NATO Continues Wanting War With Russia, Israel Got Hydrogen Bomb Illegally From US Traitors

New Sanctions Weighed Against Russia as U.S. military vehicles paraded 300 yards from the Russian border as NATO has decided, after Germany surrendered to Russia, to up the ante and push harder for WWIII with Russia.  Spring is coming and that is time for invasions, of course.  All previous invasions of Russia being such roaring successes…it constantly baffles me how history can be ignored so easily.  This childish belief that history doesn’t matter really grinds my gears.


Putin: Gas supplies to Europe could suffer in 3-4 days if Kiev doesn’t pay — RT News as  Gas Prices in Ukraine to Increase Fourfold on April 1  as Gazprom Ready to Sidestep Kiev, Supply Gas to Donbas


“Gazprom has been fully complying with its obligations under the Ukraine gas supply contract and will continue doing that,” Putin told reporters after talks with the president of Cyprus on Wednesday. “The advance payment for gas supply made by the Ukrainian side will be in place for another three to four days. If there is no further prepayment, Gazprom will suspend supplies under the contract and its supplement. Of course, this could create a certain problem for [gas] transit to Europe to our European partners.”


But the coup in Kiev ignores this and appeals for more troops, weapons and money since Ukraine has none of these anymore.  Totally broken down with the economy in ruins, the fascists who took over so violently are demanding all of Europe be destroyed due to their desire to eliminate all Russians from the former Ukraine which is now a dead state and pretty much split in two like Yugoslavia no longer exists.


Ukraine military has begun heavy weapons withdrawal – military spokesman says because the war against fellow citizens is highly unpopular and the resistance in the eastern half of the former nation is extremely high and the people who were attacked by the Kiev fascists haven’t forgotten WWII and know that the guys shooting at them are fascists who were Hitler’s allies during WWII.  NATO continues to try to paper over this salient fact and blame Putin for the fascist mess NATO created.


US and European media still bang the war drums but I suspect the citizens remember WWII, also and know that Russia isn’t coming for them at all and this is all BS by the Bilderberg gang which hates Putin but are helpless when it comes to overthrowing him and replacing him with some sort of fascist looting operation.


Russia plans to create own space station by 2024 by unlocking the modules from the US side of the station.  The US still can’t supply or go to and from this station without Russian rockets.  Even the Space X rockets depend on Russian rockets.


“Piloting cosmonauts is part of our general space strategy and today with have decided upon our main trajectory,” said Yury Koptev, a representative of the Science and Technology board, Tass reported. “This is through the International Space Station and working towards a lunar program in the Earth’s orbit and in deep space.”


Meanwhile, instead of escaping the Afghanistan trap, the New U.S. Defense Chief: Withdrawal From Afghanistan Under Review as Obama has decided staying there and bleeding money and men is more important.  Both political parties support this lunacy, by the way. U.S. weighs slowing Afghan withdrawal to ensure ‘progress sticks’: Carter and of course, the chance of this ‘progress sticking’ is around zero and the longer we stay, the less likely progress of any sort will stick.


Fmr. Obama Press Sec: Clinton Donations ‘Awkward At Best’ as foreign governments give her tons of money in bribes.  A lot of this comes from these people:  Saudi man sentenced to death for video of him hitting Koran with shoe.  I recall Clinton was one of the ‘We are Charlie Hebdo’ people in Paris.  The US still continues to consider the Saudi royals as great allies, of course, and paragons of virtue.  Money talks and bribes work.


DOJ announces it will not file charges against Zimmerman in Martin shooting which FINALLY lays to rest the stupid business.  There was zero reason to have any charges in this case.  If anything, the racist remarks that night in Florida came from Martin, not Zimmerman.  Further, the push on the part of ‘civil rights leaders’ to make it illegal for whites and Hispanics to defend themselves from blacks who attack them, has failed.  These civil rights leaders continue to try to make it illegal for police to defend themselves or make arrests when blacks resist arrest (the ‘hands up/don’t shoot’ is one of the stupidest chants, ever).


BBC News – Palestinian groups face $218m Israel attacks fine in US: this is a gross miscarriage of justice.  The Jews owe the Palestinians billions in reparations and damages and won’t pay a penny but use Jewish judges in the US to steal even more money and goods from these displaced, poor people.  Probably one of the most disgusting lawsuits, ever.  But then, the Jews have zero shame when it comes to the natives of Palestine.


Admitted: US helped Israel build the Bomb is in the news but not in any US mainstream media news.  This classified report from 50 years ago is now in the news…except it isn’t.  No one will talk about this in Congress nor will any President mention this, ever.


All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. to make passengers support Fukushima by eating  and Anger boils over in Fukushima Pref. after news of new radioactive water leak.  Japanese media self-censorship grows under Abe as the fascists in Japan terrorize academics and media so they won’t say anything against that regime.


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23 responses to “NATO Continues Wanting War With Russia, Israel Got Hydrogen Bomb Illegally From US Traitors

  1. JimmyJ

    Is the continued presence in Afghanistan to provide a base for destabilizing Russia’s southern flank and interrupting any Chinese overland road and pipeline access to Iran? Easier to destabilize the whole region with boots on the ground.

  2. Henry

    The Germans are finally getting fed up with Jewish blackmail. Their courts rejected a claim that the sale of the “Guelph Treasure” during the 1930s was illegal. So the Jews have taken their claim to the Jewish controlled US courts. Germany has declared this art collection a national treasure that can not leave the country. It amazing that they think they can use US courts to override German courts.

  3. Petruchio

    Of course, another reason for the US to remain in Afghanistan–likely the #1 reason–is there is a poppy crop to protect. The Taliban virtually eliminated the heroin poppy crops in Afghanistan and this will NOT be tolerated by the CIA, who have ALWAYS been in the drugs business.

  4. Christian W

    There is an interesting story behind the poppy business in Afghanistan.

    In the 1950’s the then president of Afghanistan hired the same US company that build the Hoover dam to build a dam harnessing the power of the Indus. The idea being that this project would give the electric power to help push Afghanistan into the modern age. also the water would be used to irrigate crops.

    What happened was that the water released salts in the earth which created a certain kind of saline soil in which ordinary crops cold not grow, but the poppy thrived.

    When the US engineers and experts noticed what was happening a lot of them wanted to stop the project but they were overruled.

    There is a very interesting documentary, made by Adam Curtis, called “The Bitter Lake” about this project that also describes the rise of Wahhabism.

  5. emsnews

    Good lord, way back in 1968 when I was in Europe, we all knew that the Afghan Express was for opium and hashish. EU hippies went to and fro from there doing drug deals.

    Ahem. I know this for a fact. Ahem…I didn’t do this but….well, let’s just say, I knew a lot of what was going on back then. Afghanistan was VERY hippie-friendly, big time.

  6. Christian W

    1968 is a few years after the 1950’s. I’m no expert but I guess the dam project pushed poppies from being one crop among many into being a major crop in Afghanistan.

    The Bitter Lake documentary has some interesting shots of hippies with funny jeans visiting Afghanistan 🙂

  7. Seraphim

    Does anyone seriously believe that US (AIPAC) is ready to go to war for the Ukrainian “fascists”? And supposedly “antisemitic” at that? This is a monumental joke.
    But it can go for the relatives of the AIPACers who want a piece of Ukraine for themselves.

  8. Christian W

    Poroshenko is a Waltzmann. Nuland is a Nudelmann.

    From what I have seen on the videos posted on Youtube (by themselves) the Maidan thugs/Right Sector/Svoboda really are (unsurprisingly) a mix of retards and psychopaths. The nazis are being used as cannon fodder and to reenact WWII with live weapons.

    Many in the regular Ukrainian Army are reluctant fighters, still, they will get there in the end if the fighting continues long enough.

  9. emsnews

    The Ukraine Army has collapsed.

  10. Christian W

    Indeed. Most of the most fanatic ones are now fertilizing the soil of Ukraine, or involuntary organ donors. Ukraine still has lots of artillery to torment the Novorussians with though.

  11. Petruchio

    “… Israel Got Hydrogen Bomb Illegally From US Traitors.” Maybe these people weren’t traitors to the US? If they were dual Israeli/US citizens, the have to have a first loyalty to one country or the other. If their first loyalties are to Israel, can we really blame them for serving that country instead of the US? No. Imho, the real scandal is that dual citizenship is allowed. Dual citizenship is a crystal clear, OBVIOUS conflict-of-interest that ANYONE with dual citizenship–to Israel or any other country–should serve in ANY sensitive US government post, such as Congress. That dual citizenship is accepted is the REAL scandal. These guys who stole the H bomb secrets for Israel were serving their country, ISRAEL, not the US. What do you expect Israelis to do? Protect the interests of the US? Never happen, not in a million years.

  12. Christian W

    The Israelis need the US:

    * to protect them diplomatically and politically in the UN
    * to fight their wars for them
    * to provide them with military hardware (from the H-bomb to missiles, fighter air planes and bombs to small arms) and military support
    * to support their businesses on Wall Street and elsewhere
    * to gather intelligence on behalf of Israel
    * to serve their financial institutions, that are so deeply integrated with American economy they are inseparable.
    * to finance the Israeli military
    * to finance the Israeli social state
    * to finance Israeli expansion

    So since the US is a vital means to an end for the Israelis the US is protected as long as it is made to serve Israel. Israel without US support and protection is just a rump state about to become the next Ukraine.

  13. Christian W

    Oh, and not least. The Israelis need the US to boss Europe around.

  14. Jim R

    Christian W,

    … and to reenact WWII with live weapons.

    Haha, I have been saying the same thing. All that antique artillery from 30 years and more ago. It’s like one of those gatherings of Civil War buffs, except the Civil War guys are firing blanks, mostly, and not aiming to kill anyone.

  15. Christian W

    No joke, some of the milita units have been using 82 mm mortars made in 1941. They were used in WWII, mothballed for a rainy day, and still work fine.

    Another common sight is the PTRD, a WWII era large caliber Russian Anti tank rifle that the Novorussians have been using against fortified Ukrainian positions.

  16. emsnews

    Well, they are fighting NAZIS after all. Yes, this is WWII revisited.

  17. Christian W

    In the area around Debaltseva, where the recent cauldron was formed and the Ukrainians lost a lot of men, the Germans dug in during WWII and defended in depth. The Soviets lost about 400,000 men killed in this area in a year and a half of fighting between 1943 and 1944 trying to kick the Germans out. This was just one sector of the front but the Soviets lost as many men there as the US lost in the entire war. In every village there is a memorial to soldiers who fell there.

    The US never faced that kind of German focus in Europe since the Germans were pretty spent when the allies entered the fray.

  18. Seraphim

    You can say that there are both WW revisited. Although people are slow to acknowledge it, the hidden goal of WWI was the creation of a Jewish state in what was called the ‘Pale of Settlement’, along with the one in Palestine. Crimea was to be the jewel in the crown, but the nasty Russkis thwarted that beautiful dream. That explains the hysterical tantrums of the Kagan-Nudelman clan and their stooges Kolomoysky, Khodorkovsky, Applebaum – Sikorski (Apfelbaum-Zinoviev?), Cameron-Levita et al.

  19. emsnews

    Yes, we rolled towards Berlin while the Russians fought ferociously to that city and beyond.

    The Russian rockets decimated the Germans across the entire eastern front with increasing ferocity. It was unstoppable by March, 1945.

  20. emsnews

    Westerners are fooled about who really beat the Nazis but not the Russians.

  21. emsnews

    WWII British news reel showing Russian rockets utterly annihilating Hitler’s proud armies.

  22. emsnews

    Russian speaking Ukrainians teaching the fascist coup about WWII fighting.

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