El Gizouli, New IPCC Figurehead Barely Can Speak In Public


The above video is the only public thing online that shows us how this new spokesperson who is supposed to run international meetings, can barely talk, and it isn’t his poor English skills, he makes NO SENSE AT ALL.  He just strings along various memes, various bullet points which litter his long sentences like boulders on a beach.  And this guy is running meetings??? How does anyone talk to him on the phone?  And he isn’t some outback African who just stumbled into the room, this guy has been around all over the place for over 50 years!


The Reference Frame: Ismail El Gizouli, new IPCC boss


He was replaced by Ismail El Gizouli. This vice-chairman representing Africa is famous for this December 2013 YouTube video hit. It seems to be the only publicly available web page about this Gentleman and when I was embedding it into this blog post, it had 8 views (and 2 of them counted the electronic devices of your humble correspondent). Quite a rock star!


This is speaking ironically.  Yes, this ‘rock star’ has zero public visual properties.  He is one of many dupes used by the Bilderberg gang as a front man and the fact that he can’t speak English after 50 years of trying is a huge bonus.  The UN committees are full of people like Mr. El Gizouli.  They are there to play along with the Real Rulers.  If they do a nice job, they get awards and positions and lots of money while their home nations are looted.


Sudan is a prime example of this.  Terrorism in Sudan is out of control.  US adds 2 Sudanese al Qaeda operatives to list of terrorists as the wars rage there.  The World Factbook: Sudan


Sudan is an extremely poor country that has experienced protracted social conflict, civil war, and, in July 2011, the loss of three-quarters of its oil production due to the secession of South Sudan. The oil sector had driven much of Sudan’s GDP growth since 1999. For nearly a decade, the economy boomed on the back of rising oil production, high oil prices, and significant inflows of foreign direct investment.


…Sudan is also subject to comprehensive US sanctions. Sudan is attempting to develop non-oil sources of revenues, such as gold mining, while carrying out an austerity program to reduce expenditures. The world’s largest exporter of gum Arabic, Sudan produces 75-80% of the world’s total output. Agriculture continues to employ 80% of the work force. Sudan introduced a new currency, still called the Sudanese pound, following South Sudan’s secession, but the value of the currency has fallen since its introduction. Khartoum formally devalued the currency in June 2012, when it passed austerity measures that included gradually repealing fuel subsidies. Sudan also faces rising inflation, which reached 47% on an annual basis in November 2012, but subsided to 25% in 2013. Ongoing conflicts in Southern Kordofan, Darfur, and the Blue Nile states, lack of basic infrastructure in large areas, and reliance by much of the population on subsistence agriculture keep close to half of the population at or below the poverty line.


So, during the last half a century, Sudan has split in two and also made most of its money via selling oil! The home base of the new IPCC chair is a mess.  Mr. El Gizouli has spent nearly 100% of his time living in NYC or London, of course, where he learned to speak hideous English.  Mr. el Gizouli has been around for 50 years muttering utter rubbish and barely understandable:


 Ismail Abdel Rahim El Gizouli is an Energy and Environment Specialist with a B.Sc. in Mathematic and Physics from the University of Khartoum, Sudan 1971 and an M.Sc. in Operation Research & Statistics, University of Aston, in Birmingham, U.K., 1980.


He has more than 37 years experience in industry, energy planning & strategies, policy studies, demand management, information systems, bioenergy, renewable energy technologies (RETS), institutional capacity building, environment, climate change inventory, vulnerability, adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development.


He started his professional career in 1971 with the Sudan Ministry of Industry. He joined the Ministry of Energy in 1980, becoming Director of the National Energy Administration (the planning arm of the ministry) 1988-1992. He worked as a freelancer and conducted many consultancies for the African Development Bank, World Bank, UNEP, FAO and African Energy Policy Research Network (AFREPRN). In 1998 he joined The Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources in Sudan as a consultant on all UNDP-Government joint climate change projects.


He has participated in many international, regional and national conferences, meetings and symposiums in industry planning, sustainable development, energy, environment and climate change.
He has published many papers and is one of four authors of two energy-related books published by ZED Books England. He also contributed as Review Editor to many IPCC Reports including Safeguarding the Ozone Layer and the Global Climate System, Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (Main Report and Technical Summary), Working Group III contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report (Mitigation of Climate Change) and Fourth Assessment Synthesis Report.


He was a member of the IPCC Bureau from 2002 to 2008, and was re-elected in September 2008 for another term 2008-2015.


He was Vice-Chair of the Facilitative Branch of the Compliance Committee of the UNFCCC 2005- 2007 and he is the Chair of the Facilitative Branch and Co-Chair of the Compliance Committee of UNFCCC 2007-2009.


I would pity all the people who had to endure listening to his mumbled disconnected garbage all these years except they loved pretending to listen to this rubbish because he was there to be a figurehead for exploiting the many natural resources of Sudan.


The per capita GDP income of the people of Sudan is ranked #182 just above Cambodia and Yemen at $2000 per person.The US is #14 at $52,000.  The top wealth nations are either oil pumping powers or offshore banking centers with low populations.


I am looking forwards to Mr. El Gizouli butchering the English language and spewing meaningless strings of pet word collections as the US media tries to make it look like he is saying something sensible and of course, he is perfect for the global warming garbage.  I hope he holds his press conferences this week out doors in NYC where everything is frozen cold.


For the record, Here is part of the Democratic letter to Judith Curry demanding she be investigated for her research:  

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 8.34.32 AM

Here is part o the letter sent by the Democrats to investigate Pielke:  

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 8.35.42 AM


The witch hunt is on.  Luckily, the victims are all quite capable of speaking in comprehensible sentences and can explain things even to dimwits in Congress.


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15 responses to “El Gizouli, New IPCC Figurehead Barely Can Speak In Public

  1. e sutton

    Jeez, Elaine, anybody would think you’d never met an Affirmative Action hire before. When was the last time you got your driver’s license renewed? Purchased a new plate for a car? Called a utility company with questions about your bill lately? These people are all over the place. El Gizouli and his ilk have been sucking on the public teat for two generations now. Apparently having a brain and being able to communicate properly is no longer a requirement for obtaining a diploma or employment for Africans. The race toward the end of the cliff continues. I hope Russia and China beats the living daylights out of us. We richly deserve it.

  2. emsnews

    I recently got into a HUGE fight with a doctor from India who couldn’t speak English hardly at all.

    She was trying to explain things to me and couldn’t talk! She also would interrupt me repeatedly and then say, ‘Tell me this!’ I would open my mouth and she would interrupt again.

    I tried to get her fired but she is still running rampant due to being CHEAP LABOR.

  3. CK

    America needs another affirmative action president too. Hilarity is available.

  4. Petruchio

    ” a doctor from India who couldn’t speak English hardly at all.” isn’t it strange how our country is so aggressive about welcoming legal and illegal aliens into this country, but there is open warfare on those who were born here? About our rulers, as Elaine has said many times before: arrest them all.

  5. LOU

    Tonite someone told me Obama is giving 30,000 a year to each illegal [thru tax breaks only for them – the dreamers, our greatest hope] and 1.2 million a year are sneaking across the Texas-Mexico border.

    I dont know if her info is correct.

  6. LOU

    Are there are 50,000 Somalis living in the Minneapolis area?????

    Last year the WSJ did a story about a young Somali man who left Minnesota to join ISIS, leaving behind 3 wives and 19 kids to be supported by the state welfare system. I’ve read when these tribesmen arrive in the US they don’t even know how to wear shoes or pants, but can disassemble and assemble an AK47 no problem.

    Who brought these people to live amongst us, and for what reason?

  7. LOU

    ‘About our rulers, as Elaine has said many times before: arrest them all.’. Actually she loved Barry, till his true color [red] showed.


    ELAINE: No, I support the Democrats over the Republicans because they support my basic civil rights. Generally, I support third party candidates most of my life. I even gave support to Ron Paul due to his anti-central bank positions. The sad fact is, the right wing in the US wants to wreck my personal life especially over the issue of abortions.

    I had to have an abortion to save my own life in the past, for example. There is this stupid three day wait in NY for an abortion during which I nearly died. This still gets me really pissed off.

  8. LOU

    I listened to half [2.25m] of his monologue. On the streets those who make fun of city cab drivers have a term for them, ‘sand niggers’. [their term, not mine]. He reminds me of the cabbies.

  9. emsnews

    I lived in Germany once upon a time and by six months spoke German like a native.

    For someone to be living in and moving around academia and the UN in NYC and London for 50 years to have such beastly ability to speak English is a sign of low intelligence or pure laziness both of which are a sign that this guy is a figurehead of the elites used as a tool, not a serious person with high abilities.

    Bush Jr couldn’t speak good English, either. But he wasn’t a ‘tool’ he IS one of these elites many of whom are equally lazy about language and other life skills since they have money and can do as they please.

    This is also why royalty rarely produces anyone with any real brains.

  10. melponeme_k


    More dogs running wild. Man kills dogs attacking his cattle after warning the neighbor that his dogs should be confined to a fenced area or on a leash. I don’t have a problem with the man protecting his cows and calves however he didn’t need to post pictures of the event.

    More pointedly the type of dog was left out of all the news stories. Which indicates to me these dogs were most likely pit bulls or pb mixes allowed to roam free to form packs. Hence the attacks on the neighbor’s livestock.


  11. emsnews

    Good lord.

    I have shot both coyotes and dogs attacking my livestock. The mistake that poor farmer made was to post pictures of this online.

    Silly people. Upset over dogs being shot when they attack calves! Horrible, actually. No mercy for the calves, of course.

  12. LOU

    Upset over pit bulls on the attack????

    What dumb people. Dogs that attack calves can attack people, especially children.

  13. melponeme_k


    Update on the dog story. They are now claiming the dogs were Labrador Retrievers.


    But we’ll see for sure once the owner, one Pulido Rodrigo, posts more pictures of his dogs. I still say, considering the owner and the behavior of the dogs, they likely were pit bull mixes.

  14. emsnews

    It doesn’t matter what breed they are. Trespass into a farm and molest the livestock=shoot dead. I do this. Without hesitation.

  15. LOU

    I doubt Labs would attack cows.

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