Netanyahu, Our Real President, Addresses Congress To Many Standing Ovations

Our real President, the guy who gets a near 100% of whatever he asks of Congress including lots of money and a religious war with a billion Muslims, came to his home base in DC to insult the puppet President with his diplomatic demands concerning Iran.  The Black Caucus Democrats all boycotted the ruler’s speech and didn’t do the obligatory jumping out of their seats repeatedly yelling, ‘Sieg Heil, Heil Israel!’ so they will probably be punished later by losing their seats in primaries in black neighborhoods who won’t understand how this system works in reality.


The Jews, far from worrying about how this open display of treason is highly dangerous as our country hurtles towards bankruptcy due to an ongoing trade deficit and gross overspending with low taxes, think this display is marvelous and that Americans should be happy they own Congress via AIPAC.  With the US media mostly praising our real President and chiding anyone who points out this is gross political corruption to a foreign power by yelling ‘anti-semitism!’ we have a left/right divide fracturing along many odd contrary-running lines.


For example, all good ‘liberals’ must believe the earth is roasting to death and we will all die unless we stop using fossil fuels even though we are sliding into a possible major Little Ice Age cycle.  Anyone refusing to believe this astonishing story of roasting to death while freezing cold is thrown to the wolves and attacked with fierce hatred by Congressional Democrats and our puppet President, Obama.


The right wing is realistic about the weather and I side with them on this vital life and death issue but are also religious war fanatics who back a war against a billion Muslims as a great idea despite all the defeats and destruction and war crimes.  Racism and fanaticism about sex issues characterizes the right wing and I am utterly and completely against this as I am against liberal racism which has eaten away at the black community and psyche also from the opposite end.


There are a lot of people who hate Muslims and blacks and I am not one of them.  I feel very badly for both who are being relentlessly pushed by forces outside of themselves into untenable positions by the ideological left and right.  This, combined with the NATO push towards war with nuclear Russia will cause WWIII to erupt along a thousand fronts simultaneously in the future and the global warmists who dream of 80% of humanity vanishing in a puff of smoke, their beloved goal of eliminating humans.


And the religious fanatics will get their Apocalypse, too.  What a crummy solution to diplomatic, economic and social problems indeed!


American media coverage of the warmongering speech by our foreign ruler is disgusting.  Like Hitler, Netanyahu is a ‘gifted orator’ according to this story:  AIPAC pummels Obama – The Washington Post


A slide projected onto the wall at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee gathering Monday contained a warning to delegates: “AIPAC is Bipartisan,” it said, next to an image of a Democratic donkey and Republican elephant in boxing gear. “Check your gloves at the door.”


They checked their gloves, all right — but less to practice bipartisanship than to pummel the Obama administration with bare knuckles. In the brawl between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Iran nuclear negotiations, AIPAC has joined congressional Republicans in siding wholeheartedly with the Israeli hard-liner.


Most Jews vote Democratic.  And then destroy anyone they elect by siding with their real President every time.  And destroying our Congress by agreeing that owning Congress via ‘donation’ and ‘speech fees’ bribery is a great way to get what Jews want.  All reforms of this corrupt system dies on the vine because the media is owned mainly by Zionists who want to keep this corruption rolling because it gives them immense power.


Our media owners hide a lot of news.  I read Jewish newspapers in Israel so I get a large number of these concealed stories such as stories about Jews rioting and attacking blacks, for example.  Despite more Jews being in the US than any other country, this news was no news in the US but was in Russia:  Jerusalem court allows Jewish prayer on Temple Mount in historic ruling — RT News.  This is going to cause more riots in the Palestinian neighborhoods and then will be another excuse to exclaim how stupid and violent Muslims are and then they will be brutally suppressed and moved into concentration camps.


Netanyahu compares Iran to Nazi Germany in long-awaited speech to Congress which doesn’t surprise me since he is a Hitler clone. The Jews have adamantly refused to understand that Hitler copied the Zionists way back in the 1920’s which is over 30 years later than the Zionist declaration that they had a divine right to annihilate anyone in the Holy Land and take over by force or tricks.


The ‘trick’ being the Rothschild loans to Britain which then invaded Palestine and took over and ran it but then reneged on the deal by keeping out floods of Jews who wanted to displace the natives entirely.  This led to terrorism and war with the Jews attacking the British while the British fought the Nazis from Germany.


Chinese diplomat tells West to consider Russia’s security concerns over Ukraine | Reuters warns us.  As I predicted, China is now siding more and more with Russia for a wide variety of reasons.  Japan’s fascist surge and military adventurism backed by the US military and American demands that China be militarily weak while the US has a gigantic military budget.


List of countries by military expenditures – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 6.32.31 AM

U.S. Air Force officials say budget cuts and non-stop war have threatened U.S. air superiority so of course, we have to spend even more billions on this item.  UK defence spending ‘concerns’ US Army chief Raymond Odierno as the US pushes for war in Europe while our ‘allies’ there refuse to spend money on warmongering but cheerfully meddle with Russia.   US military chief: Britain cannot cut more troops but Britain isn’t preparing for war, they are preparing to push the US into wars.  As is all EU leaders who think we are the tool of their own diplomacy with no say here at home about paying for all this.


Foreign governments gave millions to foundation while Clinton was at State Dept. because she is a traitor as are most of our political leaders.  Anyone who doesn’t whore themselves to foreign powers is either assassinated or our Zionist media attacks them ferociously.  Remember Howard Dean?  His ‘scream’ was pure propaganda designed to embarrass and belittle him.


Remember Jimmy Carter?  He also defied the foreign powers and our media, on the rarest occasions when mentioning him, talk about him in the nastiest way possible but at this point, he is never mentioned at all.


Hillary Clinton ‘used an unsecured personal email account for her four years as Secretary of State – and then her aides decided which correspondence to hand over for the public record’ because the secret emails and cables and phone calls are all about her conspiring with foreign powers to do sneaky, illegal things and commit war crimes as did Bush Jr.’s Secretary of State and staff.


And here we are stuck with another Clinton/Bush campaign both of which are foreign power puppets and both of which are Bilderberg gangsters who conspire at secret meetings to decide our fates and which wars we must fund and fight.  And this is TREASON.


And a warning to liberals: WWIII will cause a nuclear winter.  An ancient Chinese curse: may your wishes come true and if global warming scares you’all, this solution will be ten million times scarier.


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58 responses to “Netanyahu, Our Real President, Addresses Congress To Many Standing Ovations

  1. melponeme_k

    Everywhere I read about the Israeli in Congress, there were comments of protest from US citizens.

    Believe me, the majority of Americans weren’t happy about this visit. But the news sites are so strictly monitored now, they turned us all into happy, happy Potemkin villagers.

  2. emsnews

    Yes, the few papers that permit comments including the Washington Post, 80% of these are from angry voters.

  3. vengeur

    ALL of republican talk radio were fawning over Netanhoohoo’s presence and speech. It is really disgusting. The Zionists play the white republicans like a cheap fiddle. The Zionists shit on everything white and conservative, but the dumb-asses ALWAYS fall for the Zionist line of shit. True conservatives like Pat Buchanan have been eliminated from the republican party. He once said that Capitol Hill is occupied israeli territory. Obama is TRYING to do the right thing here, but he will get NO support from the mind numbed flag wavers on the right. The Zionist policy is simple: fight our wars for us with your men and your money.

  4. emsnews

    Yes, I visited the right wing sites and they all want to die in the coming Apocalypse.

    Yes, they really do think a war with a billion angry Muslims who never surrender is a splendid idea and having a nuclear war with Russia and China even better.

    The liberals who are ‘antiwar’ are just as bad for the exact same reasons, by the way. This thoroughly disgusts me.

  5. Petruchio

    @Elaine: you write,”The right wing is realistic about the weather and I side with them on this vital life and death issue but are also religious war fanatics who back a war against a billion Muslims as a great idea …” Do you think the warmongers actually are promoting these wars against Muslims due to some kind of religious convictions? Really?? I think it’s much simpler than that. I think there is NO religion in the warmongers motivation at all–unless you consider the lust for Power and Profit a form of religion. Yes, there are some End Timers waiting for The Rapture, but imho these folks merely provide cover for the elites wet dreams of World Conquest and Control. With these guys–most of them–it isn’t about Jesus, it’s about worship of the ‘almighty’ dollar and the power that goes with it. That said, I think the loyalty to providing Israel with everything Nuts-and-a-yahoo wants is more about bribes and blackmail than the belief that Israelis are: God’s Chosen People.. Most members of Congress, those in other forms of the US government are not, imho deep-thinking ideologues with some kind of vision for the world. These guys are simple, sociopathic criminals mainly interested in lining their pockets by any means possible. Note how many MC’s are millionaires–and the list is growing.

  6. JimmyJ

    US oil inventory highest in 80 years. More evidence of imminent war against Russia?

    ” The fact of the matter is we are running out
    of storage capacity in the U.S.,” Ed Morse,
    head of commodities research at Citibank,
    said at a recent symposium at the Council
    on Foreign Relations in New York.

  7. MH17 stuff, it is russian but chrome translates well enough to get thegist of it.

  8. Christian W


    Interesting. They are saying that the damage found on the engines is consistent with the damage from air-to-air missiles. Also there is supposed to be a part of an Russian made air-to-air missile (R-60M) among the pieces of wreckage.

    In other words, the MH17 was downed by a fighter jet (ie the Ukrainians) and not by a Buk missile from the ground.

  9. Seraphim

    @Petruchio, Re: “it isn’t about Jesus”

    It never was. It is about:

    ‘a future Jewish king from the Davidic line, who will be “anointed” with holy anointing oil, to be king of God’s kingdom, and rule the Jewish people during the Messianic Age. In Judaism, the Messiah is not considered to be God or a pre-existent divine Son of God. He is considered to be a great political leader that has descended from King David. That is why he is referred to as Messiah ben David, which means “Messiah, son of David”. The messiah, in Judaism, is considered to be a great, charismatic leader that is well oriented with the laws that are followed in Judaism…
    Belief in the eventual coming of a future messiah is a fundamental part of Judaism, and is one of Maimonides’ 13 Principles of Faith. Maimonides describes the identity of the Messiah in the following terms:

    And if a king shall arise from among the House of David, studying Torah and occupied with commandments like his father David, according to the written and oral Torah, and he will impel all of Israel to follow it and to strengthen breaches in its observance, and will fight God’s wars, this one is to be treated as if he were the anointed one. If he succeeded and built the Holy Temple in its proper place and gathered the dispersed ones of Israel together, this is indeed the anointed one for certain, and he will mend the entire world to worship the Lord together, as it is stated: “For then I shall turn for the nations a clear tongue, so that they will all proclaim the Name of the Lord, and to worship Him with a united resolve (Zephaniah 3:9).”… In Judaism, there is no specific time when the messiah comes. Rather, is the act of the people that determines when the messiah comes (in other words they decide when the apocalyptic war would come!)”.

    Jesus said that His Kingdom is not of this world.

  10. Pontiff Holysh*t

    in other words they decide when the apocalyptic war would come!

    Did that Maimonides dude come up with that?

    I’ll think I’ll start the cult of Pontiff Holysh*t.

    Oh, wait, there already is one.

  11. Seraphim

    @the cult of Pontiff Holysh*t.

    You will be the only worshiper.

  12. Petruchio

    “The Zionist policy is simple: fight our wars for us with your men and your money.” Indeed. The blackmail the Israelis have on our DC rulers must be VERY powerful because the Israelis are vulnerable Big Time. Think about it. If the US were to grow a pair and tell Israel: “Kiss your $90 billion in monetary support and we are cancelling your armaments orders effective right NOW. Then you would have a MUCH more even fight in the Middle East. Israel wouldn’t have the US of A–and its 7th Fleet–to hide behind. It would have to deal with Iran as an equal, more or less. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch? And that would be just for starters. There are a number of groups that DREAM of the day when Israel can no longer hide behind the US. The Hezbollah would be overjoyed to learn that Israel is now without a sugar daddy.

  13. Floridasandy

    I think it is ridiculous that democrats chose to boycott the speech, like grade children. Their main job is to protect us and they don’t even get that right. You need to hear all sides of an issue to make intelligent decisions, but we don’t have that anymore.Obama pretending that he didn’t have time for it is equally ridiculous.

    After seeing all the Muslim ugliness lately, beheadings, kidnapping children, and setting people on fire, I think it is good to have at least one ally in that powderkeg region. The terrorist on trial in Boston is another reason we need to keep our borders shut, and our president has been useless on that. Who is trying to start a war by letting anybody into the country? Any terrorist attack would have to be addressed and everybody knows that’ so don’t pretend he is anti war, especially since he is sending a battalion to Ukraine. Mostly he seems just anti US protection and pro Iran advancement.

    As for Iran, any country that openly threatens to annihilate another country is seriously frightening, and some of these liberals here who can’t wait for Israel’s annihilation might just be sorry that they got what they wanted from a group of “religious” terrorists who capitalize on hatred of some countries. That kind of jingoism is how we got world war two.

  14. Let me add, isn’t it interesting that extreme liberals dislike religious zealots of any sort except Muslim ones. Annihilate Israel and see what that emboldens them to do next. Destroy Israel and they will still be killing in Africa, France, England, Belgium, etc.

    Any country that allows.Muslim immigration winds up with a problem. Let them stay where they already are until they find a way to behave peaceably in the other countries.

    That doesn’t make the right wing pro war either, just realizing that there seems to be a growing problem out there that has ALREADY taken the lives of thousands of Americans in case you forgot.

    The media has been so pro Muslim it isn’t funny-they wouldn’t even call the soldier murders terrorism.

  15. emsnews

    Jews in Israel are attacking Christian churches and Christians in general and for the EXACT same reasons the fascist Muslim radicals are doing this.

    The hate religions is THE GOD THEY ALL WORSHIP. This ‘god’ likes to annihilate people and has boasted about this for thousands of years!

    It also hates women.

    Christianity is the same, by the way. Christians have waged very violent religious wars against each other and we see this today in Ukraine, for example. The Protestant/Catholic wars in Europe killed of a quarter of the population of Germany, for example, not to mention the million dead in Ireland.

    The history of this hate filled god is long and very bloody.

  16. Pontiff Holysh*t


    All I would have to do is use sorcery to perform a few cheesy “miracles” and I would have armies of weak-minded followers.

  17. Lou

    Pontiff, check out ‘Sathya Sai baba’ and ‘Sai Baba Fraud’.

  18. Petruchio

    Guess who was given a front row seat, courtesy of the Republicans, to hear “Nuts-and-a-Yahoo’s” speech before his employees in Congress? Sheldon Adelson. Well why not? Adelson controls Congress to his liking. Adelson may as well show up. I’m surprised they didn’t give Adelson the House Speakers seat, telling that bootlicking lackey Boehner to go stand in the corner during the speech.

  19. Christian W

    Sheldon Adelson owns Netanyahu, according to Uri Averny (veteran Israeli politician)

  20. Pontiff Holysh*t

    All religions are frauds.

    Religion is possibly the oldest and most effective form of mass mind control ever devised.

  21. Petruchio

    I don’t think religion itself is the fraud. The folks who shout, “Praise be to (insert the name of your favorite god here)!” that’s the problem. It’s not the religion that’s at fault. It’s the cynical sociopaths who masquerade as religious–and then commit all sorts of atrocities against humankind in god’s name that’s the real problem. History is filled with people who had personal agendas, but disguised them as doing it in the name of god’s will. Don’t blame god, that’s a cop out. Put the blame where it belongs, with the humans.

  22. CK

    But Petruchio old boy, God made humans. It is His fault. He is to blame. He made two things that should have worked properly and he flubbed it.
    His experiment succeeded from my point of view; woman
    sucked up to her natural ally the snake, ate of the apple of sexual knowledge, and then the woman suckered Adam into doing the reproductive thing … and the old man in the sky got all verklempt.

  23. CK

    For your viewing horror or pleasure

  24. emsnews

    The phallic power a woman has over feeble men!!! 🙂

  25. Christian W

    Yeah, men often think with their dick, don’t they (just ask Nemtsov)….

  26. emsnews

    And often we women don’t think with anything at all…. 🙂

  27. Seraphim


    Let’s add a bit (perhaps boring for people who know all) of scholarship:

    ” Zion theology comprised three core, though originally independent but
    mutually reinforcing, beliefs.
    First, God had made eternal promises regarding the perpetuity of the Davidic dynasty. Davidic kings were God‘s anointed earthly representatives.
    Though relevant to Zion theology, not least because of the idea of eternal kingship of the Davidic line was related to the eternal kingship of God at his temple, this paper will primarily focus on the next two aspects of Zion theology.
    Second, God had chosen Zion (i.e., Jerusalem) as his earthly abode and that evidence was visibly manifest through the physical structure of the Jerusalem temple, the symbol of God‘s enduring presence. As long as the temple stood, God‘s glory was undeniably there. Third, God was a divine warrior who provided unassailable protection against all antagonistic forces natural or human. This protection was believed to extend from the temple to encompass the entire city of Jerusalem and by extension all her citizens….
    The Israelites appear to have borrowed the idea of Zion from the Canaanites. Canaanite religious tradition believed that their god, Baal, was a warrior god who triumphed over all nations and over all nature. He subdued the forces of chaos at creation. Once victorious, Baal entered into his earthly
    abode atop a high mountain against which no nation or foe could ever assail him. In the Canaanite tradition,this mountain is known as Mt. Zaphon, situated in the northern reaches of ancient Canaanite territory on the
    Mediterranean coast. Eventually, Israelites, who appear to be culturally, religiously, and linguistically related to the Canaanites, transferred these theological ideas to their own holy mountain (Mt. Zion), a high ridge in the city of Jerusalem.
    In addition to the Israelites metaphorically transferring Canaanite Mt. Zaphon to Mt. Zion in Jerusalem, Israelites also adopted and adapted the motif of the Canaanite divine warrior to their own national god, known as Yahweh. As the divine warrior, God overcomes the primordial waters of chaos at creation (see Genesis 1:1) and then sits in majestic glory in his mountain top abode where nothing can assail his impenetrable presence.
    As the divine warrior, God‘s attributes envelope Mt. Zion (equated with the temple in Jerusalem) as the geographical theophany of God‘s invincible supremacy. [when] the kings of the nations come to fight against God, [they] see God‘s glory as evident by the city and the temple, they turn and flee.”

    Ancient Israelite Zion Theology, Judeo-Christian Apocalypticism, And Biblical (Mis)interpretation: Potential Implications for the
    Stability of the Modern Middle East, byTaylor Halverson (@

    Now, this Baal had a female consort Astarte, Astoreth, Ishtar. Astarte was connected with fertility, sexuality, and,guess what…WAR.

  28. Petruchio

    “And often we women don’t think with anything at all…. :)” Elaine: is that why women have such a hard time making up their mind? HAHA….

  29. Petruchio

    CK: “But Petruchio old boy, God made humans. It is His fault. He is to blame. ” You ever think that God should have used something other than Adam’s rib to create woman!!?? HAHA….

  30. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Since Muslims are making life so difficult for the “good people”, i.e., the white christians, why don’t we combine religion and militarism and make a blood pact to wage never ending war until they are all wiped out? What can possibly go wrong?

  31. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Religion is like a box for the mind. Every bit of useful information one wants to use has to fit. If it doesn’t, there are two options: trim down the knowledge, or poke holes in the box.

    Obviously, the simplest solution is to eliminate the box.

    Elaine suffers from this. Nature worship clouds her ability to figure out how to stop the Apocalypse.

    The only god(dess) more evil than the christian god is mother nature.

  32. emsnews

    Mother Nature’s other name is Reality and she is a bitch. 🙂

  33. Jim R

    If “white Christians” are such important, special people, why is TEOC blowing so many of them to bits in the Donbass?

  34. Christian W

    Mother Nature is only evil from the perspective of the personal ego, which has a habit of trying to be a deity and control freak all on it’s puny own.

    When the personal ego finds out it is doesn’t register at all in the great scale of things… well then it can either accept that fact, or more commonly, go nuts trying to grow large enough to conquer Reality. In other words people, especially people fixated on power, go loopy trying to inflate their ego as much as they can in order to dominate everything and everyone.

    This is of course a complete illusion by the ego which creates a lot of delusional people. These delusional people have a tendency to climb to the top of the human ape chain because that makes them feel powerful and in control, which the ego likes as it then can pretend it is more powerful than Reality.

    We see a lot of such people amongst our military, financial, political and cultural “leaders”. Another trick the ego uses, if it isn’t in a position to rise to the top, is to identify with a “group” as “better” than another group because then “you” are better than “them” (see racism, nationalism, patriotism, superiority politics (Zionism, Nazism eg), sports rivalries, class divisions and on and on).

    Mother Nature is a fantastic resource, without her we wouldn’t exist after all. She is endlessly creative and an eternal resource. Human beings, however, thanks to our immature egos, have a tendency to forget that we exist within her, and thanks to her. We think that if we go ape shit on our little planet on the fringe of everything we will somehow become deities and control the whole show – HAHHAHAHAHA 🙂

    Parts of us already are divine as we are part of the Divine Mother Nature, how could we not be since we exist within her and thanks to her? We are ultimately spiritual beings. But that part is not the personal ego, which is but a little cloud of energy that forms and comes and goes with the formation and dissolving of the personal body.

    However the personal ego and the human mind can become quite dazzling to themselves, transfixing and hypnotizing people. Most people live in this state from an early age. They then view Mother Nature from this glorious fixation creating a separate “I” to “it” and making judgements and trying to “fix” “it”, which of course we have to do, up to a point, so we can be healthy and live in safety and comfort. All creatures try to do this as part of their life cycle.

    The problems start when we try to do “more”. This is where the story of Adam and Eve and the fall from Eden comes in. The fruit of “Knowledge” should really read “Desire” because what the Adam and Eve story is talking about is personal Desire for Empowerement (Endless Power of Mother Nature ie everything and everyone).

    This takes us back to my first sentence, the bite of the Apple of Knowledge (Desire) is the birth of the personal Ego and the Desire to have Knowledge to Dominate Mother Nature.

    The Woman Eve, was used as a metaphor for Desire (the Snake/Devil), since Men Desire Women. Of course it is the Ego in a typical maneouver that blames the Women for this Desire, creating the first step in a Hierarchy of Power. That is the Ego (male in this case) trying to Dominate again and rise in the Power Pyramid and ultimately control “the bitch” Mother Nature…

    Ho hum.

  35. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Even Einstein was afflicted. Even though he managed to dispense with most of the baggage of the mind associated with religion, his beliefs regarding what he referred to as “God” interfered with his ability to ponder the uncertainty principle.

    Obviously religion served some evolutionary purpose at some point. But failure to adapt has caused the extinction of 99.9% of all species that ever existed.

    Unfortunately for those that care, religion by and large has its own solution: eternal life after death.

    Um, yeah.

    Anyone trained in fighting that has learned how pathetically easy it is to kill someone even in unarmed combat should be able to grasp the futility of this way of life. I.e., anyone can do it!

    Maybe there still is a way to stop the Apocalypse.

    Humans have consciousness. Consciousness means freewill, as opposed to complete slavery to nature, god, the military, or whatever.

  36. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @# 34:

    Well, my “personal ego” is what makes me, me. You better believe I am separate from nature! I can be “one with nature” after I’m dead.

    Then I will be “divine”.

    In the mean time, f*ck mother nature.

  37. CK

    @EMS I think it is vaginic availability. Phallic power is a trainable attribute if a man wishes to spend the time and energy and hours and hours of practice. 10,000 hours of thrusting and studying and playing the fields should do it. ( 10,000 hours is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year for 5 years without a potty break.)

    For all their lives women attempt to control 100% of the pussy in the world, by the time they reach their late 60’s they also control approx. 100% of the wealth. It’s a long term win win for the wimmen.
    Consider the Chosen’s design choices: he puts the playground just inches away from the waste disposal outlets, the maximum speed is reduced, the teeth and fingernails are useless as protective devices, the brain is only 10% available to the brain owner but uses almost 35% of the owner’s energy supply, the theft of a sparerib was a mere bagatelle in the overall schema of poor design.
    Von Struck’s painting is beautiful is she not? Now for your delectation another image of Lilith.

  38. emsnews

    Most of our brains use up their energy trying to stand erect.

    I KID YOU NOT. 🙂

    This is why when we go prone (to sleep) the excess brain energy goes into dreaming instead.

  39. CK

    Just a fun aside, in Oct. 2001 I was in NYC for the launch of windows XP, some of us went to a club down in alphabet city for a few drinks and the Lady with the Snake show after the launch day was over. The Lady did not look like Lilith ( she was less zaftig ) nor did the snake look like Von Stuck’s idealized snake; but the show was fun and the drinks were not watered

  40. Petruchio

    CK: point taken. I mean, look at what Cain did to Abel. Talk about fighting kids! Well you know what the Bible says will happen to us all: “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. Just recall what Adam said to god when confronted with his sin of eating the forbidden apple: “That woman. She tricked me.”And so the battle of the sexes begins, HAHA. Wonderful painting, btw. Thanks for sharing it.

  41. emsnews

    Only Adam and Eve were eating mastodons, not apples. 🙂

  42. Jim R

    And Cain and Abel married red-headed Neanderthal women. 😉

  43. emsnews

    They met at a volcanic hot tub, too. 🙂 In France, of course.

  44. Seraphim

    There are myths (undocumented) of some (undocumented) tribes in some jungle (cut down some unknown time ago) which present a different variant of the creation of the Woman. When Adam was asleep and had one of the five-six episodes of Nocturnal Penile Tumescence, God took one of his ribs and stuck it on the NPT around which He molded the form of Eve. Of course in his sleep Adam was dreaming of Lilith (Hebrew for “night creatures”, “night monster”, “night hag”, or “screech owl”). Imagine his relief and joy when he woke up and was presented with a real, tangible, fleshy doll.

  45. Floridasandy

    “The most beautiful and most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. So to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that which is impenetretrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms-this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousNess.-Einstein.

    I feel that people who think they are the highest power are missing out on a lot of depth in their lives.

    Petruchio, it figures that Adam blamed Eve for HIS decision making process, but I guess we are all in this together now. 🙂

  46. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @ #45

    I never claimed that I thought I was the highest power, only that I refuse to worship it, whatever it is.

    It’s not that I don’t necessarily believe in God, its just that I think God’s an asshole! 😀

    But I’ll grant that doping up on mysticism or religion has advantages over drugs and booze, at least.

    And I am already aware that science and the occult are often closely related.

  47. Petruchio

    floridasandy: Oh c’mon now. Who took a bite out of the apple first, Adam or Eve? HAHA. Women are devious. All men know this. LOL.

  48. CK

    If I don’t want kids getting into the expensive single malts, I remove the expensive stuff when the kids are near.
    One wonders why God who did not want the kids munching on the fruit of the tree of knowledge failed to harvest the fruit before the kid’s friend showed up.
    Passive aggressive Gods are usually female creations. Compare Odin to any of the gods of the peoples of the Book.
    I have admired both those images for years. The way the Snake’s eyes and Lilith’s eyes stare into yours in the first pic. When you stare into magnificence remember that magnificence stares into you.

  49. emsnews

    Thor simply throws lightning and has hit me three times.

    I don’t worship HIM but take strong measures to avoid him. 🙂

    By the way, all the strikes that hit me were INDOORS including one bolt blasting through a brick wall and hitting me.

  50. Seraphim

    @ I think God’s an asshole!

    Through which comes a …Holysh*t.

  51. CK

    I asked him about that, he likes you it was just shows of affection.

  52. emsnews

    Yes, Thor just loved me in a rather abusive way. 🙂

  53. Petruchio

    CK: Ye , it’s a lovely pic. Very intense. Thanks again for posting it.
    Elaine: ever wonder what Thor’s Hammer is symbolic for/ HAHA All men want to have a “Hammer” that powerful. (Of course, the Lightening bolts are symbolic for something else, HAHA. Very amusing symbolism, imho.

  54. CK

    Thor thinks of it as passionate rough and tumble slap and tickle. Gods can’t live with em, can’t kill em.

  55. emsnews

    In Greek mythology the humans were always rightfully terrified if a god wanted some sex with them. 🙂

  56. CK

    Thor don’t do greek. Zeus on the other hand does a fantastic swan imitation just ask Leda.
    If I had his hammer, I’d hammer in the morning
    I’d hammer in the evening
    I’d hammer in the afternoon
    I’d hammer at teatime
    and elevenses
    and brunch
    and vespers
    and matins
    and when the rains came
    and when the climates changed
    all over this world.
    And after 10,000 hours of hammering I would finally compete for an Olympic gold medal in the team hammering competition. Only to loose to a natural hammerer with innate skillz and a snake for a partner’s assistant.

  57. emsnews

    Hey, hammer throwing is an Olympic sport in honor of Thor! 🙂

  58. Jim R

    A well-gounded lightning rod is called for, then.

    Contrary to popular belief, the rod does not attract lightning, but it dissipates the air ionization charge in the vicinity of the rod.

    Even more important if you have solar panels… lightning’s not good for them.

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