Our Rulers Habitually Lie About Nearly Everything

From the weather to religion to politics, about free speech, about Putin, about how the economy works: all lies all the time.  Here are some of today’s lies:  New York City Could See 6-Foot Sea Rise, Tripling of Heat Waves by 2100: this bracing news is from Scientific American, once a fine magazine now a hysterical rag.  The New York City Panel on Climate Change chose one of the coldest weeks in the last 100 years to issue this warning: we are going to drown due to roasting to death!  Oh, the humanity!!!!


Here is another headline showing how insane the liberals have become:  Global warming is going to hammer New York: New study reveals a future of heat waves, downpours, rising seas – Salon.com.  None of this is happening nor has happened recently.  The Nor’easters hitting us are global cooling events and a Nor’easter packs a very dangerous punch.


It causes seas to ‘rise’ and it can be either a blizzard or heavy rain depending on if it is summer or winter.  We have had weekly Nor’easters this winter and it has buried the East Coast in snow and ice.


Again: no global warmist ever says it will be brutally cold with many blizzards.  They always talk about us roasting so they have to stop using the fake name ‘climate change’.  It is most irritating.   THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper demonstrates East Antarctica was ~3.5-4°C warmer than the present during the last interglacial as the interglacials get colder and colder, it seems.  There are more and more papers coming out disproving ‘global warming’ and virtually none of these are allowed into the news stream by our rulers.


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Analysis: Solar activity & ocean cycles are the 2 primary drivers of climate, not CO2 which is most certainly true.  Back in 1998, I said the planet was warming but this was due to the sun.  It was always the sun that warms or doesn’t warm the planet.  Glad that this old truth is now beginning to be backed up by scientists.  About time: again, won’t make a single headline in Bilderberg media.


Next in line today is the continuation of the War on Muslims:  Text of Obama’s Speech to Anti-extremism Summit is here and it is as loony as the NYC PCC clown report.  Who radicalized the Iraqis and Libyans and Syrians?  NATO!  Who is working day and night to insure Muslims are mad?  Netanyahu and the Israeli Nazis! Israel Expels 120, Seizes Private Palestinian Land for Landfill Site which is a very Nazi thing to do: turn people’s homes into a garbage dump for Jewish trash.


Officials: EU Considering Mending Ties With Assad because he protected religious minorities including Christians and is overall a much better man than any of the rulers of Europe.  UN: Afghan Civilian Casualties Increased 22% in 2014 as the war rages onwards in that unfortunate land.  The US has lost the War on Terror or rather, we ARE the ‘terror’ and Terror won, hands down.


Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign hit by expenses claims: this is another story that will never ever make US news.  Jews own a lot of our media and have many reporters in Israel.  And Jewish readers, too.  And yet most Israel Jewish news never appears.


Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been left red-faced after a video shot by a celebrity home designer depicting his modest lifestyle was revealed to be recorded in his servants’ quarters.


The 15-minute film by Moshik Galamin showed Mr Netanyahu’s wife Sara guiding the viewer around the couple’s home, where run down parts of the property such as creaking doors and frayed carpets, are detailed.


But it has now emerged Galamin was not granted access to the couple’s upstairs living quarters, and Israel’s Channel 10 TV claimed the kitchen in question was not even the one the Netanyahus use, but rather a secondary administrative kitchen.


Way to go!  Be a ‘sneaky Jew’ who deliberately tricks people.  Being shifty and dishonest if one is tricking people so one can succeed is ghetto life styles that the Jewish elites have embraced.  Jewish elites have huge powers in England so UK lawmakers propose ban on racist trolls on social media to stop ‘anti-semitism’ which means ‘anyone talking about Jews committing crimes in Israel’.  Or anywhere else.


Another win for ‘free speech Charlie’ by the elites.  As I pointed out, the stupid pro-free speech demonstrations led by NATO’s  censorious rulers was cynical and a total lie. Right after the Charlie murders, France detained 54 people because they wrote stuff the rulers didn’t like.


About lying, there is Fukushima that never ever makes the news in mainstream media:  Doctor “removed 6 thyroids in recent months” from USS Reagan crew exposed to Fukushima fallout — “Over 500 sailors ill after mission in Japan” — Officer: “There’s sick soldiers everywhere, many in hospitals in San Diego or Hawaii… I don’t know what’s going on” — Veteran in wheelchair thrown out by physician, “You’re faking, you need to leave” (VIDEO).


Malcolm X’s daughter: It’s ‘ridiculous’ that white people aren’t allowed to use the N-word: Yes!  She is so right.  Thank you.


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8 responses to “Our Rulers Habitually Lie About Nearly Everything

  1. CK

    I appreciate having permission to use a word that I find unnecessary to use.
    As for the lying, the old question asks: “How can you tell if a government official is lying?”
    Answer: “If it is still unburied.”
    To those worried about the sea rise, my suggestion is to invest in property that will the new shorefront property. 20 to 40 feet back from the current shoreline should be about right.

  2. emsnews

    Which is why beachfront property worldwide is at the highest value this decade! Isn’t this pathetic. Far from moving inland, the rich are moving as close to shore as humanely possible.

  3. DM

    It is pretty funny (pathetic funny). Most of the published comments though, didn’t go along with this “opinion piece” in a scientific journal (except for one guy called “GeorgeW” 🙂

  4. emsnews

    Wow, they still allow comments about the weather at Scientific American???

    Amazing. Nearly all the publications that are pushing the global warming lies have eliminated all comments on all articles.

    This is so pathetic, by the way.

  5. John

    Hi Elaine. Listened to a feature on BBC Radio 4 the other day about climate in Iceland. The claim was that Iceland had experienced 4x more warming than the rest of the planet – mostly since 1990. I found it convincing because there were anecdotal reports from farmers who would have no reason to lie. Do you have a take on this? Jetstream moving south maybe – disruptions to major systems? Regards, John

  6. Petruchio

    The title for this commentary reminds me of Al Gore when he was preaching the alleged virtues of NAFTA. Gore lied and lied and lied some more about the “wonders” of NAFTA. Imho, although it is hard to “prove” in the legal sense of the word, Gore was fully aware that he was lying about NAFTA from Day One. Gore is yet one more member of Numbskulls and Boneheads to whore himself to the highest bidder. The elite of the elite? HAHA.

  7. Petruchio

    Of course our rulers lie and lie and lie some more. What do you expect, the truth? Are we EVER going to hear US ruling class members say, “We are sleazy, corrupt and THOROUGHLY despicable. In addition, we are willing to whore ourselves to the highest bidder. Any questions?” That’ll be the day.

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