Kerry Goes To Kiev To Start WWIII

Miz Liberty assassinates bin Laden

An old cartoon of mine.

For some hideous reason, the Bilderberg gang has decided to decapitate Putin and if this means launching WWIII, they will do this.  After years of NATO aggression expanding this military alliance closer and closer to Moscow, we now have a very definite line in the sand in the center of Ukraine which the US has decided decisively to cross after the appropriate propaganda which started with the winter Olympics.  So, Kerry travels to Ukraine as US weighs sending arms to the coup in Kiev while Russia warns US against supplying ‘lethal defensive aid’ to Ukraine.



Kremlin confirms Hollande, Merkel visit to discuss end to Ukraine civil war while Kerry sneaks into Kiev to assure the Catholic right wingers that they will have full war like the one that destroyed Iraq.  The US invaded Iraq and this created ISIS and now has created a massive religious war in the region as attempts to destroy the non-Sunni leader of Syria has turned into religious warfare blood baths killing off hundreds of thousands of innocent bystanders.


Hands dripping with blood, NATO and its US leaders have decided religious warfare in Ukraine would be the perfect tool to overthrow someone.  After Russia’s loans to Ukraine were spurned and the coup took over, the IMF, EU and US all gave huge loans to the criminal operation in Kiev and I said back then, this would never, ever be repaid and they would  need double the amount and guess what?


They need double the amount!  Even after Ukraine has been set up to receive €1.8bn from EU they need another dozen billion more but the IMF is wary of providing Kiev with extra bailout funds:


In April, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) pledged $17 billion to Ukraine, which was almost two-thirds of the $27 billion given to Kiev from backers that included the United States and the European Union. However, with Ukraine now in need of new loans in the region of $15 billion, the monetary board doesn’t want to provide more than two-thirds of any new loans and is circumspect due to the lack of any economic growth in the country.


If a nation is at war with itself especially a religious war, it won’t have an ‘economy’.  We see this in Syria, in Libya, in Iraq, all over kingdom come.  NATO has spread religious war and the subjugation of women all over the Muslim world.  In Syria, Iraq and Libya, women had quite significant civil and human rights which have all been utterly crushed by US/NATO-sponsored uprisings and coups.


Finally the Pope has spoken against some of this: Stop fratricide violence in Ukraine, stop pushing for ‘victory’ — RT News


“Let us pray to the Lord so that this horrible fratricide violence may cease as soon as possible,” the head of the Roman Catholic Church said speaking at the end of the weekly General Audience.


Speaking off-the-cuff, Pope Francis said that when he hears the words ‘victory’ or ‘defeat’ he feels great pain, great sadness in his heart, the Vatican news service reported.


“They are not the right words. The only right word is peace. This is the only right word.” he explained.


The Pope and the Bilderberg gang and nearly all the US media and our President and the British government and much of the EU leaders are all screeching we will roast to death unless we stop doing naughty things.  Well, WWIII will most definitely roast many millions, even billions of people to death so why are our rulers and propagandists not yelling about how stupid this is???


Russia can strike back.  So can China.  And both can win a nuclear exchange.  The US could survive a nuclear war, too.  But not Europe nor Japan.  These entities will be annihilated in WWIII so why are there no anti-NATO expansion demonstrations?  We have had all these goofy ‘global warming is going to annihilate us!’ demonstrations!  But nary a single anti-nuclear war demonstration.


The stupidest public demonstration in history was the Charlie one in France.  No, it was not a demand for freedom of speech.  Europe has no freedom of speech nor does the US.  People are punished severely for holding any contrarian position and the global warmist fascists are pushing hard for imposing this on any scientists who tell the truth about the weather!  The weather!!!  Much less, religion or politics or inciting to riot which our media pushes all the time, being big inciters of riots.


Hospital shelled in Ukraine’s rebel Donetsk, multiple casualties reported as the US ignores the real news in Ukraine.  Where is the information from the black boxes from the Malaysian jet shot down over Eastern Ukraine?  Nothing.  Dead silence.  No report has been officially issued.  This is madness.  Obviously, the shooting of the jet was done by NATO allies, not Russian allies.


Ukraine Rebels Take Key Town as Fighting Rages because they hate the coup for good reasons.  They have no choice, the fascists made it clear after the coup, they were going to treat any Russian Orthodox with great savagery.


Ukraine’s Conscription Plan Fuels Fear, Resentment because the average Ukrainian has finally figured out they are going to die in a hideous war that will gain them nothing.


Europe, not Russia pressured Kiev over EU association agreement – former Ukrainian PM: this explosive news won’t appear in Bilderberg run media in the West:


“I’ve never heard neither Putin nor Medvedev saying that if you sign an agreement with the EU, you’ll have a different government. But I’ve heard [EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy, Stefan] Fule, repeatedly saying that if you don’t sign then the other government will sign it,” Azarov said at the presentation of his book ‘Ukraine at a crossroads. Prime Minister’s notes’ in Moscow.


The decision to delay the signing of the association agreement by then-Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovich, led to Euromaidan protests in the capital, Kiev, which turned violent and resulted in a regime change in February 2014.


According to Azarov, it was Washington which masterminded the plan to ouster Yanukovich and his government.


“As for the US, I think they initially applied the tactics of gradually forcing Yanukovich from power,” he said. But first, “their goal was to get rid of the government, because they saw the government as a key to the country’s stability.”


As we slide into a war with Russia we cannot win, the other ally of Putin continues to gain power over the US:  Chinese firm to build SF’s 2nd-tallest building.


I knew from day one (my mom and dad were once stationed in Saudi Arabia and I grew up knowing a fair amount about the royals there) I knew the Saudi Royals were behind the 9/11 attackers.  The 9/11 report censored all mention of this and this remains censored but now that the ugly toad king is dead, things are leaking out such as the Claims Against Saudis Cast Light on Secrets of 9/11 Report.


Al Qaeda member is demanding the report not be censored anymore???? HAHAHAHA.  The Bilderberg gang decided way back then to keep everything under wraps and lie to the American people.  Now, the Bilderberg gang members who own the New York Times are talking about all this as if they don’t know exactly what has been going on since day one:  Pre-9/11 Ties Haunt Saudis.


There wasn’t just a ‘tacit alliance’ with the royals, the bin Laden family is very close to the BUSH family!  Friends!  And the 9/11 gang trained in Florida in the middle of the one place in America with more retired CIA/Secret Service agents and the private Jupiter Island where the Bush clan hang out and the state of Florida which was run by a Bush back then…the CIA/Saudi ties to the 9/11 attackers is huge and is the main thing being kept from the public.


It is an utter, ugly, gigantic scandal which the rulers of America do not want us to see or understand.  The ‘bombs in the building’ crap was a desperate attempt at shutting down talk about all this, typical misdirection while all discussion of 9/11 vanished while wars were illicitly launched against innocent bystanders, Afghanistan and Iraq.  War crimes galore and no real investigation just like the jet shooting in Ukraine which is increasingly obvious is a US/NATO/Bilberberg gang effort at working up the peasants before launching another bloody war.


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23 responses to “Kerry Goes To Kiev To Start WWIII

  1. e sutton

    The latest meme the MSM is pushing is that Putin has Asperger’s disease, an affliction that comes from severe autism. In other words, he’s crazy, ala Hitler. We’ve simply got to put that rabid dog Putin down. Nearly spat out my coffee as the news reader on t.v. said that it “wasn’t known” if President Obama or Kerry has read the report, published by, ahem, the Pentagon.

  2. Rob

    ” Chinese firm to build SF’s 2nd-tallest building.”

    Let’s hope they remember rebar for that building 😉

    “A bridge that collapsed in China killing at least 36 people broke apart like a pat of “beancurd” because there were apparently no steel reinforcement bars, state media said on Wednesday, quoting a rescuer.”

    I try to avoid everything Made in China since the lead in coffee cups, poisonous dog treats, all the really cheap tools that have broken.

  3. Jim R

    According to Ukr news feeds I read, a captured officer has told the rebels that Kiev is planning to blow up a bus full of civilian refugees and blame it on the rebels. It was to bolster Poro’s case when he goes to Munich or wherever to beg for more aid.

    Question is, how will Russia respond if all this “lethal aid” makes a difference? So far both sides have been fighting with thirty year old soviet-era weapons and armor..

  4. Petruchio

    I recall watching a video of some Pentagon type–he must have some influence inside the Beltway or they wouldn’t interview him–saying that Russia wouldn’t last one hour in a war with the US! I apologize for not providing better details. I almost immediately dismissed this fool as a neo con dreamer.They deserve NO credibility, imho. But then I started thinking that maybe a lot of the sheltered dreamers of World Domination in DC think just as this idiot does They must. Kerry likely doesn’t think much different, I would assume. I will try to retrieve this video for more details.

  5. Jim R

    Petruchio, apparently your Pentagon guy watched Dr. Strangelove and thought the George C. Scott character was someone to emulate, and not a dark and not-so-subtle joke.

    And Elaine, I love your cartoons. The last line in this one, that they are subhuman, is harder to sell in the Ukraine. We are seeing civilian neighborhoods shelled every day, and the victims are not brown people, they are whiter than I am. … And they are Christians. So the ‘news’ media have to keep a tight lid on this, and it can only be seen on the Internet.

    Unless they decide, for example, to shell a neighborhood and blame it on Russia. When that happens the news appears on CNN, BBC, FOX within minutes. Immediately followed by some story about Putin, to fix the association. We’ll probably see such a story out of Debaltsevo in the next few days, it’s like clockwork.

  6. CK

    When war is all you have to offer your citizens, and you are losing them for the last 20 years; you will need to present the citizens with a victory soon or you will be replaced.
    If you try to walk away from involvements in the internal affairs of other nations, then you are trying to replace war with some other area of successes. If you think the war on Islam is fruitless, try to imagine the war within the US over domestic social priorities. Watching the various valorated victims groups fight for the additional spoils a lack of foreign wars would generate would be wonderful viewing.
    Should we spend more money to close the black white gap in high school performance? Should we spend it on belabouring the “rape culture” that doesn’t exist? Possibly we should spend it on classes in diversity of sexual opinions and how they are each as “moral” as the other? Should we repair bridges and highways and pipelines and rail road tracks? Should we go for a manned mission to Mars or a manned station on the moon?
    Wars, foolish or not, winnable or not, profitable or not are easier than choosing the winners among the selected special victims of the country.

  7. Hierophant

    Elaine, not to wander to far off topic, but I am curious as to your opinion about Greece. Especially in light of Syriza winning the last election, and the ‘difficulties’ they are currently having with the ECB.

  8. emsnews

    The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and has lots and lots of potential and the Chinese are drooling over this fact and it is a huge part of them suddenly courting Russia.

    The US has announced it will do a gold rush on the moon by handing out land rights to land lubbers who pony up some cash. But the moon is like the Wild West: you have to occupy it and control it there on the spot not via Wall Street.

    Guns matter a lot in this territorial power disputation.

  9. emsnews

    Heinlein and his friends like my brother-in-law, Keith Henson, used to discuss the business of lunar fire power.

    The gravity pool is from the moon to the earth, not the reverse. Dropping bombs and other nasties on the planet earth is easy as baking a pie. Just launch it and watch it spiral inwards towards the earth.

    This means, if someone menaces you on earth, you can strike back from the moon while using little energy or effort. And it is much harder for them to strike the moon with missiles and bombs.

  10. Jim R

    And, they weren’t even dropping bombs in that story. Just launching rocks. A load of rocks falling from that height is like a meteor strike.

    Their launching computer could target any square inch of earth, and gravity would do the rest.

  11. Pontiff Holysh*t

    What about this?:

    Keith Henson’s daughters speak: Keith Henson is a child molester

  12. Jim R

    Pontiff, your page is 404. And judging from the rest of that site, I’d say it is likely that some prankster / troll simply attached a page to an infrequently updated site, and it has now been deleted by the site’s owner (who is apparently just another one of Elaine’s brainy eccentric relatives).

  13. emsnews

    My relations are not saints, mostly sinners. Crazy yet creative, the messes at home run alongside doing intense things.

    Trust me, most ‘genius level’ people are psychos. I am psycho, myself.

  14. Jim R

    It’s a wonder any of you survive to adulthood …

    Here’s a clip, with English subtitles, about that planned attack. Could still happen, or it could be called off, hopefully. Even if you understand Russian, the sound is terrible, so mute it.

  15. CK

    @Jim R
    I have always wondered if infants could have as much fun in the infantry as adults can have in the adultery.
    When Heinlein published The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, he killed the civilian space business. The Moon is the High Ground and no hegemon allows others to have the high ground. I read Heinlein’s works all through middle school, high school, college and reread them today.The Man who Sold the Moon still makes me smile, but now the smiles are wry. At 15 I knew the Stars were to be our home, our destination, let the sun burn out, mankind would replace it with something better or just move to a better neighbourhood somewhere among the brilliant stars; at 68 the stars won’t be mine; an emasculated not for profit vision replaced the vigor of man with the wimpiness of the mule train to Canaveral.
    I doubt there are enough masculine males in the current generation to grow a garden in the desert let alone a living world in the vacuum of the moon.
    Oh well, you pays your dime and you watch the small print take it all away; ask for the free song eventually the piper holds out his hand or hangs up his fiddle. Take the future to the dance and leave with the slut in the cheap makeup and the Dolly Parton wig.

  16. Jim R

    Damn. CK, that was almost poetry. So true, so true.

  17. Christian W

    The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress:

  18. CK

    @Christian W.
    Thank you.
    @Jim R.
    Thank you.

  19. Chris

    Bro you smiking crack when you wrote this Russia takes Nato co e on really ……idt so even tho I wish it could be russia the victors of the u.s, but they CAN NOT take nato head on ……….

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  21. Pingback: Years And Years, I Warned Bush And Obama About WWIII And Have Proof | Culture of Life News

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