DC Cherry Blossoms Will Be Super Late Due To Global Cooling

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Here is my home buried in snow that goes up over 4 feet with snow drifts up to 7 feet.  We just had yet another ice/snow storm and I have literally run out of places to push the snow and have to shovel off the roof now due to the ice and weight.  This is true throughout the Northeast this winter and spring is around the corner and the global warmists are screaming nonstop that we are going to roast to death, even with huge proof this isn’t our fate.


Think spring: Cherry blossoms expected to hit peak bloom April 11-14 – The Washington Post: average peak bloom is April 4th.  The last two years the peak bloom was later than the average.  Earliest bloom was in 2000, March 17th and this was following directly the huge el Nino event the year before.


In the last five years, the length of the blooming has declined greatly.  From 17 days to only 9 days with this year probably going to be the shortest of all. In 2012, the global warmists were in hysterics claiming we would all die of heat due to D.C.’s cherry blossoms have shifted 5 days … – Washington Post so we had to save them all by having colder weather.


Press release for “Smithsonian Scientists Find Global Warming to be Major Factor in Early Blossoming Flowers in Washington”/Dept. of Botany, NMNH, SI and of course, 30 years ago was our mini Ice Age of the 1970’s.  Now that the blooms are back where they were back then, NO HEADLINES blaming this on global cooling.


So, global warming made them open early and global cooling has nothing to do with them opening later and later.


Smithsonian scientists Stanwyn Shetler, Mones Abu-Asab, Paul Peterson, and Sylvia Stone Orli examined botanical data collected by more than 125 individuals over a 30-year period beginning in 1970 in order to reach their findings. Data was obtained at sites in Washington, D.C., Arlington, Virginia, Beltsville, and Silver Spring, Maryland and other regional locations.


“This trend of earlier flowering is consistent with what we know about the effects of global warming,” said Dr. Stanwyn Shetler, botanist with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. “When we compared the records from the Smithsonian study with local, long-term temperature records we discovered statistically significant correlations. The minimum temperature has been going up over these years and the early arrival of the cherry blossoms appears to be one of the results.”


These three musketeers  are in total hysterics about early blooms so where are they in the news today?  SILENT.  Not a peep from this trio of truants.  As we see the ground frozen solid a week before the earlier blooms in the past, why aren’t these fakers out there telling us they were totally wrong about it getting warmer and warmer?


None of their papers ever mention global cooling when discussing ‘climate change’.  The fraud of using this term to describe the normal warm/cool cycles is obvious since NO papers by these clowns ever discusses colder temperatures.   The Smithsonian paper written by this witless trio even whines about how warmer weather would make allergies worse, oh my.


No mention of the horrors of super cold weather and frozen ground!  NOTHING grows with that weather and instead of allergies we have people freezing to death instead.  No climate ‘scientists’ are studying that problem.  They could easily do this at my mountain.  I will assist them by making them do their research while wearing swim suits.  It will be only -3º tomorrow.


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22 responses to “DC Cherry Blossoms Will Be Super Late Due To Global Cooling

  1. Jim R

    Now, now, Elaine.

    You’re not allowed to use ‘global’ with that, it’s just a little chilly weather.

    And the temperature is really 254° … Kelvin. 😉 take care.

    (by the way it’s chilly in Texas this year … usually we have had the last freeze by now, but they are predicting sleet for tomorrow)

  2. Lou

    Off topic.

    Yahoo News pushes Pit Bulls so.
    Here is a 175 pit that plays w a baby.


  3. emsnews

    I designed and built it myself and with family working on it. So it was ‘cheap’. 🙂

  4. Lou

    If all yr heat was from wood and you bought all that wood, what would yr heating bill this winter amount to?

  5. John

    Oh, you’ve got an awesome house, Elaine.

    And the image of forcing climate scientists to do research, in your snow filled yard, in their skivvies, is priceless.

    Here in Memphis, we just got 3 inches of snow, sleet, and frozen rain. March 5. Memphis, Tennessee. Global warming my ass. 🙂

    Just say no to bankster driven, carbon credit, propaganda nonsense.

  6. joseppi

    May this provide you with some consolatory and empathetic warmth from Hawaii…………..


  7. shecky

    This is what happens when scientists cherry-pick their data.

  8. JimmyJ

    Zero Hedge has a nice article on the Ponzi bond bubble of $ 100 trillion continuing to force ZIRP or we are all doomed… Doomed!


  9. CK

    Expecting another 6-8″ of snow today after an evening of rain. Last winter was horrid with snow, this winter is more horrid with cold, black ice, and enough overcast grey days to give anyone a case of SAD.

  10. Christian W


    (I’m having problems posting comments for some reason)

  11. Christian W

    Hm, I can’t post comments linking to Sputnik news…

  12. Christian W

    Nope doesn’t work, the entire post disappears into cyberspace…

    Anyhow I was linking to an article that says the US military has already started to train the Nazis in Lvov (Lvov is a huge center of Nazism in Kiev Ukraine).

  13. Christian W

    Here is an example of free speech in Israel that would never see the light of day in the US MSM:

    http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4633404,00.html (the video)

  14. emsnews

    Sometimes links don’t post. Happens at all the blogs, we can’t do anything about this. It is most irritating.

    If you simply give the name of the web site and title of the article, I often look it up. I speed type so this doesn’t bother me, I write very,very fast.

  15. Christian W

    S putnik.news com is the name of the news service. Seems a more aggressive version of RT from the little I have seen 🙂

    Wow, anything with S putniknew.com doesn’t seem to go through. Trying it again with separated letters, obviously it is one name.

  16. Christian W

    Yep, there we go… Things like this makes me wonder if there is a filter somewhere.

  17. emsnews

    The CIA is doing it. Must be a Soviet trick, posting sputnik stuff online.

    Remember: the US was the one who was always ahead in the space race! So anyone differing has to be eliminated.

    (an inside NASA joke by a NASA brat, namely, myself…i have many fond memories of the space race and how agitated the rocket guys were here in the US)

  18. emsnews

    Oh, and did you know the NAVY was in control of our rocket program once upon a time? 🙂

    This was why my dad was made a naval officer with zero naval training during WWII.

  19. emsnews

    And this was due to Roosevelt being a Navy man, himself? Seriously! My dad went from being a California Institute of Technology rocket expert to a naval officer in one hour, at the White House.

  20. Christian W

    Was that because the Navy was traditionally into rocket artillery?

  21. Christian W

    @20 Aha 🙂

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