White House Coordinating Attacks on ‘Climate Change Denial’ Professors Just Like Red Guard Attacks On Chinese Scientists

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Be A Part Of The Team Holding Geo-centricism Deniers Feet To The Fire is the headline story this year at https://www.barackobama.com/ which is run by the White House.  The California gang that is running this for Obama is firmly convinced that global warming is heating up the entire planet which seems to be mainly LA and San Francisco. Note how Obama’s gang uses ‘climate change DENIAL’ as if anyone is claiming the climate never changes.  This stupidity is at the core of the vicious agenda of the greens who seem bent on destroying society based on lunatic beliefs about global warming that doesn’t exist.  The White House is behind the recent attack on professors who write about the sun and the climate debunking beliefs that CO2 is the sole driver of ‘climate change’.  


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RCNS Exhibition, RCNS p101 | Contact Press Images


The witch hunt initiated by the White House is working. This poor man, Professor Pielke, has wept before the Red Guard and swore he will never, ever talk about the climate again or post anything online about the climate because he is a dunce.  He recently posted that he no longer will debate anyone about the weather because he is scared to death that he might be killed or his job destroyed due to his counter arguments.


THIS IS DISGUSTING. He lost the fight. He is now crawling under a rock. He put on the dunce cap handed to him by the Red Guard and ‘confessed his sins’. This is how they enforce the 97% agree about global warming stuff. By ruthlessly terrorizing anyone who disagrees.


Here is a letter written by a group of scientists demanding Congress stop persecuting any scientists who dispute global warming dogma:  Roger Pielke, Jr. Being Investigated by Representative Grijalva for Presenting Inconvenient Data | Watts Up With That?  Pielke’s crime was literally this: he said the sun is what causes 95% of global warming and CO2 has very little effect.  Here is his defense:


“This of course is a lie. I have written a book calling for a carbon tax, I have publicly supported President Obama’s proposed EPA carbon regulations, and I have just published another book strongly defending the scientific assessment of the IPCC with respect to disasters and climate change.”


He tries in vain to protect himself from the ideological Maoist mob by claiming he really does believe in magical global warming and thinks LA is the center of the universe and the entire eastern half of North America doesn’t exist.  Below is the letter written by a scientist who is appalled at this persecution of anyone disputing global warming:


RE: the February 24 request for information from Rep. Raul M.Grijalva
Misguided inquisition on the impartiality of climate research

Dear Mr. Robert Altenkirch,

I am an Arizona resident and was just made aware of Representative Grijalva’s misguided investigation and thinly veiled accusations of bias in the climate research arena.

He is not only questioning you about Professor Pielke but also
George P. “Bud” Peterson from Georgia Institute of Technology about Judith Curry
Andrew Benton from Pepperdine University about Steven Hayward
L. Rafael Reif from Massachusetts Institute of Technology about Richard Lindzen
Bruce Benson from the University of Colorado about Professor Roger Pielke
Patrick Harker from the University of Delaware about Professor David Legates

As a published researcher–unfinanced by anyone, I do not want to go into the merits of financing research with an agenda because we both know that the majority of climate research funding comes from the government. And we also know that the various government departments want research results to support the meme of catastrophic global warming. That argument is not for this letter of support to your Institution.

The fact remains that these researchers have reported findings to congress that some people find disturbing because it does not support the current climate meme. Basically Roger Pielke’s presentation to congress covers the science facts that so disturb Representative Grijalva:

Globally, weather-related losses have not increased since 1990 as a proportion of GDP (they have actually decreased by about 25%).
Insured catastrophe losses have not increased as a proportion of GDP since 1960.
Hurricanes have not increased in the US in frequency, intensity or normalized damage since at least 1900.
There are no significant trends (up or down) in global tropical cyclone landfalls since 1970 (when data allows for a comprehensive perspective), or in the overall number of tropical cyclones.
Floods have not increased in the US in frequency or intensity since at least 1950.
Flood losses as a percentage of US GDP have dropped by about 75% since 1940.
Tornadoes have not increased in frequency, intensity or normalized damage since 1950, and there is some evidence to suggest that they have actually declined.
Drought has “for the most part, become shorter, less frequent, and cover a smaller portion of the U. S. over the last century.”

What I find more disturbing is that Representative Grijalva and some members of his committee may succeed in driving well qualified scientists from the climate debate. I cringe at the travesty of a government representative or agency using its power to suppress honest investigation and reporting of facts, WHICH IS THE HALL MARK OF SCIENCE, just because the facts don’t agree with the politically correct narrative.

I find it strange that Representative Grijalva is attacking the messenger rather then verifying the message. This is how the climate alarmists perpetrate the 97% consensus falsehood about global warming. They terrorize any professional who even questions the meme.

I plead with you not to succumb to these terrorizing tactics.

The facts are the important issue here. Observational science is what is important. Integrity in scientific results is at stake. Let your people work unhampered by misguided investigations.

I do not know why our representative finds the easily verifiable facts so objectionable, nor do I understand his attack on these researchers, but this inquisitorial behavior will hamper climate research and US science in general. Please do not cooperate with this.

I ask you to defend and uphold the integrity of your institution, of science and scientific inquiry in general. Some of those watching this investigation are saying it is just a Democratic response to the congressional hearings into NASA altering weather station data, the hearing to be held later. I pray this is not true because I do not want to be ashamed of my Arizona Representative. I would rather think he is perturbed by the propaganda he has been fed which is contradicted by the facts and creates the cognitive dissidence to which he is responding. You can help with a well crafted response.

Don’t allow this to discredit your Institution or your well qualified strongly principled professors.

With Deepest Respect,

Shelly Marshall

Patrick Harker from the University of Delaware
George P. “Bud” Peterson from Georgia Institute of Technology
Andrew Benton from Pepperdine University
L. Rafael Reif from Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bruce Benson from the University of Colorado

Copy of the letter to which I am Referring


It is obvious to me, of course that Yes, the sun (was) driving global warming:


These falsehoods include the claim that there was no increase in solar activity during the 20th century. This is debunked by the SkS graph in the article itself shown below. The dark blue moving average line in the graph of total solar irradiance (TSI) clearly demonstrates the average TSI of the first half of the 20th century is much less than the entire 2nd half of the 20th century. Given that many papers have found a lagged effect of solar activity changes upon climate, and the large thermal inertia of the oceans, is it entirely reasonable to expect that a sustained high solar output of the latter half of the 20th century would produce a delayed and gradually increasing trend, as was observed.


This is better demonstrated by calculating the “sunspot integral” of solar activity, which clearly demonstrates a steady rise in accumulated solar output beginning in the 1930’s to the end of the 20th century. The correlation of the sunspot integral to global temperature (~.95) is also far superior to that of CO2 and global temperature (~.35).

The Sun explains 95% of climate change over the past 400 years; CO2 had no significant influence, a New paper finds recent Grand Maximum of solar activity was ‘rare or even unique event’ in 3,000 years and New paper shows 20th century solar activity was at highest levels of past 9,400 years.  There is a super easy way to see if we are going into global cooling or global warming: sun spot activity.  When it rises, the temperature goes up and when it declines, it falls.


And it falls fast!  The oceans still hold heat from the sun spot activity before the cooling so the West Coast of North America, due to prevailing winds moving mainly from west to east due to the planet’s turning in this direction, means the West Coast of North America is warmer longer than the East Coast so it can’t be used to predict future weather since it lags both cooling and warming cycles whereas the eastern half of North America shows both cycles very clearly and very rapidly.


This is why it is warmer out west and much, much colder in the east.  Way, way back in the old, old days (1960 and earlier) all good scientists knew, all you had to do was watch sun spot activity and one could accurately predict droughts and floods and snow and ice and all sorts of things.  I grew up around scientists who specialized in this field and they were always utterly accurate.  Now, NOAA and NASA make ridiculous predictions that never come true.  All skewed towards global warming events that never happen.


They are still talking about how this magical el Nino is going to heat up the planet, we’ll see.  And it doesn’t happen.


Even so, the lunatics continue to claim that the Weakening Sun would hardly slow global warming — PIK Research Portal, an article written in 2010 when the last of the ‘global warming’ was finally vanishing.  Now that we have punishingly cold winters and cool summers in the key area of the eastern half of North America, we can see clearly the signs of another impending Little Ice Age or even a full blown Ice Age since we are at the tail end of a typical Interglacial event.


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27 responses to “White House Coordinating Attacks on ‘Climate Change Denial’ Professors Just Like Red Guard Attacks On Chinese Scientists

  1. vengeur

    On the T shirt I notice “women’s rights” is last on the list. LOL.

  2. vengeur

    This “climate denier pogrom” is the McCarthyism of our time. American liberals are some of the most vindictive, hateful, closed minded people on earth. They are Kapo’s of the ideological Auschwitz that America has become, tools of people like Soros whose goal seems to be to turn America into a totalitarian third world country.

  3. e sutton

    There is a very wide swath of lies that covers not only America but most of the first world nations today. This is an incomplete list of the egregious lies we are told are the absolute, honest-to-god truth:

    1) Carbohydrates are good for you and need to make up 1/3 to 1/2 of your daily caloric intake.

    2) Animal protein, pork, beef, veal is bad for you and you should consume it in extreme moderation.

    3) The globe is getting warmer because of man made carbon released into the atmosphere.

    4) Women are just like men, belligerent, loud, outspoken, masculine, and violent.

    5) Men need to be more like women, silent, demur, unquestioning, docile, and compliant.

    6) Blacks are exactly the same as whites, hard working, intelligent, dedicated to secure, quiet, orderly neighborhoods, and criminal averse.

    7) All religions are equal and none are based on the premise of “might makes right”.

    8) Nations are drawn up by imaginary lines that need to be erased because the concept of “nation states” serve only to divide us.

    9) Children are best off when raised by the community, not by a traditional home of a stay-at-home mom and a dad who works.

    10) Women are cheating themselves, their families, and society if they choose to be stay-at-home moms.

    11) Everyone can and should go to college.

    12) Drugs should be strictly controlled by the state, with criminal penalties for anyone taking them or distributing them.

    13) The state knows best how to distribute Section 8 people throughout the communities where white people live.

    14) People should feel free to have uncommitted sex with as many partners as possible.

    15) Additional children born to unwed mothers should be heavily subsidized by the state.

    16) Diversity makes a population stronger.

    17) Mandating that English is the only primary language in an Anglo Saxon is xenophobic and racist.

    18) White people need to be punished for the slavery that existed over 150 years ago.

    19) Blacks are unfairly incarcerated and do not deserve to be imprisoned for most crimes.

    20) Speech must be carefully controlled by the state because of racism and xenophobia.

    Feel free to add to the list. In just 50 years we have systematically destroyed most of what once was a first class nation (America) and are replacing it with something very akin to Haiti. For those of you who still argue that the above, truncated list I provided is “what’s good for us”, let me know how that all works out for you after….wait..for….it…..THE MONEY from YT is gone and in the hands of our much smarter Rulers, Movers, and Shakers. Take a good look at Ukraine, my friends, because that’s coming to a neighborhood near you. These small minded idiots are remaking the world in a fashion that Hitler dared not even dream of.

  4. Christian W

    “White House Coordinating Attacks on ‘Climate Change Denial’ Professors Just Like Red Guard Attacks On Chinese Scientists”

    This is the US government dictating to the American people what they are allowed to think and say. There is a name for these kinds of regimes, they are called dictatorships.

    Do note that it is only people critical of the policies of the US regime that get sent to jail eg whistleblowers. Torturers, murderers/assassins, war criminals, financial criminals etc walk free and are even rewarded handsomely as long as they follow the dictates of the elites.

    Since we can see that the US government beyond any reasonable doubt is a pure dictatorship at this point I find it ridiculous that people still put any stock whatsoever in the GOP vs Democratic Party nonsense. Even more ridiculous is that people actually vote for those parties thus actively not only supporting their criminal operations but giving them direct personal approval.

  5. e sutton

    Even more ridiculous is that people actually vote for those parties thus actively not only supporting their criminal operations but giving them direct personal approval.

    Yes, as well as an air of legitimacy. It’s essentially providing support for an entity that is doing its very best to subvert your government, quite violently if necessary, and replace it with a totalitarian regime. It’s made clear that dissent will be dealt with viciously. That’s why I urge all Americans to look at what is happening in Ukraine. The people are being crushed callously and ruthlessly. Perhaps because they are closer to middle class and white do I tend to sympathize with them more than with others. That may be politically incorrect, but that’s just how it is with me.

  6. Christian W



    The unfortunate Ukrainians under the Kiev junta are nowhere near “middle class” anymore. In fact the Ukrainian minimum wage, now around $40 USD a month, is below the equivalent in Bangladesh. This is the result of oligarch looting operations that have gone unhindered for three decades. Instead of fixing it and stopping the oligarchs the junta, many of them dual citizens (Israel and US of course), have plunged the nation into civil war and eventually war with Russia if they get their wish fulfilled.

    And all the time the looting goes on full speed ahead. The citizens won’t see anything of the $17 billion IMF loan Ukraine just accepted, all of that money is ear marked for private accounts in off shore tax havens. The purchase of weapons will be used as the means of laundering the money.

    This exact plan is going to be used in the European NATO countries as well to loot the public and destroy the middle and working classes. NATO military build up, using Russia as the bogey man, will transfer the remaining wealth of the NATO countries into private pockets and enslave Europe to Israel and the US.

    Ukraine is the exact future for European (in NATO) and US citizens.

  7. Christian W


    American liberals are some of the most vindictive, hateful, closed minded people on earth.

    That is why I constantly point out that these “American Liberals” are anything but liberals. Liberal, in the real world, means open minded. (And anyone who believes Soros is a liberal is deluded).

    The above is just another example of how the US political discourse has been deliberately warped and poisoned to death. Up is down, left is right. Nothing makes sense in such an environment which is why it was created by the think tanks on behalf of the rich elites.

  8. emsnews

    I am a liberal.

    And people have attacked me for pointing out the flaws in the ‘liberal’ movement. It is dying. But then, way back in the 1960’s I was attacked on the left by Maoists.

    HAHAHA…only to have Chou En Lai send over Chinese apparatchiks to MY HOUSE to learn about capitalism and trade!

    He knew my dad, you see.

    Liberalism is very old and my grandfather and great grandfathers were all ‘liberals’ and their wives, my grandmothers and great grandmothers fought for the right for women to vote. Out west.

    Read about that time! In pioneer days, women on the frontier were not shy shrinking flowers, they had to be fighters. And one of my ancestresses actually killed people. She had to. This is how you survived. And she was a liberal, too, anti-slave during the Civil War.

  9. emsnews

    By the way, all of what I knew about Madame Mao came from Chinese she persecuted as well as my mother who knew this ferocious monster.

    My mother actually had a fight with Madame Mao. She was led to the same bedroom Nixon and Pat slept in when in China. My mother noticed it was two twin beds. My parents ALAWYS slept together.

    ‘I want a double bed,’ my mother said. Madame Mao said, ‘Why? President Nixon didn’t complain about the beds!’

    My father said, ‘I love my wife, so we want a double bed.’

    Madame Mao was pissed off. ‘You can’t move the beds,’ she said. They were BOLTED TO THE FLOOR. I kid you not.

    So my father took out his screw driver (like Dr. Who, he always had one in his pocket!) and unscrewed the beds and shoved them together, further enraging Madame Mao.

  10. John

    There is nothing liberal about the Marxist left. They are power hungry, jackbooted parasites, and a blight upon humanity itself. And the psychopathic scumbag in the White House is probably the worst of the lot.

  11. emsnews

    The far right and far left are identical.

  12. Christian W

    Obama is not “red”. He is a pure tool of the oligarchs who are anything but “red”. Obama has ZERO personal influence or political impact. NONE whatsoever. He operates 100% within the frames other people are setting up for him.

    What we are seeing is the end of the capitalist age when the Ponzi schemes are way past their “sell by” date. This means the oligarchs/capitalists/plutocrats are reaching for the guns and goon squads to keep their scams ticking over. That is not “Marxism” or “communism” even if the end result may look similar.

    There is no “Marxist left” in the US. The US political landscape, if you look at the government and Congress, is various shades of Brown. What you guys call “red” or the “Marxist left” is the extreme right beyond which is the even more extreme fascist right. Obama can be called “left” from only this most relative and narrow point of view.

    American citizens have been voting for the “lesser evil” (read the lesser fascist) for decades. And every time they have voted for the lesser fascist the US political landscape has taken yet another giant step towards fascism. Once the US Supreme Court stepped in and sped things up by placing the more extreme fascist on the throne.

    When Elaine compares the “American liberals” to the Maoist red guards she is talking about the cultural collapse of the USA – similar to what China under the insane Mao went through.

    The weird kind of group think that permeates whole segments of society like the Maoist red guards, ISIS, the Ukrainian Nazis, or German Nazis etc is a sign of collective insanity that seems to find root when social structures are under extreme stress.

    I’d put people that embrace slogans like “Je suis Charlie” to be very close to that kind of mindless group think. Since “American liberals” are the anti-thesis to the very concept of ‘liberal’ it means they are delusional. Since they are delusional they are well on their way down that slippery slope to mindless group think. The ‘America Boo-yah’ crowd is already there, as are the Christian Fundies and the the Black community now as well.

    Great times ahead, no? Someone has gone through a lot of trouble brain washing whole segments of people. It’s easy to see when that happens in Soviet Russia or Maoist China, but this time it is the US that hangs on the ropes.

  13. Christian W

    The far right and far left are identical.

    Indeed. They go full circle and meet at the same point. Insanity.

    To me ‘liberal’ means to be balanced – ie believing in equality. Equal = Balance.

    Balanced = Sane. Unbalanced = Insane.

    There is a reason the UN charter was written as it was after WWII. There is a reason the UN charter prohibits foreign powers from changing other nations’ governments and waging aggressive warfare.

    There is also a reason the US has destroyed the UN by stuffing it with muppets like El Gizouli. The Israelis tried to do the same with the Palestinians when they foisted Abbas on the Palestinian people as their “leader”, so it is not hard to see where the US got it’s UN strategy from.

  14. Christian W

    Breaking News:

    An opposition politician (a “liberal”) has been murdered in Moscow in a drive by shooting.

    The march towards war with Russia goes on. NATO growth gets more fuel. Putin loses face. Qui Bono?

  15. Christian W

    The murder of Boris Nemtsov is Washington’s answer to Merkel and Hollande trying to go it alone with Russia.

  16. Straight Shooter

    It’s great to these comments, especially Christian’s and Elaine’s. I’ve long known that the entire left-right paradigm is nothing but a construction of the oligarchy, but I’m just amazed at how much of the US population still clings to bashing leftists or whatever their hated group is and doesn’t see the big picture at all.

  17. Straight Shooter

    I meant “read these comments,” obviously.

  18. vengeur

    Sorry, but the “global warming” Nazis are on liberal left. The fact that they are tools for the globalists does not change the fact they are liberal leftist.

  19. emsnews

    The left used to be anti war but then was suckered into the global warming scam so their last huge march was for more cold weather and NO demonstrations against Obama’s wars.

    Under Bush there were endless demonstrations.

    The right was for a smaller government until Bush won the elections then voila: big was beautiful.

    Especially the gigantic Pentagon and the spy networks. Libertarians are still antiwar and anti spy but seem utterly unable to organize against this just like the liberals can’t fight off the Bilderberg propaganda schemes.

    I fought hard for a libertarian/liberal alliance and made some small inroads in this matter until…it all fell apart along stupid ideological lines. So sad.

  20. Christian W

    Absolutely the “global warming Nazis” in many cases are on the “liberal left” within the context of American politics where a “liberal” is a close minded regurgitator of whatever the “American liberal program” is at the moment. They are clearly tools.

    Please do note that the American scale of politics is extremely twisted. I am constantly trying to get people to see this simple fact.

    These people, the “liberal left” have been mentally cross wired. The US government is extremely good at that kind of brain washing. American people, be they “liberals” or “American value GOP voters”, believe they are free and independent and standing up for a good cause but in actual reality they are behaving exactly like they are told (programmed) to do and march in lock step to their supposed values, values that exist only within the context of American politics and never challenge the core structure.

    That is why we have the peculiar situation where liberals are not liberals, but radical close minded fanatics and conservatives are not conservatives, but radical close minded fanatics.

    I’ll start to believe they are genuine liberals when they eg demand a genuine scientific debate rather than base their world view on news releases based on poorly programmed (if not deliberately twisted) computer models (ie warming propaganda) presented by the MSM propaganda machine.

    I’ll start to believe conservatives are conservatives, when they eg demand a stop to aggressive illegal wars overseas with the aim to impose US rule on the rest of the planet, all in the name of “freedom” the cherished value of the American Booyah patriot.

    I am positive there are lots of genuine liberals and conservatives in the US, but they are not allowed to take part in media or in politics.

    So to pretend that tools labeled as “liberals” or “conservatives” spouting some nonsense in MSM channels is representative of the real thing is hardly helpful. If you start to fight them you only get sucked into the Elite Matrix of Bullshit where you cannot win, ever. Bullshit baffles brains.

  21. Christian W

    @21 Elaine

    There is a simple reason no one, not liberals, libertarians or conservatives (the real ones) can make an inroad into the political machine of the elites.

    The elites have destroyed the political landscape. It is as simple as that – they now rule unchallenged as a result. They did it by

    1. twisting the political language beyond recognition and by framing ALL debates within narrowly set parameters controlled by them
    2 corrupting/buying up all politicians or by blackmailing/smearing/destroying/gerrymandering out those they couldn’t
    3 corrupting the courts
    4 promoting scumbags into key positions within the system
    5 destroying media as a tool to inform the people of the real agenda of the elites, instead turning it into an unmatched brain washing machine
    6 shutting out genuine people from ‘the system’

    and so on and on and on

    The way back is to reclaim the political language and to enforce the law, because most of what is going on is illegal as hell (at least it was until the elites changed the laws).

    But to pretend you can have any real say by going through the GOP vs Democratic Party system as it is set up now is worse than ludicrous, it is self defeating.

  22. Petruchio

    “I am a liberal.” What exactly IS a liberal? How are you being a liberal different than me being a liberal? Are there positions on issues you MUST take or lose your status as a liberal? Labels don’t appeal to me because they can mean anything–or nothing at all. Take the term “neo-liberal” as an example. By my definition of ‘liberal’, neo-liberal is a total lie. I guess “neo-liberals” don’t have the guts to call themselves what they REALLY are: Class Warfare warriors, which is what they are. Just my .02.

  23. Christian W

    That’s my point. The word liberal has to mean something, it has to have a common definition. What is an “American liberal” anyway? Elaine says she is a liberal, but is she a 1880’s style liberal like her grandmother was? 🙂 Or is she a Soros liberal?

  24. emsnews

    I am a realist.

    We all have pet beliefs. This is human. But we have to desperately see reality so we don’t destroy ourselves. Many times, people think they are protecting humanity when they are actually preparing to destroy most humans.

    A true liberal would not do this. There are many ways to enslave or destroy people and figuring this out is literally life and death. We have seen way too many mass murder wars (WWI and WWII being the biggest but not the only ones!)

    Being wary about WWIII is liberal. Stopping it from happening is liberal. Refusing to engage in religious wars is liberal. Protecting people from tyranny is liberal.

    Giving everyone all their civil rights is liberal. Protecting one’s home country is liberal, as well as conservative.

    A true conservative is also anti-WWIII. A true conservative doesn’t want to fight endless religious wars across the entire planet. A true conservative protects nature and one’s homeland.

    A true conservative doesn’t flood one’s country with cheap foreign goods while bringing in an army of illegal labor to drive down labor costs and condemn fellow citizens to economic poverty.

    I am both a conservative and liberal.

  25. kenogami

    The word liberal in the US means the opposite of what it means in Europe.

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