CIA Wants To Blame Putin For All Bad Weather!

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NOAA calls this last month in the Northeast ‘NORMAL’ not super cold.  Only Texas is colder than normal.  This is, of course, utterly insane.


The wild, out of control propaganda about the weather pouring out of all systems in NATO nations is going totally insane as super cold assails the Northern Hemisphere and ice grows in super cold Antarctica.  Still hitching absolutely all ‘research’ to the global warming ideology, understanding basic weather cycles seems impossible for intelligent people who don’t understand how hysteria and lies can make it impossible for them to see reality.  This news has me particularly angry because the huge number of witch burnings that happened during the Little Ice Age is being replayed yet again and for the exact same insane reasons:  Spy agencies fund climate research in hunt for weather weapon, scientist fears as Climate researcher says CIA fears hostile nations are triggering floods and droughts.


Professor Alan Robock, from Rutgers University in New Jersey, said: ‘Consultants working for the CIA rang and said we’d like to know if someone is controlling the world’s climate would we know about it?


The global warmists are blaming first world middle class people for ‘climate change’ and the storyline we are told is, if we live in Tiny Houses, walk everywhere and don’t buy anything anymore, we will save the planet from roasting to death.  But deep inside the Monster Machine in DC, they are spinning yet a new web: Putin controls the planet’s climate and is roasting us to death.  I suppose they will next claim that the super cold assailing the North American continent each winter is also caused by him moving Siberian cold to the US.


This is, of course, pure propaganda.  It also shows the malign mindset of the CIA staff they have hired who are all crazy in really, really bad ways.  They have set up this scenario where Putin is Mr. Big and the US is Mr. Helpless.  Well, Russia isn’t consuming all that energy and turning it into CO2.  The US and EU are doing this.  Since blaming Americans for roasting us to death while we freeze is a losing story here, telling Americans that Putin controls the weather and he is making them uncomfortable and unhappy, freezing NY and roasting LA, then the rich here are off the hook and citizens can roar rage at someone living on the other side of the planet.


Young people under the age of 50 are dying due to the global warming lies.  They are told, we will roast to death and have little experience with super cold winters.  Even as I remember the 1970’s super cold and shiver, we have poor young fools like this one, going off and dying in the cold due to an inability to understand this is now global cooling:  Kate Matrosova found dead after getting stranded in treacherous conditions on holiday climb | Daily Mail Online


Kate Matrosova, 32, found dead in New Hampshire mountains on Monday
It was 24 hours after she activated emergency beacon for rescuers
Mt Madison, in Northeast’s highest mountain range at 6,300ft, was hit by 100mph wind (ERROR: Mt. Washington is the highest peak)
Matrosova, a BNP Paribas banker, was dropped off at the base on Sunday at 5am by her husband who is thought to be a JP Morgan Vice President
The couple shared a $1 million apartment in Manhattan’s Midtown
Matrosova planned to climb to the top alone then climb another 4 peaks


Two stupid bankers.  HAHAHA.  I bet they marched in last fall’s ‘Global warming’ demonstration.  The foolish female even thought people would risk their lives to climb in howling winds colder than Antarctica to save her.  Just dial up the Help.  She wins today’s Darwin Award.  I hope all the global warmists imitate her.  There are plenty of super cold peaks to climb this winter.  Do so.  Prove us global cooling people that we are wrong.  Call  us ‘deniers’!  Let’s have a global warming mass march on Mount Washington.


The flood of ‘studies’ funded by CO2 taxes continue unabated.  Here is one particularly insane and stupid one written by a ‘professor’ living in the Ice Age Glacier belt of northern North America:  Climate Change May Fuel the Emergence of Rare Diseases


Professor Daniel Brooks, a zoologist from Nebraska, depicts a grim scenario about the effects climate change may have on the development of infectious diseases that were previously contained in warmer regions of the planet.


The researcher claims that, as the global temperature gets higher, tropical viruses such as Ebola and the West Nile virus may “migrate” in other regions posing a real challenge to the current health systems.


Dummy!  Ebola comes here via jets flying in people from sick countries and then let into our country by ICE that supposedly is there to protect us from aliens but the Democrats won’t let them.  Easily fixed.  We don’t have to restart an Ice Age to prevent this.  Brooks should be forced to climb Mt. Washington and then issue his global warming stories from there via telephone.  Better still, on You Tube so we can watch him die of the cold.


Ice Storm Leaves 250,000 Without Power in South, Cancels 3,000 Flights  while in West Virginia Train Derails: Fires, Oil Tanker Into River due to all the ice and snow on the rails.  The train blew up.  Even the hot south is cold!  And it was cold last year and the year before.  I am baffled as to why last year was Hottest Year Evah and there were no, none, absolutely no hot temperature records anywhere in North America during this time.


This fairly young professor, Mr. Nevins teaches in the BOSTON area and is probably being hammered mercilessly by one of the coldest, longest and most brutal winters in the last century and yet this foolish youngster sits down and pens this bizarre, insane editorial about how we are roasting to death:  In a Time of Climate Change, Boston–and the World–Can’t Afford the Olympics » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


Yet also vital to scrutinize are the considerable ecological costs the Games will inevitably incur, especially relating to climate change. These costs should lead Boston—and the many other cities around the world seeking to host the 2024 Summer Olympics—to abandon its candidacy. More broadly, these costs should bring an end to international sporting “mega-events.”


Invoking the ties between climate change and the Olympics happens almost exclusively in regards to the Winter Games. The question of adequate cold and snow has become a regular concern for the quadrennial gathering. As the title of a segment on Public Radio International’s “The World” asked in the run-up to the opening of the 2014 Games in Sochi, “Will climate change kill the winter Olympics?”


In Greece during the Greek/Roman Warm Period, athletes performed naked.  Yes, naked.  Entirely without clothing.  NAKED.  It was warm back then.  Hasn’t been that warm since.  It was even warmer 1,000 years earlier when the Minoan Warm Period reigned supreme and there was no ice at the North Pole in summer and penguins thrived at the South Pole.


This ‘professor’ also believes that last year which was pretty brutal, was ‘The Warmest Year EVAH’ and says so in his editorial.  Poor baby.  He wants it colder.  I bet his students wish this, too.  And this is one stupid wish that is being granted by Mother Nature.  How can someone be this stupid????  HAHAHA.


I bet, as this bitter leftist trudges to work, head down, blasted by one blizzard after another, bitter cold following each blizzard, as conditions worsen badly, he grinds his teeth and thinks, ‘If it gets any hotter, we will die of tropical diseases and all the polar bears will die.’  And then he bumps into this big, bulky person wearing a soft, white fur coat.  ‘Watch where you are going,’ the professor snaps.


The polar bear roars and knocks him flying.  Then settles down for dinner before lumbering off into the white fog to find another victim.

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 10.49.16 PM

NOAA predicts this month and all spring is going to be much warmer than usual on my NY mountain starting next week.  Actually, this is how hot it will be next month which is impossible.  I am betting this March will be brutal.


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19 responses to “CIA Wants To Blame Putin For All Bad Weather!

  1. Jim R

    If you go to this site:
    and add the northern and southern ice extents together, it’s still about 0.345 million sq km below the average from 1979 to present. Last couple years, it’s been heading back toward the average. Was more than 1 million sq km low a few years ago. Most of the new ice is in the south.

  2. e sutton

    “Most of the new ice is in the south.”

    Weather report from ye ole pal in N.C. It’s 8:36 a.m. on Tuesday. It is 18 f outside, we have about an inch and a half of snow and then ice on top of that. Traffic in my city is at a complete standstill (you Northern folks can laugh at our wimpyness now!) D.C. employees have been told to stay home (big loss there – har har!) Last year, if y’all recall, we had the exact same scenario as this, when I grumbled at the clerk in the liquor store, “Global warming my A_ _ !”

  3. CK

    Without the anthropogenic global warming caused by industry and the advanced standards of living associated with industrial civilization, the world would be about 6 degrees colder already. Given that the industrial age started about 200 years ago, and given that it appears that the average temperature of the earth has not increased at all in at least 20 years, I shudder to think how cold it would be. Something is causing the earth to cool and it appears that only continued and expanded production of CO2 into the atmosphere can keep us at the current level of warmth.
    It’s tough being the child planet orbiting a variable star.

  4. melponeme_k

    This story and the comments on the page are so clueless.

    Greece can say goodbye to the EU because Russia will be backing them. And the Russians will get their money back…believe me. And it seems Greece thinks it will be able to pay them. But the EU? They can hold the bag for the rest.

    Where is Greece? LOL, The first European country right in front of the Turkish Straits, the main route Russia uses from the Black Sea. If Russia has Greece that means they don’t need to worry so much over the land routes through Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. If possible they can almost completely ignore them (although I don’t believe they will…they will be waiting to scoop them up once the EU really falters).

    No more need to discuss. If Greece plays it right and doesn’t welsh on the Rus they could be the main European port on the new Silk Trade route.

  5. aashild

    The CIA is full of lunatics. Pretty frightening, considering how much power they have.

  6. vengeur

    Just like the so called “patriot act”, the powers that be know that once enacted, the phony global warming taxes and bureaucracy will NEVER go away.

  7. Jim R

    As for Putin, yes, he is a legendary figure. Almost a god.

    The CIA one day says he is borderline retarded, and a fool who has no friends and doesn’t know what he is doing. And the Russian economy is in tatters, I definitely heard somebody say that. Russian citizens (about 0.2% of them) hate and fear him, but don’t know what to do about it.

    But, he can change the weather with a wave of his hand. And make jetliners fall out of the sky with a mere thought.

    He is also a master of propaganda. He can make it look like the glorious Ukraine army is losing their ethnic cleansing campaign against the Russians in the Donbass. Of course this cannot really be true. The Ukraine army has the backing of Kerry and Biden and NATO, and can’t possibly lose.

    If I didn’t know better, I would say the CIA is blitheringly incompetent and doesn’t make much sense.

  8. Ken

    What CO2 Taxes? I keep reading comments like Elaine’s one that “The flood of ‘studies’ funded by CO2 taxes continue unabated.” However, not once have I ever heard of a specific carbon tax, or carbon derivatives, or anything else tangible that I could point to in an argument and say; “There, that is why the forces of darkness are pushing a global warming agenda.”

    I even asked a friend of mine (who introduced me to this site) who is a stock broker and he could not give me an example of a specific carbon tax or derivative investment. I’m a firm believer in the “follow the money” approach to discovering the truth. I just need some help in locating the trail.

  9. emsnews

    Good lord!

    These taxes are piled all over the place! And there is a derivative market for them that was started a few years ago.

  10. melponeme_k


    The US doesn’t have carbon taxation yet. But it seems there are Cap and Trade programs scattered through out the US.

    See the links here:

  11. Ken


    Thank you for the link to the cap and trade site. I’ve heard that the US was moving in that direction, but I wasn’t aware that so much “progress” had been made. Is there much trading going on with regard to the pollution caps? I haven’t heard of any, but I am not one of the polluters who would need to buy credits.


    I know how derivative markets work for mortgages and financial instruments, but I am unclear on how the concept has been applied to carbon taxes. As a suggestion, it would be a great service to those following you online if you devoted one of your posts to that topic.

  12. emsnews

    The taxes are mainly on British countries like Canada and Britain and in Europe.

    Here, there is a LOT of fury about this stupid tax/derivative game and I doubt it will ever pass Congress now. The Democrats are being slaughtered on this issue. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  13. Jim R

    The thing is, any financial fraud (such as carbon taxes) will NOT affect the CO2 level. And, this time it IS caused by humans. Sorry deniers, it’s true. Meteors and volcanoes will have to wait in line.

    But they aren’t going to tax the humans who are causing it. Big multinational companies, stripping the ocean of every last fish and bulldozing every last tree in the rain forest. Those are your big culprits. Big agriculture plowing up the prairies. Then there are big utility companies burning a whole trainload (not a train car, but hundreds of cars) full of coal every day. But those companies aren’t taxed for it, not anywhere near in proportion to their abuses. They aren’t taxed now, and they won’t be affected by any proposed carbon taxes in the future.

    The reasons are 1) they have lobbyists; 2) they will abuse the financial markets to shuffle the burden of any “carbon credits” onto everyone else. Every pension fund, 401K, etc. will bear the burden. Perhaps indirectly through fees and currency manipulations, as no sane person would buy them..

  14. emsnews

    ‘It’ is caused by humans???

    What is this ‘It’? Right now, half of North America, both Canada and US, is in true Ice Age conditions and it isn’t warming up as we pass through February, it is getting COLDER. A lot colder.

    Since when does the coldest week of the year occur during the last week/first week of February/March???

  15. emsnews

    So, CO2 is the cooling gas? HAHAHA.

  16. Jim R

    Just a gas. But we make more of it than any other animal.

  17. emsnews

    And trees eat it with greatest happiness. I know my forest loves CO2.

  18. Jim R

    My point exactly. Tropical rainforest trees stop eating after they have been run over by bulldozers.

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