EU Government Wiping Out Billions In CO2 Cap/Trade Tax Scheme Due To Market Collapse For Thin Air

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January temperatures continue here in New York and it is nearly spring.  Luckily for me, we have sun today so my house warms up greatly due to passive solar heating which I designed.  The global warming garbage continues to spew out of academia as a flood of government money pays for all sorts of goofy studies that studiously ignores all the many warning signs that we are going into an extended cold cycle that may last for more than 100 years.  The war on any professors who talk about global cooling continues to rage but more and more people are standing up to this propaganda/terror campaign due mainly to the need to survive extreme cold and deteriorating conditions.


Here is a sad, typical example of a ‘study’ that is basically computer programs studying other computer models and coughing up the same hot hairballs:  Global warming research: strong storms to become stronger, weak storms to become weaker | Watts Up With That?  And CO2 will make it colder, hotter, stormier, fewer storms and frogs and mice will rain down on Egypt and the first born sons will all die.  These attempts at understanding the climate are noxious and deliberately so because people wanting to make lots of money off of energy taxes and restrictions are freaking out because their stupid CO2 pollution cap/trade scheme collapsed!


Europe is seeing its economic systems destroyed by all this and still depends on Russia for cheap energy which will cease to go there if they continue to irritate Putin.  So this week, the MEPs vote for early EU carbon market fix | Carbon Brief


An early and ambitious fix to the European Union’s emissions trading scheme (ETS) has been backed by the European Parliament’s environment committee in a vote today.


The ETS is central to the EU’s efforts to tackle climate change, but has been suffering from chronically low prices that are insufficient to drive low-carbon investments.
To fix the market, the European Commission had proposed reforms starting in 2021, designed to reduce a surplus of two billion carbon credits on the market which have caused low prices.


This faux market selling literally thin air has collapsed so they are ‘reviving’ it by eliminating the ‘carbon credits’.  The Emperor has no clothes and has to inhale oxygen to survive so la-la, the EU tailors sewed up a new suit for the Carbon Trade King and he will strut the global economic stage all over again.  I have a great memory and recall how the Bilderberg gang boasted that they would make this carbon market more valuable than oil and gas combined.


The ‘drive low-carbon investments’ refers to all the wind mills and solar mass production schemes as well as a dozen other things.  The low price of oil and gas has really screwed the thin air scheme.  As many Europeans die of the cold due to high energy costs caused by this gang’s games, I suspect that more and more voters there will revolt.  Right wing parties are rising directly due to the carbon trade scheme ripping off most voters who are mainly the lower classes.  The rich don’t worry about these taxes but the poor have very good reason to fear these taxes since they are REGRESSIVE taxes that hit them very hard.


A poor person can’t convert to ‘alternative energy’ if they are taxed to death trying to stay alive.  I said many years ago, if there is any tax on energy systems, it should go directly to giving out free solar panels and equipment to the lower classes.  Instead, the greens fell for this CO2 trade scheme that would make the rich richer and the poor die of the cold with no new energy systems given to them whatsoever.
Here is today’s winter weather map showing a blizzard that brewed over the Rockies and now is moving over half of Texas and this will move north to the eastern states already buried in snow:

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In 48 hours the entire Rockies will see blizzards and heavy snow while more storms will hit ‘dry’ California which is still whining about global warming.

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This ozone satellite map shows how the coldest wormhole of weather is right over the Hudson Bay and is directing cold air to the eastern half of the US.  This is very much a warning about Ice Ages since all Ice Ages begin not at either pole but right over Hudson Bay.  If the jet stream follows the present curve over the Great Lakes and across the entire Northeast coastal regions, we will have another Ice Age.  Watching sunspot activity coupled with noting where this jet stream flows is a very easy way to predict if we are in a colder and colder cycle or a warming cycle.

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OMG:  I just checked the NYT which is a huge, huge global warming gangster outfit and finally they mention that this winter is extremely cold:  Endless Cold, Clinging With White Knuckles


This may be the coldest February in the city in 80 years, with the average temperature lingering around 24 degrees, the National Weather Service says.


New York Today: Twilight of the Ice Age – is another editorial that mentions the record cold:


When a place surrounded by liquid water becomes encased instead in solid water, things change.

The present ice age, chronicled by our colleague N. R. Kleinfield today, has transformed the city.

It has halted ferries, trapped cars, endangered granite fountains, and turned the simple act of walking from Point A to Point B into a treacherous ballet.

It has also created accidental sculpture everywhere, covering the familiar in sheets and shards, icicles and stalagmites and fractals of varying transparency and opacity.

The ice’s days are numbered now.

The thermometer will not budge past 25 degrees today or Saturday. But above-freezing high temperatures are forecast from Sunday through Thursday.

So before the ice — one of the chief subjects of today’s Week in Pictures slide show — breaks up, we pause for a moment to salute it.


Spring is coming…very slowly.  I live north of NYC so I won’t see above freezing temperatures for at least another week.  Note how the NYT that was in hysterics last fall demanding we cease burning oil, coal and gas because we are going to roast to death and winter wouldn’t come, is not claiming that winter has come and therefore global warming is no longer a worry since we don’t have warm winters…nope.  This summer, even if it is cooler than normal like last summer, will come and they will resume howling about how hot it is even as no heat records are set at all, anywhere, not even in California.



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One response to “EU Government Wiping Out Billions In CO2 Cap/Trade Tax Scheme Due To Market Collapse For Thin Air

  1. John

    The banksters aren’t going to let their beloved free money from carbon derivatives scheme die without putting up one hell of a fight. Goldman Sachs is OWED a replacement for the CDO/CDS market that went BLOOIE in 2007. Now pony up, you filthy peasants!

    Hang ’em all. Every last damn Pharisee.

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