Obama Complains About Being The Grim Reaper

I still remember when Obama was elected.  Many young people thought it was a ‘new day’ and no more wars, no more babble about killing people hither and yon.  Racial harmony at home, not burning cities.  This has collapsed totally.  There is virtually nothing left of Obama except this empty puppet who looks tired, worn and ugly externally as he does this every day: Obama said he wakes up to a ‘thick book full of death’ every morning 


‘I’m dealing with it every day,’ Obama said. ‘That’s what I wake up to each morning. I get a thick book full of death, destruction, strife and chaos.’


‘That’s what I take with my morning tea.’


And who, pray tell, is spreading this death, destruction, strife and chaos?  Oh!  Obama and his gang!  My, oh, my, mirrors would do this man wonders.  He IS the Grim Reaper.  This is why his eyes are so dead.

Screen shot 2015-02-11 at 10.08.52 PM

Look at our leader!  Pathetic and Putin looks at him and laughs sardonically.  This is the world leader trying to get rid of Putin!  Here is a picture of Putin from a few weeks ago:

Screen shot 2015-02-11 at 10.10.35 PM

And who will win this confrontation?  It is obvious to me.  A picture tells a thousand words.  Putin isn’t saying he wakes up everyday deciding who to MURDER!  Yet he is supposed to be menacing the world, not Obama.  But who looks crazy?  Who looks miserable and even at this point, evil?  Obvious.


Obama: ‘We have to twist arms when countries don’t do what we need them to and twisting arms means attacking their ability to do business, their banking systems, their economy and if that fails, bomb the hell out of them after rigging up false charges! So, the US military to train Kiev troops fighting in E. Ukraine – US Army commander because Obama one morning decided that thousands of East Ukrainians deserve to be blown up by him.  Feh on him.  So, the Pentagon deploys A-10 attack jets, 300 pilots to Germany amid Ukraine turmoil as if that will intimidate the Russians.


I put up today the video showing the Russian military parade celebrating the destruction of the Nazi war machine.  It looks up and ready to do this to Berlin again but it seems Merkel has wisely decided to not go that road to hell.


The Polish hate both the Germans and Russians who use Poland as their stomping grounds for war.  But even so, Polish farmers ride tractors to Warsaw, demand aid after Russian trade ban and French and German as well as Italian farmers are about to riot, too.


Obama Seeks an Expansive War Authorization to Combat ISIS because our owners in Tel Aviv need us to do this because the ISIS fighters will eventually attack Israel.  This means using more drones and bombs which do absolutely nothing useful except get the fighters geared up even more.


British government in quandary over future military operations because the Grim Reapers inhabiting Obama’s shell demands England do more so that the US doesn’t stand alone doing war crimes.  So the UK to fly military drones over Syria and they better pray for mercy for the day when others fly bomber drones to England to return the favor for this WILL happen.


Then the Commons defence committee lambasted the Cameron government, describing UK actions in Iraq as “strikingly modest”. It added: “UK officials, ministers, and officials have failed to set out a clear military strategy for Iraq, or a clear definition of the UK’s role in the operations”.


The committee added: “We see no evidence of an energised policy debate, reviewing or arguing options for deeper engagement”. It suggested that Britain was lurching from “over-intervention to complete isolation”.


As if stung by the criticism, the Ministry of Defence announced on Monday that RAF Tornado jets had carried out a number of strikes and a Reaper unmanned drone had attacked an Isis checkpoint in western Iraq with a Hellfire missile.


So, instead of opting for ‘complete isolation’ Britain decided to drop some bombs.  There are many, many Muslims in England all over the place and they are a rich habitat for return attacks internally.  As in France, of course.  Hellfire missiles are well named: they are evil.


Here is a very dangerous WWIII weapon:  Trident: Parliament debates £100bn project – at last.  As if war with a billion+ Muslims isn’t enough, why not start WWIII with some nukes?


U.S., France, Britain to withdraw diplomatic staff from Yemen after spending 10 years attacking the Yemeni tribes with Hellfire drone missiles and other cowardly weapons…this is why Lawrence of Arabia ran around totally at the mercy of these wild tribes and succeeded marvelously…he was no coward.  But the coward assassin missiles failed utterly as I predicted years ago and now Yemen rebels seize US weapons, vehicles after embassy staff leave tail between legs.  British and French embassies also deserted!  We are all Charlie!


​‘Bankrupt but Free’: Greeks stage nationwide anti-austerity rallies as they appeal to Putin for aid and love.


And our coup in Egypt like our invasions of Iraq, Syria and Libya collapsed, is falling into Russia’s hands as Sisi, Putin agree to build nuclear power plant in Egypt.  Yes, Putin is ‘stupid’. He is ‘insane’.  He is incapable of making friends due to brain damage.  He is…ripping apart NATO, turning Obama into the laughing stock of most of the earth, triumphing everywhere.


The G8 pretended he was an outcast the other day and he left early to work his magic and boy is it working.  All the NATO and Japanese goofballs who made fun of Putin at the meetings are now the fools and of course, China knew this would happen which is why they eased out of the meetings to go have private chat with Putin.


The die are cast and the dying are cast into Hellfire and the US dreams this will make us  more powerful.  It is a delusion, a huge delusion.  It is insane.


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8 responses to “Obama Complains About Being The Grim Reaper

  1. Floridasandy

    Obama never seems to understand that actions have unintended consequences, particularly when impaired through his veil of narcissism. If Yemen is now a failed state, itt is in no small part due to his support of the Arab spring and the evil insurgents.

    At least the people are protesting the houthis, whose mission statement is death to America. So while Obama worries about global warning in his typical clueless fashion, real evil takes hold in the mideast, and freedom is threatened.

    I like to read the Jordan news, where they don’t seem to be clueless at all.

  2. emsnews

    Our media is notoriously clueless! Deliberately so. Nearly totally run by Zionists and their tools.

  3. Jim R

    But you should be happy! They just signed Minsk 2.0.

    (of course a ceasefire only means something if the parties actually stop shooting)

  4. emsnews

    The Kiev coup surrendered. They know if they violate this, Russia now has permission to enter East Ukraine and punish them.

  5. e sutton


    Not just Obama, but blacks in general have a poor understanding of consequences resulting from action/inaction. It’s a never ending gap between cause and effect relationships. Witness the steadfast claims that Mike Brown din do nuffins and was shot down by a cold hearted policeman who hates all blacks. They completely disregard the video of Saint Swisher the Sweet manhandling the much smaller store clerk, and the officer’s bruises, showing a conflict. Of course, our Zionist leaders encourage this lack of intelligent acumen and Obama is the perfect patsy to mouth platitudes about the evils of global warming while jet setting about the world. Obama, as we were all loath to find out, is an empty suit stuffed with Zionist excrement.

  6. emsnews

    So were the upper class white Bush family. And dear old Ronnie Reagan. They kept his brain damage secret, you know. Our media ignored the obvious.

  7. Petruchio

    Elaine: do you really think Reagan was brain damaged to the point of cluelessness while President? The lying fraudster did die of Alzheimers, but 22 years after leaving the WH. I doubt if Reagan was a deep thinker, but I think he at least had a good, if not complete awareness of what he was doing say, in regards to Iran-Contra. While President, I think Reagan was corporate owned and operated–and he knew it.


    ELAINE: Good lord, he could barely remember he was in the White House the last year in office. The staff got in very serious trouble running everything from the basement. HUGE scandal.

  8. Greg

    Obama Crazy Pills

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