Global Warmists Warn About Siberian Holes, Temperature Spikes While Blizzards Assail Mountains Outside LOS ANGELES!!! HAHAHA.

I read the news today, oh boy 
Dozens of holes in Siberia, Russia
And though the holes were rather small 
They had to count them all…Yes, there is always something that is driving the global warmists insane.  The holes in Siberia are the latest hysteria point.  This inability to see really dangerous weather patterns is part of the insanity afflicting the entire liberal/leftwing.  I warned them all way back last year that global warming was going to destroy what little is left of liberalism and it is happening exactly as I feared.

It is still very brutally cold far colder than normal for much of North America but the mainstream headlines barely mention this but instead continue to spew out many mega global warming alarm stories like this one:  More mysterious holes are appearing in Siberia — and scientists are freaked out –


But that doesn’t mean all is well, because this phenomenon, many were quick to note, is associated with the melting permafrost. And that’s something that’s been happening more often in northern Russia with global warming (temperatures in the region for 2012 and 2015 were 5 degrees warmer than average). Sure enough, just a few days later, a second and third hole were discovered nearby the first. And now, researchers are reporting that the craters are more widespread than they originally thought — findings that have them seriously freaked out.


Even things that are not melting are still melting like this story this week which is totally counter to reality since Antarctica is cooling down just like the Arctic and the Northern Hemisphere in general:



Here is how the cold looks from space:

Screen shot 2015-03-01 at 4.43.09 PM


Like in any cold cycle, the oceans are warmer than the land masses.  This goes under ‘Duh!’  At no point in any Ice Age did the bulk of the Atlantic and none of the Pacific Ocean froze.  The only part that froze was the parts around Northern Europe but not Siberia.  The North Pole is very frozen this winter, for example not to mention Hudson Bay and all the Great Lakes where there is no open water even in Lake Michigan.


The lunatics pushing global warming are already claiming that this winter is the warmest ever, as warm as last year’s extremely bitter winter.  Based nearly entirely on ocean temperatures, not land temperatures.  These idiots cannot figure out that Ice Ages start on land, not water.  Here is another screaming warning that we will roast to death that was published this week:  Will Looming Spikes Change Minds on Warming? Humanity is about to experience a historically unprecedented spike in temperatures. : Discovery News



That’s the ominous conclusion of a vast and growing body of research that links sweeping Pacific Ocean cycles with rates of warming at the planet’s surface — warming rates that could affect how communities and nations respond to threats posed by climate change.


With Pacific trade winds expected to slacken in the years ahead, the studies warn that seas will begin absorbing less of global warming’s energy, and that some of the heat they’ve been holding onto will rise to the surface.


“Their results make sense to me, and are consistent with other evidence,” National Center for Atmospheric Research scientist Kevin Trenberth, who has published research dealing with the relationship between Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) phases and surface warming, but who was not involved with either of the new studies, said.


This makes no sense at all.  But then, this is Mr. Trenberth, a well-known climate liar.  He wanted to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period and did this via fraud.  Like his buddies who conspired with him to eliminate all previous warm periods, he relies on data that he wrecks.  Why won’t the oceans absorb more heat?  Huh?  There is little heat on the continents!  What sort of world is this guy talking about?  It certainly isn’t the earth!


We don’t even have an el Nino during this entire sunspot maximum which is much weaker than the previous 4 solar warming cycles.  The ocean isn’t ‘rejecting heat’ it isn’t getting any heat from the sun!  At least, not enough to make an el Nino event.  For the last 2 years, NOAA has predicted an el Nino and it doesn’t happen.  They won’t give up on it.  Over and over again, the same futile prediction and anyone with a brain who knows that sunspot activity is vital for el Ninos, would be able to accurately predict only a very weak to no el Nino due to lack of sufficient sunspots.


It doesn’t take hardly any information to predict hot/cold cycles.  These follow an easy to chart pattern and they continue to behave exactly as we figured out in my father’s day.  Grandfather’s day!  Now, it is a mystery?  Obviously not.  The rules are still easy to see and solar experts are now warning that the sun is going into a weak solar cycle period which may be like the Little Ice Age in length and coldness.


Snow forecast for ALL 50 states because it is March and March was never supposed to be always below freezing where I live, it should be in the 40’s F.  Instead, it is near zero every night.


The average temperature in the Big Apple over the last four weeks has been 24F – 11 degrees below normal. New York joins other metropolitan areas such as Chicago and Pittsburgh, which have also experienced their most frigid February in decades.


As the mercury continues to plummet, ice breakers are being deployed by the US Coast Guard to create ferry and shipping lanes along the Hudson River in New York and the Delaware in Philadelphia.


The Germans were fooled into committing energy suicide several years ago but now are retreating from this and are building coal power plants like this one:  New Coal Power Station In Germany To Open This Week as Germany gives up on alternative energy.  50% of the energy now comes from coal power plants there. Here in the US, Obama EPA Issues Coal-Killing Rules To Cut Carbon Emissions 30 Percent because we are supposedly roasting to death.


Even in California, they aren’t roasting to death anymore. Winter Storm to Bring Snow, Rain, Cold to Southern California This Weekend so why the whining?  Aren’t they happy the drought is gone and the cold has returned? Health Warnings Issued as Snow, Rain, Extreme Cold Approach L.A.and like last year, Winter Storm Brings Rain, Snow to SoCal; Prompts Warning for Rose Parade WatchersPair of Storms Headed for Already Drenched Southern California and so…where is the ‘temperature spikes’ and ‘drought’????


Then there is this sharp letter written by people who have to make accurate predictions of weather, not fantasy lunatic scary stories based on nearly no information:

Screen shot 2015-03-01 at 5.01.10 PM

They want the left wing witch hunt to stop.  Thank you!  This leftist witch hunt embarrasses me.  I am a liberal but NOT insane.  And I hope I never hear California whine about the weather ever again.  They can all move to Chicago or Boston if they hate their climate so much.


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8 responses to “Global Warmists Warn About Siberian Holes, Temperature Spikes While Blizzards Assail Mountains Outside LOS ANGELES!!! HAHAHA.

  1. e sutton

    I really like your choice of music for this article. 🙂

  2. Lou

    ‘They want the left wing witch hunt to stop.’ Then go to a University and find a ‘Free Speech Zone’ and talk there.

  3. Mewswithaview

    Most of the “left” who support this do not realise how they are being used by the nuclear industry and oil companies. The oil companies know that solar and wind turbines can never reliably deliver power on demand so they are not going away, however the greens are eliminating their competition and by keeping energy prices high due to the green subsidies are supporting other energy companies profit margins. some in the oil industry have even proposed being paid to “bury carbon dioxide” while pumping oil and be paid for it, another subsidy i.e. wealth transfer from the poor to the rich.

  4. emsnews


    I own a forest. I am getting NOTHING for this and pay taxes on my land instead. I have said in the past, putting solar panels on roofs of homes in the hot south is good for summer cooling because the panels will run air conditioners and the sun is high in the sky and the people would own their energy and voila: no more need for extra energy during heat waves.

    But the key is the people own their solar systems! No rich person will gain from this so the government dumped my proposal way back in 1998.

    ABC news who was going to broadcast me talking about this suddenly called me and cancelled the interview telling me, ‘NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN SOLAR ENERGY.’

    These are the same clowns now running fake global heating stories!!!!

  5. Sunger

    Yes, Elaine, you are always right of course!

    It really truly makes perfect sense that ALL the scientists in the world decided to impose communism on the world so that they can steal all the world’s wealth and live in heated palaces. So, the scientists all agree that the best way to impose communism on the freedom loving people of America is to launch an endless series of scientific studies on atmospheric gases and their impacts.

    Of course, ALL the scientists in the world agreed to join the conpiracy to make up data about the climate and to never ever tell the truth ever because they need communism to steal all the wealth and live in heated palaces like Al Gore.

    And even climate scientists from opposing societies and competing institutions agree to keep the fraud going forever – even tho exposing frauds and scams and bad research is EXACTLY what scientific peer review demands.


    ELAINE: There is ‘peer review’ whereby global warming fanatics screen out ALL papers that clearly show this is a fraud. This happened to my own father, a famous scientist. The minute he wrote ‘The Sun is a variable star’ they censored him.

    This alarmed me greatly since he had been published since WWII.

    This is also why no ‘denialists’ ever are interviewed whenever the alarmists bring up yet another bogus alarm story.

    Many people are making lots of money off of this scam. Ever since the Bilderberg gang told third world dictators they would get oodles of CO2 tax money if they joined this fraud, they have happily done exactly that which is why this fraud is now global.


    It’s funny why Stalin never figured this out – why spend all that money on big tank armies & invasions when all he needed to do was get all these scientists to do 30 years of studies on climate gases and the triumph of communism would have been guaranteed.

  6. emsnews

    What a sad attempt at ‘snark’.

    Hate to pop your bubble but…everyone is on this gravy train and to get a ticket aboard it, all you have to do is claim your studies are about how global warming will do X Y and Z.

    If you want money to prove there is no ‘global warming’ and all the ‘climate change’ is due 100% to solar activity bouncing between lots of sun spots and fewer sun spots, you are kicked off the train, abused verbally, denied ANY money even one’s job at a university…

    So yes, this is a ‘conspiracy’ big time! Run by our rulers who have picked out ‘global warming’ as a population control tool.

    Unfortunately for them, the cold winters are defeating this conspiracy.

  7. Seraphim

    What about this?

    Global warming contributed to Syria’s 2011 uprising, scientists claim

    US study claims regime’s unsustainable agricultural policies meant drought led to collapse of farming in north-eastern region and triggered mass migration to cities and added to feelings of discontent

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