Democratic Party Wants More Immigrants So They Will Vote For Bilderberg Leaders


I have been pretty angry at the Democratic Party for quite a while.  Instead of facing reality, the party leaders who are ALL Bilderberg gangsters, have decided to double down on the dumb.  So they had this huge meeting and survey of the utter mess they made of the Democratic Party which used to be pro-labor but is now utterly indifferent to labor to see how to fix the mess made by the Bilderberg gang.  The fix: have more foreigners sign up to vote and tell them to vote for the party that let these flood illegally into the country, displacing laborers here.


Democratic Party task force for winning elections in the future

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 6.09.15 PM

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 6.00.06 PM

The upper class creeps who run the DNC decided it is money being spent on propaganda which is why the Democrats were wiped out during the last election.  Look at the list!  They lost a total of 1,033 seats.  As I pointed out back then, this is a huge defeat.


The characters writing this report claim that the DNC should ‘work for the middle class’ and other ‘workers’ so by flooding in millions of illegal aliens and giving them welfare and other goodies and then work permits so they can displace citizens….IS A FAILURE.  Why vote for this?


It is suicidal.  Blacks still vote for this betrayal because the DNC will massage them and tell them that cops are mean and schools are crummy due to not enough money being spent on these, and that more welfare is the fix and blacks need change nothing because they are perfectly fine as is.  And this message is a death message.  It is killing the black communities.  Literally as well as intellectually, a death trap.


Diminishing Democratic governors look for answers – Kyle Cheney and Ben Schreckinger – POLITICO

 Democrats are convinced that they need to focus relentlessly on the middle class and making investments in infrastructure and education.
“I’m the only Democratic pickup here, and I think that what people were looking for was something different, an unconventional candidate,” he told reporters at a White House press conference Friday. “Our ideas, our philosophy actually works. … While it might not have shown in the numbers this year, I think that our party and our ideas are going to have a lot of force in the years to come.”


Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said the “pendulum” in the past two midterm elections “swung back further than it normally does,” in part because Democrats failed to articulate how they had turned around the national economy.


“I don’t think we did a very good job talking about what could’ve happened and the decisions that were very difficult decisions,” he said. “If we hadn’t done that, what would’ve happened?”


The Democrats have failed to fix schools for several decades now.  Ever since school integration, this has become worse and worse over time.  Attempts at integrating schools while allowing black communities to run riot in schools and wreck schools and torment other students until they flee these schools has destroyed nearly all major city school systems.  Many cities have wretched, expensive schools that have been vandalized, trashed, and ruined.  The monumental waste has been shrugged off and the authors of this destruction, the disintegrating black families that are increasingly violent at home and in public, has been let off the hook and anyone suggesting they destroyed the schools is branded a KKK racist.


Doomed by the South: Why the emerging Democratic majority may never happen –


“The Emerging Republican Advantage,” an essay by the journalist and historian John Judis in National Journal, has ignited a national controversy. In part this has to do with the fact that in 2002 Judis co-authored, with Ruy Teixeira, “The Emerging Democratic Majority,” an empirically rich and well-reasoned study that convinced many progressives that it was only a matter of time until the numerical growth of a coalition of white professionals, African-Americans and Latinos produced a permanent or at least long-term Democratic majority. In reconsidering this thesis, Judis puts a lot of emphasis on the aversion to taxes and big government of middle-income Americans, a discontent that benefits the Republican Party…

Already we are seeing this pattern of regional cultural assimilation repeat itself with Latinos. In the recent gubernatorial election in Texas, 44 percent of Latino voters—and 50 percent of male Latino voters—supported the Republican candidate, Greg Abbott, against the Democratic candidate, Wendy Davis. To be sure, the Latinos who vote in Texas today tend to be more affluent and assimilated than Texan Latinos as a whole—but for that very reason they are better surrogates for future Latino voters than are recent immigrants are who not citizens or do not vote.


Several things about Hispanics: since most live very close to black communities, there is tremendous tension between both.  Both go to the same degraded schools and it has been noticed by Hispanics that association with heavily black schools leads to no education and often prison for their children and the parents don’t like this at all.


Blacks are encouraged to be super sensitive about ‘race’ and at the same time, greatly resent this but don’t know how to stop doing this to themselves so we have news stories like this one:  San Jose State study: Black students described campus racism years before hate-crime case in California where whites are now a minority if you don’t count Hispanics and Asians as ‘white’:


Black students interviewed in focus groups reported:

  • An ever-present expectation that because of their skin color, they were not likely to measure up.
  • A feeling that others expected them to speak for the whole race, and about racial stereotypes.
  • A sense of racist treatment; one student said a professor refused to recognize her raised hand and later called on a white student.
  • Black athletes felt criticized for low-slung pants and hats while similarly attired white teammates in the same group were left alone.


Talk about vague!  A teacher called on another student and this led to feelings of racist oppression?  Wow.  I have raised my hand in the past and was ignored a million times.  I better sue someone.


Expectations that all blacks must talk about racial stereotypes?  If this bothers the students they can say, ‘No thank you.’  Feeling racial oppression due to people asking them about race is extremely bizarre.  As for the pantie issue: they are assuming the white kids doing this stupid thing are being ignored.  The reverse is true: teachers and strangers are often terrified about saying a thing about stupid fashion choices like this.  I wish we could all verbally inform these kids that they look stupid.


“Yes, it’s been long documented that San Jose State, despite being one of the most diverse universities in the country, is not immune to the challenges that diversity brings,” she said.


Harris said Qayoumi replaced the committee with a Commission on Diversity that would be “empowered to make change,” as it is led by two vice presidents.


So, two useless ‘vice presidents’ who are paid over $100,000 a year to do nothing constructive, will happily climb aboard the ‘poor babies are unhappy’ choo choo train to more money by holding useless meetings to talk about how this already ‘diverse’ university can be ‘more sensitive’.  Nothing will be learned from this and minorities who are now the majority will not learn how to handle real life and instead, go forth seeking work in a world where they will have hurt feelings over and over again for a million different reasons.


Which they will be trained to blame others for their vague, unhappy emotions, not themselves.  The concept of bucking up and doing the right thing especially, pull up your pants…will not be learned.


The last paragraph of this article is about the Campus Climate Change Committee.  HAHAHA.  Yes, these precious little hot house plants will wither and die due to it being balmy weather in central California.  I say, go to Boston to be educated in climate issues.  Or Buffalo, NY, is even better.


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29 responses to “Democratic Party Wants More Immigrants So They Will Vote For Bilderberg Leaders

  1. Petruchio

    This latest ploy from the Dem National Committee (DNC) is part of the script that our rulers have choreographed: let one Party rune the country into the ground and then let the OTHER Party run things. And back and forth it goes with the hope being that the voters will not notice that both Parties work for the same people. The illusion of a 2 Party system is very important to the elites. Keeps the native peasants, the soiled masses, from getting restless.

  2. emsnews

    Correct. This is why the Bush clan and the Clinton clan are very friendly socially.

  3. melponeme_k

    The article has the gall to complain about this…

    “Already a majority of Latinos identify themselves as “white” when given the option on census forms.”

    And that is EXACTLY what Latin Americans should claim…white. They are, by majority WHITE caucasians with some having Native admixture. The Latino designation is a completely made up label to attempt to create some kind of “democratic” voting block. It was created without consideration to the history and background of the legal immigrants coming into the country (illegal aliens only have the right to a travel ticket back to their country of origin).

    Also many Latin Americans come from extremely conservative Catholic countries. I still don’t understand how “liberals” would ever think that these new immigrants would vote liberal. Unless they get them on the government teat, like they did to Black Americans, in order to further enslave them as a captive audience/voting block.

  4. emsnews

    Correct. Asians also say ‘white’ too.

    And yes, the basic culture of the Hispanics is quite conservative. Very family oriented. The near-complete collapse of the modern family in black communities is something we are supposed to ignore.

    The sad news here is, 50% of Hispanic children are now born by welfare moms who don’t marry. It is over 70% of all black children are born to welfare moms who have made this the near-unaimous life style so the destruction is spreading.

    Liberals have no fix for this and since the only good workers are ILLEGAL RECENT ALIENS who don’t qualify for welfare, a flood of these have to come in due to no incentive to work or marry which is destroying our former working class families who are now useless to the rulers.

  5. Petruchio

    ” The near-complete collapse of the modern family in black communities is something we are supposed to ignore.” I realize that tv is filled with the propaganda that our rulers want to convey. That said, I find it more than a little (extra) repulsive when television portrays black families as being two parent, loving, caring households. The reality is anything but that; most black families are one parent families with the daddy being, at best, a part -time father to his kids. Look, for example at the NFL player, Adrian Peterson. He has fathered EIGHT children and not been married to ANY of his 6 mothers! Lots of black pro sports stars do this. Anybody in the media take note of that. with the intent of making black men responsible for the babies they make? NO. These guys can score touchdowns or points on the basketball court or on the baseball field. That’s the real tragedy in the black community.

  6. Petruchio

    I know how this sounds, but I’m going to say it anyway. I can not for the life of me understand how women, especially white women, can be attracted to black men. After OJ, after the latest abuse of women stories (Ray Rice, to name one), imho women should be repulsed by black men as romantic partners. Just watch the video of NFL’er Ray Rice punch his wife in the face, knocking her down. Women of all races, but white women especially because they seem to be drawn to black males more so than Asian or Latino women. Black women? Of course they have the same rights as any other race of women, but they have been exposed to the same culture as black males. Black women, imho, would seem to be more accepting of black males. Our society does nothing about this.

  7. Christian W

    Being angry at the Democratic Party for being corrupt, self-serving and totalitarian etc is like being angry at roses for being red.

  8. Christian W

    OT Ukraine: The UK just announced that they will send military advisors to advice the Kiev junta. Obviously using foreign military advisors is a breach of Minsk II so the UK is deliberately destroying any chance for peace.

    Poroshenko also announced that (unsurprisingly) he is going to use part of the gigantic IMF loan to buy US weapons through the United Arab Emirates.

    It is obvious the Twin Evil Towers (the US and UK – Wall Street and London CIty) want war with Russia, never mind what Germany and France wants.

    Time to disband NATO.

  9. Pontiff Holysh*t

    OT It’s official, we are the Soviet Union:

    The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’

  10. William

    Be careful of painting with a broad brush on a group, eg black people. Your comments reeks with ignorance. You can not use selected individual behaviours to represent the whole. Individually we represent our specific families in which we are born into and raised, then the community , State/Province and finally the nationality. In each group one can find the the good and the bad. On the subject about why white women are attracted to black men. It is simple : An individual preference. You are free to pick who you want therefore it should not be up for a debate if the “white-woman” is not your relative. Live your life as best as you can and leave the “managed perceptions/distractions” aside. Take time to reflect and pay attention to what really matters. We are all cut from the same ‘Cloth’ therefore always remember.

  11. emsnews

    Actually, black males are marrying nonblack females. The people not being married are black women.

    This is so tragic in a thousand ways, it is heartbreaking. We are now seeing over three generations of black women increasingly not married ever in their lives with all their children born out of wedlock.

    There are a thousand reasons why black men marry white women. None having to do with racism. These marriages are no worse than other marriages, by the way.

  12. William

    We are the Human race,everything else is chatter.

  13. vengeur

    Another Trayvon/Michael brown in the news! Beats and attempts to rape a blind 93 year old woman. Then it takes half a dozen cops to restrain him , as a taser had NO effect on him. Hands up, don’t shoot.

  14. LOU

    ‘Liberals have no fix for this and since the only good workers are ILLEGAL RECENT ALIENS’. No, the only good workers are not just illegals.

  15. emsnews

    No, the CHEAP labor is illegal. Greater profits using them.

  16. CK

    Remember that strong women of any colour need marriage like a fish needs a bicycle. As long as someone refills the EBT card who needs anything more.

  17. CK

    Some are cut from cloth of gold some are cut from burlap, we are not all cut the same.
    Petruchio notices things. Notice enough things and one stops believing in homilies about equality and fictions about all the same cloth.
    Sum up enough observations and you get an expected behavior and you start noticing ways to avoid the behavers and their behaviours.

  18. Floridasandy

    I know how to fix that single birth rate problem.

    We need our congress to pass a bill that if you have any more kids you don’t get any more money. Who decided that you should get a raise when you knock out another child- the private sector and government workers don’t more money when they have another child, do they?

    There really isn’t any advantage to this cheap labor myth. Many Americans work for minimum wage and they don’t get any benefits because their hours are cut. You can’t go much lower than that. To top it off, I can’t believe that Obama is promising illegals money going back 3 years on their tax returns. can you imagine how many new illegals are salivating over that possible windfall (plus they dumbly announced they wouldn’t check status of claims)

    If that doesn’t beat all.—All I can say is that this country was great while it lasted.

  19. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Great for who?

  20. Petruchio

    What’s the #1 cause of death among black males, aged 18-29? Homicide. Listen to American black “thug” music. It’s filled with sexist, misogynist rantings. Tupac Shakur, Notorius B.I.G.. Both murdered in drive by shootings because they “dissed” a rival style of black music. American socirty, popular culture that is, glorifies these black athletes who have reprehensible personal habits. Another black star athlete: pulled over by the cops, cops find $50,000 on his person and 250 ounces of marijuana–plus a gun, albeit legally owned and properly cased while it was in his vehicle. I think blacks in other, English speaking countries have it a lot easier and are much better adjusted than American blacks.

  21. William

    The “Cloth” is neither made of gold, burlap or anything you want to ascribe to. We can fool ourselves all we want, but death is always the equalizer as we all know. Petruchio does not notice anything except what he is filtering from his own lens. My point is, look beyond what is presented to you so that you can see through all the deliberate manipulations of thought and actions. Most of the comments at this site are great in that it shows some degree of understanding of our collective predicament. We all have biases and as long as we can acknowledge it and separate it from how we see how the world ought to be then we are being honest about people,events and places of interest. It is very tiring to read all the negative rant about people. I wish everyone well.

  22. LOU

    Many Black males are in jail or on probation. I hope they do not marry White women or have children w any women of any race. bad genes.

    In 2010 48.8% of black men are “never married” compared to 45.2% of black women which is up from 44% in 2008 and 42,7% in 2005. It is also believed that a large percentage of Black men marry White women. | MARRIAGE

  23. Floridasandy

    Pontiff, not an american I guess?

    Most Americans love their country and fellow citizens, even if they resent their leaders.

  24. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Since when?

  25. Floridasandy

    Since when, what? You could use a few more words in your responses.

    I think my statement stands as written. The only thing saving America from all this incompetence is that some other countries are even more incompetent.

  26. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Nothing personal, but your statement is BS. Americans are no different than anyone else. I.e., very tribal, e.g., on religious, geographical and racial lines.

    Nothing is “saving” America. It is going down the tubes. Which country is more incompetent?

    Not that much has changed, the U.S. has always been a shitty place to be poor. Its just that more and more middle class white people are now falling off of their high horse. They used to mainly suck up to the elites big time. What were us malcontents told, “love it or leave it”. Indeed. Or as John McCain calls us, “low life scum”. The white, mainly Christian, middle class more or less endorsed this sentiment for a long time. Many still do.

    I could help you, but most Americans apparently think I’m stupid; I suspect its because I refuse to bow down before jeebus.

    But here’s a clue if you are interested: you will never be free until they throw a war and no one shows up. There is a saying: people will get the government they deserve.

    I keep warning people here, Elaine is one of the elites! Yes, they have their family squabbles but at the end of the day blood is thicker than water.

  27. Pontiff Holysh*t


    As you no doubt can easily observe, the are lots of racists than think that skin pigment is somehow connected to inherent superiority or inferiority. You will never have any diplomacy with these people. Therefore, politically you need the alliance of liberal whites if you are still interested in pursuing “the dream”.

    Unfortunately, however, you have a problem:

  28. CK

    We are all born, but the bearing is not equal, it does not make us “the same” or interchangeable. That we all also will die does not make the lives that precede them the same. And between the two commonalities there is where the differences make themselves known and make a civilization or a Haiti.
    I would suggest though that if you find an activity tiring it is an activity you need to work at to increase your stamina; or find something less tiring.
    Oh and I omitted a continuation is my previous comments:
    Remember that a strong male of any colour needs marriage like a submarine needs a screen door.

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