Ice Age Conditions Assail Eastern Half North America

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Another blizzard coming…tiresome at this point.  The above map shows the super cold and stormy weather battering half of North America all the way down to the tropical islands and Central America.  Note how Alaska and the West Coast isn’t dire cold with many blizzards and cold rain in the Gulf of Mexico.  We see in the map below what the RECENT Ice Age’s final years looked like.  That is, a mere 11,000 years ago, the ice sheets totally covered Greenland, the Hudson Bay area and the edge of the Great Lakes and this, after 3,000 years of melting!



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Note how there is near zero ice in Alaska and nearby areas.  And the dry areas in the Rockies were…dry!  Not wet.  Probably drier than today, in fact.  The northern US states and New England were all finally beginning to see plants grow again part of the year.  And the tropics were tropics pretty much like today in Central America.


Global Warming Divestment Postponed Until Warmer Weather | Real Science:  FFY postpones Global Divestment Day action | Yale Daily News—the warmists are freaking out.  All their demonstrations and demands are being wrecked by reality.  They cannot believe this is happening to them.  The stupid NYC demonstration was during the end of a cool summer and so they didn’t die doing the march but I wanted them to march this month as revenge.  I knew February would be excessively cold and we will have yet another late, late spring.


This is what happened in the 1970’s during that 30 year cold cycle.


New England storm takes hold with snow across the whole east coast as I brace for yet another blizzard here on my mountain.  Had to cancel all of Monday and Tuesday appointments yet again.

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Here is a photo going around the world showing the glacier growing at MIT in Mass.  It won’t melt until after June, I am better.  My snow mountains from plowing the driveway are not as tall but over my head already.  It is too cold to take out the diesel tractor to move the mess.

Screen shot 2015-02-14 at 11.01.05 AM Screen shot 2015-02-14 at 11.01.52 AM


Periodically, the media mentions this huge mess happening in half of the country.  Even Florida is seeing freezing.  Nearly all weather articles are about global warming.  It is disgusting and childish.  If the many millions of people who moved to the Southern half of California don’t like desert climate they can all move here!  But they won’t.  They want it colder here to make it more fun in the sun with rain sometimes at night where they live.


New York City sets a new record by going 10 days without a single murder because the crooks and thugs are lazy and don’t like the cold since most are transplants from hotter places seeing welfare.  So they stay home. Still have shootings inside of the projects but no deaths so far.  Another reason for Californians to flee their state, killers and thugs are all over the place there thanks to the warm weather off of the Pacific Ocean.


BBC News – Ocean carbon release ‘ended last Ice Age’: yet more lies.  The CO2 went up at the end of the Ice Age AFTER the sun heated things up and released lots of fresh water as massive ice sheets a mile thick began to melt rapidly.  A growing chorus of scientists have been yelling about this mistake by ‘climatologists’ because they know that CO2 rises follow melting by 500-1,000 years.  The media owners who are conspiring to make it appear that this is the hottest era ever, censor this news.


Instead, they headline the crappy research.


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21 responses to “Ice Age Conditions Assail Eastern Half North America

  1. Jim R

    Although Alaska did not have glaciers ten thousand years ago that does not mean it was warm. It just means that it was dry.

  2. Peter C.

    I can vouch for the west coast weather 12 C and sunny on Vancouver Island.

  3. vengeur

    Much of this east coast snow and rain will end up being dumped as fresh water in the ocean and that too has a cooling effect on temperatures, as it has an effect on the gulf stream.

  4. melponeme_k

    @ Jim R

    It was warm compared to the places covered with glaciers otherwise I wouldn’t be here today nor any other Native American.

  5. emsnews

    All native Americans of both North and South America walked right through Alaska and down the West Coast during the coldest parts of the last Ice Age.

    They didn’t infiltrate into the rest of Canada and the Northeast until after 10,000 years ago. Due to nearly a total lack of diseases, they multiplied like crazy colonizing two giant continents.

    By 1800 about 90% of the population was dead mainly from being either killed, enslaved but the vast majority from European and Asian diseases. A very sad story.

  6. Jim R

    I’m pretty sure the natives knew how to make simple canoes thousands of years ago as well. Archaeologists don’t see too many of them because they were not buried, they either rotted or were burnt as firewood when they got old and leaky. You can’t cross the Bering Strait in a canoe today, but conditions were different back then. More shallow. Dry land where there is now seafloor.

  7. vengeur

    Jim R, I was going to make the same comment. This mainstream idea that the natives only could have walked across the Bering Strait is an example of Eurocentric thinking. . They figured out small boats all by themselves.

  8. Jim R

    Also, the natives knew how to deal with cold thousands of years ago.

    Now, we are utterly dependent on LL Bean and the like, but back then they were able to make do by stealing (killing first) nice fur coats from the animals of the Arctic.

  9. melponeme_k

    @Venguer and Jim R

    So how does that explain the related wildlife that is here in the Americas as well?

    So did the ancient Grizzlies build themselves little rafts as well? Maybe they stole them from the wolves, who I’m sure were canny enough to build seaworthy vessels.

    Everyone is thinking that the crossing by all animals was one massive push. It wasn’t, it was a series of crossings made by each…in desperation to find more living space that wasn’t covered by ice. Some Natives did come in boats but the majority came by foot just like the bears, wolves and other smaller animals. The animals that were already in the Americas suffered horribly because they did not build up defenses against humans or the encroaching wildlife from Eurasia.

  10. Jim R

    The bears were some of the donors of fur coats to the humans. It was cold. An ice age, you know.

  11. LOU

    ‘Due to nearly a total lack of diseases, they multiplied like crazy colonizing two giant continents.’
    I doubt they were disease free – or nearly so. They did not have European and Asian diseases.

  12. emsnews

    Many diseases by 1492 in Europe and Asia were from CITIES.

    American natives were just starting off with city building Eurasia and Africa were doing this for the previous 8,000 years.

    IN TIME, the Amerind cities would have bred diseases, too. But for the longest longest time the population density of N/S America was much, much thinner than Africa or Eurasia.

  13. Jim R

    European cites bred black plague. The Southwestern Amerind cities bred hantavirus.

    So, true on both counts. Cities are evil. I went through a long long phase thinking that they had some redeeming values, but no.

  14. Jim R

    Drinking and posting again this evening. You may just hear what I’m thinking.

  15. emsnews

    I’m up late feeding the coal fire to stay alive. It is -13ºF right now.

  16. LOU

    Climate Change. Taxes will not fix.

  17. emsnews

    It is THREE DEGREES now and the sun set only half an hour ago!!!!

    Another damn blizzard on the way, too. Did get a new motor for my snowplow after it broke down while plowing the latest foot of snow.

  18. Jim R

    Using coal now? I thought you were heating with wood.

  19. LOU

    This site [and a few others] have real news about The Weather.

  20. emsnews

    Jim, normally I heat with wood…EXCEPT WHEN BELOW ZERO. And it is that way nearly daily this month. Had to hike 40 miles to pick up enough coal for this month!

    Got a call this afternoon from a neighbor who just ran out of firewood and we discussed using coal instead.

  21. LOU

    Do you have a basement? If not maybe it is time to build a small basement bedroom.

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