Gog Magog Religious Wars Rage, Europe And US Cannot Escape Backlash Attacks

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Copenhagen police shoot dead ‘jihadi’ gunman and arrest one other over attacks on city that killed film director at free speech event and Jewish security guard at Bat Mitzvah: the raging wars in the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia come home to NATO nations.  This is no shock to me.  This isn’t about ‘anti-semitism’ since many Muslims in the Middle East are Semites.  This is a European colonial war against Muslims which was inherited by the US after WWII and NATO is being used to push these wars along and there is zero justice for the long suffering Palestinian people and this machine of war will rage onwards to infinity unless Europe and the US stop stirring the fires.


Instead, NATO pours gasoline on the fires.  Instead of spreading peace, NATO rapidly expanded deep into Russia’s front yard and then sponsored a violent coup in Kiev which then openly attacked Russian ethnic minorities in Ukraine right on the border of Russia.  But the real crime here is how NATO was used to invade Afghanistan after 9/11 which was totally unjustified since Afghanistan didn’t plan or carry out 9/11 attacks.


Neither did Iraq which had even less to do with 9/11 but was falsely accused of hiding weapons of mass destruction. This ‘charge’ was totally insane since NATO nations are some of the world’s biggest holders and users of WMD.  Both Iran and Palestine have been suffering from embargoes and punishing regimes especially the Gaza Ghetto and neither have deserved any of this.


This vast war across the planet won’t stop with more ‘security’.  Russia used to keep the lid on the mess by supporting socialist leaders in Muslim countries who were mainly quite liberal giving civil rights to women and social services to families and founding universities and having limited but real free speech.  The US and EU backed vile repressive monarchist/dictator regimes that crush dissent, oppress women, gays, minority religions, brutally torture and execute people who defy regime restrictions on basic civil rights.


Try selling a Bible in Saudi Arabia!  You will be beheaded.


This is NATO’s biggest Muslim alliance country!  Jews, of course, will claim that all Muslims are evil and should be tortured,  starved, cruelly locked into fetid, disgusting ghettos and if that doesn’t stop them, annihilated in either death camps or via nuclear bombs since Israel and the US believe we have the right to annihilate humanity while Iraq isn’t allowed to even imagine they get WMD, too.


Europe didn’t disarm after the USSR fell apart.  The US didn’t disarm, either.  Instead, both rushed into the void to expand WMD dominance aimed at Russia.  Both crowed they could do whatever they wanted to Russia’s liberal Muslim allies in Africa and the Middle East. Far from spreading women’s rights, since the USSR fell, women’s rights has collapsed across all Muslim countries.


In Saudi Arabia, the few tiny advances out of medieval bondage there have collapsed with the new despotic King squelching this.  For example, women are still being beaten in prison for driving a car!  The new King even said that Western women basically deserve to be raped because they drive cars!  Some ally!  Women drove openly in Iraq, Syria, Libya before NATO bombed those nations back into the middle ages.


The most dangerous wars on earth are religious wars.  The name of a three way religious war of the sort we are now entering is called ‘The APOCALYPSE”.  Yes, that is the name.  Gog and Magog.  Why on earth do humans want this horror?


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25 responses to “Gog Magog Religious Wars Rage, Europe And US Cannot Escape Backlash Attacks

  1. Jim R

    I think the psychopaths in charge want war because they want to shift the blame for their own failings to somewhere else…

    You know, they’re feeling the pinch of “peak everything”, which means the economy will no longer grow, and “growth” was the only thing keeping the financial balloon afloat, with the alternative to growth being collapse.

    Well, all those head honchos have been selling themselves and making claims and stuff, that they are somehow the authors of our soon-to-vanish prosperity. It’s all because of their wit and wisdom and stuff. OK, now that we shift over to collapse, they don’t want to be around to take the blame for it being because of their blind stupidity. Which it is.

  2. Being There

    Jim, you said it right. It’s a set-up for a world-wide police state for a failed Neoliberal Milton Friedman model that can only turn everyone on earth against the US hegemony.
    It all about taking control of oil and at the same time turning everyone’s attention to something other than what we’re doing.
    Its unbelievable what we’re doing in the Ukraine to turn it into an abject poverty debtor state.
    We are waging a world financial and military war against all. We don’t have a functioning economy so we’re trying to smash the public infrastructure of all countries for their value.

  3. lyrac

    Bravo, Elaine. Sock it to ’em. But I would make one important distinction: this is not a “religious war” but a war between a social vision informed by religion (Muslim, Orthodox Christian, etc) and the forces of anti-religion of the New World Order, or as the Saker refers to it, the Anglo-Zionist Empire.
    But thank you for your passion and strong sense of right and wrong.

  4. A slight aside here, what do all the recent terrorist outrages have in common apart from Muslim extremists?

    It is that the people responsible are well known to the security services of the countries concerned.

    Is this remarkable fact an indication of incompetence, treason or something much more sinister Government policy?

  5. JimmyJ

    We’re just various competitive troops of chimpanzees going out on marauding missions to enforce breeding rights and male solidarity. All the rest is just human window dressing (culture, technology) layered on top. If we don’t outgrow the ape legacy behaviour we wont survive ourselves.

  6. emsnews

    There was no greater ‘terror’ than WWII.

    NOT ONE MUSLIM started that war nor did the mass murders, bombings, nukes, etc. Not one.

    Pretending Muslims are terrorists while we are not is insanity.

  7. Petruchio

    “This isn’t about ‘anti-semitism’ since many Muslims in the Middle East are Semites. ” This makes me wonder: are the Israelis even semites? I keep hearing them described as Khazar jews, a people who were descended more from basque and gypsy peoples than a true semitic tribe of people. I just find it odd that the folks screaming “Anti-Semitism!” the loudest aren’t even semitic themselves. As to why people want the Apocalypse, imho it’s the nut jobs, the religious fanatics who think The Rapture will happen before the sh#t hits the fan taking the true believers to heaven before the sh#t hits the fan here on planet Earth. I guess there is no Christian compassion for the sinners left behind on Earth to deal with the nightmare situation called the Apocalypse. You are right about religious wars Elaine.

  8. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Humans don’t ‘want” this horror.

    They can’t avoid it because of evolutionary failure. Just like the other 99.9% of species that are now extinct.

  9. Mewswithaview

    Don’t overlook the refugee/migrant issues in Europe all making their way to Germany, UK and France, even the Swedes and Danes have had enough and the political backlash is happening. According to the UN, refugee numbers are the highest since world war 2. Islamic State have come up with a wonderfully simple plan to overwhelm Europe along its porous Italian/Libyan frontier. Float out 2,000 refugees a week, on rubber life rafts, to be “rescued” by the Italians. The profit per life raft substantially exceeds the cost of the life raft.

  10. emsnews

    And who, pray tell, overthrew the socialist liberal regime in Libya????

    NATO. Europe cheered. Now they are paying the piper as is the US. I was 100% against the violent overthrow of Gaddafi.

  11. Sunger

    “The most dangerous wars on earth are religious wars. The name of a three way religious war of the sort we are now entering is called ‘The APOCALYPSE”. Yes, that is the name. Gog and Magog. Why on earth do humans want this horror?”

    You are definitely right on the religious bunkum, elaine!

  12. vengeur

    Does anybody remember any Christians being beheaded in Libya when “bad guy villain” Khadafi was in power? So now that our wonderful government helped overturn him, Libya becomes (another) base for terrorism. Laugh out f*%#ing loud.

  13. emsnews

    Both Saddam and Assad protected all religious minorities, too.

  14. CK

    It is my belief that the incineration of captives and the beheading of captives videoed and edited with skill and shown to a voracious public is just another recruiting tool. So far it appears to be a successful tool.
    @Sunger: If you can assure yourself that no one will survive your death, that after you there will be nothing but the wind stirring the ashes and the acid rains melting the bones; You go for it because to destroy all is to be a God, to be the last God

  15. Floridasandy

    How on earth could you call that a successful recruiting tool?!

    The whole world is turning on the militant Muslims, and rightfully so. The Jews may have some things to answer for, but who else was willing to fix anything and give the Palestinians a homeland?

    There is ugliness in some men’s interpretation of religion, and certainly the world rejects that ugliness. Unfortunate ately, our leader does seem to be rather clueless about that ugliness, including trumpeting the Arab spring which certainly bode an ill wind.

  16. JT

    Anti… phhh…
    One should never believe any idea with the word anti in it.
    Antisemitism means of a different opion than us?
    😀 evyryone else against us…

    There is semitism? There are secular muslims, neonazis and radical muslims that hate jews. There are people who hate bankers or jewish actors.
    These things have real names.

    Antisemitism means nothing.
    There is war and peace. Antiwar means nothing.

    phobia is another..
    There is a fear of being beheaded by a radical islamist.
    There is a fear of unknown cultures.
    Islamophobia means nothing.

    There is belief in equal rights for all.
    Antirasicm means nothing.

    When someone tells you that he/she is anti- something.
    Please ask what they are for.

  17. emsnews

    I am for human dignity, basic human rights for all people everywhere. And honest information about the world and ourselves.

  18. CK

    I consider them successful tools as the ISIS/ISIL keep getting new recruits, recruits drawn from the western civilized nations as well as the MENA nations.
    Some of the world’s media are voicing mild complaints about the behaviours, that is true. But nothing too strenuous because it might offend the religion of peacenicks the civilized western nations are importing en masse.

  19. John

    Humans do not want this war. Psychopaths do. Big difference.

  20. emsnews

    Humans are the Crazy Apes.

    We are all psychopaths because we all descended from desperate, naked apes that lost all their fur during the warm/dry era preceding the Ice Ages.

    This event about 2 million years ago, put tremendous pressure on our ape ancestors who had weaker teeth and no fur except on the head and sex organs (underarm hair is for spreading sexual signals).

    We killed/cannibalized/ate everything in sight and yanked off the fur skins from other animals and used these to stay alive. We are the strangest mammal of all and anything but ‘moral’.

  21. CK

    So could you name any non-psychopaths in the US govt?
    The out of Africa humans might be descended crazy apes, fortunately there is no genetic evidence that the civilized humans are descended from them.


    ELAINE: Huh? ALL human apes came from Africa.

    As far as proof we are descended from the violent, cannibal apes is the fact that we act this way abundantly today. We even have to have strong, strong laws against cannibalism to stop us from eating each other even today.

  22. CK

    @ all of you interested in ISIS
    My limited knowledge of Islam, the Qaran, and ISIS has been expanded by this article. Granted that the Atlantic is a home for SJW’s but somehow a bit of reality slipped through. Doesn’t hurt that the article supports my belief that ISIS has a most successful recruiting operation going.

  23. emsnews

    ISIS was created by the US invasion of Iraq. It was fostered in our torture chambers there, our prisons like Begram there and our brutal assassination by guns and missiles programs there.

    We did this. There was no such thing before our invasion. The average Iraqi was fairly liberal and women had civil rights.

    Now it is a catastrophe. Totally our fault.

  24. CK

    So ISIS is America’s child, I doubt that that can be changed. The growth of ISIS is also like the growth of a child, some fall close to the tree; some roll far from the tree and become different children from their foster parents.
    I have a general rule that I apply when the shit hits the fan. 1) unplug the fan
    2) clean up the shit 3) examine the situation for the causes and make sure those causes do not occur again. Fault and blame are so sjw.

  25. Christian W

    When the US military was getting it’s ass kicked by the Iraqi insurgents a couple of years after the invasion, around 2004/2005, they came up with the idea of simply bribing some Sunni sheiks north of Baghdad to use their tribes to fight the insurgents. This simple plan turned many Iraqi insurgents into US mercenaries. This is one leg of ISIS.

    The Bush administration then came up with the idea of using these Sunni fighters, add various Al Qaeda/Mujahideen types and general Muslim fanatics (Salafis and Wahhabis) and discontents from Libya, Chechnya, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf Kingdoms and Europe. Funds were added by the Gulf Kingdoms mainly Saudi Arabia for extreme propaganda drive to recruit fighters and to fund armaments. Other armaments came from Libya after the fall of Ghaddafi (smuggling arms is what the US ambassador was up to in Benghazi when he and some CIA agents/contractors were killed).

    In the middle of all this sits Mossad pulling strings.

    Seymour Hersh wrote a superb piece on this already back in 2007:


    The idea was to use ISIS as a battering ram to destroy US and Israeli enemies, like Hezbollah in Lebanon, Assad in Syria and the Shiites in Iraq and Iran and to redraw the map of the Middle East into a US and Israel friendly constellation.

    The US then found a tribe in Syria that hated Assad, gave them weapons and training and called them the Free Syrian Army fighting for “democracy”, had some agents shoot on demonstrators (exactly like in Maidan) and suddenly the civil war in Syria kicked off.

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