Washington Post Science Writer Ordered To Attack Climate Realists Yet Again Even As DC Freezes To Death

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Washington, DC weather this week during the Hottest February Evah!

During the bitter cold winters of the 1970’s, people particularly in the northeastern/Great Lakes/Hudson Bay parts of North America, worried we might slide into another Ice Age.  Ice Ages are ten times longer than Interglacials and they come suddenly and with overwhelming force over and over again like clockwork.  We are at the last half of the present Interglacial and have to keep a sharp eye out for signs of another Ice Age and very sadly, due to the 30 year warm/cold cycles, we just came out of a warm cycle that had a lot of people scared it will warm up forever and we roast to death.  Scientists should keep a clear eye out for incoming data that gives us a good idea what will happen next and instead, they have been corralled into rigging the data to DENY the truth that the 30 year warm cycle is fading fast and that the solar scientists warning that the sun is going into a colder cycle with few to no sun spots, is being ignored while anyone heeding this vital, life/death information is attacked as some sort of science illiterate who is delusional.


The media has moved decisively to smearing and waging frontal war on scientists and those of us who can figure out science due to our high level of education, to force us into subscribing to the dead ‘global warming’ dogma.  In wild desperation, and as a con game to lie to people, the global warming gang renamed their belief system ‘climate change’ and now trumpet that even ‘deniers’ admit ‘the climate changes’.


This is infantile and stupid.  DUH.  The ‘deniers’ recognize the real dangers and are pointing out that we are sliding into another possible Little Ice Age.  My own father told me and he was one of the world’s biggest solar scientists as was my grandfather before him, that maybe CO2 will save us from an Ice Age.  I was the more skeptical and he wanted me to keep him up to date on conditions here in upstate NY to see if it was going to stay warm or go glacial.


IT IS GOING GLACIAL.  Winters are now getting more and more brutal.  And the coldest parts aren’t the first half.  It is from the last week of January all the way into mid-March and this isn’t one year, it is now going multiple years.  This is the bell weather for climate change.  The West Coast rarely sees much temperature changes, it is warmed by the Pacific Ocean.  The Atlantic Ocean is colder during Ice Ages and the prevailing weather systems sweep from west to east so the east coast gets much colder weather from inland whereas California gets the warmer Pacific weather and thus, doesn’t have Ice Ages hardly at all.


Our rulers own our  media and abuse this to lie about nearly everything.  They lie about international news.  They lie about people they want to destroy.  They lie about the weather.  Here is the Bilderberg owner of the Washington Post who lives in sunny, warm California, attacking those of us who live on the other half of the continent for being idiots and liars when it comes to ‘climate change’ (sic): Why science is so hard to believe – The Washington Post


There’s a scene in Stanley Kubrick’s comic masterpiece “Dr. Strangelove” in which Jack D. Ripper, an American general who’s gone rogue and ordered a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, unspools his paranoid worldview — and the explanation for why he drinks “only distilled water, or rainwater, and only pure grain alcohol” — to Lionel Mandrake, a dizzy-with-anxiety group captain in the Royal Air Force.


The game plan for globalists who are pushing the ‘global warming’ lies is to smear everyone else so they can’t debate.  These Bilderberg gangsters first tried silencing anyone like my poor father who, despite being a top expert on anything solar, he was the founder of the first solar observatory in the world at Kitt Peak, after all.  Then they moved on to smear campaigns against any scientist who defies their ideology and anyone who did dare to gainsay the global warming issue was defunded or fired or abused in various other ways.  Thus came the consensus of fear.  Who would dare to go forth to tell the truth if they were part of academia which gets a huge amount of funding from the government which is run by the Bilderberg gang.


The world crackles with real and imaginary hazards, and distinguishing the former from the latter isn’t easy…Most of us do that by relying on personal experience and anecdotes, on stories rather than statistics…Scientists rarely proclaim an absolute truth or an absolute certainty. Uncertainty is inevitable at the frontiers of knowledge…


Global warming is an imaginary fear.  The chances of the earth getting hotter and hotter at this point is nearly nil.  We will have short bursts of warmth from the sun during the next 2,000 years or so but the trend will be downwards before suddenly falling off a temperature cliff into yet another Ice Age.  It would be very nice to keep the Interglacial going but our rulers have decided this isn’t an option for us humans.  They are determined to start the next Ice Age now.


Also note how this stupid ‘science writer expert’ writing this tripe for the WP says that uncertainty is inevitable but then denies there is any uncertainty about global warming.  He, of course, being a lying bastard, won’t call it ‘global warming’ but will use the meaningless term ‘climate change’.


To some climate-change skeptics, for example, the fact that a few scientists in the 1970s were worried (quite reasonably, it seemed at the time) about the possibility of a coming ice age is enough to discredit what is now the consensus of the world’s scientists: The planet’s surface temperature has risen by about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 130 years, and human actions, including the burning of fossil fuels, are extremely likely to have been the dominant cause since the mid-20th century.


There were NOT ‘a few scientists’.  EVERYONE was terrified about another Ice Age.  Even in NASA headquarters in California!  I was there, at the NASA headquarters whenever I visited my parents who worked there back then!  We held scientific meetings at Princeton and in Manhattan where NASA scientists and others discussed the possibility of another Ice Age.  The noxious propagandists working for the super rich have tried hard to repaint the past.  They messed up past temperature records by constantly rejiggering them to make the past colder and the present warmer, and they openly lie about our reasonable fears during the 1970’s about Ice Ages.


In the United States, climate change has become a litmus test that identifies you as belonging to one or the other of these two antagonistic tribes. When we argue about it, Kahan says, we’re actually arguing about who we are, what our crowd is. We’re thinking: People like us believe this. People like that do not believe this… the Web has also made it possible to live in a “filter bubble” that lets in only the information with which you already agree.


The believer crowd here is the younger generational leftists.  Kids born after 1970 for the most part.  Those born when it was super cold think that the earth is warming and this is their memory whereas us oldsters can clearly see the 30 year cycle.  I am 64 years old and remember it vividly.  We can’t convince our younger population we are right if the media owners openly conspire to convince young people that it was much colder in the 1930-1960 cycle so that our kids can sneer at us that we have no idea how hot it was back then.


How to penetrate the bubble? How to convert science skeptics? Throwing more facts at them doesn’t help.


Wow. This young whippersnapper ‘science writer’ who was born in the early 1970’s sure likes to strut and sneer!  We keep throwing facts at him and his peers but the liars who rule us convinced younger scientists that rewriting the data to make the past colder is a smart idea and is correct, not a crime against science and sanity.  So they merrily, due to being paid oodles of dollars in bribes to do this, use their fancy computers to contaminate data and destroy past information.


Liz Neeley, who helps train scientists to be better communicators at an organization called Compass, says people need to hear from believers they can trust, who share their fundamental values. She has personal experience with this. Her father is a climate-change skeptic and gets most of his information on the issue from conservative media. In exasperation she finally confronted him: “Do you believe them or me?” She told him she believes the scientists who research climate change and knows many of them personally. “If you think I’m wrong,” she said, “then you’re telling me that you don’t trust me.” Her father’s stance on the issue softened. But it wasn’t the facts that did it.


Basically, this brat born during the previous cold cycle forced her poor father to shut up due to her obvious temper tantrums.  Like me, he probably feels, ‘She will figure this out in five or ten years when it remains bitterly cold.  I hope.’  He no longer talks about the weather with her due to her being a creep.  But he still loves her.  Lucky girl, that.


The place we must watch with the greatest fear about Ice Ages is not Antarctica which is -50 below in SUMMER or Greenland which is -50 below now, the place we must worry about is the Hudson Bay/Great Lakes part of the planet earth.  This is the key area and the place that will go ‘plains glacial’ first.  That is, unlike today when most glaciers outside of Greenland and Antarctica are in the mountains, when an Ice Age begins it will begin on this plain first, before Siberia or Europe glaciates over.

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 7.06.59 AM


The Great Lakes are freezing over yet again like last winter.  And doing this not in January but right before spring.  This is a very bad sign.  A warning bell is going off here.  Sneers from the global warmists that last year was unusual and thus, mere ‘weather’ are now destroyed.  They can’t say ‘this is only local weather’ again.  So now they simply attack us realists as being delusional.


By the way, the anti-fur movement in fashion is dying faster than global warming!  More and more top designers are showing more and more fur and the fashion models who are very skinny are not protesting anymore, they are clinging to the fur and are grateful for it.  This is another sign we are no longer seeing global warming.  Soon, like in the seventies when I had three fur coats, we will see fur clad women all over Manhattan again.  Heck, I even had fur lined gloves back then and will do so again, today if I can find some.


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16 responses to “Washington Post Science Writer Ordered To Attack Climate Realists Yet Again Even As DC Freezes To Death

  1. Eric Blood Axe

    I like that pun bell weather, for bell-wether.

  2. Christian W

    I was born in 1967. I had a fantastic childhood playing in the snow during winters back in the 70s. Then the 80s came and the snowy winters disappeared, some winters we had snow maybe only for a month, boring!

    How to penetrate the bubble? How to convert science skeptics? Throwing more facts at them doesn’t help.

    Note that the propaganda from the Owners pretend they have the real facts and that is it the people who are actually calling for real, undistorted and non-manipulated facts who are the “faith based” fanatics. This is a typical technique of taking the argument of your opponent and using it against them in order to destroy any debate, even if your opponent actually speaks the truth.

    This technique is how genuine debate about anything is destroyed in the US. If there is no will for truth and reality (which is what real science is all about), but only for power and control (which is what the Owners and their puppets are all about) then you cannot have a sane, adult debate. Of course in that situation the Owners accuse those opposing them for insanity… and so it goes on forever in loop that is utterly unscientific and irrational and can lead nowhere. This technique is a deliberate sabotage of society and democracy itself.

    This is also why the elites are pushing Global Warming on everyone. Global Warming is not the only bullshit concept being pushed however, it is just one among many. In fact the only thing the elites are pushing is a constant stream of mind numbing bullshit. When absolutely everything you try to argue against is utter bullshit, how do you even start to have a sane, reasonable adult debate about it? Obviously you cannot. This is how the oligarchy can now rule unopposed.

    Just look at how much time and effort Elaine and others are spending (wasting) railing against the elite plots, the only effect being they look like mad Don Quixotes charging wind mills thinking them giants.

    The elites love Perception over Reality, which is why they Manage the Perception of the masses.

    Now, obviously it is crucial to stay based in Reality and poke fun at the elites and highlight their many hidden and self serving, often murderous, agendas. But nothing will change until the elites are taken on directly. As it is now all opposition is taking place on the home turf of the elites and they have no problem swatting away criticism and opposition as irrelevant. They are in fact busy locking down their propaganda state right now.

  3. ziff

    i think the idea is that GW causes the earth to gradually retain heat but they are only talking about 1-3 degrees overall . that difference can still be overwhelmed by seasonal changes. so i don’t think you have proved your case.

  4. melponeme_k

    “The believer crowd here is the younger generational leftists. Kids born after 1970 for the most part. Those born when it was super cold think that the earth is warming and this is their memory whereas us oldsters can clearly see the 30 year cycle. ”

    I was born in the early 70s and I believe you. But then again, I had to die psychologically and then come back.

    I don’t know how to convince the rest of my generation or break them out of group think. It is powerful, it is tied to our monkey/dog influenced past to always be part of the pack. Not even cold, hard reality snowing on everyone’s head or the glacier growing in Boston will stop group think.

  5. DM

    @ziff AGW is the thesis, so it for you to prove the case.

  6. Peter C.

    I was a teen in Toronto in the mid 70’s…standard wear was a knee length coat ,sheepskin lined maybe,wool toque mitts and several layers underneath and long underwear.(we spent a lot of time outside smoking pot).

  7. emsnews

    It was cold AND an energy crisis, too.

    Miserable years. I am amazed we survived. We froze during the winter and during the summer my lovely neighbors tried to burn down the entire neighborhood during a storm blackout in 1977.

  8. ziff

    @DM , melted glaciers prove the case, its the details at issue

  9. DM

    Hi ziff,

    Why do melted glaciers prove Anthropogenic Global Warming?

    Seriously, it is not just Elaine saying this. It seems that you will be a true believer until hell freezes over.

    Everyone else knows that the IPCC (I Prefer Cold Cash) is a scam.

    Got an hour to waste? (it’s pretty old, but if you have any proclivity for the scientific method, some of your “certainties” may become “maybes”.


  10. melponeme_k


    I’m still wondering why Daily Mail is let off the leash here and there.

    But take a look at the weather map they show and claim is from the weather channel. Look at the falsified color bands that you once pointed out in the past. The temps in the 50’s and 60’s should be BLUE because they are not normal temps for Southern areas that should be much warmer. Only 70 degrees for Miami?

  11. emsnews

    It is below zero still here on my mountain. This is not ‘global warming’ cold, this is ‘global cooling’ cold. You can’t have below zero weather this far south this late in winter (spring is less than three weeks away!) if the Arctic is getting WARMER.

    It ain’t warmer. It won’t be warmer in the future. It is cooling there as well as here. Ice at both poles are growing, not shrinking.

    Even if some few glaciers are shrinking, these are mainly on the West Coast from Alaska and southwards and this is due to the Pacific still being warm from the previous warm cycle.

    That will cool, too, but slowly. The other half of North America cools FAST as it has in the past, I witnessed this.

    I lived in California and then New York during the transition from the 1950’s warm cycle to the super cold 1970’s cold cycle. Saw this effect first hand and noted it back then.

  12. ziff

    yes but the seasonal temp range still exceed AWG or GW changes

  13. LOU

    I believe spring is 32? days away.

    ‘cant have below zero weather this far south this late in winter (spring is less than three weeks away!’

  14. emsnews

    Yet another cold blast coming this week! Zero again!!!

    This is NOT NORMAL. And has zero to do with CO2 or global warming unless CO2 makes the planet colder.

  15. Lou

    Lots of weather news, today, at Drudge.

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