This Week Is Coldest Ever For New York And Boston


Global Warming: A closer look at the numbersThanks To The IPCC, the Public Doesn’t Know Water Vapor Is Most Important Greenhouse Gas.


This jerk writing for Forbes Magazine lives in California and is whining about not being able to ski every winter but is too much a jerk to move to my mountain where there is plenty of snow to ski:Climate Change, Megadroughts Will Likely Force Me To Move – Forbes Magazine.  Forbes, by the way, is a member of the Bilderberg gang:

Here in the American southwest, droughts have become something to expect, but a new study warns that the southwest and central plains could face a megadrought later this century unlike anything seen for millennia.


“(It could be) as bad as the 1930s Dust Bowl, but lasting for 35 years,” study co-author Toby Ault of Cornell told an audience of reporters at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, where the results were announced Thursday.


Predictions that the southwest could dry out as a result of climate change are nothing new, but this study using drought data going back 2,000 years and 17 different climate models analyzing the future impact of rising temperatures paints the bleakest picture yet.


Here is yet one of a billion examples of various university people seeking funds to pad their own nests and they have discovered the cornucopia of funds from taxes on energy to do utterly worthless studies like this:  We’re already seeing the effects of global warming, claims study that used outdoor HEATERS for 23 YEARS to warm mountain meadows.  What the hell?  We already know that plants and animals both migrate up and down the scale when the sun and earth shift the climates!  DUH!


What an immense waste of energy and money!  All of Canada is frozen this February so of course, the Bilderberg gangsters want it to be much colder so this is How Trudeau’s carbon-pricing plan changes the game by taxing energy used to stay alive in a very cold climate.  This will make it colder, is the plan.  Trudeau is a very old member of the Bilderberg gang, too.

▶ Scientists turn CO2 in solid rock in potential fix to climate change – YouTube: they call this plant food ‘toxic waste’ and plot to destroy it so it will freeze us more in winter and even summer and plants starve. National Academy of Science demands equal access to the climate trough for geoengineering | Watts Up With That?


Is geoengineering a bad idea? | Karl Mathiesen | Environment | The Guardian asks.  They want to make it MUCH colder.  We are sliding into another Ice Age cycle of 100,000 years and this is what they want to do: make it much, much worse. The US National Academy of Science wants us to ‘wake up’ before we roast to death when it goes below zero: Scientists urge global ‘wake-up call’ to deal with climate change | Environment | The Guardian.


Boy, 10, rescued after falling through ice on Boston canal | Daily Mail Online


 Boy, 10, rescued after falling through ice on Boston canal as Massachusetts struggles to dig out of SIX FEET of snow while bracing for another winter storm…


The boy was playing on a snowbank when he slipped and fell through ice on Fort Point Channel in Boston
Some 500 National Guard troops were to deploy across eastern Massachusetts to help clear the roughly 70 inches of snow that has fallen in past two weeks.


Boston-area subways and rail service were shut down Tuesday as schools remained closed and it has been snowing today and will snow hard this weekend.


It snowed again in EGYPT this week!  A global warming meeting in Boston was cancelled due to the cold and snow which is most appropriate.  I wish these fools showed up and debated this topic outdoors while wearing California swim suits.


The Bilderberg New York Times has this article about a bunch of idiotic global warmists putting up a petition to officially call anyone complaining about the severe cold and snow, ‘Climate Deniers’ rather than ‘skeptics’.  We are REALISTS.  When I talk about global warming with my normal neighbors who are not liberals, they are uniformly furious about the lies about the weather and furious about the taxes on energy and freaking out over the fact that these ‘liberal’ lunatics want us to freeze to death.


Hatred is definitely on the rise. Here is a typical example of propaganda: Climate Change Puts Alaska’s Sled Dog Races On Thin Ice : NPR reports last week.  A MONTH ago they did mention that Boston Copes With Its Deepening Blanket Of Snow but note they say nothing about how this is a dangerous turn for our climate and we should be scared to death.


Extreme cold leads to King’s decision to scratch from Yukon Quest – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: 2015 Yukon Quest is the real news in Alaska: IT IS TOO COLD FOR THE RACE! The ‘climate change’ is COLD!  But the NPR article of the same race talks about how global warming is destroying it.


We are getting another blizzard this weekend.  This is wearing me out.


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13 responses to “This Week Is Coldest Ever For New York And Boston

  1. Jim R

    Your atmosphere chemistry diagram is wrong. There’s always a little H2O in the air on Earth. The amount varies quite a lot with weather and climate conditions, but it’s always there, from the most humid tropics to the driest desert.

  2. Jim R

    Oh.Nevermind, I just read the headline below it.

  3. MadSklz

    What I don’t understand is where is the Carbon Monoxide? Isn’t that what our machines are pumping out?
    What percentage does that add to it?

  4. emsnews

    Yes, carbon MONOXIDE is a very dangerous poison. But they have turned beneficial CO2 into a ‘pollutant’ which is wrong.

  5. Jim R

    Carbon monoxide has a relatively short lifetime in the air. It reacts with oxygen, I’m not sure how fast, but I think in a day or so it is converted to the dioxide.

  6. Eric Blood Axe

    Not all of Canada is frozen. It’s 11C here this morning, 0630 local time. Eat your heart out!


    ELAINE: Hi, Eric! I bet you are on the West Coast. Lucky. 🙂

  7. Lou

    Meanwhile, in California, it was 80+ yesterday.

  8. Jim R

    Like Elaine says, the prairie has had megadroughts before. Fifty year or more droughts. Archaeological evidence points to this, as the natives of the Southwest left their homes in droves. There are other proposed reasons for the natives’ departure, but there is also other evidence for a megadrought. Glaciation intervals are also marked by droughts in the tropics, as the fresh water gets tied up in ice at the poles and temperate latitudes.

    Tractors made the Dust Bowl much worse, because in previous droughts, the prairie grasses held the soil in place with their extensive root systems. Tractors just shredded the roots and allowed the wind to take the soil.

  9. emsnews

    And this continues. The prairie grass is long gone. Roots down 24+”. Corn, for example, goes down only a few inches. Barely.

  10. Petruchio

    I am starting to think that God has a wicked sense of humor. All this talk of global warming and “the Polar Caps are melting” from the elites have finally forced a response from God. It’s almost like God is saying, “Oh, so the ‘globe’ is warming huh? Well here’s some record cold AND snowfall for you. I did it last year and I’m going to give you another dose of freaking cold and snow again. Put THAT in your CO2 tax pipe and smoke it.” You know what they say about Karma, it’s a bitch. The elites are getting some of it. Imho, they deserve more. It’s a shame that innocent folks have to suffer, but that’s the way it is with karma.

  11. CK

    Not only does mother nature have a wicked nasty sense of humour, she also plays dice with the universe. When things are going to hell in a hamper, she is right there doing naked rim shots. And she does not give a flying farthing whether you worship her or not; she will drain you and throw you out and never even look back.

  12. Pontiff Holysh*t

    “God” is a big time assh*le. F*ck “God”.

    “Mother Nature” is worse. She can go straight to Hell.

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