February Coldest In 100 Years: NOAA and NASA Are Puzzled By Why Ice Is Growing

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It is below zero over and over again at my mountain in New York.  Much of North America is below freezing with half of that below zero last night.  Bitter, bitter cold and the global warmist media is working overtime to ignore this winter’s bad cold news.  These stupid warmists demanded a colder planet and got it and now are pretending there isn’t any cold there and that this is not relevant to their constant whines about being too warm.  I see very few North Americans complaining about the cold except as usual, in southern California and the very edge of the West Coast which still gets warm ocean breezes to keep them from below zero weather.

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Both the North and South Poles are seeing lots of ice.  Both Russia and Canada are encased in ice and snow.  Here is what NASA says about the incredible ice levels in Antarctica as it gets colder and colder: Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum | NASA


 A warming climate changes weather patterns, said Walt Meier, a research scientist at Goddard. Sometimes those weather patterns will bring cooler air to some areas. And in the Antarctic, where sea ice circles the continent and covers such a large area, it doesn’t take that much additional ice extent to set a new record.
“Part of it is just the geography and geometry. With no northern barrier around the whole perimeter of the ice, the ice can easily expand if conditions are favorable,” he said…


“Its really not surprising to people in the climate field that not every location on the face of Earth is acting as expected – it would be amazing if everything did,” Parkinson said. “The Antarctic sea ice is one of those areas where things have not gone entirely as expected. So it’s natural for scientists to ask, ‘OK, this isn’t what we expected, now how can we explain it?’”


Amazing. ‘How do we explain (the fact that ice is growing rapidly and things are getting colder)?’ whines this fake scientist.  He and his ilk admit they didn’t expect ice to grow and this is to be expected.  Ice doesn’t grow when it gets warmer and warmer.  But admitting it isn’t getting warmer at all is what irks these clowns.


They cling to this ridiculous belief even as both poles get much colder.  The cold descending across both North America and Eurasia isn’t appearing magically below the North Pole.  It is due 100% to global cooling.  Yes, it is still sort of warm at the equator and the oceans still have warmth left over from the 1990’s.  But this will fade over time, too, as the present cold cycle deepens.


The great pyramids of Egypt were built 5,000 to 6,000 years ago.  The earliest human cities were built 8,000-10,000 years ago.  And glaciers covered  nearly all of Canada and part of the USA a mere 5,000 years before the great cities began to rise in Eurasia and Africa!
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This map shows that Oregon and Washington states as well as all of California were DRY during the last Ice Age.  Desert!  The desert stretched all the way to the Mississippi river watershed!  The Great Lakes were under a giant glacier.  If California and the other West Coast places are warm and dry, this is ICE AGE CONDITIONS not global warming.


This is where the ‘scientists’ have fallen off a cliff.  They are ignoring obvious warning signs: severe cold/ice storms assailing the eastern half of North America with below zero temperatures while the west half is warm and dry is a warning that we are going into a possible Ice Age, not global warming.  The drought extends to Alaska which also has virtually no snow except in the southern edge which has mountains that glaciate, too.  The key here is, the Rocky Mountains are not under a mile of ice, it is dry as a desert there!


Colorado’s mountain snowpack is a bright spot in severe drought is today’s news because they got some snow there now, late in the winter.  I expect the global warmists, during pauses in attacking any scientists who disagree with their lunatic predictions of doom, will claim that little snow in the Rockies means we are all going to roast to death.

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NOAA had an 80% prediction of an el Nino this winter which never happened mainly due to global cooling.  They continued to predict this elusive el Nino and still predict this even as it doesn’t happen.  Even today they claim there is a 50% chance it will show up in a month!  But then, NOAA’s ability to predict anything has collapsed.  They are so incompetent now, I use them mainly to mock.  It is plainly obvious that there is little likelihood of an el Nino this year and perhaps, not for many years to come.


Look at how cold the oceans around Antarctica are now!  Very cold!  And these ‘scientists’ at NASA are claiming the oceans there are warm and thus, the record ice is a mystery to them, perhaps it was caused by the wind!  How silly is this!  It is now high summer in the Antarctic and it looks awfully cold to me.  And yes, I am in a very bad mood right now due to all the -zero nights we had this month…nearly every night so far and I heat with firewood and this is causing a lot of strain for myself and my neighbors.  Everyone is very stressed out and some of my neighbors are out of firewood already and it isn’t even March.


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8 responses to “February Coldest In 100 Years: NOAA and NASA Are Puzzled By Why Ice Is Growing

  1. Jim R

    If you go to the “Cryosphere Today” site, and add together the northern and southern deviations, we are still at -0.318 million sq km less ice than the 1979 average… but that is up from more than -1.0 million sq km ice deficit a few years ago. The trend is now heading back toward that average.

    Yah, I know … 1979 was cold. I remember it too. And we are older now, and old people, just like old cats and dogs, like to be warm.

  2. emsnews

    Yes, this is the BEGINNING of the cold cycle, not the middle so comparing it with the previous record cold is stupid.

    We are seeing a trend towards colder, not warmer. Since it is now so very cold so quickly, I predict the coldest part of this new cycle will be colder than the 1970’s cycle.

  3. Old Ari

    yeas, another nice day here. The forsythias are in flower daffs are up and crocuses, some trees starting to show green. What’s not to like about Spring!

  4. emsnews

    Yes, the snow drifts are….HERE! Rock hard! Below zero every night!! Will be until after March 10th!!!!

    This is getting scary. The ice ages didn’t start in LA or London. It began in the area around the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay. It didn’t even start in the Arctic, it began further south.

  5. Ken

    The latest theory being presented to the public is that the bitter cold is caused by global warming. Seriously.


  6. ziff

    here is a list of current list of temp exremes [hard to find its all GW]
    from -54 to + 41 C , so how will a few C from GW make any difference?

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