This Week Will Be Colder Than January As Severe Cold Grips Northern Hemisphere

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What the weather is looking like this week on my mountain in Upstate New York: bitter cold, sometimes below zero.  It is colder than January and lots of snow, I am beginning to run out of places to shove the snow on my road.  I keep talking about the weather because the global warmists have active plans to make the planet as cold as possible for insane reasons. They hate humans.  This is so shocking. We are shocked by the proto-Saudi violent ISIS killers who kill people exactly like the Saudi royals who are praised when they die of fetid fat old age after a reign of  terror.  So it is with the weather: people who hate people want to kill us via severe cold.


I am already fed up with NOAA which supposedly predicts climate in advance…nearly always totally wrong when it comes to the northeastern quarter of our continent.  Over and over again, they assure us we will have hotter than normal summers and even warmer winters.  And the exact opposite happens over and over yet they do this continuously. They tell us beginning next month, the next entire year will be super hot!  Which they said all last year and the year before.


It isn’t hot around much of the planet:  Snowfall warning in the height of summer – National – NZ Herald News while in Europe, Wrap up warm! Cold front hits Spain bringing snow.  Even in the warm part of the Pacific, Cold front bringing strong winds, fog and rains to Hawaii.


Then there is England, a hot spot for global warmists who have imposed their nutty plans on the populace there: Ice warning in force for UK as more snow expectedDeath rate rises as cold snap grips UK | Society | The Guardian.  The Guardian preens itself on being a liberal paper that loves humanity and wants the best for us.  But it censors anyone disputing any of the lunacy beliefs of the global warmists and lets pro-global warming fanatics to run riot there, insulting people, threatening to kill people, sneering at people, wishing people dead and not giving a crap about anyone dying of cold weather.  Here are a few typical examples:


Death rate in England and Wales is about a third higher than normal for this time of year, ONS figures show


Is the sub-headline in the news.  Yes, many more are dying of the cold this year in England.  Here is a sample that was typical of nearly the entire reader’s comments:


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nearlydead 41m ago

Reckon that most people under the age of 70 in this country are total pathetic wimps ,always whingeing on about ” how cold it is ” as a result of being effectively brainwashed by the media about ” arctic conditions blah…..blah…. “.

I really wonder at what sort of liquid they have pumping through their veins.

We are both in our `60`s but have conditioned ourselves to be happy at 17 degs. I will continue to wear my shorts outdoors regardless of the weather.

If one is old, suffering from an infirmity then, yes, I have sympathy; but all this rot about ” poverty ” and even more ridiculous even, ” fuel poverty ” I have no patience with. Poverty in all its forms only exists from the neck up.

” the British climate does not experience extremes of either heat or cold ” End Off. Shut up moaning. Move about more. Wear an extra skin instead.


treetop91 1h ago

The normal tripe about old people passing away in old age regurgitated to construct a political point scoring system ? Old people do die and the cold weather accelerates that,we cant go on forever.

PhilipMcMullen pinkylives 17m ago

Nonsense bordering on the hysterical. Very elderly people tend to die in the winter. It’s just the way it is.


The White House feels the same way.  As people die in blizzards, Obama says nothing.  He did talk about global warming in January and warned us we are all going to roast to death unless we do really stupid things that will kill us if it gets any colder.  Icy Storm Leaves Nine Dead as It Sweeps Into Northeast – NBC as it gets awfully cold and the Great Lakes are rapidly freezing up yet again while Greenland, the North Pole and the South Pole all get more ice, more snow, as well as colder.


Sea Ice Climate Schizophrenia?


Jim Steele Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism


He figured out that ice is growing, not shrinking!  Amazing!  While in California!  A miracle!  He will be punished for noticing the obvious.  Lose his job, most likely.  The people reading WUWT joked that he should call this article ‘Climate Bi-Polar Disorder?’
Just like the previous announcement based on nearly zero evidence that last year was the Hottest Year EVAH, the warmists keep popping up more and more insane claims, here is the latest in the last few hours from the BBC:  Ancient climate records ‘back predictions’.


That is, hot, cold, dry, icy, all are caused by CO2.  Here is a real whopper:  Allan James: Planet has seen many, many changes in its climate.  NO KIDDING!!!
Ice Ages being the prime example.  The planet has been much, much hotter than today and life thrived.  It has also been very much colder.  And the ‘colder’ cycles are getting longer and longer and overwhelm the warm cycles.  We built this entire human domination of the planet during just one brief Interglacial during the last 10,000 years.  Time is running out.  Soon enough, we will be in yet another Ice Age of 100,000 years.
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5 responses to “This Week Will Be Colder Than January As Severe Cold Grips Northern Hemisphere

  1. Christian W

    The Guardian is a ‘modern liberal’ paper now, meaning it’s pure fascist. They sold out to the elites/zionists and exist only as a means to frame and control the narrative and political debates. Anything outside the pre-approved parameters is censored, even pre-filtered so the mods won’t be overworked, making it impossible to even post counter arguments in some cases. A problem the hasbara/sock puppet operators will not have.

    This is how the elites now actively censor the news and flow of information without directly admitting to censorship. I bet RT and certain other sites will be made inaccessbile in similar ways. Already, for one example, is under regular DDOS (Denial of Service) attacks.

  2. melponeme_k


    I wonder where this will all go. Something tells me this is just fake weeping and wailing to convince the USA public of being not being influenced by a foreign official. But then they will all attend coming speech and clap like seals.

  3. emsnews

    Netanyahu is the President of the United States. I have said this in the past. The Democrats have finally figured out the obvious: disrespecting Obama directly means black voters will be really pissed off at them when Zionist white woman, Hillary, runs.

  4. LOU

    O/T, Elaine, did you know ‘La raza’ [the race] is pulling Obamas Immigration Strings?

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