only fight was between two males whom we did have to separate). Depending on the individual dog, may or may not have been taken to the dog park. Always had two at a time, sometimes three. Have always had cats as well. Are our dogs the exception? Perhaps. I just know that we love them and they love us and we have never been afraid of them.

  125. You are a moron! Its idiots like you that give the pit breed a bad name. Dogs need to be trained, and you the owner must always be the alpha! Just because you and a few other brain challenged individuals are clueless it is not the animals fault. It is just common sense not to leave a baby or child alone with a dog you never know what the child will do….A dog gives unconditional love to their owner, but if that trust is betrayed by the human again it is not the animals fault….Your site is nothing more than giving sub-humans a reason to hurt poor animals. There is a special place in hell for people like you….

  126. Lee

    yr name says it all. one more mud slinging, in tolerant LIB.

  127. Ohhhhh, I don’t care what you call me and I hope you don’t own any animals for their sake….Con

  128. Kyla

    You have no idea what you’re talking about you hateful joyless person. My pit boxer mix is the sweetest dog ever my chihuahua girlie mix is meaner and scarier. It’s all about how you raise and animal. Just like you bring out the anger in me by being an ignorant jerk spewing bullshit information if you don’t train and maintain a pet it will misbehave or be aggressive that’s any breed

  129. emsnews

    Mixed breeds lessen somewhat the genetic heritage of dogs bred to kill bulls.

    This devotion of owners who have dogs which were bred to kill and have powerful jaws for this, is sad to see. What the owners believe is these dogs ‘love’ them…until the dogs decide they want to not love them anymore.

    That day can come quite unexpectedly. And often makes the local news, too.

  130. Lee

    I agree w EMS, 100%. I have neighbors w Pit Bulls. One snarls at me. The dogs are safe and loyal until the kill switch goes on. Then they are stoical killers, which is in their DNA.
    All you have to do is study whats online [fatal dog, etc] and know about dogs, which EMS obviously does [pack structure, what the breed was bred to do, etc].

    Mix breed Pits may be 100% safe. Or not. Depends on which DNA is prominent [mollasoid jaw?] and the situation the dog is in.

    EMS, being a country woman and having had many animal companion knows more about this than Kyla, a mere ‘pet’ owner.

  131. Lee

    chihuahua mix is meaner and scarier–how many people have been killed by Chihauhaus? And they can be hyper, noisy, dumb little beasts.

    But usually not dangerous unless you trip on one.

  132. Pitbull Lover

    I’ve been reading the comments on here and any dog can be dangerous its all how they are rasied ‘ there is no such thing as a bad dog just bad owners..” And its true with every dog.. I happen to love pit bulls and I have a pit bull boxer mix and she is the MOST loving dog I’ve ever had!! She gets along with other dogs, cats and she LOVES kids!!! Like I’ve said its all in how you RAISE your dog. If you raise it to be mean then it will be if you raise it to be sweet it will be.. And if you socialize your dog it will get along with other animals dogs and people!

  133. Pitbull Lover

    Both the boxer and the pitbull are both large dogs with powerful personalities and somewhat intimidating appearances. And by somewhat, we mean terrifying if you’re not used to a dog. While some people are all about having an intimidating looking dog in the house to keep intruders and strangers at bay, this is also an unfortunate aspect for these dogs when they don’t have families, especially when it comes to the pitbull. Due to frequent stories about pit bulls attacking children or attacking their owners, many people are terrified of these gentle creatures.

    They’re often treated unjustly because of their reputation, with far precedes them. Most pitbulls are as kind and loving and affectionate as a kitten, but they’re big bodies and intimidating appearance makes them the things doggie nightmares are made of. Add a bit of boxer to the mix and most people are going to pass on a dog like this. It’s something that was once considered a mutt but is now called a hybrid, sometimes a designer dog. When breeders design the boxer pit bull mix on purpose, they can ask a significant price for their dogs. This tends to make them a bit more desirable.

    Read on to find out what you can expect if you plan on adding one of these gorgeous hybrids to your family. What you think you can expect might not necessarily be the truth.


    The boxer is one of the fiercest looking dogs in the world, but it’s one of the least aggressive dogs. The pit bull is intimidating in appearance, but it’s not nearly as fierce looking as a boxer. However, when bred together, you’re going to get a dog that has the best of both worlds. This means you’re getting a dog that’s gorgeous, large and very strong in appearance.

    Energy Level

    What you’re going to get with a boxer pit bull mix is a very energetic dog. This is a dog that wants frequent attention, wants to be on the go and has a difficult time settling down. You can begin training this dog early so that it recognizes commands and knows immediately when you want it to calm down, but rest assured that it’s a very high-energy dog that will not do well at home, cooped up for long periods of time. For this reason alone, a small house with no yard, an apartment or a condo are usually not good places to have a dog of this particular heritage.


    One of the best things about the boxer pit bull mix is the intelligence level of this dog. It’s one of the smartest dogs in the world. This is a dog that’s highly capable of learning, and one that doesn’t make it difficult to teach. Its intelligence level makes it possible for this dog to understand what you’re teaching in a very short time, which does make the training process that much simpler. Additionally, this is a dog that will hear you, understand you and make sure you know he’s a good boy when you give a command – even if he doesn’t like it.


    The boxer pit bull mix is a dog that has a strong sense of loyalty. This is a dog that knows who it loves, knows who takes care of it and wants to make that person happy. For this reason, this is a dog that will listen when instructed. It’s also a dog that will stop at nothing to protect the people it loves. While not an aggressive dog of taught otherwise, this dog is not going to back down in the face of danger. If it senses that a person is in trouble, the boxer pit mix will go out of its way to ensure that help is offered. Its sense of loyalty is unlike any other, which is one of the best personality traits of either breed.


    Do not expect aggression from this dog. Boxers are notoriously calm dogs and pit bulls are only reputed to be aggressive dogs thanks to poor ownership and an inability to properly raise dogs. It’s not the pit bull that’s aggressive, it’s the owner who taught the dog to be aggressive. If you begin socializing your mix and training it at an early age, you’ll never have to worry that the animal will behave aggressively. That’s not to say the dog won’t do anything to protect you, but it certainly will not go out of its way to cause a fight or look for trouble.

    The reason pit bulls are considered such aggressive dogs by those who don’t know any better is because of bad owners. There is a saying that’s very true; there is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad dog owners. It happens regularly that people pick up a dog like this and think it’s fun to train it to be aggressive and mean because it’s “cool” or “funny” but it’s not. It’s not amusing and it causes other dogs like this to have an unfair disadvantage when it comes to finding a forever family thanks to the ignorance of some pet owners.


  134. Nikki Miller

    Ok,Im offended. I have a rescue bull/boxer mix. She has been abused,shot,and used for bad things. BUT,this girl is very sweet,loving and kind. My 5 year old is her best friend!! My bull/boxer will even cuddle up to sleep with her. The ONLY time my dog did anything was when a dog got loose and was coming towards my daughter. She jumped the dog to prevent harm. She is a calm sweet loving animal who was abused for her first 22 months of life,but is NOT violent

  135. emsnews

    And when this wonderful dog suddenly turns on you all…you will not see your child survive, I fear. How very sad.

  136. Annie

    I’m impressed by the level of ignorance.
    Firstly, the most common breed of dog (and yes, pit bull is not actually a breed, but a collection of breeds) to bite in America is….wait for it…the golden retriever. This is largely due to Golden Retrievers being the most commonly owned dog in America.
    All dogs are capable of biting, and maiming, and killing humans if they feel the need. But unlike their idiot owners, dogs give very clear and consistent signals that we miss, and say “they attacked out of nowhere.” Fifty years ago, when a dog bit someone, the question was, “what did you do to the dog?” Now it’s “where’s my camera?”
    The alpha theory has been debunked, so if you keep up with scientific research, and perhaps had a better understanding of evolution, you would have an entirely different reason to dislike Cesar Milan. Dogs are not wolves (in fact, have had the enzyme to digest grains for millennia, so the fad all-meat diets are also scientifically unsound.) It would be much like saying all humans have evolved to be poor researchers who irresponsibly post opinion as fact citing limited experience and sensationalized news stories as valid sources. While obviously there are some poorly raised and poorly educated self-important people who would produce such an article, not even most humans are such.

  137. 99ways2die

    I have never met a pit in my life (And I know many and owned a couple myself) that ever harmed a child nor have they harmed anyone with out provocation. I knew one that was a rescue dog that had been abused and it was one not to go near if it didn’t know you but that’s it.

    The idiot that wrote this article can say he’s raised dogs all he wants, obviously this coward knows nothing about pits or boxers however and this idiot also don’t realize they average 60 pounds or less (not 100). In the article of the 18 month old getting killed there is no explanation at all why the grandfather even had the kid around the dogs in the first place. Were they fighting and the Grandfather didn’t want to leave the kid alone when he went to break up the fight because I have been bitten pretty bad while breaking up dog fights and not by Pitbulls though if I had been by a pit it would be no different, dogs fight, it’s what they do. You say they attack silently as your assumption they have the mentality of a snake, every pit I know barks relentlessly when some thing gets their attention like every other dog in the world.

    To your statement of “Wolf mentality and behavior” I once had a Wolf Rotweiler Shepard mix and that little princess walked on her tip toes when it rained, everyone that knew her loved her and she was gentle as could be with children. Family friends would let her play outside with their kids all the time, no one ever got hurt. That’s what happens when you treat dogs right and they are raised from puppyhood.

    Another dog I had was a pit greyhound. Head of a pit body of a grey hound. The only time he was “Aggressive” as you out it but “Protective” in the real world was guarding the garage or the house when the owner wasn’t around as all dogs should because it’s their home as well.

    Looking up the photo of the 87 year old man mauled by his pit at Christmas on Google search it’s a stock photo (One of which coming back to a mauled pony), not of his house nor is there any photo of the man or the dog so that story don’t even seem to have enough identity to say it if actually happened at all of if it was some thing they got in the E-mail and decided to report, ABC News corp is ALWAYS having to retract stories for this and the Associated Press has gained a reputation for making up stories for ratings, so there’s that.

    The video I looked up on youtube about protecting the belly bump and there is no way of telling if that is the boyfriend or a family friend. You assume it is the BF and most dogs are protective of pregnant women now last and not least, the Pit and the smaller dog. JESUS CHRIST you act like Pits are the only dog to get into a dog fight! The pit sure didn’t kill it’s owner as she tried to break it up and if you go to break up a dog fight or take some thing away from your dog of most any breed you just might get bit, imagine that!

    And the ASPCA, rescue dog experts are under a delusion? It has come to my attention that you have a very programed ignorance brought on by propaganda and no personal knowledge about these animals at all and your blog is just that, pure ignorance. I almost lost my right eye when I was a child, not by a pitbull but by a medium breed of dog by my aunts neighbors house. I was a kid and all I went to do was pat it and didn’t know any better, I remember the bite though.

    Get a friggen clue you propaganda pushing jack hole.

  138. Jim R

    Wow, 140 comments!
    The Parade of Angry Pit Enthusiasts!

    Complete with their own ‘facts’ and made-up-on-the-spot statistics!

  139. emsnews

    Yes, irrational wins.

  140. Lou

    There are facts and there are opinions.
    There are stats that show how dangerous PBT are.

    And EMS, in her wise way, points out things like ‘male pits are more likely to attack’ and ‘challenges to pack order occur when the man of the house is away’ etc.

  141. Nik

    One of the worst written articles I have every read. I want 5 minutes of my life back.

  142. emsnews

    The blind loyalty of pit owners is exceeded only by the number of people who have had very unpleasant encounters with these dogs.

  143. Alena

    Are you for real? My bully pit is scared of cats and is well known as an Internet celebrity. People often site how well behaved she is, and what a loving caring nature she has. Both an excellent trail dog, and urbanite she’s a perfect model dog who has never gone through the trash, or even been on the couch when not supposed to. Just an overall people pleaser, and certainly the easiest and least aggressive dog I’ve had to train. I went from a Great Dane, and Rhodesian Ridgeback.

  144. ProudPitOwner

    Y’all are effing insane… You say mostly blacks and Mexicans own pits? I’m white…. I have a pit/boxer mix. He’s a baby!! He’s awesome with my kids, and to everyone that said pits need to be put down, maybe it’s humans like you narrow minded a** holes that should be put down!!! Its not nature, it’s nurture!! It’s how you raise them!

  145. emsnews

    All those cute pit bull doggies killing people every week…

  146. Lou

    All those cute pit bull doggies killing people every week…or maim. Thats a fact. ‘fatal dog attack .com’

  147. Lou

    ‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan sued in pit bull attack – LA Times…/la-me-ln-cesar-milan-pit-bull-law...
    Los Angeles Times
    Feb 4, 2015 – Cesar Millan, the star of television’s “The Dog Whisperer,” is being sued by a woman who claims she was attacked by a vicious pit bull that had been prematurely released by Millan’s dog training center. … Jen Woodard, the director of the Dog Psychology Center, said in a statement …
    Cesar Millan under investigation for possible animal cruelty ……/cesar-millan-investigation-…New York Daily News
    Mar 11, 2016 – Cesar Millan may be fed to the pigs over accusations of animal cruelty. … “Dog Whisperer ‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan sued in pit bull attack.
    ‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan sued in pit bull attack – NY ……/dog-whisperer-cesar-mi...
    New York Daily News
    Feb 5, 2015 – Cesar Millan is being sued after a pit bull trained at his Dog Psychology Center attacked a woman, reports the Los Angeles Times. Best known

  148. emsnews

    Yes, that idiot really did ‘train’ a pit bull by unleashing it to attack some pigs trapped in a pen. He is really insane.

  149. Katie

    Every animal has a natural instinct even us humans have a fight or flight instinct which dogs have as well. Just because pitbull safe larger doesn’t mean that their reactions are any less reasonable than a smaller dogs. It comes down to the owner. No dog is born cruel and vicious it is conditioned to be that way. That is like me saying a certain race should not exist simply based on their generalized behavior. They are not all bad. They are amazing companions,,very loyal, great with kids,they’re patient with children, I would know this from personal experience and in the end they think they’re lap dogs and just want to cuddle all the time. They’re behavior is a reflection on how you the owner raise and treat them. Don’t put down an innocent breed.

  150. Jerry Wilkos

    So reading through the below comments I’ve noticed people associate pit bulls with the “blacks,” and the “Hispanics.” (Worse terms were used but I digress) Nice to see people who make broad generalizations based on race do the same thing based on the shape of a dogs head… My neighbor’s kids was attacked by golden retrievers when he was 3. He had to have over 20 stitches. Blame the dog not the breed.

    Go ahead and compare temperaments.

  151. Lou

    Blame the breed. Facts dont lie.

    As far as gangs that have dog fights, as Vick.

  152. K Price

    I find it disturbing that this article was written under the guise of someone who has facts to back up there theories. If you actually knew anything about the three breeds you have written about or actually owned this mix you would see that they are playful, great with children, protective, quick learning and affectionate. It always goes back to mo bad dogs only bad owner’s.Your article is ridiculous and you sound like a frightened uneducated moron.

  153. emsnews

    All you need are the crime statistics of how many people have been butchered by these killer dogs, especially children but even owners of these beasts. They kill the vast majority of people including strangers, compared to all other breeds of dogs.

  154. Lou

    When the pits attack their owners and intruders [criminals] the attacks are not ‘crime statistics’ but just attacks.
    See ‘fatal dog attack’ website.

  155. emsnews

    They also attack small children. And kill them.

  156. Lou

    They also attack small children. And kill them–in yr wise way you noted—

    Often the pit bull gone killer is male,
    waits till Alpha human is gone then ‘attacks ‘betas in pack’ [children and women].

  157. emsnews

    Correct. This way, the pit bull rises in status in the logic of dog/wolf systems since the pit bull isn’t related to the children it is trying to eliminate.

  158. Lou

    Staf mix [that presumably didnt have training about infants] kills baby.
    In LA a ‘Rott’ killed a baby that started crying. People dont know dogs are dangerous and need to be introduced to babies and still may attack.

  159. Penelope

    Omg. This is the most ignorant, uninformed, biased article i have ever read. Absolutely untrue.

    …. and of course your tag at the bottom asks for “donations”. Yawn. Troll somewhere else. If you want to be taken as a real “journalist”/writer, try writing with some truth.

  160. Lou

    Absolutely untrue. –prove your assertion.

  161. 10stacflowe

    there are more racist posts about people in the comments here than I have seen anywhere else. I am truly shocked. I agree that pit bulbuls are dangerous dogs but I will not be visiting your website again because it is poorly moderated and You comment when someone says that pit bulls are not dangerous (which is good but you go about it in a childish manor) and you say nothing about the horribly racist comments people seem to leave here at an alarming rate. You should also use better sources To prove the point about these dangerous dogs. The ones you have given are clearly bias. It is people like you that do more to dispel pitbull violence than the people saying they aren’t dangerous. This is why people think this viewpoint is ignorant.

  162. 10stacflowe

    pitbull* Biased**

  163. emsnews

    I do live in a manor! HAHAHA.

    I LET EVERYONE TALK. Note how this poster wants me to censor people. All over the web which used to have frank debates way back (I have been ‘on line’ literally since 1970 when it was run by the CIA due to my dad being part of the system back then!) today, there is virtually no debate, anywhere, everyone has stupid echo chambers.

    This is why so many people are stubborn about ideology since they only see mirror images of their belief systems. Zero debate and fury if debate develops.

  164. Lou

    Pit bulls have different DNA than Wolves and Huskies. Different jaws. Different brains.
    ‘Racist’ is a term Liberals use, they also ignore DNA and racial differences that are due to DNA.

  165. Lou

    ‘fury if debate develops’–indeed. Many do not like losing an argument.
    Look at all the trolls here who think all pits are sweet bc their Pit is sweet and allows strangers to pull its tail.

    Someone who owns a Staff [ his says its DNA is the same as a Pits] told me a horror tale of ‘a small child pokes a Bull mastiff in the eye and the dog ripped the childs face off.’

  166. emsnews

    Mastiffs were bred to be WAR DOGS and guarded kings and princes. I have owned mastiffs. Wonderful dogs…IF YOU TRAIN THEM WELL and dominate them properly and keep them from strangers.

    They are highly dangerous in cities great in the open country where I live.

  167. Jim R

    … and, there’s this ridiculous notion that the dog breeds are all the same, and it’s just a matter of training. As if you could train a chihuahua to be a border collie, if you simply tried hard enough.

    It isn’t true — the different breeds are actually different. And it is hereditary. They are born that way. Retrievers and shepherds and hounds and terriers all have different personalities.

    Terriers are bred for their killer instinct. Russells like to kill rats, for example. And the larger terriers kill larger things. Pit bulls were bred to kill EACH OTHER. And they weigh forty, fifty, sixty pounds or more.

    So if you are stupid enough to leave your small child (or even an adult in some cases) in the care of a pit, you just might win the Darwin Award…

  168. Lou

    I wonder how many dogs and what breeds—

  169. Lou

    Terriers are bred for their killer instinct. Russells like to kill rats, for example. And the larger terriers kill larger things. Pit bulls were bred to kill EACH OTHER. And they weigh forty, fifty, sixty pounds or more.

    I know someone who has a niece. The niece was bit by a Jack Russell. Not the best breed to have a preschooler around.

    Pit bulls weight, does not matter. Its the strength of the jaw and the very high threshold to pain.

  170. tori

    The person who wrote this and those who agree are terribly unintelligent and absolutely misinformed about everything that goes into dogs in general. Labeling a breed as a killer is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Did you know Pit Bulls used to be Nanny Dogs? As in, watched over infant humans while the parents left the room. As in they are so lovable and loyal that they can actually be left alone with a baby. Did you also know that the most aggressive breeds [shown by research] are Dachshunds [that’s a wiener dog for those of you who know nothing] and chihuahuas. Yep. Not Pit Bulls. Are they used more commonly for fighting? Yes, because unfortunately their natural muscle and strength is appealing to those scumbag HUMANS who decide to raise these INNOCENT puppies wrong. From walking my PIT BULL/BULLDOG MIX, the most dangerous situations I have encountered are when we come across smaller, untrained, aggressive rat-dogs. 2 Chihuahuas aggressively lunged at my dog, who bowed down to get to their level, wagging her tail. They came after her and she backed up, confused, and then those stupid little dogs started fighting each other. The owner did nothing. If my dog were defensive she would have snapped and could have severely hurt those UNTRAINED dogs, but thankfully we trained out pup well. But if it had gone the other way, I would have been the one sued and my dog would have lost her life, all stemming from the fact that morons think because their dog is so small and worthless that it’s bite doesn’t hurt and they don’t have to train them. And then these yippy little rat-dogs pick a fight with a powerful, real dog, and when that dog defends itself the yippy little rat gets hurt and plays victim. Long story short, If you CAN’T train a dog – don’t get one. If you can and are willing to LEARN before getting a dog, you’ll be fine. I rescued a pit mix from the shelter and admittedly had to return him because he was pit/chihuahua and due to the chihuahua and whatever circumstances he came from, he was very aggressive and ultimately untrainable. My pit mix I have now we got when she was 8 weeks old and my neighbors will agree when I tell you she is an angel. So shut up and stop labeling my baby as a killer. People like you are the problem and you’re getting innocent animals killed for no reason.


    ELAINE: Happy to see you explain why so many children are killed by these stupid dogs. And typical of bullies to blame tiny creatures for provoking the pit bulls and their angry, uptight, nasty owners for killing these poor tiny creatures.

  171. Lou

    Tori, dogs can be dangerous. Thats why they are used to guard and protect. They can and have killed. And in the future, dogs will kill people.
    Pits are the most dangerous. This fact is verifiable.

  172. Z

    All of you guys sound stupid and sound like you’ve never owned a pitbull or just repeating stuff you heard from someone. My dad and cousins have had pitbulls for years and no one in our family or neighbors have been injured by one. Yes they are an aggressive breed but how you raise them determines how they’ll act. You guys make it sound like killing is constantly on the mind of a pitbull which is ridiculous.


    ELAINE: When 90% of all humans killed by dogs are killed by pit bulls, this is a warning about what sort of dogs and dog owners one must avoid.

  173. Z

    My friend also owns pitbulls (5) and even when he’s not around i can tell them what to do with no problems. If you raise them right then they’ll act right

  174. emsnews

    And one day they all decide you are dinner. With zero warning to the stupid human who is the main dish.

  175. Lou

    Elaine, you and I recognize that a dog has DNA and a PBs DNA is ’90 % sweet and 10& ‘charging rhino’ and when the 10% dominates, one person found that ‘as the PB attacked the child, even hitting the dog over the head w a shovel didnt dissuade the dog.’

    ANECDOTES ABOUT SWEET PITS MEAN NOTHING. Yahoo news has 100s of silly dog stories. day after day.

  176. Fred

    I have never seen s more biased unfounded misleading diatribe regarding any dog.

    You are ignorant.

  177. Max

    i think the Dig whisperer made a convincing case in support of Pit Bulls. I recently met a Pit Bull owned by people who have common sense. Sweetest dog I’ve ever been around.

    Typically problem dogs are the result of problem owners.

    The Witch hunt on this website is ridiculous and sorely missing perspective and real world insight.

    What’s next? A Devil Dog type-article about lap dogs who turn on their owners.

  178. Jim R

    Fact: Dog pounds and animal shelters everywhere are overflowing with unwanted Pits.

    It is because Pit owners are too stupid to spay and neuter their animals.

    Might not be pleasant but that is the fact.

  179. emsnews

    The ‘dog whisperer’ is a fraud. And he should attend ALL the funerals for people killed by pit bulls especially children and should be sued by all these many families who were fooled into thinking this insanely dangerous dogs are family pets.

  180. emsnews

    And here it happened late last afternoon! A friend of mine nearly lost a grandson to a pit bull adopted from the Humane Society and they were told the dog loved children and the dog tried to EAT the three year old and he nearly died, was in surgery for several hours to save his entire face.

    Damn. DAMN.

  181. emsnews

    I am so very pissed off by this, I am going to try to persuade them to sue everyone especially that stupid Dog Whisperer.

  182. Chad

    This bitch needs to lay off the crack pipe. The best dog I’ve ever owned is a “pit” he’s now almost 4 years old and is an extremely calm & loyal. He’s also a military service dog. There is no such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner!

  183. emsnews

    AND hasn’t killed anyone’s pets or children YET. Great.

    I hope you keep this creature locked up. That way, when the dog wants to eat someone, it will eat you.

  184. Lou

    Elaine, a neighbor had a pit bull. dog seemed nice enough. he said ‘dont get a pit bull from the shelter or rescue, you never know if it was mistreated.’

    DNA [fight bulls]. Nurture– if mistreated, watch out. That people allow pre teens around the dogs is idiotic.

    dog ‘is an extremely calm & loyal’–AND PBs HAVE AN ON SWITCH. 90% PUPPY, 10% CHARGING RINO [once on switch kicks in].

  185. Dave

    Ignorance abounds in ‘EMSNEWS’ – If I had all day to sit around and search the internet for articles and videos supporting my misconceived point of view I could probably pull it off as good as this crap. I would bet I could find a video a day for woodchucks or squirrels or domesticated house cats attacking people, and then I could claim them to be the most dangerous species in the world and declare them awful and subject to immediate slaughter. More humans are killed in 1 day on this planet than those killed by dogs in a year, we should start killing off humans… start with yourself.


    ELAINE: Many thanks, Dave, for illustrating why we must outlaw pit bulls. The owners tend to be rather violent, like you, no? Or are they peaceful and even kindly and worry about harming neighbors, etc? Think about this for one minute.

  186. Dave

    ^More humans are killed in 1 day by other humans*


    ELAINE: and more humans are killed by pit bulls than all other dogs put together and this doesn’t bother you any since you are unable to understand why this is so important. I might suggest the murder rate would go down if all pit bull owners were eliminated, no? Since so many of these owners have some issues with being violent.

  187. emsnews

    Yes, all those stories about those stupid dogs killing children, elderly people, other dogs, each other, their owners is just so much BS to deranged dog owners living in denial.

  188. Dave

    On Sunday night, a 22-pound Himalayan house cat in Oregon became so aggressive that its owners locked themselves — along with their baby and the family dog — in a bedroom and called police.

  189. Dave

    Average Number of Deaths per Year in the U.S

    Bee/Wasp 53
    Dogs 31
    Spider 6.5
    Rattlesnake 5.5
    Mountain lion 1
    Shark 1
    Alligator 0.3
    Bear 0.5
    Scorpion 0.5
    Centipede 0.5
    Elephant 0.25
    Wolf 0.1
    Horse 20
    Bull 3

    Better start hyping the culling of those equine, 2/3 as many deaths attributable to them as ALL dog breeds combined! And watch out for those damn hymenoptera (bees to you) as they obviously take the cake, but if you demand them dead, so too will be you as they are the world’s greatest pollinators…

  190. Christian W

    @ 192

    So what, pit bulls are still by far the most dangerous dog breed. Red Herrings do not swim on this site.

    A red herring is an irrelevant argument attempting to distract from the main argument, in this case that Pits are proven by facts to be the most dangerous dogs. Cats are not Pits.

  191. Dave

    Pit/Pit mix owners are not necessarily violent either Elaine, I happen to be very ‘kindly’ and do much for others. Have you ever directly saved a life, other than by your own figuring by posting this junk to ‘warn others of the danger’? I have, with my Pit/Boxer mix standing right there with me, more than once, and by the way EMSNEWS, my dreaded Pit never once looked at the downed human as ‘a meal’! Idiot

  192. Dave

    I disagree with your logic Christian – It is not a red herring, my point is one breed is being identified as this god-awful species of damnation that should be immediately slaughtered as a whole because there are some bad dogs out there. I contend by your logic that all housecats (as evidenced above), horses (responsible for nearly as many deaths per year as dogs), and humans (given the annual murder rate) should be slaughtered en masse as they fit your argument just as well!

  193. Christian W

    So you don’t see anything wrong with this picture?

  194. emsnews

    You can’t argue with insane people who deny reality. If pit bulls only killed their owners, I would say, ‘Go for it!’

    They do this only about 30% of the time, Usually they attack strangers, neighbors, little babies, other dogs, the post man, etc.

  195. kenogami

    Another woman killed by pitbull 4 days ago in Montreal, Canada

    It is a waste of time arguing with ignorant peoples who do not believe in genes or evolution.

    Pitbulls are the results of more than 500 hundred years of artificial selection by the worst human beings to create killer dogs.

    In the same way, sheep dogs are the results of thousands of years of artificial selection by shepherds to create intelligent, sheep-friendly, human-friendly guard dogs.

    And the differences in behaviour between these two types of dogs are obvious to anyone with a bit of common sense.

  196. emsnews

    And sheep dogs can fight…but they fight wolves which isn’t easy, either. Unlike pit bulls, the sheep dogs fight alongside their human allies and this goes for hunting dogs, too.

  197. Andrew Pillard

    I find this blog slightly mis guided I can find just as many publications about other medium to big size breeds that have caused injury and deaths.. Its not the breed. its a temperament issue I have had many pits threw the years and the only dog that I’ve owned that bit was a territorial yellow lab.. In my opinion it doesn’t matter if u have a 200lb dog or a 20lb one its there temper that makes them dangerous not size or breed

  198. emsnews

    Nearly 90% of all deaths by dog attack involve pit bulls. There are far fewer Rottweilers so they kill fewer but if there were more Rotties, they would equal the kill numbers, they were bred also to bring down bulls but in Germany, not England.

    Breed matters a great deal. If it is sheep, cows, horses or dogs: breeding for characteristics matter a great deal which is why you don’t see draft horses racing, for example.

    I once did a real breeding program: the Killer Rabbit Project. It was simple: I would test every batch of rabbit babies by flicking them with my finger and breeding only the ones that jumped back the least.

    After about 30 generations, I flicked at this rabbit and instead of jumping back, he bit me. I discovered as he grew up, he would CHASE DOGS and I kept him as my guard dog in Tucson.

    He was famous for this and everyone thought it was hilarious to see my rabbit run down the street chasing dogs. I had signs up saying, ‘Beware of the rabbit’ but one day the postman entered the rabbit’s domain and the rabbit bit him!

    The Post Office won an order to put down Killer Rabbit and this made the news in Tucson way back around 1974 or there abouts.

  199. aj

    I managed to read half of this. This is the problem with the internet, any halfwit can throw on their 2 cents. I have never heard such blatant scaremongering, all your information on the breeds have been gathered from sensationalist media stories.

    I have owned nothing but bully breeds. Loyal and loving dogs. The people who turn these dogs violent could just as easily turn a labrador violent.

    Once I met a met a man who had trained a “Lassie” as an extremely efficient hunting dog. The people make the dog and this small minding labelling of entire breeds sickens me. I prey nobody actually absorbs this nonsense.

    P.s. the only dogs I have ever been bitten by are “toy” dogs, never have I felt the teeth of a bully breed.


    ELAINE: the death lists of all kills of children and pets and owners and such by Labradors is so short it is nearly nonexistent. You are delusional, of course. Next, you will say Chichuachuas are extreme killer dogs, too.

  200. aj

    I read some more comments. You people are idiots. One guy claims a tzu can’t bite due to its underbite? Just like the underside standard in the bulldog and boxers this article is berating?

    Another dick person happy a dog attacked somebody just because a celeb dog trainer trained it? A person got injured and a dog probably destroyed. .. and you are happy?you sick sick person.

    The video of a little girl so competent she is pack leader, this little girl will be a future champion trainer, fact, her mother has done a fantastic job. Just because you people buy weak willed dogs that are pre trained by nature, doesn’t mean a person with actual skill can’t achieve the same (or better) results with powerful breeds.

    I hope you people read this. Instead of Google searching “pitbull attack” try any breed of dog followed by “attack”. The internet contains all types of info, not just the stuff you want to find.


    ELAINE: HAHAHA. When I was only a CHILD I had this Arizona Gila Monster, the only poisonous lizard, as my PET. He never bit me. He was exceedingly dangerous. Terminally dangerous but then my pet alligator who never bit me was dangerous, too. The monkey that never bit me was shot dead by the cops when he attacked them after escaping.

    My pet skunk, Spotty the Rocky Mountain Skunk which was my pet when I was only 5 years old, ended up in the Arizona Desert Museum as did my pet Bob Cat which my cat, Snowball, brought home when his mom was killed by hunters, he never clawed me and he ended up at the Desert Museum, too.

    And NONE of these ‘pets’ were SAFE. They were all extremely dangerous. I don’t pretend they were safe. I am stunned, they never attacked me but they were definitely very dangerous.

  201. Lou

    breeding only the ones that jumped back the least.
    I dont quite follow. jumped back the least?

  202. emsnews

    Yes, the less scared they were, the more aggressive. I never expected to produce Killer Rabbit this way, I only wanted rabbits that were not scared. But once the breeding of brave rabbits to brave rabbits suddenly and rapidly ended up creating this monster rabbit who was scared of NOTHING. He was most amazing and made the news due to this.

    I miss him, he was the best watch dog, ever. I knew when someone was sneaking into my back yard by the yells they gave when Killer Rabbit bit the back of their legs. He loved doing this.

  203. Lou

    How many years to breed 30 generations?

    Did you breed the watch dog rabbit?

  204. emsnews

    Rabbits breed frequently.

    Faster than chickens! Much more often than say, horses or humans.

  205. Lou

    1 dog is a pet [maybe] and 2 dogs are a potentially dangerous pack.

    3-Day-Old Baby Killed by Family Dogs in Central California
    ABC News 16 hours ago

    Police in Central California say two family dogs killed a 3-day-old baby after her mother left her on the couch and walked away for a few seconds. Fresno Police Sgt. Dan Macias tells the Fresno Bee ( the girl’s mother had left the door open because it was hot and she thought the dogs were tied up in the back yard.

    The baby died at a hospital shortly after the attack Monday. Macias says the two male dogs, which are believed to be a mix of shar-pei and pit bull are owned by the 33-year-old woman’s brother. He surrendered the dogs to the Central California Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. SPCA spokesman Walter Salvari says the dogs will be euthanized. Macias says …

  206. Angie

    This article is ridiculous. Any dog can kill and as some have pointed out other breeds do in fact do just that. People have been killed by Rottweilers, German shepherds, huskies, Alaskan malamutes, Doberman pinschers, chows, Great Danes, St. Bernards, Akitas and even 4 pound Pomeranians!

    This article is one big stereotype. This entire article is like saying all African Americans or Middle Eastern people are killers. Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians, all kill to. It’s the person, not the race. Are you going to punish all African Americans or Middle Easterns and label them as killers, for what some of a certain race did? Are you going to punish all Pit Bulls or Pit mixes for what some of a certain breed did? This is so ignorant I can’t even stand it.

    You want to point out a few news articles, lets look at some other statistics…While at least 4.5 – 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year, only about 20 to 30 of these bites result in death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Also according to the CDC- Number of emergency department visits for assault: 2.1 million and number of deaths per homicide -Number of deaths: 16,121. Regardless of the exact numbers for every year, one thing is certain, people kill people far more than Pit Bulls kill people.

    People are far more dangerous to people than dogs are to people to start with. Dogs turn on their owners, dogs attack neighbors, how many kids end up attacking and killing their parents? How many neighbors attack and shoot people on their block?

    You said you once had a dog that attacked you, what kind of dog was it? That wasn’t mentioned, my guess is since your whole post is about pits, if it was a pit, you would have made sure to mention that little detail. From what I gather, you haven’t owned a pit. You are pointing out what happened to other people in news articles. What is your first hand experience owning one? If you had in fact owned one, I’m fairly certain your opinion would be drastically different. Pits attacking is the exception not the rule. Let’s take a look at how many people own pits, and how many actually kill someone. I’m not speaking of Ferrell animals who were born on the streets and all they know is to fend for themselves and protect themselves and are afraid of people. That’s the real problem. People who carelessly breed dogs then drop them off in a box in the alley. We can’t blame animals who don’t know anything other than what I said. That’s not a fair judgment. That is like being surprised when a wild lion is running the streets and attacks a human.

    I had a pit/ bull dog mix who passed away this year at the age of 15. He was the most loving, cuddley, sweet and smart dog I have ever met or owned. I could poke, prod, lay on, stick my hand in his mouth.. basically anything I wanted and he was as gentle as can be. I could put the tiniest piece of food in my mouth and let him take it and he would slowly and gently take it. He would definitely protect me if it came down to it, but anyone who walked in the door he would attack with kisses! He slept with my cat, wanted to be by someone at all times to cuddle and love. In fact all he did… LOVE! He loved me, my dad, my cat, my other dog who is a Lab, my friends etc. you get the point.

    AGAIN- LET ME REPEAT MYSELF – This article is one big stereotype. This entire article is like saying all African Americans or Middle Eastern people are killers. Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians, all kill to. It’s the person, not the race. Are you going to punish all African Americans or Middle Easterners and label them as killers, for what some from their race did? Are you going to punish all Pit Bulls or Pit mixes for what some their specific breed did? This is so ignorant I can’t even stand it.

    Do we know the background on all of these “killer” dogs? How their owners treated them? How they were raised? Where they came from? Didn’t one of the articles state a women thought her dogs were chained up in their backyard? That’s a problem.. Dogs shouldn’t be chained in their backyard. They should be free to roam in their homes. They shouldn’t be kept outside and the people who treat their dogs like this, shouldn’t have dogs. The people are the problem. If my parents confined me to my room my whole life, Im sure I would snap the second I got the chance to. There is so much more to this then labeling these breeds as killers.

    I was speaking to my mailman the other day about this and he told me in all of his years of working, he had been bitten 4 times… BY A LAB! He is more afraid of my lab than my pit (oh and by the way, after my boy passed away I got another Pit/ Bulldog mix who is now 6 months old). While my lab acts like she wants to attack my mailman every time he comes to the door, my pit stands there wagging his tail. Most people who fall into this type of thinking that you write about have never owned a pit, they are simply scared about what they have heard and its people like you, who stereotype, that give them a bad name. I have yet to meet someone who has owned a pit to say they are bad dogs or killers. Everyone I have ever spoken to absolutely adores their dog and speaks of nothing but love for them.

  207. Angie

    This is a pretty good article in explaining how the media manipulates what “pits” are considered and why they are put in the top

  208. emsnews

    Pit bull owners are often more dangerous than most dog breeds and most humans. Proof of this abounds.

  209. Angie

    If you have never raised and owned a pit, you have no business judging them. How can you possibly form an opinion of a breed you have never owned!? That’s like me saying all Middle Eastern people are terrorists and should be wiped out, but I’ve never known a Middle Eastern person. Drunk drivers should be banned not pit bulls. I’ve had 2 family members killed by drunk drivers… None by pit bulls. All dogs aren’t perfect, just like all humans aren’t perfect. It is far more than the name pit bull. How dogs are raised, treated, taught, trained, loved, bred, bloodlines etc would have an effect on the animal and if they attacked, not because it’s a Pit. They feel love and pain just as you do. It is the same for humans. I would guess a human who is abused mentally and physically, unloved, uneducated, has a lack of attention, lack of love, who was never taught right from wrong, and/or has genetic dispositions to mental illness (Like bloodlines in dogs) and the product of a terrible environment is far more likely to murder someone than the latter… I trust my dogs with my life. No one that has ever walked through my door has felt uncomfortable or threatened by my dog. I feel far more uncomfortable by a loose German Shepard then a Pit… Because I’ve never owned one but I don’t go around slandering their breed. I was bit in the face by a dog as a child… It was a collie not a pit. I have several friends with pits who have raised their children around them with absolutely no issues!

    And for you to now say pit bull owners are dangerous!? You are even more ignorant than I thought. I am a 35 year old, Educated, married, Professional female who has never been in a physical altercation in my life! I can assure you, no danger here. But I will stick up for those who don’t have a voice because what you are saying is ridiculous and completely unfair to the innocent, loving dogs so many of us have in our families. Just as some humans aren’t perfect and cause harm, some animals (of any breed) do the same. Stop stereotyping breeds. If you have never raised and loved a pit, you are unfortunate because you will never know the true, loving bond and trust that we know. I can assure you, the love and bond between all of my family members with my pit is not even comparable to that with my lab. If my pit ever attacked me, I would certainly not blame the entire breed. Real opinions cannot be formed without first hand experience owning and raising one. Statistics show you are as likely to die by a dog bite as dying by lethal injection, twice more likely to die by a bee, hornet or wasp sting and far more likely to die by choking from inhalation of a hot dog! (1 in 3,375 vs 1 in 116,448) There are far more problems in the world and way more things to be afraid of, like getting shot at work, school, car jacked, terrorism etc then a pit bull.

  210. emsnews

    AND these dogs kill more humans INCLUDING their OWNERS who train them. Over and over and over and over again. Not once and a while but nearly daily.

  211. Angie

    You’re joking right? Daily! WOW I didn’t know there was only 28 days in a year! You obviously didn’t read the statistics on the CDC (that I included in my response). No, not daily sorry to burst you bs bubble. People kill people daily, drunk driving kills people daily, drugs kill people daily, smoking kills people daily, eating poorly kills people everyday.. Pit Bulls do not kill people near daily. It’s clear you have no argument, have no idea what you are talking about. Your rebuttal for everything is the owners are dangerous and the dogs kill people (everyday). You’re wrong. And that’s the end of it, that’s not an intelligent argument or debate. All Pit Bulls are NOT killers. You just argue for the sake of arguing. I’m done wasting my time attempting to educate uneducated closed minded people. I’ve got better things to do, like go cuddle with my Pit Bull!!!!!!!!!

  212. emsnews

    I am stunned at your math skills. So, it isn’t EVERY day a pit kills someone (forget the greater number of small dogs killed by these pit bulls) you talk only about killing, not badly damaging people which is the vast majority of pit bull cases.

    Lots and lots and lots of cases. The killing happen generally when there are more than one pit bull. Multiply these killers and the chances they will attack humans and not just other dogs or cats or whatever.

  213. emsnews

    167 children killed, yes, KILLED by pit bulls since 1990. Because little children are not people attacking someone and thus, the dog defending the home from attackers, these killings are due to the dogs getting out of control and you can bet, the dogs ‘owners’ were trying desperately to get these monsters to stop mauling their children but the dogs ignored them since they were bred to kill bulls in bull rings and have brains bred to grab and hold until the struggling ceases and the creature they are killing is dead.

  214. Angie

    I talk only about killing, because that is what you label them as.. Killers… 167 in the last 26 years? That’s an average of 6 a year. How many kids have been killed by humans in the last 26 years? By bee stings? By choking, drowning etc. Like I said, all dogs aren’t perfect, just as all humans aren’t perfect. People murder everyday, and the sad part is, people know better, they know its wrong, they have the intelligence to make the choice to not murder, yet they do it anyway.

    Every human shouldn’t be labeled as a killer because a percentage of humans beat, harm and kill other people so how can you label an entire breed of dogs as killers because some harm and kill? Do you want to wipe out the entire human race because there are people who kill, beat and injure others? And if you don’t then that’s a little hypocritical don’t you think? How can you not see labeling an entire breed for a small percentage of what some do is ridiculous? Just as dogs are powerful and can kill, doesn’t mean they will, just as humans are powerful and dangerous and can kill doesn’t mean they will. Statistics don’t lie, people are murdered and harmed by people, far more than dogs so if you want to wipe out the most danger to humans, better wipe out the humans….

  215. Lou

    How many kids have been killed by humans in the last 26 years?
    False equivalence.

    Pit bulls kill bc it is in their DNA.

  216. amanda212200

    This is total bullshit. My dog is a boxer/pitbull, and I’ve had her since she was 4 weeks old, and she just turned 4. Shes never attacked anyone, she loves most other animals and loves babies of any kind, as shes a mother herself. Shes always been playful and full of energy. The only harm she would ever cause a human being would be licking them to death. What the hell, dogs arent dangerous, its the cruel monsters that mistreat them. As for male dogs, its been qquite apparent for some time that they are less aggressive after they have been fixed.

  217. pontiff holysh*t

    Another anecdote about a docile female pit. Hint: it’s the males that are the most dangerous, in any mammal.

  218. Angie

    If all pit bulls have killer DNA, there would be a lot more dead people. Don’t you think if that were the case the breed would be gone by now? There’s a reason so many people have pit bulls in their families and it’s the complete opposite of them being killers. If I had not known pits before I got one and had full confidence, I certainly would have never had one. Most of them are lovers. We many never know why some dogs turn or what triggered it just as we will never know why some people turn and are triggered to kill. If they are all killers, I would be dead. I spent 15 years with my dog. He did nothing but love, cuddle and lick me and my entire family like crazy. I watched my 73 year old father cry when my dog passed away. I’ve seen him cry twice in my 35 years. There is a reason he was devastated. He was the best dog and isn’t comparable to any other breed I’ve owned. Yes they are powerful and yes they need attention, love, affection, exercise, training etc, people need to fix their animals, irresponsible people need to not inbreed them, not train them to fight but no, they are not all killers. It is an absolutely fair comparison. You are labeling an entire breed, you are scared and appalled by what you’ve seen on the news just as I am of people getting murdered at school, at my work (yes a woman was shot by her crazy boyfriend at my work), by terrorism. All dogs are not bad, all dogs are not taught and raised to be aggressive and kill just as all people aren’t. You want to separate the two because that is your whole argument. Some kill so they are all killers in your eyes. That is no different than saying some humans kill so we are all killers. You know that sounds ridiculous. Yet, you have no problem saying it about a different species.

  219. emsnews

    The reason everyone isn’t dead yet is due to 90% of the dogs turned over to the Humane (sic) Society and others are killed because no sane person wants to adopt them. And there are virtually no other dogs up for adoption in those places.

    And a LOT of these unwanted and then killed pits are dogs that bit someone. Then the family gives it up. And it doesn’t make the news.

  220. Angie

    That is a complete speculation and you state it as a fact. How can you be so closed minded!? Now all the dogs in the shelters have bitten people? Come on. Number one, all dogs brought into a shelter are given temperament tests before they are put up for adoption. Number 2, most dogs are homeless because the owners think puppies are cute, then realize they are a full time responsibility like a child and they don’t have the time or financial ability to care for them, they move to a place that doesn’t allow animals (which is irresponsible as you have a commitment to the animal when you brought it home) or they never bothered to fix their animal and then there are puppies everywhere. They leave animals to fend for themselves. I truly can’t belive the things that come out of your mouth. You have some very misguided and twisted information. I’m curious as to how you came to the conclusion that most shelter dogs bit someone so that’s why they are there? Oh that’s right, you’re against shelters because they advocate for pit bulls too which is what you are against. That is completely made up and zero facts support that. This is all your opinion which you have your right to. However I base my opinions on first hand experience, knowledge and statistics. You should spend some time with a pit bull, then come back and let us know how horrible the dog was, until then, you’re truly not qualified to make judgement and certainly shouldn’t be putting misinformation out there. You shouldn’t twist personal opinions trying to pass them off as facts, that’s irresponsible. It seems to me you are too close minded and scared by the small percentage than open minded and optimistic about the larger percentage of pits who do not bite and are not aggressive. I would trust my life with my pit over a man with a gun any day. Both can kill, one is much much less likely. Around 30 people killed by all dogs last year… Over 100,000 people murdered by other people… I don’t see how with all of the facts in your face you can still try to justify labeling an entire breed, disrespecting, labeling and putting down pit bull owners and disgustingly saying they should all be put down. It’s sickening. If your way of thinking is a very small percentage do this so they all do this, then stand by your beliefs across the board with every species… Including humans. Just because you don’t like pit bulls (for reasons still unknown unless you don’t like people, bees, Sharks, snakes, spiders etc- any species that kills a human) doesn’t mean it’s okay to slander and label them when you have never even owned one.

  221. Angie

    Please do some research before making assumptions. (the reason everyone isn’t dead yet.. I mean really, just reread that again, you really take yourself seriously with statements like that?) Pit bulls do not make up 90 % of the shelter population… and if you know anything about animals in shelters … one word.. over population. Every site I have pulled states around 35% up to 50%.. For one, for two, Statistics say In 2012, a total of about 78 million dogs lived in households in the United States as pets. That’s owned in their homes not shelters! it’s estimated that pit bulls make up 5 to 10% of that population. I’ll give you the benefit and go for the low side, let’s say on the low end they only make up 5% of the population. That is about 4 million pit bulls in households… Now the same year, 2012, 23 pit bulls caused fatalities….in the entire United States. 23 of 4 million… is an extremely low number. So please stop going around staying all pit bulls are killers. It’s just wrong, its misinformation, its disgusting and frankly, it is completely untrue and every fact in the world supports that. You can’t deny or argue with the facts. You don’t have to like them, but who are you to judge, claim, stereotype and heartlessly state an entire breed should be killed. You can continue to make up assumptions to try to support your case, but they have no merit and no basis. I’m sure you will continue to do so as that’s all I’ve read over and over… as I will continue to love and cherish my former and current pit. It’s unfortunate people can be so naïve even with facts and statistics.

  222. emsnews

    Odd how hysterical pit bull bullies are here. Can’t breathe without panting.

  223. Lou

    Elaine, 2012, 23 pit bulls caused fatalities….in the entire United States.
    23 people dead because of pit bulls in one freakin year.
    23 dead.

    I thought kills by Pb were 10 a year, or less.

    Can’t breathe without panting.–funny–the dogs n their owners?

  224. Angie

    You must not know the meaning of the word bully… that is what you are. I’m defending, and there isn’t anything hysterical about it. 23 out of 4 million is minuscule. This article is labeling an entire breed killers when in actuality a very very small percent have ever killed human. Why bully one species, one breed? A much higher percentage of humans kill humans, that must be okay with you… unless of course you are willing to call all humans killers and say they should all be killed. What’s the difference? Humans are far more dangerous than pit bulls. It makes no sense. Have you ever bothered to research the good pit bulls do? I didn’t think so. You’re article shows a few stories of pit bulls killing people, why not post a few of them SAVING people’s lives? Oh, that would throw your whole point out the door thats. Why.

    Here’s a few from the article so everyone can see..

    Lefty Took a Bullet For Her Owner

    When an intruder fired a shotgun at Lefty’s owner, the pit bull jumped in the way and took a bullet for him. The dog suffered extreme injuries on her shoulder and her leg, which had to be amputated. Lefty’s heroic move was recognized by a large Facebook community: Supporters helped the family cover 100 percent of the medical costs of Lefty’s surgery, and she’s now “trotting around like she’s been a 3-legged dog her entire life,” the Atlantic Animal Hospital shared on their Facebook

    Baby rescued a family and its dogs from a house fire

    “There were flames shooting down the hallway,” Rhonda Westenberger told KOCO in February 2013. “If Baby hadn’t woken Evelyn up, I don’t think either one of us would have come out of it.”

    Baby barked and pounced on Westenberger and her sister, Evelyn, alerting them of the smoke filling their Oklahoma home. After the people were taken care of, Baby went back for the five other dogs trapped in the home. According to a family member, one of the dogs was hiding underneath the bed. Baby dragged the dog by the neck outside to safety.

    Pit Bull Named Creature saved an 89-year-old woman with dementia.

    Creature and her owner, Cara Jones, were out on their routine nightly walk when Creature did something out of the ordinary: She bolted from her usual spot to find Carmen Mitchell, an elderly New Jersey woman who suffers from dementia, CBS reported. Mitchell had separated from her caretaker and lost her way for about eight hours. She was discovered about half a mile from her home, without a coat or shoes. Without Creature’s keen sense of smell and unrelenting drive, Mitchell may have been lost for much longer.

    TaterTot saved a 4-year-old boy from a blood sugar crash.

    On his fourth day as a foster dog, TaterTot the pit bull saved Christi Smith’s four-year-old son’s life. The pup barked and whimpered in the middle of the night as he paced between Smith and her son Peyton’s room in Minneapolis. When Smith check on Peyton, she found him incoherent and barely breathing. At the emergency room, doctors found his blood sugar levels had crashed dangerously. Veterinarian Isis Sanchez told KMSP-TV that TaterTot’s sharp sense of smell helped him sense Peyton’s shift in body chemistry.

    TaterTot’s smart move earned him a permanent home with the family: “I am never going to let this dog go,” foster mom-turned-permanent-mom told the Pioneer Press. “I owe him for the rest of his life.”

    Mercey protected his owner from a violent home invasion.

    Four-year-old Mercey jumped in front of her owner in Edmonton, Alberta when four males broke into their apartment and attacked with a machete. CTV News reports the dog suffered from life-threatening injuries after the attack, and local police officers pitched in to help cover the costs. Read more about the story here.

    Major dialed 911 when his owner was having a seizure.

    Ohio resident Terry McGlade is a military vet who suffers from seizure disorder and PTSD after being targeted by a roadside bomb while serving in Afghanistan. His service pit Major is trained to recognize signs of his problems. Sure enough, when he collapsed from a seizure, Major pulled McGlade’s phone from his pocket and pawed the screen — which is set up to automatically dial 911 — until it called the police. The emergency responders say they didn’t hear anything on the other line, but sent help to McGlade’s home to check the scene. When the police arrived, Major was waiting in McGlade’s front yard, and brought them to the back where his owner lay unconscious.

    “I probably would have been in severe trouble if he wouldn’t have called,” McGlade told Ohio’s ABC6. “Right now, he is my world because he is an extension to my body. I don’t think I could operate in the everyday world without him right now.”

    Lilly saved her owner from getting hit by a freight train.

    One late evening in May 2012, a freight train conductor riding in Shirley, Massachusetts saw the silhouette of a person and a dog on the tracks ahead. He radioed for the train to stop, but could tell there wasn’t going to be enough time. Christine Spain had tripped on the tracks while walking her dog, Lilly, and fell unconscious. The conductor saw that the silhouette was moving — Lilly was attempting to pull her immobilized owner off the tracks. As the train passed over the pair, the conductor claims to have felt a thump. When he was able to safely exit the train, he found Spain unscathed; Lilly had covered her owner and took the hit for her.

    While waiting for emergency services, Lilly continued to watch over Spain, though the dog herself was suffering from extreme injuries, including to her front right leg, which had to be amputated in surgery.

    These killers as you call them saved these people and other animals lives. You can go to the article and read about all 16 Pit Bulls that were featured. You should research all sides before casting judgement.

  225. Angie

    Oh and there are at least hundreds more of these stories, if not thousands (don’t have enough time to read all of the news articles) but you should take a look for yourself. You took the time to pull and read the other articles, isn’t it only fair to research and read the news articles all over the internet about pit bulls saving lives too?

  226. emsnews

    Dogs that do not kill humans especially children do ALL those things all the time and the best for doing rescues are hunters and herding dogs, not pit bulls.

  227. Angie

    Wow. That is another speculation and not a fact. All dogs that don’t kill humans do those things all the time? No… that is not a fact. Labs have killed people, chow chows have killed people, Akitas have killed people, husky’s have killed 26 people, German Shepards have killed 15 people etc etc OH and YES english mastiffs have killed people. didnt you say you owned one? I’m curious on if you believe they are all killers too?

    WOOD RIVER, IL (KTVI) – According to neighbors the child was brought to Children’s Hospital after a vicious dog attack. The chaotic scene left the family shaken and the family dog shot dead.

    Wood River police have confirmed that an officer’s 5-year-old son was attacked by the family dog, a 120 pound 18-month-old English Mastiff. The attack happened on Wednesday at around 3:30 pm on Grand Avenue.

    Police say the 5-year-old; 40 pound child was playing with the new dog in the backyard when his mother heard a scream and found him unconscious and bleeding on the ground. Three officers arrived on the scene cornered the dog and put the dog down. A dog neighbors say never showed any signs aggression.

    Attacked by a LAB and pit bull saved her

    another story – attacked by a LAB

    Boy, three, left with horrific facial injuries as Labrador savages him while his mother strokes puppy

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Updated: 05:54 EST, 16 June 2011

    Mother calls for dog to be destroyed as police investigate incident
    Dog leapt on Logan Trim as his mother stroked a puppy

    A three-year-old boy could be scarred for life after he was savaged by a dog during a family picnic.

    Logan Trim was left with horrific facial injuries when he was mauled by the black Labrador in a park at Poole Harbour, Dorset.

    The attack was especially shocking as Labradors are known for having an excellent temperament and are friendly around children and other dogs, according to experts.

    We aren’t talking about doing rescues and who is best. We are talking about dogs that saved their humans and other animals lives, just because!. There was one dog in the list that was a service dog, the rest of these dogs weren’t trained to take a bullet, to take stab wounds, to take a machete, to chase off a kidnapper, to jump on top of their owner to save them from a freight train, to sense a child was unconscious because their blood sugar dropped. They saved these children and adults because of their instinct, their loyalty and their love.

    With those stories, and the countless others on the internet, with the comments people have left here including my 15 years with my pit with no bites or attacks, with the statistics that out of 4 million 23 have killed (in one year, its actually much smaller on a 30 year period), you can still honestly sit there and say all Pit Bulls are killers?

  228. Angie

    Interesting report… “A study completed by the University of Pennsylvania’s Veterinary School published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science found that the most “aggressive” dog breeds were the Dachshund, Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier, Akita, Australian Cattle Dog, Pit Bull Terrier, Beagle, English Springer Spaniel, Border Collie, and German Shepherd. Thus, the Pit Bull was behind 5 other breeds and the Rottweiler was not in the top ten. Lastly, to use a comparison, although the death of as many as 34 Americans per year is tragic, the CDC publishes that firearms kill over 30,000 Americans per year!”

  229. pontiff holysh*t

    It’s the nature of the attacking style that makes pit bulls so dangerous, not just a proclivity for aggressiveness.

  230. pontiff holysh*t

    Think about it: for example Chihuahuas are higher on that list. So what?

  231. Angie

    You are right so what.. Does that mean all chiwauaus are dangerous? No. Because over 16,000 people were murdered in the United States last year (not including people that were injured by others) does that mean all people are dangerous and murderers just because they can do harm if they want to? No. Because 30 people where killed by a pit bull out of 4 million that were living in homes in one year does that make all pit bulls killers? No. That is what I am defending. That is a complete sterotype. What about all of the pit bulls that save their owners, children and other people’s lives? What about all of the pit bulls who live their whole lives without attacking and killing? Is it fair to label them all because of an insanely small amount given the number of pit bulls that don’t attack or kill? No.

  232. emsnews

    So you love having a creature with the reputation it murders THE HOME FAMILY? That is pathetic but then some women love brutal killer thug boyfriends, too and make the news, too.

  233. Angie

    Number one.. They are not creatures. They are dogs. You have nothing to say in response to every question or point I’ve made, you just respond back with nonsense or a put down.

    Reputation huh- the definition of a reputation is “the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.”. Beliefs and OPINIONS. Notice it doesn’t say facts? All of this is your opinion. Every person in the world doesn’t share your opinion. You have stated so many false things. You have never even owned and raised a pit bull. No one is debating they haven’t killed on rarity. But all pit bulls are NOT killers, all pit bulls do NOT attack and there is zero proof to show otherwise, because it’s simply untrue.

    Do you think all farmers, or people who live on farms are pathetic? Pit Bulls kill an average of 23 people a year.. Cows kill an average of 20 people a year. “but then some women love brutal killer thug boyfriends” You can’t be serious with that comment. Let me take a wild guess, based on your words and way of thinking… You would be scared to be around a group of African American males you didn’t know wouldn’t you? You know, because some are on the news for killing people. Or a group of Muslims for the same reason? You speak of pit bulls as “having a reputation to murder”.. So what do you think of people then? Humans have a far bigger reputation to murder than dogs. Is everyone pathetic for living with other people? People have a far worse reputation to attack and kill their family and others…than pit bulls do

    Are you scared when you are sitting on your porch or walking down the street and a lose mosquito goes flying by? You should be… Mosquitos kill 725,000 people per year! And in 2012 alone (the same year that 23 pit bulls caused deaths) 286 deaths were cause just by west nile in the united states from a mosquito bite, not even any other diseases they can carry.
    I’m far more scared of being bit by a mosquito and catching one of their deadly diseases as the chances are much higher than being killed by a pit bull. Some people are more afraid of a breed of animal that kills an average of 20 people per year than bugs that are everywhere! Cows kill an average of 20 people per year, mostly by kicking people! Does that make them all killers? Ants kill an average of 30 people per year.

    You have never even owned or raised one! You know the statistics (23 out of 4 million a year), good articles and several comments defending the animal speak the truth. You can’t argue with it, they are facts, not opinions. I have pointed out several facts. Bees kill more people than dogs. You just want to bully one breed. You owned a breed of dog that has killed people yourself. With all that has been said, if you had any brain, you would see stating all pit bulls as killers is completely untrue and wrong. You, me and everyone else in the world has the ability to kill if they want, if they snap, if they feel threatened… Some people even do, and quite a lot of people actually.. but that doesn’t mean we all will and that doesn’t mean we are all killers. I don’t know how you can actually sit there with all of the facts and still try and stick by that stereotype or by going a step further and calling all pit bull owners dangerous (another stereotype) and insane (didn’t you say you owned a bob cat?), but I do know that we will continue to own, raise, defend and love our pit bulls. You’ve never owned or raised one, have no knowledge of them, other than certain articles you choose to read instead of researching and being open to both sides. Almost everything in this world is dangerous.

    Almost everything in this world has the ability to kill, almost every species has killed. However, just because a small percent of certain species or breed does kill, does not make an entire species or breed killers. The most dangerous thing in peoples households to humans are other humans. . You know you shouldn’t label them all as killers because it’s simply not true, but you do anyways.

    Your stereotyping, put downs and false information really has no effect on me. I have a beautiful, loving, sweet boy sleeping next to me and I will protect him as I did my other incredible dog until he dies in my arms. There is a reason so many people own and love them, but you will never understand or accept it, because you don’t want to.

  234. Lou

    Connecticut or Mass? Mr Cestodio.

    Investigators began looking at the property last week when a man reported two Rottweilers attacked and killed 15 of his goats.

    Police say the landowner, 82-year-old Richard Medeiros, rented out plots of land for people to keep their animals which included horses, goats, pigs, dogs and cats. But many of the animals were horribly abused, given no food or water, chained up, some in crates with no ventilation.

    Donna Lambert of Westport Animal Control said, “what’s going through my mind is what is going through these people’s minds. This is totally unacceptable.”

  235. J

    I’ve been around all types of dogs and own a boxer pit (bullboxer) and have never had a problem with a pit I think that this is just your personal opinion on pits and you are the reason why the poison and hatred for this breed continues still you are a pice of s**t

  236. emsnews

    Who on earth wants a dog that kills family members as a guard dog? On the other hand…Darwin award time here.

  237. Lou

    A pack of dogs killed a child on Navajo land, according to Yahoo.

  238. Greg

    You are a ignorant idiot and with your lack of knowledge will probably get bitten by any animal around you and I hope you do

  239. emsnews

    I rest my case. Pit bull dog owners are violent and antisocial, themselves and mirror their choice in dogs.

  240. Lou

    Pit bulls have 2 sides to their personality. Loyal and quiet.
    Then the kill switch—they are silent charging killers.
    24 kills in a year.
    EMS knows a great deal about dog psychology.

  241. Angie

    Lou- So do people.. over 16,000 kills in a year what’s your point? 24 pit bulls out of millions is a very small number. Have you ever owned and raised one? No.. so what are your opinions based off of? News articles? Hmm.. Im curious as to what you think about all of the lives pit bulls save? Look up those news articles and until you own one, you shouldn’t go around slandering a breed you know nothing about. Its irresponsible. EMS- And really? “Pit bull dog owners are violent and antisocial, themselves and mirror their choice in dogs.” Where do you come up with this stuff? You said you owned an alligator and a bob cat. What does that say about you then about your animal choices? Those aren’t exactly safe nor are they pets, nor should they be kept in captivity or be “tamed”… You call us insane and dangerous? Who are you to pass judgement on anyone else for any reason for starters and especially with the animals you have “owned” or raised or tamed or whatever it is you did with them?

  242. Lou

    24 pit bulls out of millions is a very small number. –NO!
    Not compared to other medium and large breeds, Rotts and Mastiffs excepted.
    Ever hear of a retriever killing a child? Me neither.

  243. Angie

    Actually yes I have heard of a retriever killing a child. Several actually, I included some in my above posts that you didn’t read along with labs and other dogs. You can google it and find plenty of articles of retrievers killing kids

  244. emsnews

    There is no saving of people who want to commit suicide or be disfigured or don’t care if they kill all their neighbor’s pets, etc. They are inhuman and utterly disinterested in the horrors they do to everyone around themselves.

    We call such people ‘psychopaths’.

  245. Paul

    For 60 or 70 years this breed was the most popular breed in america. Only idiots like you that post a few incidents give this dog a bad name. How many labs have bit people..mastifs…german shepards etc…but nobody runs to report about those breeds. This is so unfortunate. All dogs have wolf behavior even the toy breeds..of which btw ive been bitten by myself the most. Are dogs dangerous yes of course..its the people usually that should be blamed for any dog i cant tell you how many people dont train thier animals. They let them go wild and then an accident happens. They think teaching a dog to sit is all they need. Im the owner of a bullboxer and she is a very sweet dog.

  246. Angie

    Yeah you’re right, I don’t care if I get disfigured or die and I don’t care if my dog kills all my neighbors pets. I’m disinterested in the horrors we do to everyone around us. You are the one who sounds like a psychopath. Listen to yourself! that is the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard. I have lived with pitbulls for over 20 years and have never been bit, never had them bite anyone or another animal. I have raised pits from birth until their death at 15 years old without incident. There is no saving closed minded people who refuse to believe the facts and just try to argue to argue. There is no saving people who only look at one side even though though the otherside clearly outweighs the side they are on. All animals and humans can be dangerous, anything can kill or injure, but they all won’t and they all don’t. There are far more pitbulls who are loving, sweet and great dogs than those that aren’t. There are far more pitbulls that save their owners and others lives than those that harm. You have no facts to call them all killers just as you have no facts to call all pit owners dangerous psychopaths, because it’s untrue and that’s the end of it, you’re wrong.

  247. emsnews

    Foaming at the mouth is a sign of rabies.

  248. Angie

    Are you 10 years old? Sounds like it. You don’t have anything to say because you know I’m right so that’s what you come up with? Is that supposed to be a put down? It’s the second dumbest thing you’ve said.. you’re not going to stop any of us from owning and loving our pit bulls with your ignorance and lies and putting down of a breed you’ve never owned an know nothing about so… Save your breath. Do us all a favor, either speak of something you have raised and owned or raise and own a pit then come back in 15 years and tell us how terrible they are and how they are all killers, until then you have no idea what your talking about and should stop slandering a breed from a few second hand accounts.

  249. R

    This is clearly an article written by yet another person who clearly has no idea about what they are talking about. All i have to say to all these people spewing ridiculous misinformation about the bully breeds is: go look at the real stats. You will see that your “friendly” labrador and collie breeds most likely are largely way ahead on the bite incident scale. Do some real research and find out the prehistoric thinking behind the fear of the bully breeds before making the wrong decision.

  250. Lou

    R—‘bite incident scale’. Thats not what Ms EMS and I are discussing.
    And Elaine knows a GREAT deal about canine behavior.
    So DONT be so quick to dismiss her [and my] opinion.

    bite incident scale. —no, we are talking KILLS. 24 in a year in USA alone.

    Tell a maimed child that ‘all pit bulls are sweet and safe’ when said child was attacked by a PB, but child survived.

  251. emsnews

    Tiny lap dogs nip people all the time. Kill rate: zero.

  252. Lou

    Elaine, [#255], sadly that is not 100% true.
    In LA area, a pommie killed a baby.
    It jumped up on the bed and bit the babys neck. Baby bled to death.
    NEVER leave a child alone with a dog, even a lap dog.

  253. I see the site is still full of a bunch of Lame Stream Media scaredy cat conserva-tards and Lib-tards trying trying to take talking points of unfounded corporate run media bought and paid for by a Government who’s main practice in keeping people in fear from things that don’t exist while they still believe “this is the Government and they’re here to help”. Just 90% of morons who never had a pit out of illogical fear trying to say they know everything about them because the same people who smile while reporting a plane crash tell them to fear the evil dog and feel sorry for the abusive owners who neglected them and beat the crap out of them every day to protect the junk yard with no remorse.

    See what’s funny is you all love your Dobermans, hell even cos use them. Only thing is as good of dogs as they are they are also the same dogs that have a disease that isn’t that un-coomon where their brain swells in their heads and they act like they have rabies minus the foaming of the mouth. Just under Pitbull the top 10 list are…

    2. Rottweilers
    3.German shepherds
    5.Wolf hybrids
    7.Doberman pinschers
    9.Saint Bernards
    10.Great Danes

    The top 3 are the most common dogs in the dog fighting breed being neglected and abused or just used as guard dogs and mostly being treated about the same but wait some thing is missing, what about labs? They are the most common dog fighting mix for Pitbuills to get their size but yet some how they aren’t also on the list? The fact is as well most pitbulls in peoples possession are rescue dogs taken from these very life styles that can easily turn any dog bad enough to turn on it’s owner where you have to watch any rescue dog from these situations very closely anyway because you never know what can remind them of their past life and that isn’t the dogs fault, it’s the fault of the owner for not being more careful. What about Great Danes and Saint Bernard’s who if you ask anyone on the street are one of the nicest dogs you could ever have, Saint Bernard’s are really known for being fat dopey but extremely friendly dogs so why is it even on the list at all?? Chows are notoriously confused of being racist because different races of people put off different odders so once they get used to the odder of one race any other odder is so strong it pisses them off. Huskies and Malamutes are almost never reported to being involved in a dog bite by the media, nor are they ever known for being fighting dogs. Anyone who seems one never seems to be in fear yet they stand at #4 and #6. Rottweilers again are also used among the top “Junk yard dog” home protection device’s. Often neglected and often abused The #3 (Pitbulls emitted from top position) position is the German shepherd. Most commonly known as a police dog for the police Dept.’s use in battle ready and odder detection outfitting. You want to see a dangerous dog? Get one of them in it’s first 9 to 12 months of bonding with their “Partner” the police officer. That is the most important phase in a police dogs training and it is started with in the first 3 weeks of their birth. If some thing happens to their “partner” with in the first 5 months that dog has no idea what to do and anyone that get’s the dog in that state with out any form of therapeutic help and chances are that “good guy” of the police force will be the biggest killer you ever seen of including it’s new owner just out of fear alone. Rottweilers and Sheppard’s are also the most trained for home protection by those that don’t just neglect and abuse the animals where pitbulls are most commonly known to have no training at all but instead to be abused making them the most aggressive due to the common relationship between the owner and the animal as to being protective but only hateful once again due to the owner and yet even the more common trained instead of abused dogs are still following just behind the one most commonly abused making the Rottweiler and the Shepherd more likely to attack with out notice as to where the more commonly abused dog you should already expect it to be nothing more than an attack dog.

    Yet common knowledge and logic still escapes the minds of these people on this page that think they know it all because of an article written by people who’s #1 priority is to make money off the animals they have put to sleep by the state while the hospitals make more money by the victims and the state it’s self makes more money off of the fines and Federal grants from the Jail time given to the owners even if they don’t have an aggressive dog in any way except it’s name. YET everyone wants to forgive Micheal Vic for being one of the POS’s out there that continues this fear mongering about certain breeds of dogs just because he makes millions throwing a football around so let’s just forget about the 50 Pitbulls they pulled out of Bad Newz Kennels he was keeping them stored in. The fact is it’s owners like him that should be put down, the dog is the victim. These articles never give all the facts for financial reasons and the only ones that refuse to support facts are the ones making that accusation on this panel because you don’t care to hear the facts about the history of these animals and how they are used all you want is to satisfy your boogie man.

    This list is from a Statistic conducted in Live science. Another half way fact sheet who uses political style word manipulation as to say the facts are myths about animal treatment by their current or past owners while never mentioning the treatment of the individual animals to say the proof is in the numbers of attacks perpetuated by these animals being the only answer to make you forget you questioned the treatment of the animal at all.

    In fact if you had any smarts at all you would look things like this up. Sharif Ken Sullivan who is a Rankin County animal cruelty investigator in Mississippi states himself the real reason Pitbulls are so commonly used is due to the loyalty Pitbulls have to their owner. But what’s he know? He just makes his living investigating abused Pitbulls along wit other animals so why listen to him anyway? You guys never owned a pitbull in your life, the Gods of the Main Stream Media is there to keep Satan away from you. People who actually have been around the animals must just be stupid right?

  254. Angie

    Thank you Lou, you said exactly what I was going to say about the Pom killing a baby. Instead of just agreeing, you did the research and spoke a fact. The problem is EMS just spews out misinformation that Is not true like they are facts. Millions of people own pit bulls with no problems who are very sweet and loving dogs and yes, unfortunately a very small number of pits cause fatalities. But labeling an entire breed By what the smaller percentage does is horrible, ridiculous and totally unfair. It is awful that anyone be killed by any animal. It’s awful that 24 people a year lose their lives to a pit, it is also awful that 20 people a year are killed by cows. Does that mean they are all killers? i mean come on this is common sense here. Don’t blame the dogs, blame the people. The people who physically and mentally abuse them, who train them to fight, who starve them, who breed them and then don’t care for them and leave them on the streets to fend for themselves, who don’t give them affection, love, attention, exercise and don’t train or socialize them, who chain them up in their yards day and night throughly smoldering summers and bitter winters.. And so on. They are the problem, not the breed of a dog. And those people are disgusting and should not be allowed to own a dog period. If it were true that all pitbulls were killers and that’s their DNA, 4 million people wouldn’t own them and there would certainly be thousands or millions more deaths every year. But that’s not the case, because it’s not true.

  255. Lou

    Not all pit bulls are dangerous. But unlike most other breeds, PBs have a very high pain threshold.
    One report is of a person trying to get a PB off someone the PB had attacked.
    Even hitting PB on its head with a shovel did not get dog to let go of its human victim.

    and —The problem is that recently laws have been passed to outlaw euthanizing excess animals. In the past the local SPCA would just kill off the dogs and cats that they couldn’t accommodate.
    Well they stopped that and now they have a surplus of pit bulls. They call them by other names like Staffordshire Terrier – but they are still pit bulls. The surplus of pit bulls come from the mostly Latino gangs in Oakland. The gang members like to walk with a pit bull on a leash. But if the gang member’s dog loses in its fights they dump it. Also females that are too old to breed are dumped.

    The result is that the pound has mostly half trained fighting dogs available for adoption by the public. And of course the public wants nothing to do with these dangerous dogs.
    Race and skin color—- They, the public doesn’t want black dogs.
    The last paper Philippe Rushton published was on this phenomenon. No one wants a black dog. This isn’t just a local phenomenon. Dog breeders when they try to breed a gentle sweet dog like a cocker Spaniel inadvertently end up with a pie bald coat. Pie Bald is the same term behind the term ‘Bald Eagle’ The Pie Bald eagle is the one with the white head. The Pie Bald dog is the one with white patches and brown spots. Such dogs are friendly and sweet.

    People don’t adopt all black dogs because they have less favorable temperaments. Ruston pointed out that this phenomenon is true of all mammals, all birds, all fish and even insects. A dark or black skin (integument) is associated with a violent and aggressive nature. This is apparently caused by something on the biosynthetic pathway to melanin.

  256. Angie

    Yes I hear you, I don’t know about the laws you are speaking of, I wish there were more no kill shelters but as far as I know, there are way more kill shelters than those that don’t. But as you pointed out, the problem is the people that train and breed them to fight. Most of the humane societies and shelters do temperament tests before putting dogs up for adoption and those that are deemed unfit are put down, but of course they can only do so much. If an innocent animal is beaten and trained to fight, could it be rehabilitated? Maybe, but there are not enough qualified people in the world to rehab every dog. But again- the problem is those people. Yes there are laws in place against dog fighting and animal cruelty and abuse, but there needs to be stricter laws and much better enforcement of them. The answer isn’t to stop owning pit bulls, the answer is to stop these a-holes from abusing and fighting these dogs. No pit bull wants to fight just to fight. They back them into a corner and make them fight. It’s beyond disgusting and so unfortunate. If all they are ever taught and all they know is abuse and fighting, then of course they have a much higher chance of being aggressive as all they ever know of humans is to feel threatened and protect themselves. Just as humans who are neglected, beaten and abused have a much higher chance of snapping and murdering than those who are raised and treated with love, care, affection and who are taught how to behave. Just as people aren’t born bad, (maybe with the exception of mental illness) neither are dogs.

  257. Sutherland

    It is clear that you have never owned a pit before. I have two well behaved, gentle pits both of which we rescued from a shelter. Neither has ever hurt a human or animal. Without correct training any dog would be a safety concern. As long as the owner is not a knuckle head they will train these dogs to behave correctly and will not put their dogs in positions that cause them to have fear to the point that they feel the need to protect themselves and their owners.

    My wife an I get so annoyed by rampages like this article that spread the lies that these dogs are “destined to kill.”
    Bottom line, if you aren’t capable of understanding how to handle a breed like this or are too lazy to give them the proper care, then go get yourself a shih tzu so that when your dog bits someone’s ankle they laugh about it rather than call the police.

    Avoid reacting to things you don’t understand and place the blame where it belongs, incompitent or careless owners.

  258. Joe

    Fact checking this “blog” was fun. This lady is inaccurate. Aside from the “bulldog is stubborn.” Stubborn is a killing tactic?! Come on, really?! Ive had 5 bulldogs from different breeders. They are stubborn from moving of the couch. My family has alot of dogs over the years. None have been as enjoyable as our Bullies. My uncle rescued a Pitbull as a pup. He came from a lady who had a child care center in home. One of the happiest, loving dogs Ive ever met. The fact you criticized dog training from the beginning shows how inept you are. Proper training and relationship is essential to a maintained, happy dog. Maybe you are just unfit to be a dog owner?

  259. emsnews

    HAHAHA. I dare you (I train dogs and horses and oxen) to have your pit bull bite you and then try to get him to stop biting you via voice command. Not whacking it on the snout with a tire iron. By voice.

  260. Lou

    Not whacking it on the snout with a tire iron. You and I both know that once a PBs ‘kill switch’ is ON, hitting it w a shovel has nt worked.
    PBs are efficient killers, once the kill switch is on.

  261. Greg

    Joes comments (262) are on point.

    Proper training, pack role order establishment and a trusting relationship determine a dog’s behavior. Not their breed.

    Your dislike for a recognizable and trusted name in dog training coupled with your own lack of fame doesn’t say much for your confidence to let your ideas stand on their own merit.

    This is not too surprising because your BSL centric 1990s television division driven ideas on breeds determining behaviors are pathetic.

    Stick to cats…

  262. Lou

    Proper training, pack role order establishment and a trusting relationship determine a dog’s behavior. Not their breed.

    PitBulls have that mollosoid? jaw.

  263. Angie

    You are going on the assumption that all pitbulls “kill switch” as you call it, are going to go off and they are going to turn on people. That’s not the case, if it were millions of people would be dead a year not 20, the Same amount that are killed by cows. What’s insane is that you are trying to defend all of your misinformation. There are two people, who have never owned a pitbull making assumptions and everyone else who have owned pitbulls defending them. Because we have owned them so we have the proper knowledge and experience to speak on it. You don’t even say facts half the time, you just say make stuff up to so you have something to support what you want to be true.

    Lou- You mentioned before you never heard of a retriever killing someone and I added a link proving otherwise, here it is again incase you forgot

    Actually yes I have heard of a retriever killing a child. Several actually, I included some in my above posts that you didn’t read along with labs and other dogs. You can google it and find plenty of articles of retrievers killing kids

  264. Melponeme_k


    Did you read the original article. The one where they included a picture of the dog?


    It has the telltale wide skull and the stocky build. But like all faux liberals you have to lie about the dog’s origins.

    ALL shelter dogs are either Pit Bulls or mixes. And the Shelters LIE,LIE,LIE about the mixes. Obviously if they put Pit Bull mix, no one in their right minds would adopt it. But they foist dangerous dogs on innocent families by calling them retriever mixes, Collie mixes etc. All these shelters should be sued out of existence.

    A strict, shelter kill policy should be instituted as it was in the past for PUBLIC shelters. ALL shelters must be truthful if they even suspect that mixes have Pitbull in them and MUST state it clearly in their information on the dog. Yes, it is horrible that stray dogs pay for human sins. However they should not be allowed to endanger the public health nor be a drain on the public dime for their upkeep.

    Any non-profit shelter that wants to keep these dogs alive have to do it on their own dime. They’ll soon see bankruptcy when no one wants their dangerous dogs.

  265. Alia

    It’s not the dogs, it’s the irresponsible people.I’ve owned pits and now own a boxer pit mix and never had problems with aggression towards people. NEVER.

  266. emsnews

    The pit bulls don’t have a 100% kill rate…but as a ‘breed’ they greatly, horrifically outnumber all dog bite deaths (I include many of them killing other, much smaller dogs).

  267. Lou

    ALL shelter dogs are either Pit Bulls or mixes.
    Actually I hear that in California the 2 breeds most dumped are Chihuahuas and Pits or PB mixes.
    2 nasty breeds.
    Mexicans for whatever historical reasons like those tiny dogs.

  268. Stressful times

    I know this is a old article but my mom had a dog that looked like the dog in this picture. Like a Pitbull/bully mix. She rescued it when it was less then a year old. The dog would attack their other dog for absolutely no reason and if it weren’t for my dad being there to pull her off him she would of killed the poor little dog. My mom would not admit this dog was controlling her and ruling the house no matter how obvious it was My mom wasn’t allowed to give the other dog attention or let the other dog on her bed bc the Pitbull/bully would attack. Eventually my mom started to take up for the little dog and the Pitbull/bully turned on my mom. She started growling and charging my mom. It got very scary and finally my mom had to put her down. Now my mom realizes how she had been walking on egg shells with that dog and was literally being controlled. Now she is gone it feels like a black cloud has been lifted off there home. I’m amazed everyone made it out alive. That dog was a ticking time bomb.

    For the record we are animal lovers with a ton of experience raising a dog. this was a huge learning experience for us. Some dogs just are bread and wired wrong. It doesn’t matter how much love you give them they won’t give up till they are the only ones left in the house.

  269. Ally

    Wow, I honestly had no idea that people were stupid enough to believe this shit! Seriously, my husband learned about ‘dog racism’ after we brought outlet little pit puppy home lay year. He talked about how he never knew that people could actually judge a dog by the breed and not the behavior. I have made a vow to own pits my whole life, they are fun loving and goofy dogs. You my dear are an asshole.

  270. Larry

    Wow i really am stund at what i just got done reading about pit bulls and bullies in the killers that they are currently these people of never been around these breeds or owned any of them because this information is 100% wrong anybody that has a clue to this breed or breeds can attest to the loyalty of these dogs and the bullshit being spread about them i have 3 and no one killed yet lmao people think they know shit because someone told them a story they heard from a cusins sisters boyfriends uncle and leave out the whole point that something or someone provoked the dogs to do shit or bad owners and trainers bla bla bla ,,, dont talk about shit you havent delt with yourself

  271. Angie

    @melponeme yes I read the full article and no it didn’t say pit bull mix. And thats not the only article of a lab or retriever killing people

    Here’s one

    I can post 50 more if you want to still believe that false information that labs and retrievers do not kill

  272. Lou

    Montreal bans pit bulls! 9.2016 news.

  273. Lou

    PBs kill about 2 dozen people a year, in the USA.
    Fatal dog

  274. K. RM

    You are what is wrong with people. Discriminating a certain breed. Yes bad breeding has taken place causing bad temperments in pit bulls because people breed based on what looks will bring them the most money. That or irresponsible people don’t spay/neuter and accidents happen (again – no temperament selection there). But this happens with many breeds, not just pit bulls. I have owned 2 pit bulls and worked in a shelter where I interacted with this breed countless times. I only got bit once in my years of working with shelter and boarding dogs. Had to go to the hospital and get stitches on my arm. It was not a pit bull that bit me. It was a golden retriever. In fact, I never dealt with any threats from any bully breeds like I did from goldens, shepherds, cocker spaniels, and a few Bassett hounds.
    The media portrays these amazing dogs in a terrible way, and hones in on the breed. You as well as the media are the bullies here. Countless dog bites are reported each year, and when articles are written about it breeds are not mentioned unless it is a pit bill because – oh no the mighty pit bull strikes again!
    It’s not the dog it’s the people. Can’t get around bad breeding, but also can’t group any bully type of dog into the category of blood thirsty vicious killer.
    In your writing I can detect a lot of characteristics of someone who is racist, sexist, etc. Maybe you should open up your mind and get out a little more.


  275. Ad rob

    Did I just sit and read this rubbish… You say your a dog lover, but clairly your not.

    I have had 2 collies and 3 bullmastiff pit terrier mix and none of the pit bit me up to now… But the collies have.

    Raising a dog is just like raising a child, if you raise them bad they will more than likely be bad growns ups.
    I see people with toy dogs spoil them rotten and do the same with bigger dogs and expect them not to be rotten tomatoes.

  276. Lou

    its not ‘your’ but ‘you are.’

  277. Stating Pit Bulls are dangerous is no different than generalizing that all Asians are computer geeks, all blacks are thieves, whites can’t dance or jump high, or that saying that all Jamaicans smoke weed.
    The above generalizations are not true because despite the breed of human, each individual is just that, an individual.
    The same with Pitbulls. You can take 5 pups from one litter and put them in 5 different homes at birth and you’re going to end up with 5 dif personality traits.

    Our lab/boxer/pit/mutt rescue was EXTREMELY hyper at first. Like bouncing off the walls! But he was picked up at a guestimate 2-4 months old where he sat in a crate 22 hours a day until we got him at at 11 months. I think anyone locked in a confined space for that period of time would be ecstatic to be out and have a new home with space, along with people who gave him the time of day.
    He’s now almost 2 and is a real ham and has cooled his jets.
    He’s also AMAZING with our 2 month old! Every time she cries he rushes over to give her kisses (which we aren’t fond of) and we tell him gentle and he sniffs her and lays by her swing. This is the behavior he exhibits upon meeting his first infant.
    But yea, tell yourself that someday he’s going to turn into a vampire or something.

    This article is merely the author trying to reinforce their own belief, with no actual first hand experience.
    Had you done any research you’d have learned that Pit Bulls are far more sociable than German Shepherds.
    It’s also because of mindsets like this that we have people afraid to adopt a particular dogs based on looks. Hence why shelters are overflowing.

    Just think if you actually put the effort into adopting and training rescue dogs as you do typing about how bad they can be. But that would require actual work I guess.

  278. Lou

    Rescued pits are the most dangerous. EMS has posted of attacks by them.

    Pit lovers like to deny how dangerous the dogs can be. Facts are facts.

  279. Rachel

    I couldn’t even read this entire article it made me so angry. If you dontike the breed that’s fine for you but don’t spew your nonsense for other people to read and not know any better so they believe this steaming pile of shit you call writing. Pit bull / bull dogs are not anymore dangerous than other breeds that are a similar size and temperament. Your more likely to get bit by a dauschund than a pit bull. Any dog raised in an antisocial environment where bad behavior is encouraged is going to have bad habits.

  280. emsnews

    Insane thinking is easy to fix if one can figure out what reality is. Alas, many people love living in denial of obvious facts. Pit bulls are extremely dangerous dogs. THEY DON’T LET GO when killing.

  281. Lou

    PBs have a very high pain threshold. They were developed over generations. They may not bark or growl [warn] before attacking.

  282. MARZ

    It’s one thing to comment and say that pit bulls are aggressive or can kill, I agree with that. I am a pitbull boxer owner myself, i do also agree it’s the owners fault for not training, caring or exercising their dog enough.

    But it’s another thing when you can a breed of dog “vile”. That’s ignorant. It’s humans that bred this breed to have some of the attributes they have today.

  283. MARZ

    What these people don’t know is that if you have trained your dog well, established a good bond, let your dog have plenty of diverse social interactions with people and other dogs (animals), make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, has a daily routine and receives love; I don’t see why your dog would be aggressive or actually have that many problems.

    Some people don’t know how to communicate with their pets, and give them direction (something to follow). That is why their dog is messed up and has problems. People think you are buying a name brand product with a breed, and that you’ll get what you see. Every dog is different and if you are a dog lover you would understand dogs are more than pets, they are family.

    I only wish people could establish a better connection with their dogs, then you would truly understand that believing one breed is better than another is wrong. It’s the owners responsibility just like a parent to care, raise, discipline and guide their child. IGNORANCE, is what it is.

  284. Jeff

    You sir, are full of shit! I’ve been around pit bulls & bull dogs most of my life.. My father has one, sister has one, My other sister has two, step-sister has two and many other family members & friends have them…. not a single one of them have attacked anyone, nor have they shown any signs of being what you so bluntly refer to as “killers”!! Kids hang on them, hug & love all over them and they aren’t bothered one bit.. None of these people are “walking on eggshells” or any of the other nonsense you claim… You obviously have a certain hatred for these breeds for some personal reason that has nothing to do with the breed specifically…

  285. Scott

    I own a boxer-pit. I named him Baxter. I own 3 other dogs right now, and ive owned 2 others before that. I interact with every dog i meet. Thus far, ive never met an animal as sweet as my Baxter. The Husky is more stubborn, the Lab mix has a MUCH higher pey drive, and the 15 year old Pug with about 3 teeth left is the most aggressive. The pug was born and raised in a junkyard (ironic much!) The lab was a stray, and the husky was raised by a 15 year old girl.

    Seems to me like a dog is a product of where he comes from, and how you’re training him.

    I think that the difference is that I’ve trained my boxer-pitt since he was a puppy. I’ve always treated him sweetly, and he’s always loved me back unconditionally. The problem i think, is with the owners.

  286. Megan

    This is the dumbest bunch of crap I’ve ever read in my life. This is like saying all people of a certain race should be exterminated cause a few of them are psychos that murder people. I’ve owned several pit bulls and raised them with my children when they were infants all the way up til now in their teen years and not 1 of them has ever offered to bite, growl, bark or even look at my children funny. When my children were old enough to be left at home alone, I’ve left them there with my 3 70+ lb pit bulls and they are always there and in 1 piece whem i return. They have done nothing but love and protect my family, going as far as putting themselves in harms to keep us safe. In my honest opinion there isn’t a harder working, more loving, obedient breed out there. If you don’t agree with that, I could give a shit less. I love my pits and will always put all my faith in them. As far as the video about the 4 year old girl feeding 6 large male pits, she was never in any danger. She had those dogs completely under control. If they had wanted to kill her she would have been dead, she wouldn’t have made it to 4 years old. All of those dogs were fully grown, probably atleast 3 or 4 years old themselves, which means they were more than likely there when the child was a baby, and yet… look… the child is still alive and healthy! You people blow my mind with your stupidity. Not all pit bulls are bad. Just like not all African Americans are bad, not all Caucasians are bad, not all Germans are bad… I mean what the hell?? With your logic and reasoning all animals and humans would be extinct because a select few of each species have attacked or killed someone or something. Complete and.utter stupidity.

  287. emsnews

    Too bad you cannot understand ‘breeding’ systems. Some dogs are bred to hunt, others, to herd sheep. Pit bulls were bred to be very violent and grip and kill BULLS.

    As a former owner of cows, I assure you, few dogs would bring down any cows but pit bulls. This is why they are so very dangerous.

  288. emsnews

    By the way, when I was a child, I had a BOBCAT and a Rocky Mountain Spotted Skunk as pets and they didn’t harm me but they were still very dangerous animals I would never recommend.

    And my Gila Monster pet: ditto in spades. All of these creatures loved me and never harmed me but were still highly deadly animals…well, the skunk would make you very smelly and unhappy if he wanted…my pet crow was clever and annoying to strangers but wasn’t a potential killer like Gila Monster.

  289. Melponeme_k


    Before, during and after plays in Shakespeare’s time, there were gambling showcases involving dogs attacking bulls and bears. The dogs used for these showcases? PIT BULLS. What were those years? The late 1500s to Early 1600s. So we know for a fact that these dogs were bred to be dangerous for over 400 years.

    No amount of love from a loving family is going to counteract 400 YEARS of ingrained and CULTURED aggressiveness.

    Any time anyone takes these dogs into their home is akin to playing Russian roulette. You better hope well and good that you got a blank chamber for the sake of your family.

  290. Lou

    Mel, 400 years to dogs is 400 generations.

    I saw someone on the street with a pregnant Pit Bull. How old is she?
    6 months.
    I was like ‘this is sick.’ PBs breed like rats.

    No amount of love from a loving family is going to counteract 400 YEARS of ingrained and CULTURED aggressiveness.

  291. emsnews

    Yup. I come from as many years of breeding of the upper class Brits…and look at how we turned out…Prince Charles! HAHAHA. Anything but a pit bull type, inbreeding can also create 400 years of increasing weakness, too.

  292. Lou

    I assume PBs were bred ‘strength to strength’ not sibling to sibling, buy who knows?

  293. Melponeme_k

    @Lou and Elaine,

    I was writing about Pit Bulls. But if you want to bring in Homo Sapiens, Great Ape. Then YES, we were bred to be extremely aggressive animals. Aggression is a trait we share with the rest of the hominids.

    Creatures don’t survive on this earth unless they are aggressive.

    However there is natural selection aggression and planned breeding aggression. The former can’t be controlled. The latter is strictly our fault and can be stopped. In the case of pit bulls, banned ownership and euthanasia at shelters will take down their numbers very quickly.

    Now if you want to get into alchemical eugenics, the Philosophical Child/Royals. Well THAT is another discussion entirely.

  294. emsnews

    They were bred to be lap dogs 🙂

  295. Melponeme_k

    The royals are around to be tapped, to spread their blood magic around. That is their one claim to power, the one thing keeping the new money under their control. And they breed so selectively. I wonder how much the incubators family paid them to win a royal wedding.

    Now that she wore the last incubator’s crown, she may be set up for eradication just like the last one. Did you see the pictures of her face of misery while wearing those blood diamonds?

    Pffft. The French and Russians were right in their methods of getting rid of royalty. They need to be destroyed like weeds….from the root.

  296. emsnews

    I was very spooked by it, frankly. But then, my family came here to avoid being executed way way back when.

  297. Lou

    The royals are around to be tapped, to spread their blood magic around. That is their one claim to power, the one thing keeping the new money under their control. And they breed so selectively. I wonder how much the incubators family paid them to win a royal wedding./

    Tell me more.

  298. melponeme_k


    The story is so extensive and insane. It took years to get my head around it and more years to accept that people really believe in this kind of magical nonsense.

    We as a society are drenched in Alchemical imagery. It is in ALL our popular entertainment. It is in our art, music and dance. From what I’ve read, Alchemy is rather benign and its focus is strictly personal transformation like Buddhism. However THAT alchemy is not what we watch in our entertainment. What we watch is religious propaganda that pushes the ideals that there are perfect people, philosophical children, who are just so much better than we are and are magical. And those people, you guessed it, are Royals. The healing hands of the King is one such magical notion. Divine Right is what people are more aware of.

    What they don’t know is the true meaning of such monikers as The Sun King. Or the alchemical symbolism of royal coat of arms. All their interior decoration is filled with alchemical mandalas that show themselves to be the epitome of humanity.

    To go on would require a whole blog post. But there it is. You are nothing but a troglodyte chattel. But now that I’ve “enlightened” you, if you go further, maybe you will be worthy enough to shovel the shit of royals. LOL

  299. melponeme_k


    Incidentally, Alchemy and its more nightmarish cousins in occult circles such as Crowley, is the main reason why the elites are so fascinated and hateful of Elaine. She had the divine hand of a god strike her, a true philosophical child. They want her blood. And if she is a 7th child. Well!

    This is the reason why they don’t speak her name. Names have power. Names invoke powers. And Elaine has a very powerful god behind her. LOL

  300. emsnews

    No, it HURTS to be hit by lightning bolts. It sucks, frankly. I hate it. Darn. I don’t want it to happen to me. And it wrecks my computers, too, not to mention the wiring in the buildings.

  301. Lou

    They do not want to ‘dress up’—- Yahoo puts so many ‘sweet pit bull’ stories up–one ‘mistreated pit bull story’ near this—-

    Dog Mauls Family After They Try to Dress It in a Christmas Sweater
    Char Adams Sun, Jan 1 11:49 AM PST
    A pit bull mix named Scarface attacked its owner on Friday after she tried to put a Christmas sweater on it, police confirm to PEOPLE.

    Police said the dog attacked 52-year-old Brenda Guerrero, biting her arm, in the back yard of her Tampa, Florida, home when she tried to put a Christmas sweater on it, WABC reports.

    Guerrero’s husband, Ismael, and their 22-year-old son tried to help the woman but were both attacked by the dog.

    “Officers responding said the dog was pretty aggressive,” Eddy Durkin with the Tampa Police Department told WABC. “When they tazed the dog, the dog was still pulling away and was able to release the prongs from the tazer.

    The couple’s son reportedly stabbed the dog in an effort ——–

    PRETTY AGGRESSIVE–Aint that an understatement.

  302. Lou

    Found another Yahoo article…looks like dog just wouldnt die—

    Police in Florida say an angry dog sent three people to the hospital after one tried to put a sweater on it.
    Tampa police say the pit bull mix named Scarface bit a 52-year-old woman who was trying to dress him on Friday and her husband was attacked while trying to pull the dog off of her.

    Police say the couple’s 22-year-old son was attacked while trying to stop the dog by stabbing it in the neck and head. [!!!!!!!!!]

    The three people escaped the house and left the dog in the backyard.

    Police say animal control officers shot it with a tranquilizer gun, but it managed to get back into the house where there were two children present. Police used a bean bag gun and stun gun on the animal before …

  303. emsnews

    I grew up on a ranch. I would have shot the dog. We shot animals all the time. Here on my mountain farm, we have legal permission to shoot bears if they break in.

  304. Angie

    You shoot animals all the time? Well that says it all doesn’t it.

  305. emsnews

    In a recent 11-year period, from 2005 to 2015, pit bulls killed 232 Americans, about one citizen every 17 days.14 By 2018, pit bulls are projected to have mauled to death 338 Americans since 1998, the year the CDC stopped tracking fatal dog attacks by breed, and over 415 people since 1980.15 Major news agencies are …

  306. emsnews

    And yes, I hunt and have all my life.

  307. emsnews

    Pit Bull Named ‘Scarface’ Mauls Family Members After Owner Tries to Put a Christmas Sweater on the Dog
    2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Dies After Vicious Attack by Police Officer’s ‘Personal’ Dogs
    2016 Dog Bite Fatality: 6-Year Old Boy Killed by Family Pit Bull in Huntington, West Virginia

    All these are this month’s stories from the news.

  308. Lou

    Elaine, my 2 posts in this thread on January 3 are about ‘Scarface’.

  309. WonderMomma

    This is just about the most prejudicial, absolutely and outright judgmental, bullshit I have ever seen. Ignorance is bliss, my friend… you must be extremely “blissful”. Yet another source of wrongfully blaming the “breed” instead of the humans that raise the dogs that do these things or don’t take the proper precautions, knowing what is capable with ANY LARGE BREED DOG with any loyalty to an owner or territory. Those types of dogs are often not trained properly, trained purposefully to be “mean”, and their owners now where come close to meeting their daily exercise needs. The latter in and of itself can cause many destructive and dangerous issues.

    Technically, they aren’t even a purebred dog… as hundreds and hundreds of years ago, in ENGLAND, breeders mixed English Bulldogs and other types of Terriers, to create the Staffordshire Terrier, then they were brought over here and are now known here as the American Pit Bull Terrier. Yes, initially, all those HUNDREDS of years ago they were bread to fight in England, blood sports, where it was banned in 1835, when it took on a more nefarious, hidden, and more lucrative and exciting “venture” for HUMANS.

    Responsible breeders have been carefully selecting pairs to breed this train out of them, as much as possible for a long time. But because of people like you, the stigma placed upon them as the choice for illegal dog fighting, THEY ARE THE VICTIMS as well. Gangsters and drug dealers also use them because of their appearance to guard their stashes, protect them and attack anything or anyone that may threaten their illegal empire.

    Again, this ALL STEMS FROM HUMANS. Yes, there are Pit Bulls with issues, but I have personally seen dogs taken from some of the most brutal dog fighting situations and rehabilitated and adopted to loving homes where they lived out their entire lives, without incident. They are so resilient, forgiving and don’t dwell on the past like humans do and people do not realize how they can literally affect the behavior of a dog, any dog by body language, energy and their moods, let alone training them to be vicious and deadly killing machines. Again, ignorance on our behalves. Not the dogs fault. Illegal in some parts of this country, and immediately deemed STRICTLY on their breed alone by many shelters across the country as unadoptable and subsequently murdered. By the millions. Do you know how many good, loving, loyal, animal-child friendly, everyone friendly Pit Bulls have been killed that would have made one of the most family friendly breeds there is. You’d know that about them if you did you’re homework and got to know some of these dogs. There’s a documentary on Netflix right now about how most of all the Michael Vick dog’s were ABLE to be rehabilitated and ADOPTED out to homes.

    Ready the crap you wrote makes me sick and ashamed of the human race. We think we are superior over everything and most are completely unable to live outside their own bubbles and consider any other thought process than what they’ve read (and plastered all the horror stories on their websites about these dogs). Why don’t you go find do the research on how Pit Bulls are now being used as Canine Officers, THERAPY DOGS, and have become so popular of a companion pet because people are actually starting to see what most of them truly are, loving, loyal, family dogs who if raised right, trained properly with positive reinforcement and patience, socialized or even rehabilitated correctly… and again, given plenty of DAILY exercise as they are a very active breed and all boredom and no play makes doggy a very destructive and bad doggy! Why don’t you start plastering all the stories of how Pit Bulls safe the children in their family homes, or become therapy animals for war veterans and give them a reason not to put a gun to their heads and kill themselves. Where are the good stories about these bully breeds? HUH? There are more of them out there than bad, I’ll guarantee you that. Judgmental prick.

    Do some research on the other end and stop your hate mongering. Become a part of the solution and not the problem. Do something to help these dogs falling victims of unscrupulous humans who have no need for them but greed. You’re sure as hell not making a difference sitting on your ass bitching and griping, plastering all the horror stories, ranting and raving like a absolute lunatic behind your computer screen. Get out and go expose yourself to them, volunteer at a rescue, seek out the good stories. It will make your life better, I promise. The hate and negativity you are spewing outwardly, only speaks volumes about the hate, cynical negative narrow minded person you are in real life by those of us who HAVE gone out and sought the good stories as the bad one’s are all anyone ever wants to talk about or blast across the TV.

    And really? Blaming Cesar Milan for being good at what he does… ? Seriously, do you even know his background with dogs? Where he got to where he is today? His methods do work, I know first hand from helping friends with dogs using mainly the whole calm assertive energy method. The incessant barking and jumping on people at the door, creating personal space, guarding owners, all of that stuff I’ve helped people with in their dogs. And guess what Mr. THOSE DOGS ARE KILLLERS? A lot of it works on parrots too, but they are a whole different ball game. Much more complex and yes, much more intelligent.

    I’m a parrot behavioralist, and that’s even HARDER to rehabilitate parrots who have been traumatized, they don’t forgive and forget as easily as dogs do, and can live as long as you and I do… will scream, bite your face off, rip out their own feathers, self mutilate and attack people when threatened. That’s what animals do. They fight to survive, just like we do. 6 of my 7 birds are all rescues, and I have earned ALL their trust by my own methods of helping them be able to trust again, after being through some horrific abuse and neglect. Or even having the loss of their original and only caregiver after 18 years of their life, can devastate them to the point where they behave badly after mourning the loss of that person. I have a bird who lost her mate, and because they mate for life, she was a basket case for 6 weeks after he died. She got together with another of my birds and is now a neurotic, overprotective, overbearing partner to him, and this worries me. He’s my first bird, have had him for 15 years, horrific situation he came from and he has far lived past his lifespan, with heart and liver issues now. It’s going to be devastating to lose him myself let alone watch her go through that all over again.

    Anyway, a lot of what Cesar does, stands true with them as well, the body language as well, but again, Parrots can display the same body language and it can mean various things. You have to truly know their body language, know what you’re seeing, to get their message. And Cesar is a master at that with dogs. His methods work, but most of the time, it’s the humans who are unable to stick with it out of fear, and the inability to control their stress and anxiety or to have patience as it takes longer than an hour long program to correct the bad behaviors of any dog. Common sense should tell anyone that. What about Tia Torres, what she’s done for the breed as well as parolees who can’t get jobs when they are released from prison. She changes not only the lives of those dogs and provides them with safe, loving homes, she changes the lives of those parolees who without her, wouldn’t have stood a chance. What about all the other Pit Bull, bully breed champions out there fighting for these dogs to have equal rights as any other dog that can “kill”? Why are you so negative?

    Honestly, I know I have come off very harsh in this comment. But this pisses me off. I swear to whatever higher power you may or may not believe in, if you immersed yourself enough to seek out the good stories, went out and exposed yourself to this breed in a Pit Bull specific rescue organization, it would change your entire view (as it did mine, although I did not feel the need to bash the breed as you do, as I knew it was a human issue, and has been since their inception, and always will be) on this breed.

    As with any group of living beings, there are a few that are too far gone, who cannot be helped and will end up doing something awful… humans (many types of humans), and dogs a like. But try to challenge yourself a little here. All this assumption and negativity you’re spreading when you probably have not seen 90% of the good, it’s just wrong.

  310. WonderMomma

    Forgive my spelling errors and typos. I do that when I am passionate about something and not willing to go over and proof what I’ve written. You get the gist, I hope.

  311. emsnews

    HAHAHA…I strongly suggest you attend all funerals of people killed by pit bull dogs with a sign saying, ‘Pit Bulls aren’t dangerous’.

  312. Lou

    Thanks, Elaine.

    And some or many of the PBs are bred for fighting, not petting.

  313. Angie

    Since you like statistics so much let’s look at all of them, not just one that you think fuels your argument…

    In 15 years from 1999 to 2014 :
    101 people were killed by snakes
    143 people were killed by spiders
    921 people died from hornets, wasps and bees
    1,163 people died from cows and horses… That is much higher than dogs. Should people stop riding and owning horses because a very small percentage of them kill humans? Are all horses killers as you claim all pitbulls are? Why don’t you write an article about how all horses are killers? About the same amount of people are killed by horses per year… The fact of the matter is, there are several other animals and insects that kill the same amount (and double and triple the amount) of humans per year yet you point out only one breed of dog. (232 in 15 years as you stated)

    Humans kill other humans far more than any dog ever will. Humans in the US kill around 17,000 people per year. You are much more likely to be killed by your neighbor than your neighbors pitbull so stop spreading misinformation. Put in all statistics for all animals that people own.

  314. Pitbull fan

    Your all a bunch of retarded pussys that know nothing about the breed American pitbulls were bread to be family dogs they have smaller heads and weigh between 30 and 60 pounds I have been around real American pitbulls my whole life never had a problem I have been bit by a lot of small dogs but those bites never get reported my niece was bit in the face by a German shepherd 10 years later still has scars my friends daughter was bit by a chow on the face and neck and has had multiple surgeries but none of that is news the dogs were not even put to sleep no one reported on any of it because pitbulls were not involved fact of the matter any dog can bite people need to teach their kids to respect the dog and the dog will respect the family grow up stop blaming the breed I don’t blame the chow or the German shepherd I blame the stupid owners if any dog shows aggression towards people as the owner you should kill the dog no matter what the breed.

  315. Lou

    Pitbull fan, I only got a few lines in. Your spelling is bad.

  316. Nunya Bidness

    Hey look I can Google too, you were saying something about a Border Collie?

    The Labrador Retriever is much more dangerous according to actual numbers

    You should really rethink your blogging career. It’s not doing you any favors

  317. Joel Childress

    Whoever was the wrote this article is an idiot. I have owned pit bulls of all sizes all backgrounds from birthing them myself to rescuing those that come out of the fighting ring there has never been a more loyal forgiving and loving animal. Love kindness and respect or what these dogs need. no different than a human. Survival of the fittest is what these dogs and any other animal nose it is the way of the animal kingdom. They just happen to be very good at it and they are very fit. Creepy animal with love kindness and respect comma and they will treat you with the same which should be for all animals on this planet Earth. The abuse and neglect these dogs sustained is not what turns them evil it is their loyalty and willingness to do what the owner Praises them for that makes the animal unsavory to the public. The dog is doing exactly what it is supposed to do because it has been praised by its owner to do so period here again this dog is good the ill-informed owner is an idiot

  318. Jim R

    … and then they bite your arm off.

    Ermagherd, it’s the longest thread on the interwebz.

    Some friends of mine are fans of these big shaggy goofy hound dogs. One of them posted pictures last month … it seems a neighborhood dog jumped the fence to her garden and bit her hound, requiring surgery. She knows who it is now, from the police, but the neighbor has never so much as dropped off a note of apology.

    She is planning to sue the neighbor for the vet bills.

    I will give you zero guesses as to what breed of dog it was.

  319. emsnews

    I am getting a cute little puppy today. It is the breed that has short legs and hunts small animals that live in holes in the ground which we have plenty of here on my mountain.

    Yes, this thread is by far, the most popular with readers! Thank you, everyone! HAHAHA.

  320. Moe

    One trusts you’ll enjoy your puppy Elaine

    I missed this thread on the previous go-rounds (thank God!)

    This one’s easy though: ‘Just the facts, Ma’am’. The statistics speak for themselves, the emotional overtures have no bearing (to the rational: the irrational are free to ‘feel’ whatever they like).

    Is this the longest thread ever on Culture of Life? Interesting that 300+ responses are garnered over a dog breed, but articles about political corruption, fascist takeover and nuclear war amass a tiny fraction of responses.

    We’re freakin’ doomed.

  321. emsnews

    Yup, crazy, isn’t it? My newest story on this engaging topic is from today: Dog Rescue Agencies Continue To Refuse To Stop Pit Bull Dog Adoptions.

  322. Lou

    You are getting a Terrier?

  323. Jim R

    A Dachshund. Cute li’l guys. And a member of the hound family —

  324. Karen

    Wow, I have had many dogs through out my 60 some years including Pit mixs, American Bulldog and a Bullmastiff all have been wonderful loving family dogs that I took out in public and to the dog park and never had a problem. I think the behavior of the dog says more about owner any dog can be I’ll mannered and aggressive if not trained, socialized and treated well. The most nippy and I’ll tempered dog I have ever been around was my daughters Dashound mix because he was small he was not made to behave when was a puppy hench an I’ll mannered dog

  325. Rylee

    lmao my first dog was a pit mix. i got him when i was 9, he was around 5 kids ages 3-9, and never was anything but sweet. so literally fuck you? pitbulls are not inherently dangerous breeds and ive never met any aggressive, and its bc of disgusting people like you they get a bad rap. theyre not even in the top three dogs to most likely attack an owner (those are rottweilers, doberman pinschers, and german shephards) so yknow.

    ill defend bully breeds until i die and keep people like you from hurting an entire breed.

    fyi– i do work as a dog behavior and nutritional specialist in an area with MANY pitbulls. so yeah, dont even try lolol.

  326. Linda

    I really hope this article is a joke. There are SCIENTIFIC STUDIES that have proven no breed of dog is anymore aggressive than another. Read up on some actual facts, please.

    Shame on you.

    I adopted a pit boxer mix from a shelter after he was given up by his family. He would never hurt a fly and has shown zero aggression to anyone or anything. His best friends in the world are my cat and 5lb rabbit.
    Dog behavior is almost 100% based on how they’re raised.

    This terrible, largely untrue stereotypes are why pits and pit mixes have been largely discriminated against, and frankly it is disgusting.

    Again, do your research. Trust me, you’ll learn a thing or two.

  327. You must love fake news a great deal.

    Dogs bred to kill dogs are dangerous because of unnatural selection by breeders and owners.

  328. Lou

    There are SCIENTIFIC STUDIES that have proven no breed of dog is anymore aggressive than another
    . Read up on some actual facts—Like most killer dogs are PBT or PBTX?,

  329. Angela

    YOU are the reason that people fear Pit Bulls. My goodness, get a freaking life and stop spreading your own propaganda! You blame Cesar Milan – a man who raises Pits to be super loving and teaches how to socialize them? Chihuahuas actually bite far more than a Pit! Idiot!

  330. Sage bohannon

    man I wish there were less stupid people on this planet and more pits, don’t you?

  331. Lou

    We are not stupid. Facts are not stupid.

  332. Give them enough pit bull dogs and they will eliminate themselves or rather, their pooches will do this for them.

  333. Lou

    Yes, I have seen the sad tales of owners attacked and eaten by their dogs [plural]. A pack is many times more volatile than a single pit.

    Remember Rottweilers? So popular in the 1980s, now so vanished, at least in LA. Possibly more dangerous than PBTs.

  334. Kenogami

    That’s right: Let us create a special Darwin award for the morons who own pitbulls.

  335. Jaime L O'Donnell

    I disagree. I was skeptical about the temperament of pitbulls but I was willing to take a chance on adopting one. Lily, my boxer pitbull mix is the sweetest mush. I closely observe her behavior around children and she is so gentle and affectionate. She is protective and has a strong prey drive, meaning she likes to chase but never hurts anything. I bring her with me and she is adored by everyone she encounters. Mind you we participated in obedience training and she at time test me. I make sure she knows her place and she is made to earn her treats every day. I don’t think this a fair assertion. I have recently encountered a number of other breeds that are more problematic than my Lily. I feel people don’t take the time and energy to educate themselves and understand canine behavior. Some breeds do require more work than others.

  336. Shannyn

    You fucking fearmongering ignorant prick. *eyeroll*
    I trust our rescued boxer/pit mix around children and other animals waaay more than I’d trust most people.
    I dare you to come meet our “killer” dog. If a cuddly, super friendly, laid-back personality is fatal then you’d better watch out lolololol.

  337. Rose

    This is the most ignorant article I’ve read about bullboxers. Clearly misinformed or just deliberately trying to raise public hysteria about this breed, the author would be well served to do a little intelligent research on this breed.

    Our first dog was a collie….yes, lassie breed. A huge very smart neutered male, he would bite children without being provoked. We had this dog, who was exceptionally well trained for ten years, before illness took him from us.

    Our second dog, an englush Springer spaniel, field bred, was a bully. Again, a great pet for us, but not other animals. He was with us 14 years.

    Our 3rd dog, a rescue English bulldog, boxer mix was an angel in all regards, and we had her for 14 yrs also.

    Our current dog, a rescue also, is a bullboxer and is as sweet as out English bull/boxer mix.

    I am 70 years old and all if my dogs have lived long and healthy lives. They were all trained and obedient as is my current dog.

    My point is that you can’t profile animals (Or people) because of their breed anymore than you can or should profile people because of their color.

    The author of this article needs to get a grip on reality and stop pretending to be an expert about something he obviously knows nothing about.

  338. If pit bull owners paid a proper insurance based on the fact their breed is one of the most dangerous on earth, I am OK with playing Russian Roulette with them. Doing it on someone else’s dime is nasty. Most pit bull owners can’t pay when sued by victims.

  339. Lou

    342–Why is this such a popular thread?
    Because people want to believe in nurture over nature.

    PBs were bred to fight / attack.

  340. I think people just like to lie to themselves about dangers. This is why people live next to volcanoes, on massive fault lines, where tsunamis regularly wipe everything out, or live in major cities on the brink of WWIII or race riots. People just don’t like estimating danger appropriately.

  341. Lou

    People just don’t like estimating danger appropriately.–ESPECIALLY when the puppy looks so cute and lovable .

  342. Deano Pearson

    About the fact that you are completely retarded…is that from birth? Or did you have to work to become that stupid? One can only hope you’ve been sterilized. This article was about as intelligent and factual as an Archie comic book.

  343. Tom Ato

    By far the most ignorant information regarding a specific dog breed that I have EVER read.

    It’s based on fear and not empirical facts .

  344. Jeff Dahmer

    So I’ve met chihuahuas that are more aggressive than some pit bulls I’ve met .

    Are THEY also bred to kill, you fucking idiot?

    Oh wait, it’s because they’re Mexican delinquents. I’m willing to bet money EMSNEWS here is a Trump supporter.

  345. Mama Mia

    You’re as ignorant as you are hateful. My pit bull mix is the sweetest, most gentle girl I’ve ever known. A dog is only as violent as its owner trains it to be, breed has nothing to do with it.

  346. Moe

    This thread is a testament to Elaine’s practice of tolerating dissent and difference of opinion.

    Its recurrence reminds me of ‘Whack-A-Mole’.

  347. HAHAHA. Yup. Endlessly amusing.

  348. Lou

    breed has not hing to do with it.–statistics show otherwise. PBT are bred, over generations, to attack.

  349. The Mastah

    We had one of these dogs living next to us, actually across the street. It was regularly roaming the neighborhood and at about a year old it ended up squaring off with my neighbor in his own driveway. He was so fearful of being attacked that he grabbed a shovel to defend himself. The owner arrived and said “she’s just a puppy”. From then on my neighbor would not get the mail without a baseball bat in his hand, and this on his own property. We called the police and they spoke with the owner. The officer told me he was 100 percent certain that if that dog could have come through the storm door, that he would have been attacked. The lady acknowledged she could not control the dog and was already looking for a place the re-home the dog. The officer told me in this state (KY), a property owner can use any and all force necessary to stop an aggressive dog and this includes the use of deadly force. Luckily the dog was soon gone because at my house we don’t use shovels but rather 9mm or .357. I would not have hesitated to kill that dog as we have a 9 year old and other pets. Fast forward 2 years, now my daughter has been calling a new friend from school and I find out she has a pitbull boxer mix. My daughter is in no way allowed to go over there, ever. Why people harbor this type of animal never ceases to amaze me. As if it makes them tougher or more manly appearing. All the owners somehow think their dog will be different and then it happens without warning. Myself I have an English Setter and have had the breed around since 1978. Best companion dog ever but now a see they have been listed on the endangered breeds list. So why is it this way when I can find hoards of “purebred” pitbulls and these mixes at multiple shelters mere minutes from home? It’s a sad time we’re living in when so many people feel a need to keep an animal like this. So many excellent breed lines that have been proven for hundreds of years and people see a need to buy these garbage dogs. Sad. I find I don’t have anything in common with the type of people who buy these dogs…generally they seem to have something to prove and are usually of lower class standing. All stereotypes start for a reason.

  350. People want attack dogs when living in cities. Many have few dog training skills. I have trained many animals over my life including wild animals. Horses, oxen, sheep, goats, cats, dogs, a bobcat, a skunk, many birds of various sorts, etc. Pit bulls have one bad characteristic: they go for the kill and especially when with smaller dogs.

  351. Lou

    353–I had a similar situation, but not as bad. Pits that lived nearby that roamed or didnt like me. And complacent owners that didnt get how deadly their pets could possibly be.

    354– Pit bulls have one bad characteristic: –they have many bad traits. and huge litters. I looked on craigslist. One seller was offering a litter of 14.

  352. shawntoh

    Just remember folks, if a pit bull charges and you have no immediate weapon– then I pray you can hop on top of the nearest parked car or truck in time until someone– like maybe the stupid dog owner– can do something.

    The irony is that “house” cats are less domesticated then dogs and wilder– stray pit bulls are going to lead to feral packs of who knows what type of evil post-apocalyptic mutant canine urban creatures roaming the mean streets of tomorrow’s nightmare ongoing today from now on…


  353. Jeff

    Ignorant anti pitbull people suck.

  354. Jim Bob

    The person who wrote this article clearly doesn’t know anything about the breeds they’re bad mouthing. Pure ignorance.

  355. Missy Lou

    Come on people. Really? Are we all that uneducated? My 9 lb Bengal cat (she was the runt) is the boss of my 74 lb Pitbull. My Pitbull is trained in agility, scent work, obedience and tricks. He is amazingly intelligent and loves to learn. It is all in how they are raised and trained period. No dog is inherently vicious or evil. For the love of God… I’m guessing there’s a lot of flat earther’s among you all too.

  356. Audra corbin

    This article is a mash of every myth, rumor, misidentification, and paranoia that I have ever read. It’s sad that people still think that dogs need an “alpha” that is suck an outdated way of thinking and has even be proven false in wolves. Do more research please.

  357. Too bad dog killing other animals, other dogs, as well as HUMANS continues with the pit bulls being the worst of the lot. Brainless humans think this is OK.

  358. Jk

    I came across this article why researching my new puppies behaviors. I have owned pit bulls and pit mixes my entire life. Grew up with them since birth and so have my children. I have had amazing dogs that were heartbreaking to lose when their time came. It is how you raise a dog. The only thing my dogs ever killed were bugs. My kids reached in food bowls while the dogs ate, because I trained my dogs to be mild tempered. They were great with all people, even though I had a very shy one that just hid from strangers. They protected when it was necessary and were the greatest companions to my children and I. I will never own another breed. Just because you read a few stories and got scared a few times, doesnt give you a right to label a breed killers. That’s very immature and down right wrong of you. Until you have experienced the love of a pit, you dont get to have an opinion. You have to experience both sides before you can label a breed anything.

  359. I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.
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