Without Any Evidence, Putin Is Accused Of Assassination Of Nemtsov

Whatever happens, Putin is blamed immediately and the assassination of a political foe is just yet another event that is blamed on him despite the fact that the last thing Putin would want is to turn his opponent into a martyr for the Ukrainian coup.  For this man is a supporter of the suppression of Russian speakers in Ukraine and thus, is loved by the NATO leaders.  It makes zero sense for Putin to suddenly kill this guy.  Someone did kill him and we so far have no idea who which makes this pile on by NATO leaders so ugly.


Shot in the Kremlin’s shadow: Russian opposition leader killed in ‘politically-motivated attack’ in front of Ukrainian model girlfriend and all the NATO leaders immediately and with zero proof blame Putin for this:


Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, 55, was gunned down in a ‘politically motivated’ drive-by shooting on the streets of Moscow. The former deputy Prime Minister and vocal critic of Vladimir Putin was under surveillance by his killers before they fatally shot him down in the shadow of the Kremlin a day before a major anti-Putin protest. He had been working on a report presenting evidence he believed proved Russia’s direct involvement in the separatist rebellion that erupted in eastern Ukraine last year. He was shot four times while he was walking with a woman across a bridge shortly after midnight local time. Just hours before his death, the father-of-four told Ekho Moskvy radio that Putin had pushed Russia into an economic crisis through his ‘mad, aggressive and deadly policy of war against Ukraine.’ President Putin condemned the murder and said it may have been a contract killing,


The news stories today are also about how Putin isn’t with his wife anymore and how evil he is because of that but…

Nemtsov was one of the organisers of the Spring March opposition protest set for Sunday, which comes amid an economic downturn in Russia caused by low oil prices and Western sanctions.


The liberal reformer, who has four children, is believed to have been dating was Ms Duritskaya for several years, despite his marriage to Raisa Akhmetovna and four-children.


This moral failing isn’t reproved like Putin’s failings. According to Russian news, the opposition leader had children with more than one woman out of wedlock.


There are many people who would benefit with the death of this man. One obvious person would be someone angry with him about his sexual relationships.  The other is the Ukraine nationalists who hate Russians and needing a dead person that they can tag as ‘Putin did this because he is a dictator’ storyline.


Putin could have easily crushed this person in various legal ways.  The US government does this all the time and one of the best ways to do this is to legally persecute people like how the Democrats have decided to persecute and destroy the lives of scientists who dispute their global warming ideology, for example.


Putin, like any major leader, has many tools for suppression and using this crude tool makes zero political or economic sense.  Far from it.  Just like the Maiden shootings by fascists which NATO leaders immediately claimed were the elected President of Ukraine’s fault, this killing stinks like a dead fish.


This could be a contract killing by Russian mafia, for example.  It could be anything, we have zero real information right now.  Of course, this won’t matter, destroying Putin is the #1 effort here by the EU and US and just like the US and EU media supported naked women pissing on altars in Russian Orthodox Churches, with the Pussy Riot women treated like queens and wonderful people, anyone who degrades or attacks or opposes Putin is turned into a saint and any actions Putin takes to protect Russia is judged as evil and disgusting especially if he militarily protects Russia from the NATO war machine which is raging across Muslim nations from Afghanistan to Syria, killing a million people.


Oh, the humanity.


This propaganda is working great because people in the US and EU have been raised to hate and fear Russia and think that NATO is good, not evil. But history will record quite the opposite.  As NATO invades or destroys many nations, accusing Russia of doing this to one tiny corner of Europe which was always Russian is lunacy but then, we have no mirrors to see ourselves as we really are.


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38 responses to “Without Any Evidence, Putin Is Accused Of Assassination Of Nemtsov

  1. hblinken

    His model girl friend was unhurt, was he taken into custody? She just arrived back from Switzerland when she went for an abortion. She has had affairs with many shady Ukrainian characters. I hope she is interrogated and held incognito until the perpetrators are found.

  2. emsnews

    The chances that the assassin is a Ukrainian Russian is very high or it was a Ukrainian fascist who wanted to ‘martyr’ the man.

  3. Jim R

    Crime was solved within Minutes from New York and DC, while most Russians are going “Nemtsov who?”

    And Khodrkovsy was in Russian jail for ten years, is still OK. While Nemtsov was never enough of a threat to even lock up…

  4. e sutton

    My first guess was that this was a CIA job. Elaine has lots of background knowledge about the CIA so I’m hoping she or one of her readers can possibly connect the dots on this assassination.

  5. emsnews

    They have a CCTV recording of the assassination and found the getaway car which has plates from a Muslim country.

  6. e sutton

    Last night, minutes after he was gunned down, I pulled up Wiki, which not only had him verified as being assassinated, but finger pointed squarely at Putin. Those Muslims are quick, I tells ya!

  7. Petruchio

    Why would Putin terminate Boris Nemtsov now? I mean, for one thing, wouldn’t Putin have had Nemtsov assassinated long before now, assuming Putin would do such a thing? Nemtsov in fact led a tiny opposition following, hardly enough for Putin to eventually target Nemtsov for termination–or liquidation as the Soviets used to call it. But the CIA, assassination is standard operating procedure. Now what other group chooses murder as a first response to its enemies? The US-sponsored puppet government in Kiev springs immediately to mind. Of course, as Elaine speculated, it could be a Russian mob hit for who knows what reasons. If Nemtsov’s death IS at the hands of the CIA and/or Kiev puppet government, would Putin retaliate? As in tit-for-tat? I’m certain the Russians have a “thug” division who are more than capable of seeking out CIA types who think they are safe Tensions between Russia and the US are likely high enough where the Russkies might just be PO’ed enough to extract some revenge on its enemies in the CIA.

  8. emsnews

    The VICTIM got CIA money from a front group that ‘promotes democracy’ sic.

    The same guys who sponsored the Kiev coup.

  9. e sutton

    Pet axes:

    But the CIA, assassination is standard operating procedure. Now what other group chooses murder as a first response to its enemies?

    Well, I don’t know. We could ask JFK, but…..

  10. emsnews

    The entire US foreign diplomacy operation is all about assassination. Our drones for example are total assassination machines.

  11. Christian W

    The MossadCIA are getting more aggressive.

    Besides the Charlie Hedbo farce (including the “suicide” of the top investigating officer) and the Boston bombings we have the recent murder of the lawyer in Argentine who was supposedly building a case against President Kirchner.

    Being a pawn in the MossadCIA game is getting dangerous.

  12. Christian W

    I’m certain the Russians have a “thug” division who are more than capable of seeking out CIA types who think they are safe Tensions between Russia and the US are likely high enough where the Russkies might just be PO’ed enough to extract some revenge on its enemies in the CIA.

    I thought the same, but this is just another in a long line of provocations and part of the war on Russia. So far Russia hasn’t taken the bait but no doubt the provocations will continue until one day Russia will have to answer with force.

    I expect another masterful diplomatic political response from the Russians. Whenever Putin gets one over the US/Zionist morons they go ape shit and come up with another depravity.

    What the MossadCIA are doing is poisoning and destroying international diplomacy.

    Exactly the same way the elites in the US destroyed democracy and even the possibility of a sane democratic debate (not that there was much but there was at least a little) they are now trying to destroy any possibility for a dialogue with Russia, meaning shutting out Germany once and for all from any possibility for a deal/alliance with Russia (as long as Russia still stands independent that is). Once diplomacy is dead all that remains is the final destruction of democracy in Europe and then the build up of NATO.

  13. emsnews

    Huge problem: China is on Russia’s side.

  14. Christian W

    Exactly, which is why the USZionists are so desperate to get rid of Putin and install a puppet regime in Russia. Once Russia is gone China will be too isolated. The Chinese understand this very well which is why they are supporting Putin.

  15. Being There

    Just thought I’d share a post of mine on another blog:
    Just a thought…..

    Time isn’t on our side.

    What a difference a few decades make. The US used to dream of greatness, now we dream of unending war.
    Kennedy: We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.”
    Now: We choose to go to war……
    First the Ukranian coup brought to you by the Neocons, continues…..
    PCR has an article to check out on the Nemtsov murder:

  16. Christian W

    Here Putin is talking about the possibility of a foreign government killing some opposition figure to discredit Putin – from TWO years ago.

    Note that this also perfectly describes the Charlie Hedbo killings.

  17. Jim R

    The publicity campaign may be the best indicator that this was all planned.

    Within minutes, the news was launched, everything from the Wiki page to the BBC doing an hour-long Nemtsov show today. With a definite ‘Putin did it’ theme… for someone who was almost unknown until now. They were all ready with the “je suis Boris” campaign. NPR announcer just called him “Boris Nemstov” … idiots.

    On the other hand, Porky’s nazi battalions shelling civilian neighborhoods and dropping white phosphorus — not so much. You only see the “anti-terrorist operation” in the Russian media. Does the International Red Cross send aid? Does Human Rights Watch comment on thousands of civilians blown to bits? Nope.

    But you’d think Nemtsov was Princess Diana from the pile of flowers in Moscow. By the way, there are protesters again in Kiev. It seems people are unhappy about the wrecked economy and having their kids conscripted as cannon fodder. Last year, there was always coverage of the Maidan there, but now – nothing.

    You can infer a lot from the ‘news’ (or lack thereof) and other publicity.

  18. Christian W

    Good points Jim.

    Last year at Maidan they had lots of toilets for the protesters, lots of cameras and lots of signs helpfully written in English for international media. Someone supported those ‘peaceful’ demonstrators with lots of money and lots of publicity.

    Just as someone flew in the “Pussy Riot grrrls” to London for PR stunts and lots of free first page publicity after their antics in Russia were used for anti-Putin propaganda.

    The whole system is so transparent and stinks to high heaven. Everything is co-opted into use by the rulers, if something is outside of elite control it gets demonized. Kerry just asked for more money to combat RT for example. The elites are trying to find a way to censor internet directly now (beyond manipulating Google search algorithms and having the Hasbara operators working on wiki).

  19. emsnews

    The Pussy Riot girls would have been killed if they did the church desecrations here. The Fremen naked demonstrators in Eastern Europe would be killed here, too.

  20. e sutton

    Thanks for the link, Christian W.

    Putin: “…..do not fall for this ploy….”

    When was the last time you heard something like that from one of our Western leaders?

    Oh, I don’t know. I’ll bite…..1961, Eisenhower’s farewell address???

  21. LOU

    ‘The Pussy Riot girls would have been killed if they did the church desecration’s here.’

  22. Christian W


    You have killer cops in the US in case you haven’t noticed.

  23. Seraphim

    What if Nemtsov was prepared to make an about-turn like Berezovsky and spill some beans about Kolomoysky or other dons? Or simply that it was reckoned that he knew to much for his own good and others? Or that the FSB had some incontrovertible data that he was receiving money from the dons for “plotting mass disturbances” (like in the case of Udaltsov) and was ready to expose them publicly?

  24. JT

    Putins enemies are being killed by Putin, you idiots.
    In Maidan square the orders from Moscow were to kill all demonstrators.
    The last resort in true FSB fashion. Ukrainians did not have the stomach for that.
    The plans in case of Janukovich failing; the occupation of Crimea and destabilization of eastern Ukraine were made in 2013 in Moscow.

    occam’s razor, you fools.

  25. Being There

    JT, don’t be so fast to call everyone an idiot. We spent $5 Billion through NGOs to cause the coup. You should research what Victoria Nuland said about overthrowing the Ukranian elected govt if it didn’t want to join the EU. Research a number of aspects of the Chevron logo behind her speech and check out where Hunter Biden is working.
    If you understand Neconservative and Neoloberal globalism you will understand that we do regime changes when we want puppets running former nation states. We don’t want competition and we don’t want strong leaders.
    Maybe when you call people names, look in the mirror.

  26. Jim R

    Putins enemies are being killed by Putin, you idiots.

    Which is precisely why this killing was not done by Putin. He had nothing to gain from it, since Nemtsov’s party was sort of like the Green party here. Nemtsov was no political threat to Putin at all. It looked more like a mob hit than anything.

    When Putin decides to off someone, it’s more like the Litvenenko case. An unmistakable, grotesque murder, with the perpetrator making a clean escape, while making it obvious that it was done by a bigger organization than the mob.

  27. emsnews

    Good lord, the CIA pays people to do assassinations ALL THE EFFING TIME and at NO TIME….EVER!!! has any US President been hauled into court for this.

    And yes, the CIA uses the Mafia to kill people like in the Kennedy assassination of the assassin case.

  28. Christian W

    Putin had no motive to kill Nemtsov. All the consequences for the murder are negative for him.

    It flies in the face of logic to believe Putin did something this nonsensical. Putin didn’t become Putin sitting at the top of the Kremlin hierarchy by being stupid and shooting himself in the foot.

    On the other hand Putin’s enemies, especially the foreign ones, have a long, long list of motives to embarrass Putin like this and paint him as the murderer in Kremlin.

  29. Christian W


    In Maidan the whole Russian stance was NOT to kill demonstrators. The police allowed themselves to be murdered by the Nazi thugs rather than start shooting demonstrators, they didn’t even shoot in self defense.

    There are videos on the internet that shows Maidan thugs murdering police officers with rocks and molotov cocktails and the police didn’t shoot.

    If the Russians wanted to shoot the demonstrators they would have made Maidan impossible from the start and cracked down hard.

  30. Christian W


    Here are some of your precious Bandera Nazis pretending to eat food made of “Russian babies”:

    These are your precious “freedom fighters” on Maidan square. These are the people in the National Guard the US is training. These are the people in the Death Squads murdering, raping and torturing people in Eastern Ukraine. These are the people oligarchs like Kolomoisky buy equipment for. These are the people in the Azov, Dnepr-1, Dnepr-2, Donbass etc volunteer battalions.

    NATO is simply training another batch of Nazi ISIS death squads.

    Sieg Heil!

  31. Being There

    Indeed, Christian W. Thanks for that.

  32. emsnews

    JT is in Finland and they had this big war with the Soviet Union so there is a lot of emotion there.

    Like Poland but then, we look way back in time and we can see the futility of pushing Russia into a major war with Europe. Good lord, talk about INSANE.

    History is crystal clear about this: DON’T DO IT. Will Europe learn?

    HA. After the first dozen lessons it seems: no.

  33. Christian W

    I’m also Finnish. My relatives fought the Soviets and then the Nazis in Lapland.

  34. Seraphim

    J(ewish) T(roll)?

  35. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Maybe he should be banned, you know, for expressing a dissenting view.

  36. Christian W

    Well he would be more interesting if he gave a more impressive argument than ‘Putin is bad’.

    The emblem of the Azov battalion:

    That is not my side. So much for democracy and freedom and human rights.

    Sieg Heil, JT

  37. Christian W

    Tbh, during WWII some Finns hated the Russians so much they joined the Waffen-SS. Also the Waffen-SS was used to train some Finnish officers and specialists in some tasks such as tank warfare on the eastern front.

    Come to think of it some Finns in the Waffen-SS actually fought the Red Army on the steppes in Ukraine in 1942…

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