If Putin Is Brain Damaged Our Rulers Are Insane Psychopathic Killers

Our own leaders have shown all sorts of mental health problems and deficiencies and presently seem to be suffering from overall-infantilism but they have fixed this by hiring some equally stupid persons to create this news story:  Vladimir Putin diagnosed as having Asperger’s syndrome by Pentagon expert | Daily Mail Online

President Putin has ‘an autistic disorder which affects all of his decisions,’ Brenda Connors, an expert in movement-pattern analysis at the US Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, wrote in the report obtained by USA Today.


After studying Putin’s movement in public settings, Connors concluded that ‘the Russian President carries a neurological abnormality.’


The neurologically damaged leaders of the NATO countries should be examined by doctors.  For example, they  nearly uniformly believe that it is getting hotter and hotter and last year was the Hottest Year EVAH.  This is obvious signs of insanity.


They also praised the vicious, cruel, draconian dictator of Saudi Arabia who died a bloated whale, as a liberator and friend of the US and Europe and kindly, reformist ruler.  All of which is utterly delusional.


They also uniformly tell us that inflation is good and that more inflation is really good.  Then tell us we have no money for social services but a trillion dollars spent on religious wars is OK because they can print it up and then put it on our IOU ledger to be paid off later.


They lie about the weather, they lie about money, they lie about freedom of speech (no, we don’t have this) and they lie about basic scientific facts, they are obviously sociopaths and psychopaths. According to the news story about Putin, here are ‘symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome’:


These are often displayed, predominantly in males, by a lack of empathy, impaired imagination, difficulty in making friends, intense absorption in a special interest.


Whilst people with Asperger’s will exhibit some or all of these characteristics to a greater or lesser degree, many tend to experience isolation and a lack of understanding in their everyday lives, which often results in frustration, anger, depression and a lack of self-esteem.


Sounds like our rulers, doesn’t it?  All of them!  They are very absorbed in their own special interests and can’t see what this does to others including killing millions of people one way or another!  It is so sad.


The infantile form of diplomacy we have today reflects the brain damage of our rulers.  They use bribes, raw force, name calling, lying openly, concealing important information and misdirection in order to ensure they can get away with mass murder, looting, rapine and theft.


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12 responses to “If Putin Is Brain Damaged Our Rulers Are Insane Psychopathic Killers

  1. Petruchio

    “They lie about the weather, they lie about money, they lie about freedom of speech (no, we don’t have this) and they lie about basic scientific facts, they are obviously sociopaths and psychopaths.” Imho, ‘our rulers’ are NOT delusional. They are sociopathic criminals, pure and simple. They don’t give a rat’s a## if they throw millions into poverty or gut national economies. Power. Getting it, keeping it and expanding power. THAT’s what they do. Here, imho, is a good definition of psychopath and sociopath: a psychopath does not know the difference between right and wrong. A sociopath DOES know the difference between right and wrong, but doesn’t care. I recall the quote from Bush I re his Presidency: “If the people knew what we have done, we would be tar and feathered and indicted.” Criminal acts, violating the Constitution, issuing pardons (see: Bush I). Nope, these slimeballs know FULL WELL what they are doing is wrong/criminal. They do it anyway.

  2. Jim R

    Putin doesn’t really have Asperger’s, it just seems that way to a psychopath.

  3. Christian W

    Indeed. Can someone ask this “expert” to evaluate top US politicians and his employers in the Pentagon please.

    Then again, he knows what to write if he wants to keep his cushy well paid job, doesn’t he. What a joke.

  4. melponeme_k

    Its all just laying groundwork.

    So in the aftermath, they can point to their prior lies as god-honest truth. Because heck, most of us will be dead anyway since we don’t have state of the art bunkers to crawl into to hide from the bombs.

    Its just a shame to think that their throwback genes will continue the race if WW3 takes place.

  5. Christian W

    Its all just laying groundwork.

    The steady drip of propaganda. People will forget this little “tidbit” after a week or so, but unconsciously it will be there and just another little piece to the propaganda brain washing puzzle is added.

    At the end of the day the US people will accept a full out war with Russia without blinking an eyelid, just as they did with Saddam in Iraq and Ghaddafi in Libya.

  6. Mewswithaview

    Look at Putins strategy he is undermining the NATO alliance.

    Hollande is trying to rescue the French multi-billion warship deal with the Russians. Turkey has done a deal on a new gas pipeline. The Greeks are being ignored and threatened by the EU bureaucrats, but the Russians are talking to them and German business wants the Eurasian market opened up.

    The American administration does not have the political capital for war with the American public which is why you are getting the hard sell from Hollywood with the Sony “hacking” story and “American Sniper” to blood you for the next wave of boots on the ground. You have to pay attention to the progress of the Obamacare repeal if it ever gets out of the senate, your president is likely to want a distraction and commit you to war rather that have to give up the legislation with his name on it.

    For Putins part he needs a victory in Eastern Ukraine, otherwise the collapse in oil prices puts political pressure on him, the foolish imbeciles in the US state department combined with the zionist lobby have given him all the excuse he needs to retain power. He will take Eastern Ukraine, Western Ukraine will fall to a military dictatorship and Russian troops will act as the peacekeepers.

  7. Jim R

    Mews, military dictatorships are expensive things to maintain. They don’t exist without major infusions of money from somewhere.

    It will be more like a miserable failed state.

    What Putin wanted was for it to continue the way it was going a year or two ago, as a buffer against Europe and NATO. He didn’t want saber-rattling psychos right on his border, with nuclear missiles, and 5 minutes’ warning if they launch.

    And Russia doesn’t want to tie up its army doing police work for Ukraine.

    So if Russia ‘wins’ this thing, will it go back to being just stupid old Ukraine? Ukraine was already broke before any of this began, they had been looted by the oligarchs and were pretty far along the path to a dark-ages type of feudal system.

    Also worth noting: if Russia ‘loses’ this thing (and the psychos don’t go nuclear), Ukraine won’t be any better off. It will almost certainly be much worse off than it is now. The current kast of klowns in Kiev don’t really care about it, that much is obvious.

  8. Christian W

    The dunderheads in Washington are capable of anything. The Kiev regime recently declared that 1. The US will start to train the National Guard. 2. The National Guard will take over the protection of the nuclear power plants.

    That looks like an underhanded way for the US to get access to the Ukrainian nuclear power plants to me.

  9. Mewswithaview

    Both Spain and Portugal were poor countries in Europe run as military dictatorships as recently as the 1970s. These systems can run a long time because the limited valuable resources in the country are controlled by friends of the dictator who controls the military, while the opposition sits in exile/prison/gulag/detention centre with limited access to resources.

    The “Novorussian” side are fighting in the areas where Ukrainian/Russian oligarchs have interests who lost when Viktor Yanukovich was ousted. By withdrawing his own Russian nationalist fanatics Putin left the field to them. Ihor Kolomoisky (Dnepopetrovsk) is in a take over fight against Rinat Akhmetov (Donbass). There are two factions in Kiev, Petro Poroshenko and the faction comprising Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Arsen Avakov and Ihor Kolomoisky. Neither side has complete power and that is why a military coup is anticipated.

  10. emsnews

    The ‘norm’ for most societies is dictatorship or national socialism. The capitalist method does NOT WORK at least for workers and peasants which means these sorts of political systems self destruct.

    The dictators fail due to dynastic problems; all dynasties die due to internal rot. All, throughout history, die and are replaced with new dynasties. Some empires like the Roman and Chinese empires get infusions of new blood at the top via barbarian invasions.

    People think of England as ‘stable’ under the monarchy. IT IS NOT. My family coming here to the New World was due to internal warfare in England.

    Any viewing of Shakespeare’s history plays shows how dynasties battle endlessly, messing up England.

  11. Jim R

    Spain and Portugal were part of the USA sphere of influence in the 1970s. Had they been truly independent countries, they might not have been bastions of progressive enlightenment, but their dictators would have been much much weaker. There were numerous countries such as Chile, that had their governments REPLACED with dictatorships in the name of “anti-communism”..

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