EPA Admits 1930’s Much Warmer Than Last Year—This Week All Great Lakes Freeze Over During Record Cold


Line graph showing values of the U.S. Heat Wave Index for each year from 1895 to 2013.

High and Low Temperatures | Climate Change | US EPA is not run by NOAA people or NASA lunatics so they have the truth there:


Heat waves in the 1930s remain the most severe heat waves in the U.S. historical record (see Figure 1). The spike in Figure 1 reflects extreme, persistent heat waves in the Great Plains region during a period known as the “Dust Bowl.” Poor land use practices and many years of intense drought contributed to these heat waves by depleting soil moisture and reducing the moderating effects of evaporation. 4


And it wasn’t just North America, there were droughts and heat all over the planet back then.  The fiction that last year which set many cold records, was the ‘hottest year EVAH’ is easily refuted and it has just been announced that the Republicans are going to hold hearings about data tampering done by NASA and NOAH computers which makes the 1930’s colder and today ridiculously warmer.  I hope heads roll, ‘climatologists’ are fired and the corrupt data eliminated and replaced with real data.


It is terrifyingly cold this year, much colder than last year:  120-year-old record low broken in D.C., one of many today and in the past week – The Washington Post noted in passing.  No big story about what this means.  Few US media reported the tragic tale of the toddler who wandered out of his home at -10º F who quickly froze to death before anyone could even look for him, in just a few minutes.


Instead, our lunatic media had stories this week again warning us we will drown and roast to death by 2100.  NYC didn’t drown in 1932, and it won’t drown tomorrow.  If a major Nor’easter blows in the Atlantic, it will see flooding but these are rare storms and are as likely to happen during global cooling cycles as global warming cycles.


SEE IT: Great Lakes freeze; Lake Erie nearly 100% iced over – NY Daily News notices as did the East River and Hudson River making NYC look like Antarctica, not Los Angeles. Gulls fleeing frozen Great Lakes fill skies over Pittsburgh’s Point and I see not one ‘green’ liberal wailing about the suffering of the sea gulls.  I assure everyone, the salt water ducks are in peril too like back in the 1970’s when I used to go to the beach in Coney Island every morning to feed the surviving ducks who were dying of starvation.


Snow all over Athens while One meter of snowfall in Troodos, Cyprus and Record snowfall paralyzes Istanbul so what is the response to all this chilling news?  Think of Earth, not just your stomach, panel advises – The Washington Post says.  This panel of liberals said we eat too much meat and this is bad because mammals we raise create CO2 just like liberals exhaling do the same crime and to fix this we should all be vegetarians and how is this going to work in cold climates?


I will note that the vegetarian cultures are all tropical cultures.  There is a reason this is so!  Northern vegetarians are huge users of CO2 energy systems for either greenhouses or transportation of vegetables from warm climates to northern climates.  The hysteria about CO2 is particularly sad in this case because vegetables LOVE CO2.  They grow much, much bigger and faster if they get to consume more of this vital gas and in return, they make it into oxygen we breathe.


India Govt bans direct foreign funding of NGOs to stop the greens from eliminating modern energy systems and the use of coal to fuel industries:


This is not the first time a Government is making an attempt to choke foreign funding of NGOs. The UPA Government repealed the old Foreign Contribution Regulation Act in 2010 with more stringent provisions. In fact former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his tenure in 2012 too had blamed US-backed NGOs for blocking development work in India.


“There are NGOs, often funded from the United States and the Scandinavian countries, which are not fully appreciative of the development challenges that our country faces,” Singh had said when he faced stiff opposition by NGOs for genetically modified crops in India and civil Nuclear plant at Koodankulam.


The IB report had also recommended cancellation of permission given to Greenpeace for collecting funds abroad besides reassessment of its tax compliance.


The report has also listed another 12 foreign nationals who have been associated with some NGOs in their campaign against coal mines, power projects and Nuclear power plants.


Here is how The Greenpeace balloon | Greenpeace International balloon will save us from global warming:

green peace balloon uses gas creates CO2

A huge gas blast furnace fuels this global warming balloon.  This in a nutshell is how crazy, nutty and stupid the Greenpeace creeps have become.  Spewing CO2 all over the place as well as heating up the environment by burning this fuel in the atmosphere, these clowns are yelling at us to stop burning fuel and freeze to death so Los Angeles can be 2ºF cooler in summer!


Here is the Brit greens who rule at the Guardian attacking the Canadian mounties over a secret memo:  Canadian mounties’ secret memo casts doubt on climate change threat | Environment | The Guardian


In the memo, obtained by Greenpeace and seen by the Guardian, the RCMP repeatedly departs from the conclusions of an overwhelming majority of scientists – and the majority of elected leaders in the international arena – that climate change is a growing threat to global security.


See?  The Mounties have had to keep secret the fact that there is no global warming, just local temporary warming on the West Coast!!!  And Greenpeace got the secret memo and are now attacking the realists who struggle to keep up with things that are real.  The ‘majority’ that has claimed that global warming is killing us are all Bilderberg gangsters and the liberal fringe, not all people.  Most people are terrified of the deepening cold.


Meanwhile, Canada’s rulers want more Cold War fun and games:  Moscow Promises Canada’s ‘Clumsy’ Sanctions Won’t Go Unanswered / Sputnik International


“Canada’s stake on sanctions will obviously not go unanswered. We hope that Ottawa will consider the consequences of its actions, which are actually feeding the military conflict in Ukraine, and realize the unlikelihood of pressuring Russia with sanctions,” Lukashevich said, adding that “defining the future direction of Russian-Canada relations depends entirely upon whether Canada behaves responsibly and demonstrates common sense.”


Wednesday’s blacklist comes on the heels of last week’s decision by EU foreign ministers to impose asset freezes and travel bans against 19 individuals and nine entities in Russia and Ukraine, which came into force Monday.


Putin has zero reason to cooperate with NATO on anything since he is punished no matter what and the punishments will never end until Russia is destroyed again.  But even the plunge in world oil prices isn’t destroying Russia, it is wrecking a lot of other nations like….hahaha….CANADA which relies on energy sales a lot!  But of course, the Canadian government has said global warming is evil and we need to use less Canadian oil and gas…


NATO to Install New Units in Europe Amid ‘Competition With Russia’ – Chief


NATO’s military chief in Europe Gen Sir Adrian Bradshaw said Friday that the NATO would begin building force integration units in each of the eastern states, which to support the alliance’s in a period of “constant competition with Russia”.


The US and EU both pretend the pressure to expand NATO comes from Russia not the reverse. Just like our rulers lie about CO2 claiming falsely that CO2 rises cause heating rather than is the natural outcome of heating that makes CO2 levels rise which is why it is so low during Ice Ages.  A reminder: humans evolved into meat eaters rapidly during the Ice Ages.  Before that, we were vegetarians.


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7 responses to “EPA Admits 1930’s Much Warmer Than Last Year—This Week All Great Lakes Freeze Over During Record Cold

  1. emsnews

    From the Greenpeace hot balloon site:

    “Campaign director of Greenpeace Canada, Jo Dufay describes her balloon flight over Quebec City, Canada on 20 April 2001:

    As the balloon rose past the citadel in Quebec City, the wind caught the top, stretching the balloon.

    This meant it was under-inflated, and we started to plummet. I looked down through the basket of seemingly flimsy wicker.

    I wouldn’t trust this to hold my laundry, I thought, realising it was the only thing between me and the St Lawrence River below.

    Suddenly we were rising again, as Franz, the pilot, turned the flame to a roar. The balloon swelled, the map of the world luminous on the balloon as we looked up through the inside.

    With the flame reduced again, we sailed peacefully over the site of the Summit of the Americas, the balloon carrying a message for world leaders -“Stop Climate Change”.

    In the sudden quiet we heard the Summit security helicopter – they were on to us.”

    HAHAHA… 🙂

    They blasted the climate with a huge surge in burning fossil fuels and thus, didn’t crash. Oh, the mercy!

  2. Peter C.

    The astrophysician does not offer a theory as how our CO2 is affecting Mars icecaps,but then he doesn;t have to,the AGWM crowd just eat this stuff up.Besides isn’t he just a doctor ????

  3. Lois T.

    The World News Daily Report is one of those notoriously unfunny fake news sites that are popping up everywhere like weeds.

  4. e sutton

    -“Stop Climate Change” – I love it! How about a placard stating: “Stop the Tides!” Yeah. That’ll work.

  5. Ken

    I agree with Lois. The story about CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere affecting Mars is obviously satire. A simple visit to the site to check out the other “headlines” makes this very clear. The problem is, so much of what the global warming crown puts out is so ridiculous that even obvious jokes can be mistaken for legitimate press releases by them.

  6. Old Ari

    there was a program on the telly a few weeks ago, also saying that the thirties were warmer. I was just a boy then so I don’t remember

  7. emsnews

    Dr. Gavin Schmidt head of the NASA climate criminals just claimed that the sun is responsible for only 10% of global warming.

    This is VERY insane. Stupid, too. As stupid as the fake story but this story is totally and utterly real.

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