Ukraine Talks With Russia Collapses Because US Won’t ‘Meet Halfway’: Biden Claims War Is Inevitable

Miz Libery tells Putin he is insane and causing wars

Ukraine Summit Is Unsuccessful; U.S. Contemplates Next Steps as talks collapsed.  Bloomberg news says ironically, ‘No meeting HALFWAY’.  Russia was willing to prop up the crummy Ukraine economy when the US and EU saw a great opportunity to expand NATO right into Russia’s lap and then park nuclear arms there.  So a coup in Kiev was engineered.  The Europeans all thought that hostile relations and threatening war with Russia was a smart idea even though History screams that this is a terrible, terrible idea.  ‘Let’s kick Russia in the balls, that is harmless to us!’ was probably one of the stupidest historical choices to make, ever.  Well, Ukraine’s money has collapsed along with its economy, the paper money fell by 50% in less than 12 hours and is still dropping.



The EU is a total mess.  The US economy is a total mess, too.  U.S. and Europe Working to End Ukraine Fighting according to the NYTimes which has become so autistic these days, they can’t even write a simple article about the sun without a host of errors.  The US government has declared Putin to be mentally weak and even insane while at the same time claiming he is a devilish genius and threatens us all due to his magic tricks and vast powers.  I think our rulers are telling us a nice thing: Asperger’s Syndrome people are cunning, powerful and smart!  Well, smarter than our rulers.


Seriously, many great scientists are and were ‘Asperger’s syndrome’ people, great chess players, great musicians, great artists.  Our rulers aren’t great at much anything except hogging resources, stealing stuff, raiding economies, starting illicit wars, spewing propaganda and scaring the piss out of everyone around them.  I see no great chess players or scientists or musicians in the lot of them.


The US and Europe, for example are NOT ‘working to end Ukraine fighting’ which they created in the first place.  They are still attacking Putin, smearing his name, calling him names, snarling at him, giving him ultimatums and making demands.  They hate Putin because he cares about Russia.  Here is an example of how our rulers care about our citizens:  U.S. added 257K jobs in January; unemployment ticks up to 5.7 percent – The Washington Post.  Unemployment went UP while jobs grew???


The U.S. kept up its brisk pace of hiring in January with 257,000 jobs. The unemployment rate ticked up to 5.7 percent, from the previous 5.6 percent, as more workers entered the labor force.


The ‘more workers entered the labor force’ was due mainly to foreigners who were legalized suddenly.  Thanks a lot, ruling elites.  You fixed our nation up real good, didn’t you?


Back to spending billions propping up the coup in Kiev: Kerry is there spreading arms, snarling threats, rewriting history and lying constantly.  He, not Putin, is the insane person here.  After we wasted $2 trillion creating total chaos in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Yemen…the government there has been totally destroyed by the rebels we have been assassinating with drones, by the way….the list is long.  Russia has done NOTHING except defend its own people.


Which Europe and the US believes is insane and evil.  How dare the Russians protect themselves!  That is pure insanity!  They should surrender to the Europeans and Americans so they can be quietly looted, of course.


Ditto for the Iranians.  For example, we ‘liberated’ the Libyans from a fairly liberal dictator who gave women nearly total civil rights.  He handed out National Socialist income sharing programs and built universities and schools for children.  Free health care and people lived longer lives.  Now, it is a wasteland with the oil and gas pumping out to Europe and the profits looted and the people are much poorer and women have near zero civil rights.  A NATO triumph being repeated in an even uglier way in Iraq and Syria.


The US Zionists and NATO have basically, with the funding of Saudi dictators, destroyed liberalism in Muslim nations and spread war, chaos and destroyed women’s rights.  We are all Charlie in this matter.  The left in the US has become useless.  They demonstrate for no policing of black communities, they demonstrate against warm weather (!!!!) but they are silent about our many wars including the looming WWIII with Russia and China.


Where are the anti-nuke demonstrations?  Europe used to have these.  I participated with these demonstrations back in 1968.  Today: all the nukes are still there, war threatens every decade.   For example, when Yugoslavia broke up.  NATO bombs European Muslims and Orthodox Christians and yells at Russia when Russia tries to protect them.  And no demonstrations even though the sword of doom hangs over Europe threatening them with annihilation for all of Europe will be annihilated in WWIII.


Yes, a lot of beautiful artwork and landscaping and history will be blown to smithereens or rendered toxic hell but who cares?  Our rulers who think Putin is insane don’t care!


Shivering and Tearful in Rebel-Held Ukraine as the NYT tells us the Russian speakers in Ukraine suffer.  The storyline is, Putin is doing this to them all.  The truth is, the coup in Kiev is doing this to them.  All they have to do is…be driven out of their homes!  The coup in Kiev announced that they wanted no more Russian speakers in Ukraine which is why the rebellion broke out.  Duh!  This is NEVER mentioned in US news and the Europeans are pretending this isn’t the root cause of the fighting.  Which means either people are being lied to (which is true) but also, people don’t recall how all the wars in Europe erupt.


Namely, the People don’t do this, the media, the ‘intellectuals’ and the rulers whip people into supporting expansionist wars.  Russia isn’t expanding, it has been shrinking ever since 1990.  NATO, on the other hand, has nearly doubled in size and it is anti-Russian.  The EU has doubled in size, too.  So this story that Russia is an aggressor is dead wrong.


Biden says Europeans questioning Russia sanctions ‘inappropriate, annoying’ – Spiegel: Der Spiegel is a German newspaper.  Yes, Biden is a warmongering criminal as is Obama.  And the Bush clan.  As well as Hillary Clinton from when she was in Kerry’s position.  Hollande: If lasting Ukraine peace not found ‘scenario is war’ and since the US has prevented any ‘meeting halfway’ measures, it means WAR.  Yes, France realizes this and is doing nothing except publish anti-Muslim cartoons.


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17 responses to “Ukraine Talks With Russia Collapses Because US Won’t ‘Meet Halfway’: Biden Claims War Is Inevitable

  1. Jim R

    That last headline is a sort of hopeful sign. Biden annoyed that Europe dares question the edicts of the US. … Now if Europe would ignore those edicts, some progress could be made.

  2. nclaughlin

    Glad to see you back to doing cartoons!

  3. JimmyJ

    My still working a trade senior friend, a socialist and union supporter is convinced Russia is going to invade Alaska soon.

    You know, he’s no dummy, but watches tv news and only uses the internet for social uses not information. He is typical of his demographic I think.

    I always argue with him and he agrees the US is no angel, but I notice when pressed on his opinion about Russia is very defensively angry. Somehow the propaganda has tapped his deepest irrational fears.

    I suggest to several friends who think like him that this must be how Germans felt when they saw the danger Hitler posed as he was rising in power and they basically think I’m crazy. And these are all people who trust and respect me.

    It’s getting close to the point where any dissent on this will be very dangerous.

  4. Petruchio

    “Our rulers aren’t great at much anything except hogging resources, stealing stuff, raiding economies, starting illicit wars, spewing propaganda and scaring the piss out of everyone around them. I see no great chess players or scientists or musicians in the lot of them.” My definition/description of them: delusional sociopaths. Morally and ethically bankrupt criminals.Bought and paid for whores.The bootlicking lackeys who serve the people and interest groups that want more wars, more trade imbalances and greater and greater national debt. Examples: John Kerry and Al Gore. Both btw are members of the Numbskulls and Boneheads secret society. Our bribed rulers believe they are the elite of the elite; the best of the best. LOL!! Most of them would be homeless, unemployed dumpster divers if they weren’t so useful to the people who own them. Junior Bush would be in prison for his stock swindling activities re Haarken Energy. Junior Bush’s wife ran an old boyfriend over with her car and got away with it, scot free.

  5. Christian W

    I saw an interesting analysis over at the Saker’s that Merkel went to meet Putin with Hollande brought as cover to avoid smears of a German Russian insider deal a la Ribbentrop. The format of the meeting is that no aides are allowed apart from the interpreters and stenographers, the idea is that Merkel wanted rid of her and Hollande’s minders and spies (for the Zionists and the US) so she could talk directly to Putin.

    For all our sakes let’s hope Merkel is sane and can make a genuine deal with Putin.

  6. Christian W

    If the Germans have any brains at all they know that war with Russia is as bad, or worse, as wars within Europe itself. Even the Nazi Bilderbergers should know this by now. The EU was formed with the idea of ending internal European wars. If that idea does not extend to wars with Russia the whole idea is strategically and politically kaputt.

    Hitler went to war against the Soviet Union partly because he feared Stalin would invade Romania and cut off Germany’s only direct source for gasoline, and he knew Stalin would attack once he had reformed and upgraded the Red Army.

    Energy is the big Achilles heel for Germany, just as it is for Japan. Japan was at war in China when the US cut off the Japanese access to oil, forcing Japan’s hand – either go to war with the US or withdraw from China and lose that war. Roosevelt knew what the Japanese choice would be and he knew about the incoming attack on Pearl Harbor, which is why all the US carriers were at sea at the time of the attack.

    If Germany makes a deal for energy with Russia this whole scenario is avoided. It makes no sense at all for Germany to follow the US in this, or basically anything outside the financial markets, anymore. The US is running out of time before reality kicks it back into shape. If Germany is so badly tied into the rotten financial system that it has become a ball and chain dragging it down to destruction they have to come up with a new plan.

  7. emsnews

    Has Germany ever learned from past mistakes?

    NEIN. Es ist unmöglish, verrückt, wiedershins.


    No, people do NOT learn from history. They tend to rewrite the past. This is why all of Europe refuses to understand the price Russia paid for WWII and how this shows they can pay ANY price in war.

    Everyone surrendered to Napoleon. Russia did not. Napoleon was pissed that Russia not only refused to surrender, they refused to even talk to him.

    The Brits fought him when he was already reduced to a midget in military terms. Just like in WWII.

    Less than one quarter of Germany’s armies and forces were in Western Europe. Nearly all of it was on the Eastern front. And it was systematically destroyed just like 90% of Napoleon’s Grande Armee.

  8. Christian W

    The Germans know perfectly well who defeated them. Which is why there was a tremendous stampede of Nazis and officers to the Western front just before the war ended. They wanted to get caught by the Americans and the Brits, not the Russians. A lot of them swiftly found new employment, especially by the Americans.

  9. Christian W

    One of the first missions of the CIA after WWII, was to prolong the partisan war against Russia by the Ukraine Nazis. This war went on into the 1950’s. This conflict is also a root for today’s war in Ukraine. A lot of the Kiev Nazis had parents and grand parents involved in that war, just like a lot of the Novorussians are fighting on ground their fathers and grand fathers fought on during WWII.

  10. Christian W

    Hm, apparently the Kiev junta is going to steal the money of it’s citizens. It will be interesting to see if this rumor is true.

    “The junta is going to nationalize deposits Ukrainians. The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is going to pass a bill that would” engage in the budget, “the bank deposits of citizens. This will be possible in time of war, and in exchange for money citizens will receive” government securities “obligations which will be paid only after end of the “special period”.

  11. emsnews

    Yup, they will do exactly that.

    They are, after all, NAZIS. Real honest to god Nazis. Just like the son of a war criminal in Japan is a Japanese Nazi, Abe and is trying to start WWIII too.

  12. Christian W

    The Ukraine nazis also have given officers the right to shoot their men on the spot, while also closing the borders for all men of draft age, meaning 18-60. As soon as there was news that there would be another wave of drafts to the army most men packed their things and headed for the border to… RUSSIA! 🙂 HIlarious, but poor bastards to be caught in that trap.

    Wonder when the fragging of Ukrainian officers will start? This situation is like as if the Nazis were trying to start a war with Russia in 1945. Bankrupt and with crazy nazis just gunning down anyone on the street who was “defaitist”. The US (I don’t bother with NATO) will have to step in to keep this war cooking, which they will.

  13. Jim R

    Christian W, it hardly matters that Kiev is stealing people’s money. The Hryvnia will be worthless soon, anyway. Maybe before the end of 2015.

    And, Elaine, thanks for doing another cartoon. I love ’em … not so much for the portraiture skill, but they so beautifully encapsulate an idea.

    And yeah, the fraggings should start soon. In addition to the honest-to-god Nazis, some of the officers seem to be Americans. There was a video the other day … whether they are Special Forces or Blackwater hardly matters.

  14. vengeur

    So now McCain is attacking Merkel. But a flash from the past : McCain in 2000: “As long as Saddam Hussein is in power, I am convinced that he will pose a threat to our security.” McCain was a liar and an AIPAC lackey then, and he still is.

  15. melponeme_k

    @Christian w

    “The Ukraine nazis also have given officers the right to shoot their men on the spot, while also closing the borders for all men of draft age, meaning 18-60. ”

    There isn’t a young or middle aged person alive safe from draft if the Elites want their world war.

    Do you think you are if you are past 40? Or if you are a woman?

    They would throw the whole lot of us to the war machine, they plan to if they get their way.

  16. Christian W


    I am officially demilitarized. If I am attacked the UN is supposed to come and use it’s military to protect me 🙂

    It’s because I grew up on the Aland Islands that are partly autonomous (I got there early enough to avoid the draft to the Finnish military). When Finland became independent from Russia in 1917 many people on the Aland Islands wanted to belong to Sweden, but the League of Nations (predecessor to the UN) decided the Aland Islands should belong to Finland but be Swedish speaking only (meaning for example no schools teaching with Finnish as the primary language).

    Since the Aland Islands are/were potentially stragetically important (a joint Engligh/French force attacked a Russian fortress there during the Crimean war) the League of Nations also decided that no military installations should be allowed on the islands and the populace should be exempt from military service. The Islands are officially under UN protection – which is obviously utterly worthless now the the US decided the UN charter is subordinate to US Imperial edicts.

  17. Mewswithaview

    Europe Fractures: France Pivots To Putin, Cyprus Offers Moscow Military Base, Germany-US Splinter On Ukraine –

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