Dr. Soon Is Attacked By NYT For Doing Climate Research Using Private, Not Tax Money


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New York’s Forecast: Rising Seas, Continual Heat Waves, and a Little Hope is today’s weather headlines in New York City.  Yes, we are all going to really really roast to death! Just you wait and see.  The lunacy that drives our ridiculous rulers is crazier than Caligula’s rule of Rome.  Hopelessly out of touch with reality, they are driving us off the cliff diplomatically and scientifically.  This rank refusal to see reality is really scary since they rule us and can force us into their alternative reality via propaganda coupled with draconian laws designed to lock us into poverty peasant life styles or outright slavery.


Black Americans in particular should fear this.  They are now utterly useless for the ruling elites who have herded the vast majority of blacks into inner city ghettoes.  Entire former rich, manufacturing cities have been turned into poor peasant ghettoes filled with blacks driven into criminal culture.  Since many of these abandoned cities such as Detroit and Camden are in super cold places where the black population is going to be strangled by high CO2 taxes and restrictions on energy use.


A news story that is making the rounds but not at the Washington Post or New York Times is, the UN head of the IPCC is in very serious legal trouble:  Pachauri not to attend IPCC plenary meet in Nairobi | Business Standard News


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) today said its chairman R K Pachauri has expressed his inability to go to Nairobi next week for chairing its plenary session apparently in the wake of a complaint of sexual harassment against him.


“The Chairman of the IPCC, Rajendra K Pachauri, has informed the IPCC that he will be unable to chair the plenary session of the IPCC in Nairobi next week because of issues demanding his attention in India,” IPCC said in a statement here.


This comes after the Delhi police registered a case of molestation and sexual harassment against him on a complaint from a research associate working in his office.


Like Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the IMF, these guys are sex fiends who can’t restrain their desire to rape or molest people.  Power does this.  It is the Caligula affect.  Power corrupts all things and our rulers are extremely powerful.  Still, the peasants can complain about outright rape and periodically, the rulers get in some sort of difficulties due to rapine ways.  They dislike this greatly, ask Prince Andrew about this!


At the top of my story is a satellite photo showing Ice Age conditions ravaging half of North America.  NASA Snaps Picture of Eastern U.S. in a Record-Breaking “Freezer” | NASA


On the morning of Feb. 20, NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center (WPC) noted, “There were widespread subzero overnight lows Thursday night (Feb. 19) extending from Illinois to western Virginia, and numerous record lows were set. Bitterly-cold arctic air is setting numerous temperature records across the eastern U.S. and will keep temperatures well below normal on Friday (Feb. 20).”


In Baltimore, Maryland, a low temperature of 1F broke the record low for coldest morning recorded at the Thurgood Marshall Baltimore Washington-International Airport.


In Louisville, Kentucky, temperatures dropped to -6F, breaking the old record low of 0F, according to meteorologist Brian Goode of WAVE-TV. Meanwhile, Richmond Kentucky bottomed out at a frigid -32F.


In North Carolina, a record low temperature was set at Charlotte where the overnight temperature bottomed out at 7F breaking the old record of 13F in 1896. In Asheville, temperatures dropped to just 4F breaking the old record of 10F in 1979. Temperature records for Asheville extend back to 1876.


Several records were also broken in Georgia, according to Matt Daniel, a meteorologist at WMAZ-TV, Macon Georgia, who cited data from the National Weather Service. Daniel said that Macon set a new record low when the temperature dropped to 18F, beating the previous record of 21F set in 1958. Athens broke a new record low, too dropping to 14F and beating the old record of 18F set in 1958/1928.


NOAA’s NPC noted that “Highs on Friday (Feb. 20) will struggle to get out of the teens from the Ohio Valley to the Mid-Atlantic region. After Friday, temperatures are forecast to moderate and get closer to February averages as a storm system approaches from the west.”


So, why is this organization yelling about ‘the hottest year EVAH’ garbage???  We had no heat wave records last year and the only way it could be ‘warm’ was to lie about temperatures in the past and present.  Which is why Congress is now going to investigate this fraud.


The NYT not only is whining about us roasting to death as we freeze, they are now orchestrating a frontal attack on anyone who does any research proving we are not in a global warming cycle but a global cooling cycle.  The present victim of this, a man who has raped no one and especially hasn’t raped taxpayers, is Dr. Soon.  Since he is prominent, the NYT has to destroy his character and they do this by whining, the researcher doesn’t get any Federal or UN money to study global warming, he gets PRIVATE money, imagine that!  He doesn’t feed at the government tax trough like the other piggies!  Deeper Ties to Corporate Cash for Doubtful Climate Researcher – NYTimes.com


“The whole doubt-mongering strategy relies on creating the impression of scientific debate,” said Naomi Oreskes, a historian of science at Harvard University and the co-author of “Merchants of Doubt,” a book about such campaigns. “Willie Soon is playing a role in a certain kind of political theater.”


Environmentalists have long questioned Dr. Soon’s work, and his acceptance of funding from the fossil-fuel industry was previously known. But the full extent of the links was not; the documents show that corporate contributions were tied to specific papers and were not disclosed, as required by modern standards of publishing.

“What it shows is the continuation of a long-term campaign by specific fossil-fuel companies and interests to undermine the scientific consensus on climate change,” said Kert Davies, executive director of the Climate Investigations Center, a group funded by foundations seeking to limit the risks of climate change.


How dare Dr. Soon prove that global warming isn’t happening!  If he were dead or silenced, everyone would believe the warmists and be in mortal fear of roasting to death in Boston.  But the people of Boston are freezing to death.  Many people died this winter directly due to the extreme cold.  From infants to the elderly, every day the cold kills them across much of North America.  Their deaths are ignored.  Some people dying in a typhoon in the Philippines is broadcast wildly with hysterical wails of fear from our rulers but they are grumpy and snarly when told, Americans are dying of the cold.


Gavin A. Schmidt, head of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies in Manhattan, a NASA division that studies climate change, said that the sun had probably accounted for no more than 10 percent of recent global warming and that greenhouse gases produced by human activity explained most of it.

“The science that Willie Soon does is almost pointless,” Dr. Schmidt said.


Dr. Schmidt should be silenced and fired from his job.  That man is insane!  How on earth does he possibly know that the sun is ‘responsible for only 10% of the warming’?  The peak in heat came the same time there was a burst of sun spot activity.  We are still at the top of the present solar cycle which is very weak and sun spot activity is dropping rapidly and it is getting much colder rapidly!!!!


There are no el Ninos when sun spot activity is weak.  There are many la Nina events when there is low sun spot activity.  ENSO Page | Watts Up With That?  It is obvious that la Nina events are beginning to dominate more and more and the last longer than six months el Nino event ended a decade ago.

Screen shot 2015-02-22 at 8.37.37 AM


Dr. Gavin Schmidt should be removed by Congress due to being a fraud.  There is no other explanation for his inability to understand the vital information about the nearest star to planet earth.  As CO2 rises, it gets colder, not warmer.  Ergo: the sun controls the temperature nearly totally.  It is 90% not 10% of the driving factor in rising or falling temperatures.  It doesn’t get colder when there is lots of sunspot activity.  NEVER.  It gets warmer.  And it never gets warmer during la Nina events.


Anyone this stupid or misinformed should not be working for NASA or NOAA.  NOAA has become a total joke when it comes to weather predictions.  Their long range (one month or more) predictions have scored nearly a 100% failure for the last five years.  I have tracked this and it infuriates me.  They stubbornly and repeatedly predict warmer than usual weather for the Great Lakes/New England sector that never happens.  Over and over and over again.  They have to be all fired for incompetence, not Dr. Soon.


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9 responses to “Dr. Soon Is Attacked By NYT For Doing Climate Research Using Private, Not Tax Money

  1. Mewswithaview

    I see the name Naomi Oreskes . . . . enough said.

    For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled. Dr. Richard Feynman.[/b>


  2. ziff

    i guess we could put the question another way, even the worst prediction for GW AGW or not, would still be overwhelmed by seasonal variation.

  3. JimmyJ

    Meanwhile…Ukraine Deputy Foreign Minister and ex Ukraine Ambassador to Canada, Vadym Prystaiko, recently tells Canada’s CBC radio:

    “The stakes are really high,” Prystaiko says,
    pointing out that Ukraine has now closed its
    border crossing with Russia. “We don’t want
    to scare everybody, but we are preparing for
    full-scale war.”

    “Everybody is afraid of fighting with a
    nuclear state. We are not anymore, in
    Ukraine — we’ve lost so many people of
    ours, we’ve lost so much of our territory.”

    “However dangerous it sounds, we have to
    stop [Putin] somehow. For the sake of the
    Russian nation as well, not just for the
    Ukrainians and Europe.”


  4. Sunger

    The flow of heat from Earth’s interior to the surface is estimated at 47 terawatts[1] and comes from two main sources in roughly equal amounts: the radiogenic heat produced by the radioactive decay of isotopes in the mantle and crust, and the primordial heat left over from the formation of the Earth.[2]

    Earth’s internal heat powers most geological processes[3] and drives plate tectonics.[2] Despite its geological significance, this heat energy coming from Earth’s interior is actually only 0.03% of Earth’s total energy budget at the surface, which is dominated by 173,000 TW of incoming solar radiation.[4]

  5. ziff

    here is an exchange i had @ physics.org”

    lol, you guys love to argue, but doesn’t it come down to this ; isn’t the predicted or even achieved increase in global temp [man made or not] still easily overwhelmed by seasonal variation? ie i’m freeezing my ass off in minnnesota! and will still be bloody cold in the future”

    Basic thermal properties & related of those materials such as specific heat easily show why US will likely be cold for some time. ie US is adjacent to the 2nd largest country in the world which has immense ice & that is adjacent to Arctic Circle as well !

    ie Both massive heat sinks. So any local heating is very easily trounced.

    US at risk however, if the heat added to the equatorial regions results in collapse of the “Atlantic Conveyor” ocean currents then eastcoast of US & much of western europe would freeze & appear like a local mini ice age !

    Sum however, of all the heat & in relation to specific heat is still increasing.

    Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-02-climate-major-coastal-marine-ecosystems.html#jCp

  6. emsnews

    The Atlantic Conveyor ‘fails’ when it gets COLDER. Like during the Little Ice Age, not the reverse.

  7. ziff

    well the ‘warmists ‘ are arguing that GW will make things cooler!

  8. Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. This sort of
    clever work and coverage! Keep up the good
    works guys I’ve included you guys to my blogroll.

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