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Black Students Continue To Fail In NYC Schools But Story Is Illustrated By White Dunce Boy

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Here is the stock photo chosen by the editors of the New York Daily News to illustrate a story about the futility of trying to teach black and Hispanic students in the NYC schools.  Note how a white boy is used, making fun of this minority (white boys are not the majority in NYC) even though white males are doing very well and indeed, excel in most schools they attend.  This is extremely racist and a lie but typical of our media owners who play this race game against white males to the hilt even though virtually all media owners are…white males!

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Without Any Evidence, Putin Is Accused Of Assassination Of Nemtsov

Whatever happens, Putin is blamed immediately and the assassination of a political foe is just yet another event that is blamed on him despite the fact that the last thing Putin would want is to turn his opponent into a martyr for the Ukrainian coup.  For this man is a supporter of the suppression of Russian speakers in Ukraine and thus, is loved by the NATO leaders.  It makes zero sense for Putin to suddenly kill this guy.  Someone did kill him and we so far have no idea who which makes this pile on by NATO leaders so ugly.

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EU Government Wiping Out Billions In CO2 Cap/Trade Tax Scheme Due To Market Collapse For Thin Air

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January temperatures continue here in New York and it is nearly spring.  Luckily for me, we have sun today so my house warms up greatly due to passive solar heating which I designed.  The global warming garbage continues to spew out of academia as a flood of government money pays for all sorts of goofy studies that studiously ignores all the many warning signs that we are going into an extended cold cycle that may last for more than 100 years.  The war on any professors who talk about global cooling continues to rage but more and more people are standing up to this propaganda/terror campaign due mainly to the need to survive extreme cold and deteriorating conditions.

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White House Coordinating Attacks on ‘Climate Change Denial’ Professors Just Like Red Guard Attacks On Chinese Scientists

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Be A Part Of The Team Holding Geo-centricism Deniers Feet To The Fire is the headline story this year at which is run by the White House.  The California gang that is running this for Obama is firmly convinced that global warming is heating up the entire planet which seems to be mainly LA and San Francisco. Note how Obama’s gang uses ‘climate change DENIAL’ as if anyone is claiming the climate never changes.  This stupidity is at the core of the vicious agenda of the greens who seem bent on destroying society based on lunatic beliefs about global warming that doesn’t exist.  The White House is behind the recent attack on professors who write about the sun and the climate debunking beliefs that CO2 is the sole driver of ‘climate change’.   Continue reading


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NATO Continues Wanting War With Russia, Israel Got Hydrogen Bomb Illegally From US Traitors

New Sanctions Weighed Against Russia as U.S. military vehicles paraded 300 yards from the Russian border as NATO has decided, after Germany surrendered to Russia, to up the ante and push harder for WWIII with Russia.  Spring is coming and that is time for invasions, of course.  All previous invasions of Russia being such roaring successes…it constantly baffles me how history can be ignored so easily.  This childish belief that history doesn’t matter really grinds my gears.

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El Gizouli, New IPCC Figurehead Barely Can Speak In Public


The above video is the only public thing online that shows us how this new spokesperson who is supposed to run international meetings, can barely talk, and it isn’t his poor English skills, he makes NO SENSE AT ALL.  He just strings along various memes, various bullet points which litter his long sentences like boulders on a beach.  And this guy is running meetings??? How does anyone talk to him on the phone?  And he isn’t some outback African who just stumbled into the room, this guy has been around all over the place for over 50 years!

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February Coldest In 100 Years: NOAA and NASA Are Puzzled By Why Ice Is Growing

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It is below zero over and over again at my mountain in New York.  Much of North America is below freezing with half of that below zero last night.  Bitter, bitter cold and the global warmist media is working overtime to ignore this winter’s bad cold news.  These stupid warmists demanded a colder planet and got it and now are pretending there isn’t any cold there and that this is not relevant to their constant whines about being too warm.  I see very few North Americans complaining about the cold except as usual, in southern California and the very edge of the West Coast which still gets warm ocean breezes to keep them from below zero weather. Continue reading


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