PUTIN WON USING DIPLOMACY: Ukraine Coup Surrenders


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Ukraine peace deal: Ceasefire starting February 15, removal of heavy weapons — RT News


“I believe we agreed on a big deal. We agreed to a ceasefire starting at 00:00 on February 15,” Russian President Vladimir Putin told the media after the talks were finished.


“The main thing achieved is that from Saturday into Sunday there should be declared – without any conditions at all – a general ceasefire,” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told journalists in a separate statement…


A compromise decision was taken over the disengagement line, which was the biggest stumbling block in the negotiation. According to the document, Kiev’s troops would pull back heavy weapons from the current frontline. The rebels would pull back from the line as it existed in September, when the previous ceasefire agreement was signed.


I predicted this would happen.  WWIII would be very ugly and all of Europe destroyed so the clever NATO nation leaders kicked Obama and Kerry and the US State Department to the curb, held secret meetings with Putin and surrendered to him quietly.


Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 7.54.18 AM

This picture makes it perfectly clear.  During the G8 meetings in Asia, the US published lots of pictures showing US allies in Europe and Asia shunning Putin and being openly, childishly nasty towards him.  Look at those FOOLS today with Putin: frowning, unhappy, resigned souls every one with Putin looking like the cat that ate three canaries.


He engineered this, he pulled this off, he did this, the same week the lunatics who have destroyed the US military in stupid wars with Muslims, put out a story that Putin is stupid and mentally deficient unlike them and I retorted that THEY are the brain damaged idiots, not the Russians.


The people who put out that report about Putin’s brains should be fired.  The entire Pentagon should be totally taken apart and rebuilt with smarter people.  The State Department should all resign in disgrace and bring in new blood.  I am up for hiring.


HAHAHA, they never, ever listen to me.  Even when I informed the CIA back when I was 13 years old that Russia and China were engaged in a border war which was secret but I heard about it from Radio Bulgaria on the short wave radio my father used for his CIA work.


They didn’t believe me deliberately because they wanted to keep rolling the false story that China and Russia were allies.  I learned from the Vietnamese diplomats in Paris in 1968 that Russia was their best ally and they were preparing for war with CHINA once the US is driven out.  I told the State Department about this, too.  No ability to listen.  They didn’t talk to the North Vietnamese in Paris but I could.


Dummies!  They lost the Vietnam War and many people died in that war, we gained nothing, it destroyed the value of the dollar, it sent our economy spinning into a recession, and we are now in the exact same fix except the people we are now fighting are ten times nastier.


Trillions down the drain due to using military muscle wrongly!  Trillions of dollars and over a million people dead over the years for…NOTHING!  Absolutely nothing.  Nada.


Merkel secretly met with Putin because the US spies on her private phone so she arranged direct transmission with Putin in Moscow.  She twisted arms because she has a very clear idea what Berlin would look like if she didn’t force the fool in Kiev to surrender.

Merkel will now have to face down the Zionist neocons and the bankers and force them to surrender Ukraine.  Ukraine, as I predicted, will split in two.  It must since the EU has decreed this is the best solution for all people who wish to have sovereignty of some sort.


Like Scotland.  The Scots are steaming as the London promises collapse.  A flood of voters are reregistering to the Scotland party leaving Labour.  Britain will break apart next.  Northern Germany and Southern Germany have less in common than people realize.


When I lived there I spoke Northern German.  I lived in Southern Germany and everyone said I sounded stupid.  It took me half a year to learn the new dialect and speak it well.  Seriously, these are different languages basically that were once written differently, even.  The Brothers Grimm were linguists living on the border of North/South Germany and they made a dictionary of the southern language.


Hitler was Southern Germany as well as my father’s relatives who lived in the Alps. The point here is, all EU nations are breaking up into smaller units and so should Ukraine since half wants to be part of the dying EU system. They hope to loot the US for funds via the EU as well as loot Germany which is reeling from Greece refusing to pay its debts to German bond holders already and there is a100% chance German banks holding debts of Ukraine are going to go bankrupt thanks to all this.


Well deserved!  Hope they all learn an old, old lesson.


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33 responses to “PUTIN WON USING DIPLOMACY: Ukraine Coup Surrenders

  1. emsnews


    This is the NYT analysis which is hilarious:

    “Putin has got everyone spun up over what he is up to in Minsk, but he is playing a long game,” said Fiona Hill, the United States’ top intelligence officer on Russia from 2006 to 2009. “He plays on multiple fronts. We start talking about a military response, and he starts talking about diplomacy.”

    Ms. Hill, now director of the Center on the United States and Europe at the Brookings Institution and co-author of “Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin,” predicted that any new cease-fire accord would “only be temporary like the last one” because Mr. Putin constantly shifts between diplomatic and military options, depending on which he sees as giving Russia the most advantage.

    end quote.

    HAHAHA…He sees where Russia has the most advantage! How charming. Unlike the US which refuses to see where we have even the slightest advantages!

    Here is the idiots at the State Department making up stupid lies to cover up their utter failure at diplomacy:

    The West, she added, assisted Russia’s tactical maneuvering by making it clear what it wanted while Mr. Putin constantly keeps everyone guessing. “You can win on a weak hand if your opponent is always showing you their hand,” she said.

    end quote

    HAHAHA…he didn’t have a ‘weak hand’. He has one of the world’s biggest nuclear arsenals, for example. The Russian military is chomping at the bit unlike the EU which is a rag tag mess squashed flat by the Afghanis and Iraqis.

    The US military is busy committing SUICIDE or going insane. Talking about insane:

    Speaking in Brussels on Monday during a meeting of European foreign ministers that again reaffirmed the sanctity of diplomacy over force, the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, stressed that Wednesday’s talks in Minsk between the leaders of France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists needed to strengthen, not rewrite, September’s so-called Minsk Protocol.

    end quote.

    The US fed arms to Kiev and Obama urged them to NOT stop fighting but instead, to fight harder. Kiev broke the truce. I like the garbage about using diplomacy rather than force! Putin used diplomacy. NATO used the military bulldozer. NOT the other way around.

    But then, the stupid propaganda machine always blamed Russia for the violence even though it was totally CIA/Mossad violence.

  2. emsnews

    Oh, and we tax payers just gave a US-backed loan of $17 billion to the coup in Kiev. More money down the giant drain sucking the life out of our own country.

  3. emsnews

    From the NYT:

    “The only sector where Putin has nothing to fear is arms,” Paolo Gentiloni, the foreign minister of Italy, said during an interview with The New York Times editorial board on Wednesday. “Russia is weak in many sectors, but very strong in arms.”

    Any weapons sent to Ukraine by the United States, he said, might even help Mr. Putin as it “could support his narrative” that Russia has legitimate reasons to fear Western military encroachment on its borders.

    End quote.

    HAHAHA. NO kidding! DUH! I am happy they figured out the obvious.

    And yes, he has very legitimate fears of the stupid rulers of France and Germany uniting with the US to invade Russia. The Russians will never forget who invades them over and over again.

  4. e sutton

    Brava! Ball hit out of the park again, Elaine. Now, just for your readers’ amusement, some more pictures of our friends at Minsk, courtesy of Daily Mail. Cat swallowed canaries indeed!


  5. CK

    Calm and patience my dear friends. One swallow does not a night on the town make nor one agreement a victory. Putin knows that he has gained a wider maneuver space; he also knows that the USA is not going to stop poking at him. It is not the endgame, it is not the beginning of the endgame,
    it is a step in a victorious direction for Putin it will be attacked, finessed, assaulted going forward.

  6. Jim R

    Well, of course the Pentagon should have been dismantled after they lost in Vietnam. And the CIA after Iran-Contra, if not before that.

    But amazingly, these zombies continue to stomp on through the fog for decades.

    This ceasefire probably won’t do anything. Unless they actually stop shooting. And the place is crawling with mercenaries – remember the videos of English-speaking soldiers? There have been several. If they keep to the agreement, Kiev needs to round up all those “trainers” or “advisors” or whatever and send them home. I think it will be like the other ceasefires, and the shooting will continue.

  7. melponeme_k

    Putin made a masterful move. This is what diplomacy looks like when government officials aren’t taking bribes to push foreigner agendas.

    The all will just make a dumb dumbs in charge double down in a more dangerous manner. I would say Japan’s yammering for more islands will now start up again.

  8. emsnews

    True. But the fact is, MERKEL doesn’t want to touch this with a ten foot pole.

    And France has exited stage left. This leaves mainly the US holding the bag of sh•t. Europe is sliding into a depression. They desperately need more business with one of the biggest nations on earth, Russia.

    They desperately need to run a trade surplus with Russia right now it is a trade deficit!

    They are terrified that Russia is signing many contracts with Turkey, Greece, Egypt, China, etc. Russia isn’t sliding off a cliff, it is building a new base. It has something huge to sell while the EU and US can whine about ‘global warming’ and devolve into third world status.

  9. melponeme_k

    “It has something huge to sell while the EU and US can whine about ‘global warming’ and devolve into third world status.”

    In the minds of the deluded elite, Third World Status is the perfect state for a country to be in. They can take what they want and don’t need to pay taxes. The populace is too poor to muster up enough defense. PLUS they can use third world status to tempt rapacious companies to use the people and the land. They probably think they will be able to lure companies back to the US promising cheap American slave labor in the future.

    This would require Russia and China to be extra vigilant regarding their business people.

  10. Christian W

    Agree with CK. Poroshenko had to do this deal or he would face the fate of Mussolini once the soldiers caught in the Debaltsevo cauldron got butchered. This probably also means Poroshenko’s political career is toast so the Kiev Ukranians will come up with someone else for a fresh round of US supported violence.

    The crucial part is if indeed Germany and France have flipped and started to work for European interests first, as opposed to last. Europe will break apart in the seams if they allow the US to push for war in Ukraine. Hopefully Merkel and Hollande got things going in their meeting with Putin.

    Note the paragraph about no foreign soldiers allowed in Ukraine, this means Merkel, Hollande and Putin agreed there would be no NATO expansion into Ukraine. The US overlords will be furious – who knows what devilry they will come up with to attack this new Euro Russian momentum. My bet is that the US will simply ignore the ban and send in “military advisers” anyway to train the death squads.

    Btw, Putin has had that cat that got the canaries look since he made the trade and military deal with China. He knows that with China backing him up he has time on his hands. Never mind the sanctions, every day the US grows weaker while every day Russia survives it grows stronger because the momentum is against the fake USD and the US social, political and financial construct is failing.

  11. Jim R

    As for the ceasefire, I’m not sure it’s such a good deal for the rebels.

    It means they’ll have to let the thousands of captured Kiev soldiers go home, the ones in the Debaltseve “cauldron”. That was something like half of Kiev’s army right there.

  12. Christian W

    @Jim R

    The rebels had to stop the butchery and war on their soil. Remember the Kiev junta has been killing civilians deliberately. Even if the rebels killed the soldiers caught in the cauldron that would only be a temporary victory of a single battle in a war of attrition they would eventually lose. The Kiev junta would build a new army, trained and armed by the US and come back.

    Now they get to stop the bleeding of their country and enjoy the protection of Russia and they get what they wanted from the start ie official autonomy, maybe even independence at some point, from the Kiev junta. This way they have a chance to avoid the Syria scenario of perpetual war. If the Kiev regime tries to get in US troops it will be slammed instantly by Russia and this time Russia would have the support of Germany and France since they agreed to these terms ie NATO cannot claim Russia was the aggressor.

  13. Christian W

    @8 Elaine

    Aye, this is why Europe has to unite with Russia. There is simply no way on earth Europe can afford to let the US screw them over. I said from the start that the US campaign in Ukraine was a war against Europe with the aim to split Russia and Europe apart and a war on the European middle and working class. It seems as if Merkel and Holland finally woke up to that fact.

  14. emsnews


    And we can blame the neocons and the Zionists for this mess. They wanted this badly. Most Zionists came from Ukraine, for example.

  15. Petruchio

    US elites will NEVER learn! You could go back to Korea and find all the elements of supreme arrogance and total incompetence on full display by our rulers. Remember George Kennan? He was a huge contributor into US foreign policy. In his writings-along with others-was the openly professed belief that ordinary folks had no business influencing US foreign policy. The common folk were too ignorant for the “grand chess game” that is the world stage. And, despite failure after failure after failure, our smug, arrogant, thoroughly incompetent and corrupt elites have learned NOTHING.

  16. Mewswithaview

    The entire pentagon should be taken apart and NEVER rebuilt. As long as it exists the military industrial complex will continue to suck up resources undermining all Americans welfare and that of the people in whichever country is the target of their smart bombs.

  17. Christian W

    Yeah, get rid of US meddling and PEACE breaks out. Shocking…!

  18. CK

    At no time in recorded history has there been one year of universal peace.
    Remove the meddlesome USA and other folks will still be having spats, or revolutions, or border incidents, or incursions, or civil wars, etc.
    In 1945 the USA unilaterally assumed the role of Policeman to the World.
    In 2015 it is finding that there are several new sheriffs in town. And so whoever takes or is elected to or becomes the New Policeman will be as meddlesome as the USA. Removing the USA meddling in Ukraine and maybe Ukraine will revert to its previous somnolence or maybe it will be reabsorbed by Russia into a new USSR or maybe it will ally itself with Poland and Lithuania into a revival of the Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian commonwealth.

  19. Christian W

    Not sure anyone will want to be the next policeman. Russia can’t afford it and doesn’t have the military for it, and they know from experience it’s a bad idea to occupy other nations. Historically China hasn’t exactly been militaristic in a global sense. Europe barely has any military force to speak of.

    Since it split off from Russia Ukraine has been a very vicious fighting ground for Jewish oligarchs supported by various foreign intelligence services. It’s a bit odd that all the oligarchs that popped up during the Yeltsin years in Russia and Ukraine are Khazar Jews.

  20. emsnews

    Russia’s territorial growth was due entirely except for a rare exception as a reaction to invasions from France or Germany or the Ottoman Empire. Then Russia struggled to gain access to the Black Sea but left Istanbul alone.

    The Brits on the other hand sailed all over the planet earth conquering everyone they met if possible. It was their empire that the sun never set until WWII caused it to be nearly totally eclipsed.

  21. CK

    Someone always step up. Whether they can afford it or not, whether it is in the own national or sovereign interest or not; someone always gets the job.
    We can hope that whoever takes on the job is more nuanced and sophisticated than the current sheriff, less bellicose and more live and let live. And as you point out there are always criminal elements, who incite wars and violence for their own wealth or imagined safety. Eventually evil must be faced; but it is never destroyed.

  22. emsnews

    It is up to us to step up.

    It is hard to step up, of course, because a lot of people will stomp on you. But the people in East Ukraine stood up to the fascists in Kiev and thousands of them died or were driven from their homes which were destroyed maliciously and yet…they stand up!

    The Vietnamese stood up for ten years to the total power of US military outrageous murderous actions.

    The Afghanis have been fighting now for what? 30 years? No stop to it. This week Obama said we have INFINITE WAR there!!!! The military Afghanis have either fled or are the Taliban in the first place.

    What a mess. But they did this to stop our rulers and it works. Works all the way. It is bankrupting our rulers.

    These fools are too stupid to see this is the plan.

  23. Christian W

    Lavrov got laughed at by the NATO/intelligence clowns posing as journalists when he mentioned the UN Charter as the basis of international law and the logic of Russian diplomacy and foreign policy. Yes, the very UN Charter that forbids aggressive warfare, regime change and interference in the internal affairs of other nations.

    This document is the foundation of the LIBERAL world order so obviously the Nazis and fascists in Israel, NATO and the US despise it and trample on it every chance they get because they don’t believe in equality but divine rule by the chosen ones, ie themselves obviously (heaven forbid someone else is the chosen ones or have equal rights, oh no that won’t do at all).

  24. emsnews

    Correct. The rule of law is tossed in the toilet by NATO while anyone defying them must obey all rules. This is why there were no Nüremberg trials after the US defeat in Vietnam. The entire war there was based on false charges not to mention the attack on Cuba.

    The US violates all laws with total impunity and sneers, ‘Who is going to stop us?’ And Israel does even worse. I say over and over, the Nazis were victims of a grave miscarriage of justice since laws were ruthlessly applied to them (death penalty) while the parties sitting in judgement did the same crimes with zero punishment.

  25. Jim R

    Couple things I’ve learned recently from all this …

    All that “domino theory” crap when we were kids was nothing but USA propaganda. The film clip they showed on endless loop of Khrushchev pounding the desk with his shoe — they never show what went before that. Obviously they made him angry at the UN that day, turns out Khrushchev was a reasonable man. Putin has been a much cooler agent, nothing seems to make him mad. But he does know what he’s doing.

    Ukraine actually has some honest-to-god Nazis left over from WWII. They go stomping down the street with big pictures of the Ukrainian who collaborated with Hitler, brandishing Nazi insignia. I can’t imagine how Jews like Kolomoiski can think they will fare well, if these people ever actually get to be in charge.

    Israel is more like an inflamed septic appendix on the USA, than the other way around. Elaine likes to say Bibi is calling the shots, and there’s clearly some truth to that, but the real shot-callers are globalists who don’t feel any allegiance at all toward any particular country or precinct. When you have appendicitis, that appendix seems to call the shots as well. It will either be removed, or it will explode and make a massive septic mess. So far, it looks like the second option…

  26. Christian W

    There are real honest-to-god Nazis in Ukraine yes. They worship Bandera who collaborated with Hitler during WWII. Kolomoiski however knows these Ukrainian Nazis hate Russians more than they hate Jews, or at least Russians first and Jews second.

    I saw a clip where three young Ukrianian kids who had been caught in the Debalstseva cauldron reportedly pretended to surrender to the Novorussians, only to pull out guns and kill some of their captors before they got killed themselves. These Kiev nazis really are fanatic and desperate.

    Unsurprisingly these Kiev Nazis have now come out and said they refuse to disband their units (as the Minsk 2 agreement says they must) and they won’t take orders from the EU leaders and obviously not Poroshenko. Poroshenko has no real control over his nation that is clear.

  27. Jim R

    And Putin has no real control over the Donbass. He can withhold aid, which would leave the militias without ammunition, and leave the civilians starving, but that would not stop their desperate effort to defend themselves against the Kiev junta.

  28. emsnews

    Putin is NOT abandoning them, he now has the right to come in and stop the Bandera from attacking them. The US will howl as usual and as ALWAYS back the Nazi forces.

  29. Jim R

    I didn’t say he WOULD abandon them, I’m quite sure he won’t. I’m just saying that (contrary to the propaganda we get) he doesn’t totally call the shots in the Donbass.

    And, I agree, the fact that the Banderists have repudiated M2 means he is free to send in peacekeepers, or equip the militias with modern weapons. Apparently NATO is equipping the junta with new weapons as well, so it’s an escalation not a ceasefire.

    That the US will howl is irrelevant at this point. Like at 2:15 in this video:

    But I think he was always free to do so … just needed to pick the right moment. All you need to do is look at a map: which one of the parties to this conflict has to fly halfway around the planet just to consult with their proxy?

  30. Christian W

    Poroshenko has named Shaakasvili as a special advisor. Shakasvili is the idiot who was President of Georgia when it started the Israeli/US sponsored war against Russia a few years back. Some reinforcement, eh?

    The neocons really are doing everything they can to make matters worse in Ukraine.

  31. emsnews

    And they will succeed! It is easy to force things into chaos. Bringing order is difficult. Russia said they will not tolerate the US turning the Russian half of Ukraine into Palestine.

  32. Jim R

    The M2 treaty is already dead, according to this guy:

  33. emsnews

    Yup, they will continue which means Germany gives Putin the green light to stop them since the coup in Kiev cannot. They are OUTLAWS now.

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