Ukraine Catholic Nazis Want To Continue Killing Russian Orthodox Citizens

After the UK and US were totally and completely locked out of the negotiations of the surrender of the Kiev coup to Putin, the US and UK media both work day and night to attack Putin and predict failure of this negotiation and of course, failure will happen if the CIA works hard to destroy it and this is easy: give weapons and money to real honest to goodness NAZIS in Western Ukraine.  And the US will not lift sanctions against Russia…ever.



Putin isn’t brain damaged or stupid.  He knows all this.  He knows that the US is determined to cut up Russia into even smaller units and to isolate and exploit the shattered remains.  This is the US goal, after all.  The hand waving about busting up countries and how Ukraine must be ‘intact’ is ludicrous because NATO busts up nations all over the planet these days.


And the fake allegations continue.  Not just the Malaysia jet business but the phantom Russian tanks business:  Busted: Kiev MPs try to fool US senator with ‘proof’ of Russian tanks in Ukraine (PHOTOS) — RT News


The photos were “presented to the Armed Services Committee from a delegation from Ukraine in December,” told The Washington Free Beacon Senator Jim Inhofe’s communications director Donelle Harder.


The Americans planned to publish the photos with credits to the Ukrainian MPs, and “they were fine with that,” the spokesperson said.


Yet, after thorough checking, images of the Russian convoys turned to be taken years ago, in 2008 during Georgia – South Ossetia war.


Again and again, Russia can prove these wrong and the message doesn’t appear in any US media.  They just roll onwards with the propaganda, blindly spewing it out without blinking an eye.  Russia does the same thing but I am an American, not Russian, and I am disgusted that our media and government are acting like this.


The Kiev coup gang has to deal with the Nazis:  Ukraine ultranationalist leader rejects Minsk peace deal, reserves right ‘to continue war’ — RT News


Ukraine’s Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh said his radical movement rejects the Minsk peace deal and that their paramilitary units in eastern Ukraine will continue “active fighting” according to their “own plans.”

This is no idle boast.  They are the ones who used snipers to shoot demonstrators and then blame this on the previous, democratically elected government.  This is what justified the coup.  Now, these open Nazis, the Ukraine Right Sector, is  threatening Poroshenko with Yanukovich’s fate.  They plan to violently overthrow him.


This would justify Russian intervention since these Nazis are ethnic cleansers seeking to drive out or kill all Russian speaking Ukrainian citizens.  This would be like a gang of Nazis in the US planning to kill and drive out all Spanish speaking people.


Obama to Announce Executive Action on Cybersecurity – NBC News: to save us from a billion angry Muslims, Russia, China, most of Africa and most of South and Central America not to mention citizens at home, the US wants more and more spy powers.


Big mediator: China offers to broker stalled Afghan talks with Taliban which is hilarious.  The US has no diplomacy, no skills at making any deals that work.  We are being driven out of Afghanistan like Russia was, at tremendous cost to us, and there is NOTHING we can do to stop this process.  Obama wants more boots on the ground and more money spent as does the entire GOP leadership.  We voters have zero choice in  this matter.


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12 responses to “Ukraine Catholic Nazis Want To Continue Killing Russian Orthodox Citizens

  1. DM

    As usual, a reasonable analysis.

    However, a quick scan of the (published) comments in the NYT leads me to believe that the majority of Americans are so poorly educated, and so overtly brainwashed by incessant propaganda, that they will be so easily led into WWIII.

    I have waited many years half-expecting some sane Americans to real-in these maniacs and warmongers, but it seems that American heroes are damn few, an’ their all dead.

  2. emsnews

    Yes. led by the nose. Our media is owned by hostile forces that shove us into one war after another. They are warmongers. They meet secretly surrounded by military forces keeping snoopers away as they decide what to do next.

    Putin, of course, is never invited. Some Chinese are and so I assume he gets the information of these plots from them and perhaps from some Germans.

    Why our nation wants WWIII is sad. We are supposed to be roasting to death so why not fix this with a nuclear winter? This is why the global warming ideology infuriates me.

  3. e sutton

    Yes, DK, as Elaine says, have pity on us poor yanks. My parents, who remembered WW II are dead now, as are most of that generation. They’re not here to instruct us about how stupid and deadly all this of this is. Our media lies relentlessly. It’s like having an unfaithful husband and wanting very much to believe in the lies he tells you about being out all nite. But that’s another topic for another day, isn’t it? Happy Valentines, everyone!

  4. Christian W

    The Kiev junta forces are going all out in firing everything they have got at the Novorussian cities, to lay waste to as much as they can, before the cease fire goes into effect tonight.

  5. e sutton

    There you go, Elaine, hatin’ on the Catholics again! 😀 I’m Catholic, btw, so put that in your smoker and pipe on it for crying out loud!

  6. emsnews

    My husband is Catholic, too. Uncle a priest.

    My parents were Lutherans. I am a…ahem…Pegasus is useful to me. Very useful.

  7. Jim R

    Ceasefire starts now.

    Any bets on how long it will last?

  8. Christian W

    Less than one second. Reportedly there are Ukrainian teams of “saboteurs” blowing stuff up in Donetsk and the Donetsk militia and military police catch them and shoot them on the spot.

  9. Christian W

    The Kiev junta is actually attacking even harder now, trying to use the supposed cease fire as a surprise element against the Novorussians.

  10. Christian W

    That dick Kerry was just on the phone to Lavrov saying that the cease fire must hold, but the Kiev junta would never dare go against their masters voice in Washington so we know that was just more bullshit to piss of the Russians.

    If Merkel and Hollande go back on their word to Putin now (ie if the Merkel/Hollande show was just a trap for Putin) the world just took a huge step towards a hot WWIII. The Novorussians are seriously pissed off now, those 5000 Ukrainian men caught in the cauldron will not make it out alive.

    Watch the MSM spin this as “the Russians broke the cease fire and must be punished”.

  11. Jim R

    Christian W, a lot of the junta soldiers in the cauldron probably will survive this. The Novorossiyans have dropped leaflets giving them instructions on how to surrender. Of course, other junta soldiers have been shot by their “backup” as they try to flee. Desertion, you know. But that “backup” may be less of a problem now, as hundreds of their commanders have apparently already fled.

    What I’m curious to know is, how many of the “Ukraine” soldiers caught around Debaltseve are not Ukrainian at all, but mercenaries of various stripes.

    And as for “Russians broke the cease fire”, you know they’ll say that anyway. Without anybody firing a single shot.

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