Another Big Wave Of Extreme Cold, Storms Hammer New England

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Latest New England snowstorm sets new records as forecasters warn more on the way   Northeast snowstorm to coat New England in another FOOT of snow and I have 4 feet here on my own mountain and it is very bitter cold here.  So much for Hottest Year EVAH.  Wherever it is ‘hot’ it certainly isn’t even ‘mild’ here in the Ice Age Glacier Belt of North America.


The New York Times has its winter story: fashion!  No other mention about all the records being set yet again like last winter.  The Atlantic Ocean is still ‘warm’ but is going into a cold cycle that will augment the sun’s declining sun spot activity to create a very cold next 30 years.


The snow is deep in Canada, too: Video shows Canadian freight train ploughing through thick snow | Daily Mail Online

This doesn’t stop the California warmists and in the teeth of obvious proof the planet is NOT warming at all and is sliding into a cold cycle, Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for adoption of green energy because even LA isn’t roasting to death anymore nor will it in the future.


California wanted rain and they are getting lots and lots of rain but this doesn’t stop the whining there:  More than a dozen hospitalized after massive storm down the West Coast | Daily Mail Online


These storms cause floods, mudslides, power outages, flight delays, and car crashes in West Coast (including the Jenner crash).


A windy storm sweeping down the West Coast knocked down trees, ripped through freeway and street signs, delayed hundreds of flights and knocked out power for thousands of people in California and Nevada.

Up to 10 inches of rain is expected this weekend in parts of the drought-stricken region, but the rainfall won’t make a significant dent in California’s historic drought.


Storm after storm is moving across California and each time they say, ‘This won’t stop the drought’.  Then it is ‘Won’t make a significant DENT in the drought’ soon it will be ‘but it isn’t enough to totally overflow all water systems!’  Then, I suppose it will be, ‘California is DROWNING and this is due to the super hot weather…pay no attention to everyone else, California is the WORLD!’

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SVS: Antarctic Heating and Cooling Trends (id 3188): Sane scientists now acknowledge that Antarctica is getting colder, not warmer.  The surrounding oceans are warmer but not for much longer.  Oceans hold heat much longer than land masses and this means that the ongoing trend is for colder climate, not warmer since the oceans are not warming the land masses like during warm cycles with lots of sun spot activity.


All my life, astronomers I grew up with and I grew up on Kitt Peak and McDonald observatory in Texas and Yerkes observatory was where I was born and all of the astronomers used sun spot activity to decide if it was going to be warm or cold.


To my great rage, this has been tossed out in the last 30 years, bit by bit until ‘climatologists’ put forth the claim that sun spot activity doesn’t matter!  This is lunacy.


World’s cities experiencing more heatwaves, study shows | Environment | The Guardian: Well DUH!  Cities have much, much more asphalt and huge buildings and NYC for example is like being in the Grand Canyon made of glass and what does glass do?


It reflects solar heat!  The sun shines on it and it bounces back into the streets!  Cities are ten times bigger than in my own youth, too!  More buildings and streets and then there is the plague of air conditioners.


When I was a child, almost no one not even offices, had air conditioners.  In Arizona we had ‘swamp boxes’ for example.  I remember when these infernal machines began proliferating like mad in NYC.  The machines spew out HOT AIR.


They take in hot air, cool it and shoot out HOTTER AIR into the atmosphere.  In the huge towers they have these huge fans shooting HOT AIR into the sky heating up the entire city.  This isn’t global warming, this is city warming.


Why should I freeze to death to keep cities colder?  I am all for planting on rooftops to cool the atmosphere of the cities and making the streets red to keep down the heat instead of blacktop.


Here we are with a huge cold/snow crisis in a huge part of the country and we still get global warming declarations from the politicians who are doing this on behalf of the army of CO2 derivative traders and others making money off of this total scam.  And the President says nothing to us, gives us zero aid and has made electricity very, very expensive and people are dying because of this winter and none of the wolves running things give one fig about this and they don’t even care about people drowning in California during a ‘historic drought’ which is only three effing years long!!!!


My ancestors who lived there since 1848 are turning in their graves, laughing about all this.


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5 responses to “Another Big Wave Of Extreme Cold, Storms Hammer New England

  1. e sutton

    When I was a child, almost no one not even offices, had air conditioners. In Arizona we had ‘swamp boxes’ for example. I remember when these infernal machines began proliferating like mad in NYC. The machines spew out HOT AIR.


    Architects are still designing huge buildings and skyscrapers with windows that do not open. Living and working in this type of arrangement makes the space unlivable if there is a disruption in electrical service, for example. In the past, people were able to tolerate the heat a bit better. In warmer climates, like Mexico, the common sense approach to taking the hottest part of the day off for a siesta is popular. The typical American approach of “balls to the walls, consequences be damned” is ridiculously stupid. I would not consider owning a condo in a building where the windows didn’t open, and yet these buildings are considered highly attractive to people. It’s obviously cheaper to install sheets of glass that reflect heat than put in, say, double hung windows with moving parts. The sleek, sexy look is a high price to pay if we find ourselves without the power to cool these monstrosities. At any rate, the march toward lunacy continues unabated.

  2. joseppi

    Too much cold snow – well now it’s raining milk…….

  3. tio

    Just an fyi, from the MI5 approved Torygraph, the most viewed article 2 days running ..

    The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

    .. of course why this, why now etc.

  4. melponeme_k


    Huge building bribery scandal in NY

    What mainstream news doesn’t mention is that the bribers were mainly Jewish and the municipal employees taking the bribes were by majority black or hispanic.

    The site below claims that rabbis were involved.

  5. emsnews

    Building inspectors are ALWAYS being arrested for bribes in NYC. I know from personal experience when one of them refused me a permit on baseless grounds because I didn’t bribe him and I had him arrested! He went to jail.

    This was back in 1978.

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