Liberals Can’t Figure Out Why Most Americans Don’t Worry About Global Warming

▶ Delta plane slides off runway at LaGuardia Airport New york Plane Crash 2015 – YouTube and it is easy to see why: the airport is covered with ice and snow and it was near 0ºF.  I remember the global warming march in Manhattan.  The leftists in that march demanded that we have this sort of weather and here it is!  Victory for the left.  People are dying thanks to this, all over the place and there are blizzards all over Asia, too, killing people.  But Europe is sort of warm!  Here is a left wing article that woefully doesn’t understand what is going on and thinks US citizens don’t have enough global warming propaganda so are not ‘aware that we are in danger of being too hot.’


Here is a thoroughly delusional article in a very left wing publication that utterly misunderstands what is going on in the Land of Harsh Reality:  Is the U.S. Mainstream Media’s Climate Coverage Criminal? | Global Research


A Washington Post story, reporting the results of a Pew Research poll in 2013, headlined its story, “Americans Are Less Worried about Climate Change than Almost Anyone Else.” In 2014, a poll of 20 wealthy countries found that America leads the world in climate denialism, with 52 percent of the U.S. population stating that climate change is a natural phenomenon (rather than being the result of burning fossil fuels) and denying that the world is headed for environmental disaster unless it quickly changes its habits.3


The ‘habits’ we must change is to live in Tiny Houses@ and not drive cars and eat meat.  We are to emulate North Korea.  Literally, not figuratively.


Why is the United States first in climate complacency? According to leading climate scientist James Hansen, there is in this country “a huge gap between the public’s understanding of the situation and the scientific understanding.”4 But why does this gap exist in America?


Physicist Joe Romm, who started the website Climate Progress, has written that, although “our scientific understanding of business-as-usual projections for global warming has changed dramatically,” the U.S. public largely “remain in the dark about just how dire the situation is. Why? Because the U.S. media is largely ignoring the story,” which Romm called “the story of the century, if not the millennium.”5


Hardly an hour of a day goes by without our media owners blasting at us about ‘climate change’ and how we are all going to roast to death.  Endless scare stories appear, Every day, Google News has a global warming story and the one up right now is this one:  First El Niño Weather Pattern Since 2010 Arrives, But Far Too Weak To Help …what?


Oh, California to get RAIN!!!  There are NO stories about the huge, gigantic, severe, killer blizzard that is blasting a huge swath of the US but not California.  It is like we don’t exist.  The left hasn’t figured this out: 85% of the US is FREEZING TO DEATH.  It is COLD.  And last year was very cold, too.


The Great Lakes are frozen but that won’t appear in Google News.  Or the New York Times or anywhere outside of Fox TV.  This childish inability to not understand why most of us don’t worry about roasting to death is simple: we are freezing cold and worried about dying from this much more dangerous condition.


And there really is no ‘el Nino’:  NOAA Claims: ‘Elusive El Niño arrives’ – the question is, ‘where’? | Watts Up With That?

Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 8.42.16 PM

It looks like a la Nina event is forming.  There is mainly cold water upwelling from South America, and I have been watching it and it has been deepening, not vanishing.  Ditto, the cold off of Asia.  But of course, despite no sign of obvious warming, they still call it an el Nino because it is moving slightly in that direction but as they admit, ‘weakly’ due to the fact that the water is cold, not warm!  Duh.


Here is CBS News today:  Arctic sea ice “thinning dramatically,” study finds – CBS News and it shows a seal resting on some ice that is obviously melting because it is high summer.  This study is fake, of course.  Ice is growing fast each winter at the South Pole and has begun to do the same at the North Pole but as I pointed out in the past, the place that is freezing up totally, and for far longer than normal, is Hudson Bay and now the Great Lakes.


When these freeze even until well into May, this is a very strong sign of Ice Age conditions, not global warming.  Here is how NOAA is predicting the future:

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 7.12.19 AM


It is already March and extremely cold so they had an easy time predicting March would be cold here in the Northeast but they left out the Deep South which is colder than normal.  By May, all the cold will be in…TEXAS.  HAHAHA.   Very funny.  By May, it is supposed to be super warmer than normal in the Great Lakes region, actually by APRIL, it will be much warmer than usual.  And stay that way all year practically.


This forecast of super warm for the Northeast has been their ‘standard’ for the last 5+ years.  Every year, it is the same story. It never ends.  Well, they are saying next winter, the Northeast will be ‘normal’.  But I bet it means we will be locked in solid ice.


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10 responses to “Liberals Can’t Figure Out Why Most Americans Don’t Worry About Global Warming

  1. Ziff

    They did predict climate swings .

  2. Sunger

    Those darn liberal warmists just do not get it. They need to stop falsifying climate data and stop trying to make god-fearing americans live in tiny cold houses. Need proof? Al Gore. There.

  3. Floridasandy

    It’s worse than that. The while point is government extortion of businesses with cap and trade. They are a bunch of global shakedown thugs, and al gore is a prime hypocritical example of it. Why do you think al jazeera paid so much for al gore’s valueless network?

    That certainly explains why this is the Obama big push against the private sector, and why it is so much more important to him than illegal immigration or global terrorists.

  4. e sutton

    Well, apparently we “folks” in the U.S. are just too darn stupid to understand that our world is heating up and global warming is coming at us in a big way. But I have an idea that will save us all. Everyone, man, woman, child over 18, must return to college for a two year degree in “Global Warming Indoctrination”. A diploma will be issued only after the following prerequisites are met:

    1) A Federally subsidized Cawlidge loan of $150,000. is made by each student, at 15% interest, compounded annually.

    2) Each student can recite the “Glo-bull Warming Indoctrination Pledge” by heart (without peeking – or is it Peking?)

    3) Each car/truck owned by the above is traded in for a pair of synthetic moccasins and an iPhone equipped with the latest spyware that proudly features google maps.

    C’mon bitchez, it’s time to get scared of “Glo-BULL Warming”! 😀

  5. Christian W

    I’m quaking! Where can I pay more money to alleviate my fears!! :O

  6. Jim R

    You have to say “climate change” this time of year, because “warming” sounds like a good thing. People have about a six minute attention span..

  7. emsnews

    I wish it would ‘change’ right now.

    Last night: -11ºF! Warmest temperature today: 16ºF.

    This is insanely cold. Will be below freezing all this week!

  8. Jim R

    Don’t let an ice dam form on your roof. I understand those things can totally destroy a roof.

    And, I’m glad to live here, where the sub-freezing weather has already blown out of here. Springtime is normally underway by this time of year in Texas.

  9. Fudging climate figures?! More right wing propaganda it seems! This country is full of right wing idiots who don’t get it!!! The reason we are concerned about global warming is because of more and more species extinctions, deforestation, more corporate development, etc! And we hate when you right-wingers fail to listen to us! If you honestly think that climate figures were fudged, why are you people hypocrites and not make the same argument for your “beloved” Bible you love so much! People wrote that, not God and nor did they have any supernatural revelations towards them! They wrote out of their asses in order to control people! So look who’s talking!

  10. emsnews

    I am a very liberal liberal. I also own a forest. England imports tons of WOOD every year for its power plants while forbidding the burning of coal.

    Thanks to the GREEN PARTY.

    And yes, climate guys working for the government are ‘fudging the figures’ by eliminating 50% of the thermometer sites and deliberately jiggering the temperatures of the past to make it colder seeming and hiking the present data deliberately to make it significantly warmer.

    This is how they can falsely claim last year which set many cold records in the Northern Hemisphere and even in Antarctica while no heat records were set anywhere on earth as the ‘hottest year EVAH,’

    It wasn’t. Not even close.

    NO YEAR the last 100 years has been hotter than the Medieval Warm Period and no year during that time was hotter than the Minoan Warm Period 4,000 years ago and no period since the melting of the great ice sheets 10,000 years ago has been as warm as that period which was the height of the present Interglacial which is about to end since no Interglacial has lasted much longer than this in the past.

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